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All completed mods and tools index (Dune 2000)

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All Complete campaigns, single maps, tools and more.

Number of Campaigns = 48
Number of Single Missions = 55
Number of Skirmish Maps = 211
Number of Tools = 14

Color legend: ATR - HAR - ORD - EMP - FRE - SMU - MER - OTHER


*A New House Campaign (9 Missions) - By Cm_Blast
*A Secret Plot: Mercenary Campaign (13 Missions) - By Domaithianus
*Alliance of Atreides Campaign (12 Missions) - By Dark Wesker
*Atreides Campaign Battle for Dune (9 Missions) - By AKaFedaYkin & Iheb96 (rearrange By Cm_Blast)
*Butlerian Jihad (9 Missions) - By Cm_Blast
*Butlerian Jihad: War Machines (9 Missions) - By Cm_Blast
*Dune 2 based campaign (3 Campaigns - 27 Missions) - By Cm_Blast
*Emperor Reign (9 Missions) - By Sandworm (rearrange By Cm_Blast)
*Glory Awaits Campaigns, AT part (17 missions) - By MattBaker
*Glory Awaits Campaign HK part (18 missions) - By Mattbaker
*Glory Awaits Campaign- Ordos Part (18 missions) - By Mattbaker
*Harkonnen Campaign (WIP) (? Missions) - By Fey
*Harkonnen: Reign of Evil Campaign (28 Missions) - By Dark Wesker
*Harkonnen Family (9 Missions) - By Cm_Blast
*Heretic Alliances (9 Missions) - By Cm_Blast
*Heighliner Mini-Campaign (4 Missions) - By Fey
*Ixian Campaign – We tech-up Arrakis! (9 Missions) - By FedaYkin
*Ixian Campaign: Masters of Technology (9 Missions) - By Cm_Blast
*Frank Herbert (15 Missions) - By Cm_Blast
*Fremen campaign (+ three bonus missions) (9 + 3 Missions) - By Luminar (rearrange By Cm_Blast)
*Fremen Warriors (9 Missions) - By Cm_Blast
*Mercenary Campaign – Keep ’em Coming! (9 Missions) - By FedaYkin
*Mercenary Campaign: Fall of Emperor (WIP) (? Missions) - By Runtowin
*Mercenary Campaign: The Origin of the Mercenaries (9 Missions) - By Cm_Blast
*Mercenary Campaign (10 Missions) - By Domaithianus
*Mini Campaign: Mercenaries Revenge (3 Missions) - By jbil1989
*Ordos Campaign (9 Missions) - By Magier (rearrange By Cm_Blast)
*Ordos Campaign Alternative Missions (16 Missions) - By Domaithianus
*Ordos Remake Campaign (20 + 1 Extra Mission) - By Dark Wesker
*Ordos's Tactics (9 Missions) - By Cm_Blast
*Rise of the Mercenary (unfinished) (2 Missions) - By gruntmod (rearrange By Cm_Blast)
*Smugglers Campaign (15 Missions) - By Fey
*Smuggler campaign (9 Missions) - By Rick Vorstenbosch (rearrange By Cm_Blast)
*Smuggling Operations (9 Missions + 1 bonus mission) - By Cm_Blast
*Spacing Guild Campaign (9 Missions) - By Cm_blast
*The Antifremen campaing (10 Missions) - By Cm_Blast
*The Emperor Returns (9 Missions) - By Cm_blast
*The Emperor's Plan (9 missions) - By Cm_Blast
*Time Based Smugglers Campaign - Protect Mercenaries! (9 Missions) - By jbil1989 (rearrange By Cm_Blast)
*Tleilaxu Campaign (7 Missions) - By Cm_Blast
*Ultimate House Ordos (Suspended) (10 Missions) - By Dark Wesker
*War of Assassins (3 Campaigns - 27 Missions) - By FedaYkin
*War of Assassins Sandstorm expansion (3 Campaigns - 21 Missions) - By FedaYkin
*Westwood Studios Original Campaigns (3 Campaigns - 42 Missions) - By Westwood Studios


*Aerial Nightmare - By Cm_blast
*Atreides Single Mission - Secrets, Power, and Children - By Domaithianus
*Battle Royal (7 Single Missions) - By Cm_Blast
*Changed Dune (3 Single Missions) - By MustaphaTR (rearrange by Cm_Blast).
*Dune 2 Genesis (3 Single Missions) - By Cm_Blast
*D2k Tower Defense - By Fey
*EBFD: Ancient Rivalries - By Cm_Blast
*EBFD: Final Assault (3 Single Missions) - By Cm_Blast
*Emperor Mission - By Shai-Gel98 (rearrange By Cm_Blast)
*Hammerfest mission - By FedaYkin (rearrange By Cm_Blast)
*IX: The Technology is ours - By Cm_Blast
*Mercenaries: Choose your ally - By Cm_Blast
*Mulciber Valley - By MVI (rearrange By Cm_Blast)
*New Mercenaries mission - By Galaxy (rearrange By Cm_Blast)
*No More Spice - By Cm_Blast
*Original Ordos missions without reinforcemens & Mercenaries (12 Single Missions) - By Dark Wesker
*Skirmish mission - By FedaYkin (rearrange By Cm_Blast)
*Skorocel remakes (3 Single Missions) - By Skorocel (rearrange By Cm_Blast)
*Special Skirmish - By Cm_Blast
*The Rebellion of Atreides - By Cm_Blast
*Tleilaxu Plague - By Cm_Blast


*Emperor assasination misión – By aarmaageedoon
*Fan Maps (210 Skirmish Maps - Multiple authors) - By Gobalopper


*Audio Converter (only compatible with 32 bits O.S.)- By Barnaby Smith
*Colour bin editor - By FunkyFr3sh
*Dune 2000 Map and Mission Editor v1.2 - By Klofkac
*Dune 2000 Map and Mission Editor v1.3 - By Klofkac
*D2K+ Toolkit Download - by MVI 
*Dune 2000 Random Map Generator - By shai
*Dune 2000 String Editor & Image Converter - By Siberian_GRemlin
*Hex Converter (online web) - By Klofkac
*Map Renderer - By MVI
*Sound Effect Tool - By MVI
*Resource Editor - By D2k Sardaukar
*TibEd - Edition of atributes for Units & Buildings - By Koen
*Tile Atribute Editor - By Klofkac
*Tile Set Editor - By MVI
*UI Table Editor - By MVI
*User Interface Layout Editor - By MVI


*CnCNet 5 (supports Dune 2000) - By FunkyFr3sh
*D2K AI Manual - By Fey & Cm_Blast
*D2Kplus.com (Tools, Missions mods and Campaigns mods)  - By gruntlord6.
*DUNE 2000: GRUNTMODS EDITION (Full game compatible with W7/10, new tracks and more) - By Gruntmods
*Dune 2000 1.06p - Game patching (bug fixes, new features) - By FunkyFr3sh
*Dune 2000 multi languagepack + online - By Dato 
*Dune 2000 Patches, sountrack, trainers and more - By Gobalopper.
*Dune 2000 Portuguese - Full game - By Dato
*Dune 2000 random music player patch - By Dato
*Dune 2000 V 3.5 - Full game portable (4 New Campaigns - 46 Missions + 9 Test Missions) - By Luisito EB
*Heighliner tileset - By Fey
*Installing Dune 2000 from CD and bring up-to-date - By D2k Sardaukar
*Mission Launcher (95+ extra missions) - By FunkyFr3sh
*Mission Select (For Dune 2000) - By D2k Sardaukar

*Set of Vanilla AIs (Raw files) - By Cm_Blast
*Tutorial: Dune 2000 AI Editor - Main overview of the AI functions - By aKaFeda
*Tutorial: New Dune 2000 Map and Mission Editor - Terrain & Buildings showcase - By aKaFeda
*Tutorial: New Dune 2000 Map and Mission Editor - Mission Settings & Scripting - By aKaFeda
*Tutorials: Mission Editor Multiple Tutorials - By aKaFeda
*New dune 2000 Tilesets - By Dato 
*Tibed Editions (raw files) - By Cm_blast

For adding new content or removing something listed here, send me a PM.

Edited by Cm_blast
Added the original Westwood Campaigns.
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Aww hell yeah. :D

I'm about to update my Smugglers campaign though. reeeeeeee

Edited by Fey

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Posted (edited)

I want to point here that I've been updating the first post with new works from time to time. Any edition don't pop up to the forum, so from now on I will write whatever work I add there.

So, in case somebody missed something; here there are the lastest campaigns, maps, tools... that have been added since I wrote the first post:

New Campaigns:
-Butlerian Jihad: War Machines, by Cm_Blast.
-Glory Awaits Campaigns (Atreides), By MattBaker. 
-Heighliner Mini-Campaign, By Fey. 
-Smuggling Operations, By Cm_Blast.
-The Emperor's Plan, By Cm_Blast.

Single Maps:
-Changed Dune (3 Missions), By MustaphaTR.
-D2k Tower Defense, By Fey.

-Dune 2000 Map and Mission Editor v1.3, By Klofkac

-D2K AI Manual, By Fey & Cm_Blast.
-Dune 2000 Portuguese (Full game), By Dato.
-Heighliner tileset (new custom tileset), By Fey.
-Installing Dune 2000 from CD and bring up-to-date, By D2k Sardaukar
-Set of Vanilla AIs, By Cm_Blast.

Edited by Cm_blast

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Added two new Campaigns:
-Glory Awaits Campaign HK part By Mattbaker
-Glory Awaits Campaign- Ordos Part - By Mattbaker

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Added the three original and unaltered campaigns (.ini files included) made by Westwood Studios (upload and entry added by request).

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