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Dune Hard Core mod v251 (A dune 2000 mod)


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Writting this post in behalf of another person.

This is the Dune Hard Core mod, a heavily altered version of Dune 2000 presentend in an individual-portable version of it.

Here is the list with the main changes done into this mod:

1.     Changed - Wind Trap occupies one cell
2.     Changed - Silo is now Silo + anti-personnel bunker
3.     Changed - Ordos\харконен High Tech Factory produce special units
4.     Changed - Atreides\Ordos Palace produce special units
5.     Changed - Atreides\Ordos\Harkonnen different balance of turrets
6.     Changed - Atreides\Ordos\Harkonnen Construction Yard now can fire
7.     Changed - Atreides\Ordos\Harkonnen Star Port now can fire
8.     Added - Atomic Power Station
9.     Added - Concrete 1x1
10.  Added - Concrete 4x4
11.  Added - Emperror’s Tower
12.  Added - Different appearance at Ix Research Center
13.  Added - Different appearance at Repair pad

1.     Removed - Trike
2.     Removed - Raider and Stealth Raider
3.     Removed - Stealth Fremen
4.     Removed - Thumper
5.     Removed - Grenadier
6.     Added - Stealth Harvester
7.     Added - Flame-Thrower
8.     Added - Super Launcher
9.     Added - Gnawer Raider
10.  Added - Elephant
11.  Added - Heavy Tank
12.  Added - Imperial Cannon
13.  Changed - Saboteur
14.  Changed - Fremen

1.     Added 20+ new maps

All buildings are automatically repaired
Changed technology bindings for the construction of buildings and units
Reinforced special weapons of all houses
Changed diplomacy settings for playing against the computer
Completely changed the balance of units and buildings
It is assumed that the player will set the difficulty level exclusively Hard

New units:

Atreides structures

Harkonnen structures

Ordos structures

Some new maps (there are more):

Info more extended into the readme included with the download

This modification is intended for playing on the network and in practice mode.
Playing in company mode can and is likely to be buggy and impassable.

Download game here:

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I was hoping since it's standalone it'd work without any issues with my GruntMods install (which I tried adding some mods to, and it became a bit unstable randomly)

But this fails to launch completely. Screen goes into 640x480 for a second (or some other dimensions) and then goes back to the desktop. Tried the "High Resolution Patch" as well. No difference. Win10 x64 Version 10.0.19042 Build 19042, for what it's worth.

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