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  1. Now you know exactly with I was dealing with XD. This idea came like 2 years and a half ago. There only was the Atreides one, but that was my second campaign ever made, so had lot of problems. Like half year later (and 1 or 2 more campaigns made in between) I created the other two houses with the same style, but had the same problems. The campaign was begging to be updated completely. Tecnically speaking, this should be the final version.
  2. Back in time I created a campaign based in the Dune 2 game, but until now I didn’t update it. Today I can release the campaign again, not only update to work with the mission launcher, but also a good amount of changes on the AI to balance the game: More stable, improved and more fun to play (and harder). Later I will detail some of the main changes regarding the old version. Features: - Type of terrain based on the original Dune 2: Wide areas to move and attack, no rifts, mostly rock, sand, spice and dunes. - Spice limited; no blooms or way to get more money once all has been depleted. - Starting money, initial units, reinforcements and the configuration of the enemy base is heavily based in the original maps from Dune 2. - Briefing and advices extracted directly from Dune 2. - Voice and text “Enemy units approaching!” will warn players when an enemy carryall drops units around the base. - Overall is more easy with the Atreides and more harder with the Ordos. - The tech tree and weaponry is still the one from the Dune 2000 game: Troopers for Atreides, Trikes for Harkonnen... Basic tips: - If you are not used to the game, play the full campaign on easy (cost of units/building reduced and enemy reinforcements will be the same as the original Dune 2). Also, Atreides is the more easy of the three. - Defense yourself using gun turrets at the beginning (later rocket turrets may be added). - In advance missions don’t attack the enemy base from the front. The sides are always less protected and require less units/effort to do the most damage. -Don't over harvest. Build silos and/or stop harversters if you haverst more than needed. Main changes from the old version: - Sandworm presented in almost all missions. - No more AI not building certain type of unit because wrong proportions. - Missions where the AI don’t have light factory, the production of heavy tanks will be reduced. - New behaviour to the AI in mission 2: Passive until the player confronts it. - Improved AI (all missions): First and subsequent attacks are more efficient/stronger. - Adaptive AI: The more enemies are present, the production of units is reduced and the time between attacks is delayed. - A new mission 7 in the Atreides Campaign (last one has lots of problem due the way Dune 2000 works). - All the reinforcements now appear 75% faster. - New voice line of dialogue “Enemy units approaching!” said by the mentat. - Both text and voice “Enemy units approaching!” now appears when the carryall is dropping the units instead when the carryall enter the scenario. - Initial defensive units given to the AI. - More "guard area" units around the enemy base (most in the front). - Carryalls no longer pick up vehicles for short travels. - In missions with 2 AI sharing the same area (2 enemies together) have the same proportion of units patrolling as if they were only one. - AI don't build faster under attack (same pace whether it is attacked or not). - Starport removed from the AI bases. - Mission 9 reinforcement now loops in intervals. No longer the first enemy drop will repeat over and over due the short timer. - More initial money to the player and less to the Atreides in the mission 9 of the Ordos campaign. Also an extra mine field of spice in the enemy base (the mission is still more harder than Atreides/Harkonnen version). Images here: Download the three campaigns here: Dune 2 Campaign.rar How to install: Copy/move the files from the "mission" Folder into the "mission" folder on your Dune2000\gruntmod. Coping "tiledata.bin" into "\data\bin" is totally necessary (skip this step if you already did it to any other campaign). Readme.txt included with all the information needed. If you have already done this with other campaigns then only the files from the "mission" folder are needed.
  3. Gruntmods isn't really a must have. As long as you have (or download) the lastests dune2000.exe, missionlauncher.exe and tiledata.bin custom campaigns works in the vanilla game too. I don't remember if any more files are needed.
  4. I think you uploaded the wrong file, this zip only contain the first 4 missions. By the way, now that I read the instructions, you should advice that the game will change forever if you move those files, afecting other campaigns, so a backup of the originals are required. You can add a folder "Back up" (or similar) with the original *.bin files, so even if someone is not aware of what will happen, he still can recover the game.
  5. Good then. Remember, I destroyed that base quickly, so I didn't know what he will build it :P.
  6. In that case I suggest you to be sure that the Emperor/imperials are good with the actual tech tree. I said this because the game treated differently the Construction Yard placed in the editor and the one you can deploy from a MCV. Placing with the editor is a "Imperial Construction Yard" which can't build the High-tech factory, but deploying one will be a regular Harkonnen construction yard, allowing to build that and the Harkonnen Palace. However, if in Tibed you go into the Harkonnen construction Yard and remove "Emperor" from there, the MVC will become another imperial construction Yard (still, no high-tech factory though). But from there maybe you can do something to the emperor withouth affecting the Harkonnen or something. This depends if you still have "construction Yard" as a requirement for that building. And if you have you can do the other way. In the imperial construction Yard, remove "Emperor" and that's it. pre-placed and deploted MCV should be treated as a regular Harkonnen construction Yard, or at least the last time I test it.
  7. Often happens. Are you going to use the same changes for that emperor campaign? I mean, the same costs for refineries/upgrades, tech tree and etc.
  8. I see. Will be missions 8 and 9 for smugglers? Later, when all the changes and fixes and balanced are settled I will play from the beggining, but only 1 version. Here you can tell which version of the 2 (of every mission) you changed the most, so I can play that.
  9. I think that there are like 4 basic lines which controls how hard/easy an AI will be. I changed others that I am not sure if really works like the "attackbuildingstreng", but just in case I place a number there. I have another idea that has come to my mind. What about some kind of "prototype" map to include with the editor? So people who download the editor can open this map and learn for it (and mess with it too, that's better than opening an original campaign/map and overwriting with a change). I'm thinking in doing the most basic stuff possible, adding notes in the events/conditions since you editor allows that so newcomers can understand quickly the basics. My idea of a prototype map goes this way: - A default size map (64x64) - 2 Rock areas, one for the player, another for the AI. - Tech of 3, so tanks and more harversters, but not making the map to last longer with a higher tech. - Basic events: reinforcement, messages , mission win, mission loose, unit spawn, harverster remplacement, bersek. You know, the ones which appears in all the original campaigns. - The player, as Atreides, starts with the construction yard, some units and tons of money. - The AI (harkonnen) use the balanced type of AI included in the editor. \--> *¿importing the same AI to others?* <-- not sure about this one. If I place the AI for all the players, anyone can add Ordos or whatever and play with more enemies instatly, but I fell that one of the first things a newcomer will do is playing with someone that the original game couldn't (emperor, mercs, smuggler), so is better if the AI is inactive for anyone but Harkonnen. - 1 message for "side annihilated", but also 1 custom message not present in the original game. And that's it. just the simples mission possible. Maybe adding Ordos with a repeat type of reinforcement to show how to loop reinforcements and at the same time showing the alliances thing... something like this.
  10. I just found recently that technically is possible to make the infantry units being affected by the deviator using Tibed. However, the cost is too high since "transforming" the unit into a vehicle will make it to loose all the animations; and I mean all (no movement, no shooting, no dieing). Since the vehicles don't have any animation at all (they have the smoke, but only the barrels from the combat/siege tanks have some kind of animation), the game just treat these soldiers as vehicles and proceed to only use the standard position. By the way Fey, Have you considered gving the siege tank more strengh against turrets? That is something that has always bothered me, having a vehicle which do the most damage to buildings, but then when he attack the turrets he doesn't do anything. And since the Smuggler can't build the missile tanks the siege ones could be at least an extra help for that purpose. I am not saying that increasing the raw damage to make 3 siege tanks alone destroying a turret, but maybe a bit more of the %damage to turrets so they could be a substitute of the missile tank (much less efficient, so you still need tanks and quads, but they can help with the extra range that the others don't have). Of course, I am not asking those changes, just wondering if you ever though of that.
  11. how that task is going? Have you been able to contact him? Another thing to discuss: I want to make a general call. How do you people feel about uploading all this into the d2kplus site? Like for example upload them separately as a updated version compatible with the mission launcher which also you no longer need to overwrite files (Except the ones using Tibed/tiledata.bin). Even could be included in the same section as the original campaign. I mean, like clicking in "Atreides - Battle for dune", and the page open with the text "Download Atreides - Battle for Dune (X Downloads), adding another text below like "Download Atreides - Battle for Dune <version compatible with mission launcher> (X Downloads)" <-- or something similar, so both are accesibles from the webpage. Maybe at least a readme.txt is needed or something similar.
  12. You mean rewriting the briefing? I don't mind, although right now I just found that the author is still active, but with a new account that don't have any posts yet. If you want to rewrite maybe you can ask if he wants to. His new account is " jbil1989 " .
  13. First I will start with a small note: the visuals from the Atreides campaign from Feda has been fixed, so right now all the rock areas, rifts and stuff should be connected more natural. Also sometimes a couple of tiles rock/sand went missing, so those are fixed too. And now a new adition. The "time Based Smuggler" Campaign by Jbil89. His original post is here. Like the others, has been ported to work with the launcher. This is a particular case. I usually leave the events/conditions as the original, except if a wrong call make the game crash or not activating a main flag, needed to beat the mission. However, the author resorted to "copy-paste", making a good amount of events/conditions from previous maps to be there too, even when they aren't used. I took the liberty to do a clean up of unused events/conditions (sometimes a casualties active a flag, but that flag doesn't affect the game at all). I hope I did not overdo it by deleting too much. The size of the mission 7 has been reduced a lot. The original map was 100x80, but only a very part of the whole map was used. I reduced it to a 26x50 (you can image how small the playable area was). I admit that I liked the map. Is a bit confusing because the way the author used the events and stuff. A couple of flags will give more/better control of the situation, but that's not my call. Anyway, I played the whole campaign, although I did it in easy and cheated (except a couple of missions), so I know that at least the mission win condition (and others) triggers at the right moment. Warning: Is not recommended to play mission 9 on easy. Due to the hundreds of reinforcements (and it is not an exaggeration) the game can reach the limit of units and crash. In normal both sides are even, but in easy the mercs will dominate, but never end the attack because more and more reinforcements are comming stopping the advance. In the briefing itself I added a special note to warn about that problem. If you play in normal the game should work fine. Now, the last thing. The english of the author is... let's say... debatable. I don't feel I should be the one redoing the briefing, since I am not exactly the best writer in english. This means the briefing stay as the author did. If someone want to rewrite the thing feel free to do it :P.
  14. Ok, I did a few AI to use it as templates. This AI of mine change only a couple of things, but enough to make different types of AI and at the same time being similar to the originals. First, they are almost the same. All of them have 2 harverster per refinery, 1 carryall per ref, protecting the harverster is active, buy from starport, repair, rebuild, upgrade... and the priority to attack buildings is the same as the original game (in this case doesn't matter if the human is Atr, Hark or Ordos, the AI have the same for the three of them). The proportion of units is 1:1, so in general all behave like the original campaign type of AI. Agressive Generic AI: Agressive Generic AI.misai This AI has short-time first attack, and then even shorter next attacks. The quantity/quality of units defending the base is low, so this AI will have quick attacks but not to many units around the base. The unit build rate is as fast as the fastests unit build rate from the original campaign (one of the missions 9). Defensive Generic AI: Defensive Generic AI.misai This AI needs a very long time before the first attack and not so long (But still long) from every next attack. The quantity/quality of units defending the base is High, so this AI is to use in case you want one enemy being much more defensive, or in case you have a map with an ally that you want it to survive, since is not going to attack too much often. The unit build rate is also low (to avoid grouping too many units or rebuilding losses too quickly). Balanced Generic AI: Balanced Generic AI.misai This is an balanced type of AI, something in the middle of the agresive an defensive. The first attack and the time bewteen attacks are more or less in the middle of the Agr/def cases. The units guarding the base and the unit build rate are also in the middle of those 2 AIs. Anti Infantry AI: Anti Infantry AI.misai This is another average type of AI, in fact, has the same values as the balanced version. I change this AI to build only anti infantry type of units: light infantry, Trike/raider and siege tanks. Raw Power AI: Raw Power AI.misai Same as above, but this one builds the opposite, the units with Raw power. This includes: Trooper, Sardaukar, Quad, Combat tank, Missile tank, Sonic/Dev/Deva. Practice Tech 4-5 AI: Practice Tech 4-5 AI.misai This is a practice/skirmish type of AI. If the Tech used to the map is 4 or 5, this AI will be a bit better than the generic: Will build at maximun of 10 windtraps (so don't need as many room as the 15 that needs the generic) and will have 8 gun-turrets, that's 4 extra more turrets around the base. Even if the tech is lower than 4-5, this AI still can help the CPU to control the maximum windtraps that will build. If tech is higher, isn't going to build rocket turrets; also the energy will be more near to the limit; so is not recommended. Practive High Production AI: Practice High Production AI.misai This type of AI has in general the same values as the generic one, but this one will make the AI to deploy more buildings: 3 barracks, 3 light fac, 3 heavy fac, 1 more ref (4), 2 more gun/rocket turrets (6 and 6) and 3 extra windtraps (18). Other values remains the same as the generic version. The Agresivve/defensive/Balanced trio should be the ones recommended to use. The anty-infantry/raw could be treated as advance type of AI just to show that is possible to make the AI building what you want. Ps: I didn't test personally this AIs. But since I only change like 5-6 lines in the AI (sometimes even less), the behaviour of those AIs are under control, and is easy to see at first sight that the agressive is going to be that way and the defensive the opposite (except if you attack the harverster, but that's another story :P).
  15. He wants something like "Hard_AI = this AI attacks early, have a very fast unit build rate and attacks always at full streng" or "Passive_AI = average unit build rate, averate time between attacks, even although the AI have lots of units, he only send to attack half of them", something like that, so newcomers can import those AIs into their map very easily. I will check the original AIs, because taking one of the early mission and one from the 9 mission when can have "easy_AI" and "Hard_AI". Also I will look in my campaigns. I remember having one when the Ordos will build 3 troopers per infantry, 3 quads per raider and 3 combat tanks per siege tanks (or even a "onlytanks_AI = this AI will only build combat tanks, siege tanks, missile tanks and special tanks"). Meanwhile Klofkac, I was wondering. There is a way to include the "_" character in a .ini file? For example, to include a mail "something_mymaily@coldmail.meh", but since "_" is a line break I can't do it.