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  1. Right now a few people tried to use the audio converter, to import and export the .aud music files from the game, but since the program was created in 2013, it's no longer compatible with 64 OS system, you may want to create a new 64 bit version of the program.
  2. S.O. se refiere a "sistema operativo". La única solución posible sería o buscarte algún ordenador que tenga windows 10 o 7 de 32 bits (o, mejor aún, Windows xp) o instalar una máquina virtual donde instalar un Windows XP, pero quizás eso sería demasiado trabajo, y tendrías que investigar como usar esas herramientas.
  3. Desgraciadamente, el programa es solo compatible con sistemas operativos de 32 bits (fue creado en 2013); a menos que tengas un S.O así no hay posibilidad de utilizarlo.
  4. My final post for now, since I almost ended the campaign. Map 15 Aaaand, final mission Amazing campaign, good job. Let's hope in the future you create a new campaign with custom terraign made by you! Keep working on.
  5. Too big to read. A 50 line post it's just too big. I will try to place them in spoiler later, just to reduce the size of the post for the sake of clarity. Yeap; I can confirm the improvement on these maps. I already place all the post in spoiler, so now the posts are smaller and won't give away too much info to people that are planning to play and, since there are surprises from time to time, better hidden in a spoiler.
  6. My previous post it's too big, so I will write a new one. Map 15; Mission 16: There are only 2 maps left for play; but I am really enjoying the campaign; it's more interesting and more fair than your previous works. I hope, in the future, that you make your own maps instead reusing the vanilla campaigns or skirmish maps or, at least, if you reuse only a part of those maps (copy-paste) and then combine with something original of yours or even something new you make on your own. Ps: To let you know, I added your Glory campaigns into the main post index.
  7. Added two new Campaigns: -Glory Awaits Campaign HK part By Mattbaker -Glory Awaits Campaign- Ordos Part - By Mattbaker
  8. Hi, Fey already say it, but I want to clarify. Some of the custom campaigns and/or maps make use of some files that will mod the game. Dunno if you know about the tool "Tibed", which allow to change the tech tree (money cost, speed of the unit, etc...) of several westwood RTS, including dune 2000. This means that if you play Fey's smuggler campaign, it's not the same with or without those modded files. For example, the ref cost 600 more credits, upgrades are also expensive, grenadiers are available to take out the tons of infantry he designed for his campaign, etc... . it requires copy and paste some files; your computer will said something about "those files already exists, overwrite?", so be extra carefull with that. You can create back up of your files or just getting the ones provided on the zip close enough. I usually add a "back up" folder with them, just in case. But not all people may add the vanilla files and, if you forget to do your own back up; your game (even the original westwood-made maps) will change forever, making units to appear where they weren't intended (Harkonnen with Fremen, Ordos with the missile tank, etc...) Take this as a warning. I'll say only 10-15% of the campaigns available have this type of modding, there are plenty of them that don't need anything extra but the core files (the map themselves). But yeah; there are actually 45 different campaigns made. You have enough material to try and play for days. Ps: Just in case you are interested: I recreated the very last map for Dune Emperor here, for Dune 2000. I mod the units to make some kind of contaminator, leecher and the Tleilaxu Living turrets (so yeah, this map mod the files). You can't even play this map withouth the files because the player will win instatly (the building doesn't exist in the vanilla set up; only with my modded files). I will show this image just as proof: https://forum.dune2k.com/uploads/monthly_2018_04/5adbd13292198_Assault2(H).jpg.93fc45739e292dc7aadae7c8ddb23cca.jpg
  9. I don't know. Withouth being able to produce anything I just start scouting and move into the next objetive. The very first time the mower come I lost several of my infantry, but since the Raider reach the end I just decided to try what happens next. Since you quote the whole post I don't exactly at what part you are refering. Anyway; I was writting but had to go, so I left my last line in the middle. Like I was saying; I was extra carefull that the smuggler never got hostile towarms me, so was weird seeing that there weren't more enemies, not even mercs or smuggler were hunting anyone. You have 2 solutions here. First: on the briefing you point to take out every single faction on the game except the mercs (ally); so when you find the smugglers they are neutral "for now", later I need to take them down. Second: After no other enemies are present (base destroyed) you can script a change of alliances. Make the Smugglers being enemy with you and with the mercs and, of course, you and Mercs enemies toward them. So the game will progress as the player is looking at an still alive faction figthing, so it needs to be killed as well. I mean, in contrast with your previous campaign this one it's "easy". I am recurring to all the cheap tactics xD, like attacking harvs, crashing on units and etc. But not all the maps are just simply easy; for example the ones with limited money I have some problems (moments when I don't have money and need to wait a few minutes) or I blend the rules, like selling the buildings (and/or walls) you gave me in order to place a heavy fact that make the map much more easy to beat, but if I played by the rules (only using the buildings provided, like the repair pad on that map) probably the map weren't that easy. Still, I am halfway your campaign yet, so I am expecting harder missions to come. Maybe you don't know this. But if you click and drag with the mouse over a word, or a line or whatever... from other's people post, appears a text "quote selection"; I tell you so you can choose a line, or a word or whatever you want; I just let you know that you can do that quickly with just your mouse. Edit: Alright; played another map, mission 13. Another edit: Alright, Map 14 was a surprise.
  10. I'ts fine; I just leaving here my impressions on the campaign, I am halfway but I already like this campaign the more of the three.Edit: I played a couple of maps more. New edit: Two more maps. Map 11 it's interesting, a well know map. Nothing too hard with all the stuff the player gest; I can see good playeres beating before the timer runs out. Map 12 (o6v2). Alright; I like the map, and the use of those carryalls to deliver that stuff: I wasn't expecting that.
  11. More maps played.Map 06 Map 07 Map 08
  12. I played two more maps. Oooh yeah.Map 4; This is indeed a good map and a interesting idea. And then map 05 (which it's O3v1); another enjoyable map. I really like this map and I appreacite that there isn't a huge amount of enemy reinforcements, so I can take my time and move around with a slowly pace but still being carefull to not die to the enemies. After finishing the map I tried going bottom that time; I didn't replayed the map again, but it's interesting that not only the army but the position changes, it's like 2 maps in 1. well done.
  13. oooh, I saw thow now are called just 01 to 18, so I guess all the maps are they own progresion and it's mean to play them in order. Edit: I played a few maps already. First map: Second map: Thid map: So far these new maps are better, more fair and with a bit of more info on the briefings and even in midgame; you are improving, so good job.
  14. Alright. I haven't played Dune since +1 month ago, so this new campaign it's a good moment to start over. I will probably will go the v1 path (only playing the v1 map to follow some kind of progresion) and later replaying using the v2 path. I hope this time the player can produce something more than only light vehicles :P.
  15. Good to know. If you can, try to edit your post and remove all the empty lines around the quote, just to avoid the huge post that was created.
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