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  1. The file in the first post it's updated. -I fixed a couple of wrong/missing words in some briefings. -Mission 1 was a bit hard for a first level type of map, so now the player (and your ally) receive a few extra infantry/troopers plus a couple of Tleilaxu vehicles and soldiers have been removed from some enemy attacks. -In mission 2 the Tleilaxu no longer receive more grenadiers if the barraks is destroyed (make more sense). The rest of the missions remains the same (except for small fixes on some briefings) Good to know. In Mission 6 the Harkonnen are fighting because they want, so we can assume they are strong enough to not be defeated easily. The player it's the one that can be destroyed if the enemy attacks caught you off guard. Also since the AI attacks are random, the difficulty of the map may change for play to play. Sometimes both mercs and Ordos attacked me at the same time, making it hard to protect for such a big force, but when the Harkonnen attacks and reduce the Ordo's numbers, then the player have more room to build stuff calmy without being harassed too much.
  2. Mod request

    I tried in the past using Tibed to do something like that, but it seems impossible to do. I manage to make the thopters coming out from a heavy factory and shooting missiles like any other ground vehicle, but they didn't move their wings.
  3. It's better to combine your units with the Fremen. For example, if you see troopers just retreat and let the fremen to kill them, and if grenadiers appears send your vehicles and left the foot units behind and etc. I hope next missions are more easy for you :P.
  4. [Release] Smugglers Campaign

    The .bin files are the same as the old version or are new? just to know what group I need to maintain.
  5. [WIP] Harkonnen Campaign progress thread

    I don't know, when I made the Dune 2 based campaign, I increase the tiles needed for a harverster to be picked up to 10, and even at 10 tiles of distance using a carryalls it's slighy slower than walking. Ha2v2 Ais fields are at 20 tiles more or less. They only will slow down because other units can be in their way, but otherwhise it's not really that big difference. Not my fauld, but the pathfinding. Sending 3 units to a unrevealed area and all the units go the other way.. well, it's not like your maps never have a big rift that cover everything but one path ah? xD To me, h3v2 with all that big field down and other 2 fields up (and several blooms) I don't ever need to focus on anything. I start always with only 1 refinery, then heavy factory, then harverster (so instead a second refs, I have fact + harv for the same money). Then 1 extra harv, with 3 there is always at least 1 harv droping money, and with that it's enough to building units quickly (I could build a second ref, but usually the first one it's already near the spice, also all the harversters goes at the only ref instead being near one ref and going to the other for no reason). when the near field is half harverst, I build a new harv, so again there is always 1 harv droping money. Only when the mine field it's almost depleted I build a second refinery and split the harvs's droping, so I have most the time 2 harvs droping money, and for this point I can train grenadiers, quads and harverster non-stop never reaching out of money.
  6. [WIP] Harkonnen Campaign progress thread

    H1V1: It's hard to tell how the defence areas works. I think the side that could attack has his defence area to big (the value, not the area). My "Harkonnen family" (the only campaign I tried to use some defence areas) the first map has a value of 5.500. It's only light infantry, but at least near 15 infantry are needed to fill that. Your's it's 20.000, or at least that it's the number in the version I have. That was the VCM xD Maybe, like the previous map, they just take too long to fill the defence areas. There are two big fields. By the time I finish the map, the left one was almost untouched. Pche, In my opinion removing the carryall makes a favor to the AI xD. The harverster take more time just waiting for the carryall and then droping than moving manually. No. I read on the editor about was. It's a interesting concept, but I focused on more units since this time the enemy were attacking so often. And at the end, with the lastest interception I did nothing. Every base was down except half the Ordos side, so they are free to do whatever they want xD. They only slow me a bit. Oh, I was doing right, good to know xD. I was imagining that the turn-around was suppose to be later. Good thing this time you didn't drop 40 combat tanks... xD. I don't know if the carryalls are that necesary. Harversters are so cheap that having 2 carryals while I have 8 harversting and building more just to send them to crush the enemies and still "silos needed". I mean, there are no tanks or starports, only infantry and light vehicles, even 1 refinery it's enough to sustain money and build almost nonstop (and even more with the 2 initial harvesters). Oh, ok, I am not reading the whole briefing just some parts. I don't mind being so detailed, but being in english I prefer to just focus in the game instead. Yes, you have, the sandworm don't have any AI, but still. I found the second entrance near the end, but I couldn't find it before because I send a trike and later 2 infantry (in separated times) over that area (not revealed yet), but because was blocked or something, my units just went around the bridge, so I asume that all that part was just rifts and the bridge the only entrance. Wow, I only builds 2 refs and even a couple of silos and keep hearing "silos needed" xD. And, like I said (and the game said) I build 28 harversters during the game, so 20 of them were suicidal against the enemy (and still, "silos needed"). I don't know how many resources you need even for a test. I mean, I wasted 20.000 credits on harversters, even for hard that money should be enough to do lots of stuff.
  7. [WIP] Harkonnen Campaign progress thread

    I played the few maps available for this future campaign. I already played a couple of them some time ago, but with some updates about past levels I decided to give some time before continuing playing more maps. Now I ended all the missions: H1v1: A mission almost like a tutorial. The player being rewarded for any steps and some messages when you took down enemy buildings. Also it’s hilarious seeing the trikes exploding for no reason. I miss some kind of enemy attack, Even if it is only 2-3 infantry and/or 1-2 trikes when the player does something at the beggining. Anyway, enemy attacked once with a considerable force, and then I counterattack to take the refinery and for there I just needing to send more units and killing everyone. H1v2: I remember this mission, but I don’t know exactly what changes were done. In general seems the same to me (maybe you added the defence areas). Again, I miss some kind of enemy attack, even if the enemy comes 2 by 2 or something. Anway, it’s hilarious seeing a suppose ally crushing half of your units for no reason. H2v1: Seems that this time the enemy didn’t have so many units like the last time I play, but the AI also didn’t ever attack me. The only “threat” was the starport delivering light vehicles. I think I only killed (not counting 2 waves of vehicles) like 5 infantry at my base, no more units attacked me. Was weird being able to expand my base since it’s not ever needed. I deployed the extra MCV, saw a few guys coming at me but didn't bother to do anything and just focusing in the next enemy's base. H2v2: This it’s the first map I didn’t played back then. Oh, boy. This mission seems like it’s not even part of this campaign or was made for another guy. For once there are enemies attacking me! Enemies were coming everywhere, but not too overwhelmed. The missile tank part confused me. I didn’t even know what or where the carryalls I was suppose to take (maybe all?). Looking into the editor, it’s really any reward for doing that?. Finally, that color it’s a bit problematic. I don’t mind the units, but on the radar was hard to difference my units from the ones of the enemy. I died a few vehicles because the enemy was attacking them (mine were only moving) but I though all those dots on the radar were just my own units. H3v1: Ok, I need help with this map, because I have no idea what what's going on. I explored the area, found those smugglernaries. Destroyed 2 turrets (the third was being attacked by the Atreides), then proceed to take down the light factory and the barracks. A bit later I finish the construction yard. Some message appear, an MCV drop, deployed, a few merc-raiders appear, being “neutral” for like 5 seconds, then attacked my unit (in singular, since was the last unit that survive the debris) and that’s it. I ended fighting the smugglernaries a second time to avoid more enemies. Although I don’t know if that’s suppose to happen or not, I checked in the editor and I can see there are an infinity drop for the player but… How can I achieve that? I am even trying to cheat with the editor and all, but I can’t make that think to work. The scrip for the looping interval ask for this: - NOT Base destroyed (fremen and emperor) – true - Unit exist (harverster) – true - NOT building exist (CY, Barrack, light infantry) – true, after destroying them. - Building exist (smuggler ref) – true - Unit exist (2 MCVs) – no idea on this; I’ll assume it’s true. - Building exist (smuggler outpost) – true But here it is the problem. When the three main buildings are destroyed, a new MCV appears and deploy the CY again, so the third step becomes false. And if I proceed to destroy this new CY, the AI goes bersek and sells everything, becoming the “building exist – smuggler ref and outpost” false, so the reinforcements for the player never trigger doesn’t matter what I do. Returning to the game itself, since I was alone I decided to use the harvesters as a meat shield/infantry crusher and troll the AI as hard as I can with them. By the way, I don’t know if was on purpose to happen or not, but I can see everyone receiving a harvester before the ref. This happens in the H1v2 map for those expansions small-bases, but also for the player at H3v1. H3v2: Interesting map. The Ordos didn’t bother to attack too much; the first 2 quads wave scare me. The expansion it’s something I didn’t care about and I spend lots of money on Harversters as an offensive unit (the final screen said I build 28 harvesters). Fighting mercenaries and Ordos at the same time behind the bridge was really hard. All the bottleneck and the enemy continuing to build more stuff took me several tries until I manage to push them back. Also, a warning: having the sandworm as an ally with someone it’s going to make any unit near the sleeping sandworm to continuing attacking it forever when stationary (because being an ally tells him where he is).
  8. It's ok. Play when both of you have time. By the way, I reuploaded the campaign. In the last mission I forgot to remove a screen timer (for tests purposes). Have no use in the actual game (nothing happens when the timer reachs zero). Redownload again, ignore the timer or change it manually with the editor to -1.
  9. Here I am once more to bring a new custom campaign for Dune 2000: Heretic Alliances. This is a special campaign where the player will have an ally that will help for the whole campaign THE PLOT: The Atreides detected some Tleilaxu's Carryalls going near a Sietch Fremen. They are planning to convert those powerfull warriors into Gholas. The Duke want to stop that plan at all cost. Once the defend its successful, the Fremen will work together with the Atreides as a new unstoppable alliance. There are other alliances on Arrakis, but only one side can win the war. Can the Atreides-Fremen alliance overcome their enemies? GAMEPLAY: For this campaign I forced myself to give the player at least 1 active ally to help in the missions. This means that your partner always will build/train units to attack the enemy. This will apply for all the missions during the whole campaign. The Fremen, although they can't train soldiers naturally, they still will have a base with a refinery, harversters and spawning some Fremens from time to time (if they lost one of the core buildings no more units will be spawned). Unlike other of my campaigns, this time it is sure that the player will always have someone on his side. Maybe the alliance doesn't become active until the player do something at the beginning but at least your ally will move, build and help to fight the enemy (no inactive or "just for show" type of AI). NOTES: Tibed wasn't used for this campaign. You can expect some spawning fremen for "nowhere" to look like they are being trained. However loosing the Sietch or the way to win more money won't be more help to the player (it's going to be some reminders on the firsts missions). One way or another, your ally it's guarantee to increase his army and attack the enemy. Sometimes helping your ally it's needed, but for the most part you ally can do well by himself (depending of the chaos of the battle, this may change). SCREENSHOTS: FILE: The zip includes the files with the missions, the screenshots and some core files (not needed if you already have them). Not extra files are added, so the Fremen still can't be trained. Heretic Alliances.zip
  10. [Suspended indefinitely] Ultimate House Ordos

    How many? Because right now there are 10 and were still at tech 3. Not really. Mission 7 it's the easiest mission (except for mission 2). Having the enemy coming 1 by 1 it's just too easy. I already played the 10 missions: Mission 8 to 10 were fine, but mission 10 it's too unforgiving. I started the game - enemy first wave - I loose. I didn't even have time to rush the barracks, so I needed to restart and "cheat" by placing my units very close to the enemy, so I could kill them as soon as they were dropped. Even then I didn't win for that much. The rest of the map was ok. Overall so far the campaign it's good (At least it's quick and don't take too much time to beat the missions). I am going to replay the the snowy map and trying to survive until the time runs out, but technically I ended your unfinished campaign.
  11. [Suspended indefinitely] Ultimate House Ordos

    I am playing this right now. Wow, so far this is the shorter campaign I ever play. I already beat 7 missions in a very short time. Mission 1: It's in your line of work. The type of map I was expecting (player recieving units constatly, the enemy attacking constatly). Nothing wrong with this. Mission 2: Mission 3: Simple map. Some harass at the beggining but nothing too heavy. Just want to point that you can build any type of building to update the tech (I'll said silo because it's cheap), but also selling a building do the trick. Mission 4: Good enough mission. I underestimate the enemy, and went through the middle of the map. A bit of bottleneck and figthing the two enemies cost me lots of losses, but Didn't needed to reload the map; I just group and attack the Harkonnen first as far as possible from his allies and that's it, easy to win. Mission 5: Ok, here it's s a big problem with the map being so small. The problem it's: I placed a refinery in the right-down place, and the enemy send all his defensive units against me. After that first wave died, except for the other attacks by reinforcements destroying the enemy base was not even a problem. They just keep sending units 1 by 1, attacking my refinery (because that building was too near to them), dieing in the process, repeat. With no defensive units besides the pre-placed units (which you can take by rock-paper-scissor tactic) I defeat the main factories with only 15 units. Mission 6: Which it's a shame =(. I'l probably play this map once again and wait until the time runs out. Mission 7: Again, huge problem with the map size and the way the Harkonnen base it's deployed. I was looking into my own rock area (I didn't even went far from that), but that was enough to get the attention of a Harkonnen light infantry. My raiders kill him and that bring the rest of his units. From that point Harkonnen were sending his units one by one until depleting all his money. With no other external enemy attacks or defenses only took me a couple of raiders and 6 trooper/infantry to do the most damage. Only the Atreides attack me once. Ps: I am playing all the maps blindy, so I am not even trying to exploit AI weakness or something. They just happen naturally. The size of those small maps and the way you placed some enemy bases it's making the AI to do weird stuff even withouth forcing it.
  12. File Questions (a tour of Nyerguds' Dune II directory)

    aaaand Just now I discover there is a patch to fix the Loops T_T. I remember me using Dune Legacy's Editor to add/change buildings, units and reinforcements, saving the map but playing it in Dune 2. Sad I didn't found this thing before.
  13. Dune II micro is balanced?

    I never paid attention to the ranks or score, but I always get the "ruler" on mission 9, so the only time I got the "Emperor" was something new to me. But I don't remember exactly; the first time I played this game was the old Dune 2 version, which the enemy send their units one by one (except foot units), so maybe I got the ruler rank in other missions too but I can't tell. The mission that took me 8 hours wasn't the one that got me "Emperor" so I don't remember if I killed that many units that time I achieve that rank. Was years ago, but I remember only loosing 2-3 scouting trikes as Atreides. I don't know if the Fremen killing or dieing count as well.
  14. Dune II micro is balanced?

    Wow, take me 1 hour or so beating the game in the traditional way, except for that time I depleted all the spice available so my weapon was only the 1 Ordos Palace saboteur, against the Imperial Palace and his WOR. So the fight was my saboteur against the Death Hand and 1 trooper squash one at a time. The game said that game lasted for 8 hours. I still don't know how I had the patient to do that. I am not that good player, In your previous screen you achieve the "Emperor" rank multiple times, but I only reached that once. In fact, after years of playing the game the time I got it I was "Wait... There was something more that ruler of Arrakis?"; I don't remember what I did special except for only loosing 2 or 3 units.