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  1. Welcome back. I am giving a first look at your new campaign. It seems similar to the Atreides one. I just saw a Atr High tech factory for the player to capture; I want to remember that with the Klofkack editor you can place that with the editor, saving the trouble to need to place an eengineer and telling the player to do it. I am finishing with something I am working on, but I will try your campaign not too late, I hope.
  2. In the most recent version of the editor, Klof changed that part, this is what it show now. Fey already pointed you some directions, the most easy part it's simply downloading the new version and start trying for that; to get extra info you can open later (with a newer version) the original Ordos final maps, which make use with the mercs. I did research when the flag was still hexadecimal, I don't remember exactly, but if you set a proportion of 2,000, that means that for every kill the current faction do, 2 casualties need to suffer to trigger the event. The threshold it's just to avoid that if the faction suffer 1 casualtie the event trigger early. I can't tell you (honestly, I don't remember) how exacty the threshold works, but I think if in the "proportion = 2,000 - threshold = 10" scenario the faction (Atreides in this case) need to loose double units per kill +10, so if this faction kill 20 enemies, need to loose 50 to trigger the event. I may be a bit wrong on the treshold part, so feel free to explore that. And check the Link Fey pointed about the research I did (2 years and a half ago; I can't remember everything) to pick up the whole meaning; Probably somewhere I write if the buildings count or not, of if the ally of that faction killing enemies count or not. I only know that doesn't matter if it is infantry or dev, both count. Not sure about deviators though. and I never tried if "killing" sandworm also affects.
  3. The old 2016 version have a "show FPS" option, but you need to move it where you have the game in order to work, I am not sure if has to be called exactly "Dune2000Config.exe" in order to work; but anyway, the option it's there, should work, dunno why doesn't to you.
  4. I still use an old version; if you really need to get rid of that ASAP try it. https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27847-black-borders-small-screen/?do=findComment&comment=396216 But if the FPS showing it's not that bad just wait for Funky answer. If you ever try the old version, don't overwrite the one you have, just execute it to unmark the FPS part.
  5. Totally xD. and carryalls here are much more faster to pick up and move, however the enemy rocket turrets can shoot the carryall more distance away that ground units. If the carryall dies while is still pick up (in movement those rockets won't hit) both the carryall and the unit dies; you can even see the carryall crashed at the sand, just like some tilesets here in Dune 2000 have a carryall on the sand (but you never got too see that ingame). But that's enough off topic; I never paid attention of the points or ranking in Dune 2000 (probable was amazed at the cutscenes to care about points), so I dunno about 2000 points sistem at all.
  6. I was talking about Dune 2. If you have the repair pad and carryalls, as soon as the unit it's at 49% the carryall comes, pick up the unit, go into reparations and, if the building it's totally surruonded (walls and/or other buildings) the carryall pick up the unit and drop it where he was, so you can advance very slowly that way. But that was Dune 2, nothing to do with dune 2000 (which sometimes I sacrifice troopers because they are at 20-30% health xD.
  7. Don't ever need gruntmods. There is a mission selector you can apply on the vanilla game to start from the mission you want. I know you are talking about Dune 2000 and not Dune 2, but on that game I got the "Emperor" ranking once in my life. Was a time that I only lost 2 units during the final mission. I was "wait, Emperor? that's new!", then I saw I only lost 2 units that were 2 trikes/quads I send to scout.
  8. On the AI tab there is a "BaseDefenseRadius" set to 64, but that doesn't seem to do anything. Reducing the number the AI still comes at me when I approach a certain tile (6 tiles of distance from the wall). I tried with "0" and "4" (in case the value it's bynary, so 2^2), but nothing. Probably you can't change that, because AI units are always using the "guarding" command by default. So even the player's units will start figthing if you set them with the "guarding" command once a unit come 5-6 tiles next to your unit.
  9. The AI react like 4-6 tiles away before reaching the base. In this case what Fey said it's true. Here it's the proof: https://prnt.sc/msdssu I placed a bunch of devs and some windtraps (+ outpost + reveal map=0) at the right part of the rock area; there is still a couple of more tiles that I could place my units, but wasn't even needed. You can see how the Atreides initial spawn it's already rushing me. Walls also count.
  10. Tons of deliveries there xD. Well, you can ask to myself and Fey; we both reach the event limits too often :P. But, for example, the "starport building exist" it's not 100% needed always; I can't tell just for that imagen since there are flags and other kind of stuff, but a simple condition set like this "Starport deliverie: Atreides side =X Units = %5000" it's enough. If the starport exist the deliverie goes, if the starport doesn't exist then there isn't any delivered; so if you only need a delivery to trigger % ticks (and no other check), you don't need to the game to ask for the building. I never find a game crashing because of that, and I have maps with 7 players (including human) that gets deliveries on loops. And by the way; It took me plenty of maps before realize that the "tile reveal" don't need a 1 time only flag. If you set a reveal map on the position X,Y and attach a message "you reached X,Y!" that's enough; the tile reveal event has a "unknown" this set how many times the thing triggers or happens or anything. It's not bad doing it with flags, but if you need room you can clean for that part (try it yourself; remove the flag part of the conditon, just leave message "great, power station" attached to a reveal map and nothing more, place a trike/tank a few tiles away and press the test buttom so you reach that tile in just two seconds; you will read the "great, power station!" text only once. Later you can use the "reload map" to recover the previous state in case you want. In fact, early you have a "starport deliverie" with a "tile reveal" and nothing more, so you can do the same for your message; you will win at least 1 spot to other event. Ps: Dunno it has anything to do with your map or not, but you can set a timer to appear on the main "mission settings (F10)" menu, were appear the line "time limit"; you can place there 21500 instead using a script to show the same timer, just to let you know to have 1 spot more if you want to add anything else.
  11. I hope the map it's still balanced xD. I already download it; I will try in another moment. I edted dune 2 in the past; the first time I used a very bad editor that didn't even show the whole map, just buildings/units (no terrain) to add some buildings or place mercs; later I make use of Dune legacy editor to get .ini files to play on the vanilla game, but half the time the buildings didn't show up correctly or crash because the limits. Walls and concretes count as buildings too? I contacted gobalopper; he added recently a new update to the forum (that's why your download appears that graphic, 1 week ago just appear the text with underline); I don't know if the last update it's related with this or if it is something that happen always; either way I asked Gobalopper.
  12. Wait wait wait, you actually scripted that nuke to land everytime there? or it's just a "dune 2000 like" behaviour that spawning a DH always land in certain position? (is interesting either way). I am interested to play in the near future.
  13. That's interesting (I also saw your dev) good job.
  14. In the AI Tab (for Atreides) if they have the "buy units" to 0 they won't buy anything; that way you can give to them 1000 initial credits just to use them to repair the starport if damage, 1000 it's enough to repair that building a few times.
  15. By the way, the % on the timers means "loop", the interval will allow you to do the example Fey said, but if you just want a "every X amount of min, trigger" a simple %timer do the job. Also, you can combine two %timer conditions for the same event. For example, let's say I want to spawn a Fremen from the sietch, so I create an event to trigger a "unit spawn" with 1 Fremen every 700% ticks. On another part of the map there is another sietch and another fremen, I set it to loop of %900 ticks. Later I want to make a starport delivery for the Atreides, I cannot add a %6.500 ticks because I have all the room filled with other stuff, but you can set that starport delivery with both %700 and %900; with those together, the event will trigger every "6300" ticks; not exactly the 6.500 I wanted but close enough. Just to point that the game even admit this. By the way; just want to point, in case you are interested, that the keys on your keyboard will call for 1 specific part of the tileset, don't need to open everytime you want to change. With the middle buttom appears the letters attached. At first take some time to learn, but overall the "1" has the top-left corner, the "0" the top-right one, "z" bottom-left and so on. If a variation exist, like a top looking rift (no corners or twists) by pressing the same key several times it changes. I usually only open for the "half rift/half sand" and the special rocks/sands (because those changes from tileset to tileset), but the others are always the same. Two things I saw; the first; you have a "first attack building delay" to 1; place 500 at least. just in case; the Ai usually takes a few ticks to "fully activate"; for example, if 1 AI building it's on sand and you attack it, it begins to repair almost instactly, but if you press "test" and do this as quick as you can, the AI takes a few seconds to start doing AI things. The map with my fastest "first attack" it's 500, do that; the AI won't attack because don't have units at that moment. About the attack building strengh value; well, I never tried to place any other number that it's not "X0" or "X5"; you know, 100, 90, 50, 65, 85... etc; maybe has nothing to do with the problem, but if you want to be 100% sure I could suggest a simple 100 for attack strengh and 10 for both defense and defend strenghs; you won't notice barely anything, and with 100 all the units ready to attack will go (with 90 te AI will send everything or just leaving behind 1-2 units, at most). I said it before; but I write again just for Fey. using the keyboard it's the key!!! literally; I just press the keys and don't even open the tileset; just using the keyboards in the order and it's done.
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