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  1. This campaign is pretty good. I like some concepts applied in some maps and even I learn one thing or two while playing this campaign. I can recommend to people to read the briefing carefully. Not only for being detailed, but also because sometimes add information needed that the "objetives" alone don't tell. Also I recommend to play the game blindy without seeing the spoilers. Not knowing were the things are makes it more interesting to react to things. Ps: Don't get surprised if you see a new mission/map/event similar if I do a new campaign.
  2. Being killed by other factions afects that? I rembermer doing a test long time ago, but I already forgot. By the way, remember to reupdate the main post (the other thread). I will redownload the whole campaign when ready. Also maybe you may add a couple of images to the thread making it a bit more visual. I mean a couple of ingame images, not need to show spoilers.
  3. Yeah, but those paths can be blocked by some of the patrolling merc units, or you blocking him. Then the buildings (how they are placed) can make that route impossible to go with. I remember having lots of trouble in the version 2 while I was sending vehicles through the ally base. I remember having like 6 tanks stucked between some buildings and ally units. And yes, maybe they both arrive at the same time, but if the Harkonnen are going to attack, you probably will fight them outside the base (the entrance is too narrow and the last thing you need is to block the area stopping your allies to expand the base), so at the end the troopers will go to the east anyway (or trying to go for the only-trooper area, get blocked but buildings/units, going to the only-trooper area again and going to the east in a long way. Anyway, I am talking about 1 tile of wide, so sending 1 vehicle is possible, but if you try to go with 3 or 4 they gonna to block each other, so you can't use that path to send lots of vehicles anyway and place around that tile only-infantry type of tile, so the infantry units still can move over that area. Oh yes, I forgot to tell that I didn't trigger the casualties line :P. Agree, maybe was too much. Right now until you don't kill 300 imperial units (and killing more units that being killed) the event is not going to trigger. By the way, don't forget to reupdate the main post (the other thread). I will redownload the whole campaign when ready.
  4. I just test it as mercs and definitely they have a carryall. Probably were destroyed because those defending Harkonnen units (since they are just guarding the area and not attacking buildings or marching, they just kill the plane). By the way, there is a tile wrong in the down rift on the merc's ref. Keep in mind that they defend when you (or anyone) attack, but they don't retreat instatly, they stay for a couple of minutes. If the Ordos are attacking they defend against the raiders and stay, then the quads approach so the Harkonnen move a bit farther to defend, then combat tanks approach, they move farther, then the siege tanks-troopers, they move farther... by then they are already near the mercs, which thinks that they are under attack, so the Harkonnen move farther and of course, until no more mercs units there are (runs out of money) they will stay there. With this image I want to show you where a Devastator in defensive stance went. The turret were destroyed and the wintraps ignored, but still, the Harkonnen defend that area with a devastator for a while. This can tell you how far they went, mostly because the Ordos (at first I was trying to help, but I noticed that those were defending units and retreat, just to avoid dragging more attention). Also keep in mind that the enemy usually has I'll said over 9 tiles around the base in their defensive state. Count 9 tiles from the Harkonnen base and 9 for the mercs, you will find that they both could enter a "I need to defensive" because they are both considering the fight as an attack for the other player. About the scouting, maybe you can just change a bit the layout of the map. For example, that expanding area has a only-soldier type of entry. That entry doesn't not lead anywhere. I mean. The Harkonnen are not going to use it to attack or move around, and the mercs aren't using it either. The player can enter from there, but at the end both soldiers and tanks need to go to the right side anyway, since there isn't any path to the left that the soldiers could use as a shortcut. You can change that entrance for a 1 tile wide entrance for example, although then the merc harverster can use it too to go into your area, so I don't know what exactly you want. Remember this I said to you when I played the second version of level 9. This is only a conjeture, but I think the way the game determine which blooms will reappear and which not, is by the same order as defining the primary building. If you have 3 heavy factories (AI or player, doesn't matter), the one on the top will be the one being primary building by default (and to the left if they area 2 at the same position). Probably the blooms works in the same order and only the first 32 blooms (If that is the maximum) from top to bottom will appears. Maybe when those blooms on top appears and explode they enter the "no bloom here" until the spice on that square is harverster; meanwhile blooms of the bottom may reappear (although this is only conjecture, I have no proof of this). Not only my area, but also the bottom right area of the Ordos base don't have blooms either, so maybe I am right on the "from top to bottom" first blooms appearing. After 2 hours of game the top-right spice (Atreides area) still have plenty of spice. Also the left area (very big area that contain 6 blooms) still had half of that big area covered with thick spice. You can retire those for example. The AI will need to play over 2 more hours just to depleted all of that. The area with the spice to the right-down of the mini-imperial base wasn't even touched by the enemy, only my harversters ended there, so you can even remove those blooms to ensure that others may spawn (you can let 1 or 2 per area, but at least removing most of them will make other blooms to have a chance.
  5. Played this level. Well, the mercs were destroyed early. I discovered the area were the mercs can expand the base too late, so the MCV went there, they build the wintrap and... that's it. he took too many minutes just to build the concrete, and since the mercs don't even had a carryall the harversters needs lots of minutes just to gather a bit of money. Maybe the thing is about scouting the area as quick as possible, but the configuration of the map makes that terrain not to easy to find. My first task was to send the initial scouts to the 3 corners and to the middle of the top-left-right part (convering as much as possible). I move the survivors around, but because the pathfinding of the game if you no click exactly in the area the units will just go around withouth entering too much (and thus not triggering the event). By the time I had like 4 refs, barracks, heavy factory and was building another ref I send a couple of infantry to that area, but at that point that was too late. The mercs were too low to do anything. Also, the Harkonnen in the "defensive stance" ended on the very main door of the mercs. They didn't destroy the buildings, but only because they were only the defensive units. Nothing I could do (and is worse if you try something, you will be calling even more units if you try to help). Then the only harverster available for the mercs were destroyed, and with that they just enter the Bersek mode, so more than destroyed they suicide themselves. I think there is a bit of a problem in terms that "If you don't find the spot before 5 minutes in (2.5 at max speed), the mercs are just doom". The low starting money, the harverster that needs like 10 minutes just to travel once (and going through an area that the defensive units from Har-Atr and Emperor will going to be very easily at any moment any fight starts). Anyway, even if you really want to let the game be like this (if you no scout quickly, you are making the level hard), but that area is really small and because the pathfinding from top to bottom/bottom to top the units will only ignore that area anyway. Now, I don't know exactly how they will spawn, but I fell like even expanding their base they still will be useless. For the position of the concrete they were about to build more near the top-zone of the spice, so even with the ref their harversters still needs plenty of minutes just going and returning, not to mention that that area is used by the Harkonnen. I feel that actually the mercs are there just to died quickly Whether they expand the base or not. By the way, No blooms to me. Those 5 on the early top-zone never appeared to me. I though that was intented but now I am checking with the editor and well, there are 5 but never spawn. The ones in the "supposed" merc zone appears and some in the Ordos top area, but not mine. Well, doesnt' really matter, but I think you needed to know. The mission took me like 2 hours or so. Seems a bit more easy that the order version, but attacking is still hard. You can Initiate an attack but after a bit a thousand of imperial units appears forcing me to retreate or loose the units. But that's ok, I am used to that style of your campaign.
  6. How much violence. Will try to play the map and see what surprises have you hidden this time.
  7. I read once in a full detailed manual that the AI doesn't have unlimited money, but when you kill or destroy a building he recieves the cost of that unit/building. So if the Emperor have 1000 credits, he can build a siege tank and a combat tank, runs out of money, attack with those units, you destroy them, and recieves 600+300. I can't tell you this for sure, but makes sense. Happens to me long time ago something similar. The Emperor had the Palace and the Wor alive, and he builds a heavy trooper, send it, died, build another, repeat. My game lasts for 8 hours and he still was doing that. I don't know about the score. Once in my life (and I played this game like crazy) I manage to get the "Emperor" title as Atreides. I Only lost 2 units (2 scouting trikes).
  8. Those maps are really good. Begginners (and expertes) can have a good start to create their own maps (and some could be easy enough to use as a campaign type of map). With the exception of the second map (there is a corner tile wrong) I don't see anything wrong. My only suggestion, something like the imagen: Your random generator do like the left part, but maybe something like "if the tiles in a horizontal/vertical direction > 4, then use this combination of two 2x2 tiles", so looks less "squared" like the right part.
  9. Now you know exactly with I was dealing with XD. This idea came like 2 years and a half ago. There only was the Atreides one, but that was my second campaign ever made, so had lot of problems. Like half year later (and 1 or 2 more campaigns made in between) I created the other two houses with the same style, but had the same problems. The campaign was begging to be updated completely. Tecnically speaking, this should be the final version.
  10. Back in time I created a campaign based in the Dune 2 game, but until now I didn’t update it. Today I can release the campaign again, not only update to work with the mission launcher, but also a good amount of changes on the AI to balance the game: More stable, improved and more fun to play (and harder). Later I will detail some of the main changes regarding the old version. Features: - Type of terrain based on the original Dune 2: Wide areas to move and attack, no rifts, mostly rock, sand, spice and dunes. - Spice limited; no blooms or way to get more money once all has been depleted. - Starting money, initial units, reinforcements and the configuration of the enemy base is heavily based in the original maps from Dune 2. - Briefing and advices extracted directly from Dune 2. - Voice and text “Enemy units approaching!” will warn players when an enemy carryall drops units around the base. - Overall is more easy with the Atreides and more harder with the Ordos. - The tech tree and weaponry is still the one from the Dune 2000 game: Troopers for Atreides, Trikes for Harkonnen... Basic tips: - If you are not used to the game, play the full campaign on easy (cost of units/building reduced and enemy reinforcements will be the same as the original Dune 2). Also, Atreides is the more easy of the three. - Defense yourself using gun turrets at the beginning (later rocket turrets may be added). - In advance missions don’t attack the enemy base from the front. The sides are always less protected and require less units/effort to do the most damage. -Don't over harvest. Build silos and/or stop harversters if you haverst more than needed. Main changes from the old version: - Sandworm presented in almost all missions. - No more AI not building certain type of unit because wrong proportions. - Missions where the AI don’t have light factory, the production of heavy tanks will be reduced. - New behaviour to the AI in mission 2: Passive until the player confronts it. - Improved AI (all missions): First and subsequent attacks are more efficient/stronger. - Adaptive AI: The more enemies are present, the production of units is reduced and the time between attacks is delayed. - A new mission 7 in the Atreides Campaign (last one has lots of problem due the way Dune 2000 works). - All the reinforcements now appear 75% faster. - New voice line of dialogue “Enemy units approaching!” said by the mentat. - Both text and voice “Enemy units approaching!” now appears when the carryall is dropping the units instead when the carryall enter the scenario. - Initial defensive units given to the AI. - More "guard area" units around the enemy base (most in the front). - Carryalls no longer pick up vehicles for short travels. - In missions with 2 AI sharing the same area (2 enemies together) have the same proportion of units patrolling as if they were only one. - AI don't build faster under attack (same pace whether it is attacked or not). - Starport removed from the AI bases. - Mission 9 reinforcement now loops in intervals. No longer the first enemy drop will repeat over and over due the short timer. - More initial money to the player and less to the Atreides in the mission 9 of the Ordos campaign. Also an extra mine field of spice in the enemy base (the mission is still more harder than Atreides/Harkonnen version). Images here: Download the three campaigns here: Dune 2 Campaign.rar How to install: Copy/move the files from the "mission" Folder into the "mission" folder on your Dune2000\gruntmod. Coping "tiledata.bin" into "\data\bin" is totally necessary (skip this step if you already did it to any other campaign). Readme.txt included with all the information needed. If you have already done this with other campaigns then only the files from the "mission" folder are needed.
  11. Gruntmods isn't really a must have. As long as you have (or download) the lastests dune2000.exe, missionlauncher.exe and tiledata.bin custom campaigns works in the vanilla game too. I don't remember if any more files are needed.
  12. I think you uploaded the wrong file, this zip only contain the first 4 missions. By the way, now that I read the instructions, you should advice that the game will change forever if you move those files, afecting other campaigns, so a backup of the originals are required. You can add a folder "Back up" (or similar) with the original *.bin files, so even if someone is not aware of what will happen, he still can recover the game.
  13. Good then. Remember, I destroyed that base quickly, so I didn't know what he will build it :P.
  14. In that case I suggest you to be sure that the Emperor/imperials are good with the actual tech tree. I said this because the game treated differently the Construction Yard placed in the editor and the one you can deploy from a MCV. Placing with the editor is a "Imperial Construction Yard" which can't build the High-tech factory, but deploying one will be a regular Harkonnen construction yard, allowing to build that and the Harkonnen Palace. However, if in Tibed you go into the Harkonnen construction Yard and remove "Emperor" from there, the MVC will become another imperial construction Yard (still, no high-tech factory though). But from there maybe you can do something to the emperor withouth affecting the Harkonnen or something. This depends if you still have "construction Yard" as a requirement for that building. And if you have you can do the other way. In the imperial construction Yard, remove "Emperor" and that's it. pre-placed and deploted MCV should be treated as a regular Harkonnen construction Yard, or at least the last time I test it.
  15. Often happens. Are you going to use the same changes for that emperor campaign? I mean, the same costs for refineries/upgrades, tech tree and etc.