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  1. Here I am with a new single mission: "No more Spice". In this mission the Ordos have developed a new variant of the gas from the deviators. That gas is affecting the metabolism of the sandworms, making them unable to create more spice. That’s a disaster, so the Emperor is sending his army to stop the Ordos and recovering the natural cycle of the sandworms. For this map I removed completely the way to earn money through harvesting the spice. Instead of that, the player will be given 10,000 extra credits every few minutes. The player will continue to receive those extra credits unless you already have 10,000 or more in your account. This means that the harvester is totally useless (but you still need the refinery as a requirement for other buildings). Use the one you get as a distraction/meat shield or whatever you want. With some Sardaukar for free with the Starport and some Engineers for free with the High Tech Factory to capture enemy silos (full of spice) without spending money on those units. Is recommended to buy units through the Starport with a discount to maximize the amount of units you can have before the money runs out. Summary: Name: No More Spice. Tech level: 6. Player: Emperor. Ally: Fremen. Enemy: Ordos Screenshots: Remember to copy all the files needed in case this is your first map. If not, just copy the single mission itself. (readme.txt for more detailed instrucctions). Download the mission here: No more
  2. Yes, this happens also if reducing cash, it's just the "set cash" event that the game can't handle.
  3. I encountered something that maybe you are interested. I found the exact way to trigger the crash related with the "set cash" event. The game will crash when this two conditions are met: 1: Spending money building something (a tank, an upgrade or a building) 2: The harverster is dropping the spice on the refinery. If you let the game play by itself (doing nothing) with a "set cash" to loop every few seconds, after some minutes the game still don't crash. If you remove the ref and let the "set cash" loop in the same way, you can do all the upgrades, place buildings, doing orders on the starport... and the game still don't crash. Seems that repairing units/buildings or doing/undoing orders on the starport are safe for crash.
  4. Yeah, that give me a headache. I remember changing plenty of lines and exploring everything, until I notice that "detail". Yeah, having the briefing probably help to know a bit better what to expect (more or less). I will wait until more mission are created. No idea.
  5. Well, I didn't know exactly what will happen after I destroy a sietch; you warn about " - Expect resistance at each Sietch, even after they're razed." so I just took my time to build the army. Who knows how many tanks you will spawn (I still have nightmares because your smuggler campaign xD). You can do another way. For example, you have 2 Fremen spawming next from a sietch. You can reconvert that to appear always, not only when no units are present, a very small guardgroupside to avoid grouping all those new Fremen, and firstattack and timebetweenattack set to 1000 or something like that, so he creates 2 Fremen, he send them, he creates another 2, he send them (or 4-6 at most). But anyway, that's was only an idea. If you want to maintain the rule for all the maps/campaigns with the only spawning if no other units are present that's ok for me too. Not exactly. buildings don't have vision, only the units. Here is the proof. <-- the VCM is already building concrete, but I cannot see anything. Usually you can see the ally base because the units wandering around it. I can tell you, this will happen in the future more times. The culprit is the Time between attacks. You have exactly this number = 6250 While I was doing my based on Dune 2 campaign, I was using "7500" as the default time between attacks. Being 2 enemies building at a good pace was good, but when only 1 enemy is present (and low tech), the Ai just waits too much, the player has enough time to build everything and the AI only do the "first attack" wave, so I reduced to a half, this means 3750. I have 6 levels (2 per faction) with only 1 enemy, so all were using that number. What happens? depending of the map (but happening always), the AI stop attacking. Some maps after the 2º wave, others after the fourth, but sooner or later that will happens. And then, in my mission 9 with three enemies at once 7500 was too opresive, being constatly attacked the player don't have time to rest, so I just added a extra of 50% of time between attacks, this means 11250. Then I test the map and... again... at least 1 of the Ais suddenly stop the attacks, and never attack again. So... 3750 and 11250 have in commond... they only have 1 zero. I can't tell you the true reason why this makes the AI go dumb, but I guarantee you: happens. As a workaround I give of them "3751" and "11251" respectively. 3700/3800 and 11200/11300 should be a better choice, but in my stubbornness desire a perfect -50% and +50% from the default 7500. The problem never happened again, and for this kind of test I always place 50 devastators and let the game play while I set the timer to -2 so I can check the time that has passed. 30 minutes in, and those single/3 enemies still were attacking (and the mission 9 of that campaig take at least 1 hour, so the attacks were still going with the "11251" number). If you want to make sure that does not happen again, change it to any number with at least 2 zeroes. Pd: Another reason why a AI can attack less often has to do with the morale attack building. But the only 1 zero is crucial, since for this campaign I have it to 100 so they aren't affectted by that.
  6. Ok, Played the two other maps. The first with the Fremen, I could suggest to add some kind of attack for the Fremen. I mean, I build everything and the army I wanted and, besides a couple of Fremen attacking my harverster because is near them, they don't do anything to the player, is a 100% full defensive map. At least you can spawn a few Fremen, don't need to be a big mega-army-attack, but 2-3 Fremen here and there, you know, to do something. some loops, or timer, or intervals... you even can talk about them in the briefing like they are scouting or wandering, and thats because you ecounter a few of them here or there going against your base. Also, A reveal map where the VMC would be appreciated. I took 2 sietchs, went agains the far one. I destroy it. CY deployed. Then I splitted my group in two, one two the right, another to the bottom. I heard the sound of the Fremen, but didn't know for where. The Fremen were attacking the CY from the unexplored area, and since they are strong against buildings there isn't time to defend (and they didn't return fire, they continue the attack agains the building, so not enough time to killing before they destroy the CY). And the other map, well, the Atreides didn't rush my base, but they were amassing tons of units, so probably eventually will happen the same. Here a couple of screenshots with some things (click to enlarge them). <-- The Atreides Harverster went directly there. I don't know if you played this way, but this could be enough to make the Atreides angry. In this case I lost the few soldiers that survived the starport attack, so I didn't attack the Harverster and they don't even care about my base either. <-- Atreides amassing units. If I had a single unit in the previous image and attacked the Harverster even by accident, all thouse units will march, but until then... they only wait there. This other two images were several minutes later: <-- My harverster just are going near the Atreides base, so they are in defensive state and began to destroy my harverster in this area (but ignoring the base; like 3 minutes later they attack it and destroy it). <-- and while all those units are just "defending" the surronding, the faction still continuing to build stuff preparing the next attack, so this is the reason they rush you. They stop attacking and, if the Harverster is attacked (or maybe enough time passed), they send all that group. I have two theorys about this, but first, a Question: ¿Is this one faction the one that after 1 of 2 attacks they stop going? (I don't count the final-big-rush). Because if yes I already know the thing.
  7. Yeah, I tried to be very basic for people who didn't read it, but enough to say "hey, that name/scene is familiar". Of course, some missions are just inventions of mine to have a reason to fight. For example mission 3, Leto and Paul Atreides figthing against some Harkonnen that didn't wanted to leave Arrakis. Is true that in the book the Harkonnen sabotage their own equipment and let some traps and assasins around, but is not like there is a battle there. I think there is a limit, but I don't remember the number. If you want to know use a test map and place a heavy factory for Atreides, Harkonnen, etc... also a couple of units like a quad, a tank, a trooper... and from there trying the indexes. 201 for Atreides, 202 for Harkonnen etc... so you can test 8 index in a single run. I think the index 33 is Harkonnen and the colour is very similar like the smuggler one (a bit darker),
  8. Sorry, I send the message early by mistake, I was editing when you responde me :P. It's edited. As you can see, no buffs at all, just not being crushed and they become strong (at least until the siege tank parts), and those Light infantry generated after destroying buildings. You can't crash them and if you shoot them the splash damage hurts you too a lot. siege tanks and infantry are require. And yes, in your smuggler campaign were also rocks, so I will try to look for them. Anyway, the Harverster crushing me happens when I have my army splitted in two and the Atreides only had the barracks and a couple of wintraps lefts. It's just that, looking at the harverster killing my 10 soldiers I was like "oh... true, this is the original rule". Don't need to remove all the time, just reduce a bit. For example, in this map I trigger the message saying something about the Atreides not having energy and at the same time the "being annihilated" message. just with %250-350 timer gives me enough time to read those text and I don't need to wait too much until the "mission accomplished" text appears. About indexes. The other modder, the one about 4 Harkonnen Sub-factions uploaded a file with all the indexes possible. Check that post. Also, since you are using TibEd you even can use those indexes that behave like the Emperor.
  9. The Ix campaign (the last one) is the one which you can't crush those units. Using 2 light infantry to kill 1 missile tank is poetic. Thanks. The Frank Herbert one not use special rules or TibEd, is just a campaign "following" the book. Also the map from the mission 14 on that campaign is my favourite map ever created. Is big, is detailed, and almost looks like westwood themselves created that map (well, maybe that's just me :P).
  10. Played the first level. "<Insert awesome briefing story here.>" Yeah, all fill with placeholders but then this line XD I could suggest to reduce the %500 on the mission win condition to 350 or so. At max speed probably you don't notice, but in normal speed this means that at a maximum I need to wait 20 seconds before the "mission accomplished" text appear (an average time of 10 seconds). I even though that something more was going to happen like the smuggler campaign, because I was waiting several seconds and the game still was going. And that's it. I need to remember the "old new rules", since I already forgot. I mean, refs being more expensive and now looking scared how the harverster crashing my infantry. Damn, that "special" rule I make for my campaign It's taking a toll on me now.
  11. Yes. Although If you download it a few days ago should be the same. Anyway, just in case the file was reuploaded again, just to be sure. If you want download it right now and that's it. Se finí!
  12. I don't think that 90 means exactly 90%, is more like "raw power" that depends (maybe) on the units used, the size of the base and if another AI is already attacking or not (another AI attackig surely affects). I have a map with only a 30 of attack building strength and plenty deliveries (12 units among quads, trikes, siege/combat/missile tanks looping every 3,3 and 7,6 minutes - real time) and this AI, if no other AI are attacking at the same time, will send at least 70% of the units in the factories/starport. Now, if the second AI is attacking this first one wait another turn or just send a few units to attack (This AI is set to attack every 3,5 minutes, but I can tell you that the AI sometimes skip his turn to attack because the other AI is marching against you). Well, a building being destroyed already spawn 1 or more light infantry, being damage killed by the debris. But the protect thing I don't think that works always. Sometimes I can destroy 2 Harverster and the AI doesn't care, maybe after the third one yes. Also, I already did my own test some time ago. I used the Devastator because has a lot of health. I attacked it with trikes, infantry and later with a couple of troopers and the units I give tot he AI with the "unit spawn" didn't bother to protect it. Maybe works, sometimes, at random? no idea, I should do more tests to be sure. Not sure about the sandworm, but could be possible. Maybe depend on damage. a couple of trikes-quads shoots don't trigger it, but if there are missile tanks, turrets, troopers... and the sandworm chase very close the Harverster maybe yes. I can't tell for sure. I know you have all the spots already covered, but you should have a least a reveal map =0 timer=1 and have vission on all the map. Is the best way to look at the AI and see how many units he is amassing and what % of the units is using to attack/defend/building.
  13. I already endend my final run, so I'll start playing your maps. Just for clarify. Right now there are three 3 maps, 2 mission 1 and 1 mission 2, also the I need to use the same bin files as the Smuggler Campaign, I am right? Since you are encountering this problem I wanted to give a quick check. I remember seeing something "abnormal" in the smuggler one, so I wanted to give a look at the same thing. My guess is the "protect unit" thing the culprit. The way the protect harverster works is this one: If that unit is under attack, proceed to use X units available to defend it (¿defined by protect/defend strengh? <-- not sure, but you have those number high); after they may come back to the base. However, the AI can think that the treath is not any near unit, but the units in your base, so he proceed to "defend/protect" the harverster at all cost, sending everything to your base (this usually happens if the airstrike hits the harverster). But now, you have some regular units under the "protect unit" thing too, so everytime you are killing a infantry, even in your own base, the AI may think that he needs to defend that unit, and send all he has to do it. I not really sure if the "protect unit" really works on anything by harverster because other units can return fire, but maybe the "protect unit" only trigger in a long fight (you have a light infantry fighting the enemy quad, making the fight longer and triggering the "I must defend this unit!" for the AI). Once I had a test map where the player had plenty of rocket turrets, windtraps, outpost, CY y lots of Devastators/sieges. The AI a full base with 9999999 credits and the fastest unit build rate possible. I change the morale attack building to 1 and let the game be played. The Enemy had almost all the screen filled with units and never attacking. But then I took control of the AI and forced 1 Trike to attack the harverster. After the Trike attack for a few seconds, the AI send all the available units on the base in a big rush against the player "base", just because this Harverster were attacked... By his own unit!
  14. Final run complete, no more changes unless someone encounter a line I forgot to translate or something big.
  15. Well, since the new editor allow to place 7 Atr/Har/Ord Palace (and Atr.high tech) I've been thinking on ideas to use that feature. For now I already used the Atr.High Factory on Harkonnen plus Harkonnen palace on Emperor to have both weapons striking the player at the same time, a triple Atr.Palace in my Tleilaxu Campaign, and a Triple Ord.Palace in my Spacing guild one. Looking at your premise a fatal 4 way with those sub-factions launching DH each other seems factible :P.