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  1. -Added: An alternative link on the TD, RA and Snow tilesets to use the updated .ini for the new versions of the editors. -Changed: The Giedi Prime link now point to a post that actually contain the tileset. -New Section: UNITS/STRUCTURES, which contain new units that replaces some of the old ones (graphical, sound effects, weaponry...). -Added: Autogun Turret - By Fey -Added: Shotgunner - By Fey -Added: Flame Tank & Autogun Tank - By Fey
  2. Alright, thanks. I already saw the craters on the data, for both rock and "sand". I may use these other craters for other tileset as well, maybe the darker brown/black tone of the crates will look better on the other tilesets, much better than the orange arrakis ones.
  3. @dato 2000 Currently I am doing a new campaign, and my next step it's using the Giedi primer tileset, which I got already. But before doing anything I gave a check to your test demo video and I saw that appears craters on the floor (where the units shoot) matching the same color as the custom tileset (not sure about the "sand" ones as there has hardly been a battle on your video). Do you have the data "DATA.R16" that contains those custom crates so I can add them into my campaign? or the graphic itself of the recolored crates. I mean these:
  4. No idea; maybe the date of my files were when I installed gruntmods, but whatever modded the game for whatever campaign were done before that... I don't know I think the original files should be from 1998, but I don't know, I even have an original color file and it is dated as 2018, so who knows. I think what it happens was something simple as the game, instead having a Imperial construction Yard, it had a Harkonnen CY (which looks the same); those scatered iddle units will go bersek (all the units go against the player) as to get rid of them by the end of the mission once you destroy the CY, but if you game was modded with something as simple as making imperials to use a Harkonnen version instead the imperial one that was enough, around 30 units will attack you for no reason. I know something similar happen some years ago with a similar problem with an Outpost. Destroying it would make the iddle units to kill themselves against the player thus making more easy to attack the enemies; and here somebody had the same problem: units going bersekd from the first second, which it was impossible to win against that. Anyway; glad it worked for you and good luck with next missions.
  5. Thanks to you for playing. I don't know then, I am using gruntmods too; my version it's not the most update one, but this shouldn't be a factor (The mission don't use rare events that weren't available in early days, I think). By the way, if you are not using this mission launcher I suggest to get it. https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/28811-release-dune-2000-mission-launcher-12/ If you play a campaign that use custom stuff that use any kind of new thing (different tech, new colors...) this launcher (and if all the extra files are applied where they should) you won't need anymore to do any copy-paste anymore; really old campaign by authors gone those still require, but I have a few of my campaigns (and a couple of the rearrange ones) that I added the extra files needed, so you can play the "luminar's Fremen" and training Fremen and building sietchs, but thanks to the launcher you don't need to worry about copy custom files and paste them, the launcher will do it for you. Also, that Launcher includes plenty of missions by Feda, the last campaign ever made (to this day) plus some of the older ones (just a few). But that's the thing, it's the most updated Mission Launcher where you can play multiple/different missions campaigns at once and the launcher will pick the correct modifications for you (just be carefull with downloaded all the files, as an extra folder has to be moved and a ".ini" file it's mean to remplace the old one in order to the launcher to read the extra info, but you only need to do this once, then you can play mission 5 on the Emperor return, then jump into mission 3 on the Ixian one and then jump into mission 6 on the Luminar's Fremen and the game will play with different mods depending on the mission chosen).
  6. This is something bugged with your game then; this is what should happen. A) You start the game and harvest the amount of money requirement (no clicks needed). B) you get the Sonic tanks and destroy the windtraps C) Imperials get angry at you for doing that and then start with the attacks. And then only after the "C" part it's done, he will start launching attacks, but no before that. Did you play any modded campaign recently? because maybe my trigger it's "certain unit/building exist" but due you using a modded version, that unit/building arealdy exist (or don't) and everything trigger before expected. If you want to check this is the teaser I did for the campaign, I did move a bit the harversters (exploring a bit the area) for the sake of the video, but you can see how I am just calming doing my thing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwE-hAQqKxo Just in case I recently downloaded the mission and applied/loaded with the mission launcher. Nothing wrong happened to me (That's the MCV landing). Harvesting the quota, doing the windtrap thing, receaving the MCV, no enemy unit on sight. In fact, the enemy it's made to be passive, and will actually waits until you fullfill the windtrap goal, when you do that, you get a MCV. When you deploy the MCV, the enemy can start producing units, and only when the siege tank it's produced (which will take some time as the AI will build other units befre), an enemy wave will trigger and launch a attack. It's true that you only have low tech to protect against combat tanks and so on, but it's just that, he is passive until you do that job (or if you let the game running for... dunno, maybe 3 hours, then he may launch an attack on you). Just be sure that you copied the file "tiledata.bin" provied (although I don't think this has anything to do with it), which path it's "data/bin", but if you already did, then you may need to rever whatever change was done on the game. Here, these are the usual 4 files that gets modded depending on the campaign, this upload are the originals I have as a back up. Template Original.rar They are in the folder "data/bin". So try to overwrite them. This should revert the game to the vanilla state and try again the mission. And again, the battle shouldn't ever start not until a MCV it's delivered, and even then, the AI will take some time to arrive (so your Sonic tanks have enough time to come back, you can build a second ref and barracks and group a decent amount of infantry/troopers to protect yourself). Even storywise you are the neutral faction, Imperials are not the attackers, you are the one that "attacked" a windtrap the emperor wanted and then retaliate because of that action.
  7. I always had in mind a big campaign where I go to edit everything, using every single tileset done as multiple planets so you face nameless factions (or random factions as I may give them based on wikis) with weird tech; although for the most part I am aiming with the graphics that exist already, but as Fey had several graphics here and there (and units) I may use them too. If I had that tool with those nice "cannot be sold" It's something I would prefer over reasking Fey or re-re-researching myself which bytes do what. I simply cannot say for sure "I will do it" because who knows if by when I am finish with my current campaign I am totally done with modding, or maybe not; I don't know; my "Dune Emperor final" mission was on my mind but I created like 3-4 campaigns before actually doing it. For my part, having some of these options more clearly (and not lying as Tibed does in some parts) It could be that future/possible campaign of mine it's more certain to happens. And of course, it is more likely to happen now that Feda Launcher allow using modded stuff more easily and with less limits for the user/modder.
  8. I am assuming that your editor will also load this custom selection? Somebody did a draconis kind of tileset, but the original "place concrete-building" was confusing to see, so I tried making those selection more darker. So I guess your editor will show this as well?
  9. The only Skirmish AI I know it's the one used in the C&C.net (multiplayer-online). I don't know if it got tweaked at some point, but I have that version if you want it to give a try to compare with yours. Overall, this AI have 3 harvs and 2 carryall per ref. 3 ref, several factories, different priority for units and other things. Another user, @Fey, has several skirmish AI with edited proportion on units to make them to produce multiple infantry and less vehicles but the AI still will build both in a quick pace; he can tell more about this. I can only pass you the C&C.net one.
  10. I found a minor bug, more funny that anything. Having a reveal map of 7 (same for other values). If you have clicked that event and click on the "event type" and change into a reinforcement, unit spawn or starport delivery and hit "enter" I will change into that. nothing breaking, but a minor bug I found now.
  11. it couldn't possible make a "if called "ATREIDES_CONSTRUCTION_YARD" then "Construction Yard (a)" so for unmoded stuff appears "pretty" but if you mod it will apear whatever thing you have there or something like that?
  12. "MEDIUM/LARGE_GUN_TURRET" Doesn't even sound like an actual turret that exist in the game. usually called rocket turret. and on the events how it will appear? because right now sais "Construction yard (A)", but if it will show as Tibed do it: ATREIDES_CONSTRUCTION_YARD; HARKONNEN_CONSTRUTION_YARD and so on may be confusing searching for a certain structure if they show the house name before the actual building name. aww. sad, so many years after I came with the solution and we returned so quick back, well. we cannot have everything, I don't mind loosing that in return for the others features.
  13. Alright, perfect. so the deva will show the vanilla deva for Hark, and the custom one from the others, as it should be, so yeah, working as intended. I can also see you did a bit or recolor on the St.units as well. The editor saying "CONSTRUCTION_YARD" is something that happens from now on or it has to do with using custom stuff?
  14. It is!!! Totally, those are the Tleilaxu turrets, the leechers and the sietch pretending to be the weird barracks from the game, plus the quad-siege tank combo. Indeed it works as intented. In fact, I like how it even show the tleilaxu turrets not using the concrete, as they don't use (while still having 100% HP). This is going to be a great help when using modding units, even if it is just small things like this mission like here to know quickly what units are what. Can you try to place a devastator per house and a Sardaukar per house? In game the Sardaukar it's a "devastator" (treat it as one, but it doesn't look like a deva or a sardaukar), so there are 2 and, like the original sardaukar and MP Sardaukar, this custom devastator has priority (means everybody should build this), but because it requires the imperial palace only the AI get it. Tecnically, if the player could capture the palace (no engies on the game, so no way to do it) you could build it, although as Harkonnen you will loose your own devastator for this new one. This is a "Sardaukar - MP sardaukar" thing, but unlike those 2 this two "devas" are not the same unit at all. So I am curious on what you editor would do if you place both the devastator and the sardaukar (all sides) into the map; more considering there is a sardaukar in the game, it is just the multiplayer version with other tech and stuff; so yeah, if you can try placing those units and see what the editor do, I guess it will show the custom version maybe due having priority over the other, but to be sure.
  15. I guess this will load any new graphics as those Fey units; I don't know on combining visual units (but still using vanilla ones) or if you remove the grenadier from the "game"; let's say, I alter the grenadier to be a second devastator, so the Harkonnen use devastator number 1 and the others get devastator number 2 (which could be any unit); I wonder if in this hipotetic case your editor will fail to ever load the grenadier (as his behaviour was suppose to be devastator) and if will difference bewteen the two devastators (just like right now there are 2 type of sardaukar, but as they look the same I don't know if visually your editor is picking the one it correspon or just 1 of them for the visual). Which, by the way, if you want to test if this new graphical stuff works, you can use my "EBFD - <HOUSE >ASSAULT"; turrets controled by sandworm don't have the top-turret, the thumper and the engineer have been altered to be other units, a raider with a combat tank canon and a the other it's a quad wearing a siege tank canon (bot preplaced on the mission). I don't have custom colors (just high index), but for the units itself it can give you an insight if you want something quick to load and see if it is loading well.
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