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  1. Cm_blast

    New GruntMods Edition Installer Available (

    Oh, I didn't know that. Nevermind, then. At least I will place here a reminder about the problem that people are having with this lastest update: missing files during instalaction. People mostly is reporting "BLOX<something>.r16 missing file" type of error.
  2. Cm_blast

    New GruntMods Edition Installer Available (

    By the way; I think it's the time to recover the vanilla initial dune 2000 maps: A1v1, A1v2, A2v1, etc... the two early missions and version from the game. I know that they got expanded because an error with the high-res path with small maps long time ago, but seems that it's no longer a problem: I just tried it right now. https://prnt.sc/ljhzh3 That's how it looks the first Atreides mission, at the maximum resolution possible and all the map explored. this was done copying the vanillla for a portable version I have over here and copy both .map and .mis on the gruntmods mission folder. So, I am playing the original map (not the expanded) as you can see how the map goes to a corner (the expanded would have a black area around). I don't know if would be another errors dependinf of the resolution of the screen (apart from the resolution of the config), but if that's not a problem then it's the time to recuperate the original maps (both versions on the two first missions per house) and having them ready by the time a new gruntmods release it's done.
  3. If I am not mistaken the editor load the visual from a .bmp (graphic folder); I never tried before but maybe you can edit that even with paint, but not just placing a plain "M" that looks bad or something. I was thinking on you because you are more into drawning pixels and stuff, but I don'tt hink it's required to even load the game at all (correct me if I am wrong on something).
  4. I did the starting point, just "casualties do this on the game", but I wasn't the one that find all the meaning and, except for a few "15 treshold - 0 flag?" I never used specific proportions on any of my maps; most of them are just "when X side loose 10 units - trigger this" or "when Y side loose 20 units - trigger that", so having float numbers will help, not only me but anyone withouth requiring knowledge about hexadecimals. Both Harkonnen and Ordos versions's are pointing almost to the same position, if you have those buildings in opposite areas of the maps you won't know what version you are looking. And yes; you can place another the outpost or delete-place the outpost/modified to be sure, but having a visual that allow us too see in a quick look what version it's would be better. I didn't have anything any specific on mind when I did the suggestion, I only remember saying something like adding a "M" to indicate "modified" but I have no idea; just anthing that showcase that the building show on the editor it's going to be the modified version instead the vanilla should be fine. I guess the two versions need to be done the same way (Harkonnen and Ordos).
  5. Hey; welcome back. I didn't notice 3 years passed already; I am still doing stuff with your editor! Good; this will help a lot to find that missing sandworm hard to find, and who say sandworm sais anything, works with everything! Yay! all it's there!; just with the name it's easy to know most of the stuff, thanks for this (even although I didn't used it since I suggested back in time, but the easy access would be interesting to have). This can be done for the mission settings (F10) Menu? There you have "map name - Author - music"; unlike the event, setting a music it's mandatory (or the game may load silent); If you can add that I could suggest to add the "*=random" somewhere; maybe as an entrance or written somewhere. Wow, I didn't think of this: I only used everything to "0" as a control mark "when X amount of enemies died, this happen". Now it's interesting to know exactly how many mercs need to die before they trigger the warning and how many when they turn neutrals withouth requiring an external site. Thanks about this one; it really works, now on the mission launcher appears as "testmap". I found that it's related with the mission settings and/or events and conditions windowns. To reproduce it's as easy as opening one of those two windows, minimize it and that's it; nothing appears on you screen; the program may think that your focus it's still on the other windown. Sometimes the windown, even maximize "hide" (when I am editing, I open 1 of those windows, then I open chroome and check whatever, comeback to the editor, the windown it's hidden); reopening and closing the mission/events windown fix the thing. It's fine; I can live without those things Fey has been messing very deep with the graphics of the game and doing kind of stuff like drawning new graphics for units and terrain, so maybe he can help us here; Hey Fey, check the part of the modified outpost; I suggested to add a different graphic for the modified outpost so we can differentiate both building while we are on the editor. I guess you can take the building from the .bmp and add something on it or something. Thanks a lot. There is a last thing; this it's a problem that appeared with the previous version of gruntmod (gruntlord updated the installed recently, but I don't mean this update). I had problems with the computer 1 year ago so when I downloaded gruntmod I took the newest version (at that moment); the main problem it's the folder that contain the maps changed; I will call 2017 version the one I have right now and 2016 the one I have before I lost all my data from my computer, just for clarify. On the 2016 version the game had the campaing maps into the folder "gruntmods\dune2000\missions", which the editor loaded fine with no trouble. on the 2017 version, the campaign maps is localed on another path: "gruntmods\dune2000\data\missions"; Because of this the "test" buttom used from the editor show a "cannot find X file"; Since this was 1 year ago I can't remember exactly everything, but I think was trying to search the testmap.map. I tried by manually changing the path or even deleting the "D2kEditor.ini" and letting the program to generate it automatically, but nothing worked. I fixed by moving all the campaign maps on the 2016 path (outside data) path, but also editing "resources.cfg" from gruntmods itself or else the game can't find (obvious) the files. So what I am trying to say here it's to set your editor to be able to pick the good path (unless I have been doind something wrong the whole time; but I really really tried everysingle thing I could do with the "d2keditor.ini". Not only me, but a few months ago a newcomer posted this: I suggest you to check the post, because I manage to help him by the same workaround (moving files, editing gruntmods resources.cfg file) which it's far from ideal. https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27775-d2k-editor-problem-solved/ I admit I have the editor outside gruntmod, but on that post that guy tried several solutions before attempting my workaround, so the editor seems to have some problems to find that path. Edit: 1 unit slot remains hidden with the new editor: https://prnt.sc/lh3ucd Witht he adition of the "grid - unknown - etc" new buttons everything on the right move down, because of that the last unit slot got hidden. At the very bottom the ornithopter it's there, but you canno access it at first sight (you still can select it by clicking on the St.Raider and then press down, but not even then the unit it's shown.
  6. That maybe work, but not sure (you could try a portable version, so don't need to install anything at all). But instead doing all that, I am going to upload here all the BLOX-something, unzip it, move them into the "data" and try to see if the game works. BLOXTHINGS.rar If still there is other problems (another missin file) report it, just to know. And as a last resort; https://gruntmods.com/dune-2000-gruntmods-edition-1-6-2-2/ This it's suppose to be an update, I have no idea what that update do or if it will work because you have a new version. But maybe you can try the "lite" version; uninstalling whatever it's installed now and picking the lite version. https://gruntmods.com/dune_2000_gruntmods_edition/ it's the version, the one I have; no idea exactly the difference between the normal and the lite version, but at this point maybe worth a try.
  7. Updated done: The first post contain all the info into a spoiler, but overall I can tell about a few things. The engineers part has been fixed for the most part. Accompanied by at least 1 infantry they are more likely to move against the player. If you have units near and fight/kill the infantry before the whole droping process end, they may remain in the spot, but at least now even the ones dropped more afar will move, so right now they have a more supposed behaviour. On Mission 5 the enemy increase a bit the power of the attacks; this it's because I realize that after the second wave defense the player no longer need to do anything. With the Harkonnen non wasting resources until needed, the turrets and the high-defense of your ally, they can do too well alone. Right now the player need to protect them a bit more, maybe a couple of waves more (later yes, but I don't mind that). I tried to balanced the "cutscene" on the big first enemy wave-attack during mission 6; but again, the AI will do whatever; At least you are given a few extra Sardaukar so you can take out some vehicles before one of their siege tanks wipe you out. And on the Fremen mission there are a few extra units in stactic positions; I tried to not add too much because if not the map takes too long, plus you heavily depend on your ally there. However, with the few sonic tanks near some of the enemy bases you can no longer send 3-4 troopers to take out turrets easily, at least the player need something a bit more stronger like tanks.
  8. Cm_blast

    [WIP] Smugglers Campaign 2!

    Yes, could be done. Also since I already made maps with no spice and instead increasing credits, so that could be done in this specific case, although with the "increasing credits", at least if we want to do a "you got +10.000" credits takes plenty of events already (unless you set the money to 10.000 withouth looking if the player had 0 or 8.000 at that moment). For the Ice maybe works turning up the original down-rifts, I don't know. Yeah; That map. And yes, 1 ref very near of the spice plus an extra harv works fine, but when you build a new harvs and forget to move it into another spot, you can see clearly that 3 harvesters going into the single tile just keep pushing each other, slowing them down plus sometimes they go iddle for a while. I will try that soon.
  9. Cm_blast

    [WIP] Smugglers Campaign 2!

    I'ts fine, just feels a bit weird because usually "staying in the inner base" don't slow your units, but you can use that on your favor; for example placing walls (in a higher tech) and taking advantage of a bit of choke (since this terrain it's more open) and the small slow part to defeat the enemy attack. Yes, the first time they went (since 2 are delivered) the first one pick up 2-3 blobs and the second harv push the first to get that. I had a map that make use of single tiles of infinite spice and you can't have more than 2 because otherwise they keep pushing each other and stop doing his job. For this theme it's fine, so players can't just focusing on a single deposit and force them to go in another. Not yet; I am doing a final re-run of my last capaigm with a few fixes here and there, but I am already near the end so next I will try your new stuff.
  10. Cm_blast

    [WIP] Smugglers Campaign 2!

    Finally I tried all this thing; I must say that the lights looks much better in game that in the screenshots. Takes a bit of time getting used to the sudden slow movement when going into the borders, but all looks really good with the crates fitting the building platform and no other crates out of place. And definitivamente those mass deposits looks much better than I expected; If this was a bigger tech map I would need to reach a second deposit because with the first you barely can get enough money to keep the production; and of course, more harvesters won't help since they may push each other, although on this distance at least 3 or 4 harvesters won't have too much trouble going to the same "harvesting" area. However; there is a bit of a problem I encounter; May I ask if you can give the "TILEATR8.bin" another name? This is because already exist tileatr8.bin and tileatr9.bin. Those two are used by the Dato's tilesets done on the RA games with the own tileatr. His tilesets the "8" one it's making all the dunes on the top rows to be a buildable area, while the other have plenty of unwalkable tiles on those top rows (rifts on the tilesets). So I would suggest to rename it to another name; 10.bin could fit, but who knows if in the future somebody creates a new tileatr too and name it 10 for the same reason you give it here an "8". And since even the Dato's pack includes the .ini to be moved into the editor with references to both the images and those two specific tileatr would be best to let him be the owner of those specific numbers.
  11. Cm_blast

    Windows 7 or Vista Problems?

    CesarIII said that the .exe itself has all the files there; here, in this post https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27821-dune-2000-gruntsmodeedition-error-during-launching-any-mission/?do=findComment&amp;comment=395928 So maybe it's the instalation what it's going wrong; I already contacted Gruntlord (in charge of gruntmods), but meanwhile try to use the solution given in the previous link and get all the .r16 files you find on the /data folder to copy them into your installed game. At least you can play the game until a new installers it's release. If you encounter any other missing file error report it too.
  12. Yes, sorry the typo here. Alright; I already contacted gruntlord (in charge of gruntmods) to let him now those problems that suddenly appear on his last release; meanwhile use your solution to get all the r.16 files you can, and in the case the game got you another error for another missing file report it too.
  13. Cm_blast

    Windows 7 or Vista Problems?

    Check if you have the other r.16 files mentioned in the list I did above; if those are missing game may trigger another error depending of the map. If those are missing too (and/or the game show you another error about missing another .16 file) you can get those using the solution posted here: https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27821-dune-2000-gruntsmodeedition-error-during-launching-any-mission/?do=findComment&amp;comment=395928
  14. Cm_blast

    Windows 7 or Vista Problems?

    Thanks for the info; seems that the very last installer have problems (I downloaded like 1 year ago), and seems that you are missing every single tileset of the game. On your other post someone said how he solve it. https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27821-dune-2000-gruntsmodeedition-error-during-launching-any-mission/?do=findComment&amp;comment=395928 You can try to do that, at least to be able to play the game; i'll contact gruntlords about this. Just pick every single r.16 files you see there; there are 9, i Think, called "BLOX<something"; that you should have into your data. If you want to be 100% sure extract and move all the r16 files you find on the data folder.
  15. Thanks for the report. Can you look if you have this other files there? *BLOXBASE.r16*BLOXBAT.r16*BLOXBGSG.r16*BLOXICE.r16*BLOXTREE.r16*BLOXWAST.r16*BLOXXMAS.r16 All are tilesets on the "data" folder; tell me if all are there (instalation). If only the BGSG one it's missing can you tell me if that file, when you opened the .exe from 7zip, was in the correct path? In the other post it is said that none of those files are present; I could reccomend to extract all the r.16 files just in case. And just for discard it, buy you can try to search those r.16 files outside /data on your game installed; they could be in a wrong path; I don't know.