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  1. Just want to point that even if you could place 999 structures per side, the game may not handle that too well. On my Coalition of Nobles I was nearby the 1000 total structure/unit limit, and when loading the game I found out that the AIs were getting their building side bar grey, which means that they couldn't rebuild any structure, even if I started selling building after building. It just happens, 3-5 seconds into the game and bam, grey side bar. I went over the top with that mission, Ais used to have 5 heavy factories, 3 Ix centre, 9 refineries... But after I was spying on the en
  2. If I understood well. I can pick the craters slots, which are either orange (rock) and yellow (sand), and making actual craters that match the night tileset So, having craters for this color, rock and this one for sand.
  3. Cm_blast


    I will recomend you to get gruntmods version: https://gruntmods.com/dune_2000_gruntmods_edition/ It is the same vanilla game but with a config file that will allow you to select multiple options, including high-resolution and many other options. Or this other version https://dunemaster.webs.com/files both are the original game, but with more options.
  4. Some people were exploring the idea of using the map to add into the custom missions but that's still a long way because it requires knowledge of coding just to know how to alter the map-territory works. But until then, the closest thing it's using the mission launcher and having a campaign that contain a "tactical map", as Feda's work in which you get a overall vision or where you are and which territory you are about to attack/conquer.
  5. Well, to play custom missions we use the mission launcher. As that list on your screenshot it's intended only for the original missions.
  6. It is not missing that mission, it's just that mission don't exist, at least not in vanilla form. Some guy created a "version 2" (and even versions 3 and 4) of certain missions that may load if you click/add then because he gave the files the same name as the original "O4v1.map" "o4v2.map", but again, "O4v2.map" it is not a westwood original map, just a custom campaign to resemble similar to the original. Although some of them have 2 versions, certain missions only have 1, shuch as missions 4, 5, 7 and 8. Those are only 1 version.
  7. I don't know if you are aware, if you click on any unit or building and keep pressing "tab", the buttons at the bottom will highlight in a weird order, jumping around. Also, I suffer once again for hacing a scale on my computer as part of the structure editor goes outside the screen, but at this point I just gave up.
  8. Not really on my signature, but here: It is a pinned post, so it is really visible. On the "tool" section you have the color-editor, will point you to the post that contain it. Not a bad idea to have the full list on my signature, I may add it, if I can.
  9. The editor can be found on the list of campaigns and tools - index. Some higher alloc. index. will show greenie, yelloish, blueish... for certain factions, and some changes depending on the computer, OS and sometimes it even changes per run. So if you really want to have an specific color, you have to do what Feda is saying, editing the originals.
  10. if possible, show us the screenshot into png, jpg or something like that, people even can see the image directly into the forum withouth downloading, it would be faster. No idea how to load custom tilesets with the current version, but I can help with the error, probably, if I can see the content of that image.
  11. -Added tool: *Dune 2000 Map and Mission Editor v2.0 + Structures Editor (Tibed remplacement) integrated - By Klofkac. -Added "Obsolete" tag to certain tools. For preservation purposes those tools will remain on this index, but the job that can do individually on their own can be done easier/better/more complete with others.
  12. I forgot this existed. Somebody ask me to upload this. Take in consideration that these are the unaltered original missions; gruntmod's version are bigger (black border) to avoid bugs with 4k monitors and things like that. I just got called to upload the vanilla versions, if you don't have problems with the big resolutions you can get download these, if not, then you need to redownload gruntmods as Feda told you.
  13. I can recommend to use the mission launcher features for new maps, so you can toy with missions withouth altering the originals nor doing back ups. Feda's signature have the link to that launcher.
  14. mini-update, intended to avoid breaking (or making them pointless) the puzzles on the fourth mission, by making the repair pad (fremen side) to not spawn infantry. The repair pads that both Atreides and Ordos can build on their missions will behave as usuall and spawn several infantry from the inside, just the default.
  15. Cool, more missions! Yes, sometimes a mission may not be fun to play in certain ways, but there is always a way to change that, either moving the player's or computer's area or things like that, can even be altering the goal, or giving the player more stuff or other ideas you may have to improve the gameplay. I will be looking foward to see more of your work which, by the way; I remember telling about using the new versions of the editor and the launcher with the posibility of renaming your files so we don't need to overwrite original files. I hope you had that in mind, and it d
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