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  1. This is very important, Stalker. Whatever you alter something with a text.uib, tibed or even the editor, close and reopen the mission launcher or even the editor. Some things are not updated in real time, it require you to close the program, opening again and reload the map again in order to work. Because that's weird. By the way; I don't really know, but the words that appears on "KEY" (that I guess it sais Sardaukar) needs to stay... I think; I only altered very lightly, but those keys tells the game which unit or building it's owner; So "SARDAUKAR - SARDAUKAR", you only need to mod the second one with the new name. If you delete the first (or wrote another name) the game then doesn't ever know which stuff you are refering and the original "Sardaukar" entry doesn't exist (so, void); well, at least this is my guess, I never changed that, only the column to the right. I didn't ever knew there were a 0.3 version of this tool.
  2. I apologize for my lack of explanation, I didn't even tell you in which windown. There is also the "add run-once flag" for making something to happens only once; I used to do it manually, but nowadays the editor work for me xD. Which, Klofkack, your editor has some trouble with the run-once automated in this specific case: It doesn't work = don't do anything (altering the order, first the 2 - flag and then the building exist, in any of both "conditions" windows doesn't change anything). If that flag number 2 it's not ticked, then it works fine, so it has to do with an already flag marked on that group of conditions. Although I made up this just now, there are several times where I have a similar set up with other flags that have nothing to do with the run-once but are enough to not let me to do it automatically (I still do it manually just fine, just letting you know that can happen and if there is a way to fix that). In case you are wondering on which ocassion I will ever use this specific set up; this example: I want the player to build the deviator before loosing the heavy factory; if you building it's destroyed: mission failed. If you build the unit, then you can let the building to be destroyed, because the tecnology it's already out: continue the mission. And no, "unit exist" won't work the same because in this case the concept it's that once you already produced at least one deviator, it doesn't matter if later both the deviator and the building are destroyed, you can continue with the mission. This is happening since early versions on your editor, I think; It's not too often that I do this, that's why I forgot to bring this problem until now.
  3. I don't mean to identify the script done, but the units given. 1 harvester = H 2 harvesters = R It's not something primary or mandatory; I was just wondering if it is possible to make your editor to know if the units given are harversters and only harversters (but more than 1) and still showing a "H". The conditions for this harversters to enter the map it's not relevant. But again, to me it's not primary, it's not usual that somebody gives more than 1 harverster.
  4. if you right click there is an automated remplacement that will do the work for you; It is better if you know how to do it, but even myself I don't bother anymore and simply let the editor do the job from me, it works fine (same with events that trigger once, there is a automated way to create it). Back to the topic, thanks for the answerd; sometimes I feel like I am imposing my ideas into future releases :P. Keep in mind the "H" still shows even if the event has nothing to do with remplacements. I can create an AI that gets 1 harvester every 3 minutes, even if that AI already has vehicles alive, and that still appears as "H". MCV doesn't need an specific letter, since harverster remplacements appears on all the vanilla maps makes sense having their own letter, but MCV it's more ocasional (or carryall, saboteur).
  5. I read this part. You may point that, although in multiplayer the "usual" it's not assigning a .mis, is still possible to do skirmish/online/coop maps with actual events. Armageddon did a map that way; it wasn't coop, but mean to play in practice mode; it had a 1 vs 4 or something crazy like that (he has too much skill) but on top of that carryalls carrying Death hands dropped over the player base, loosing building. You can argue that this map could be done following the campaign style, but I think he also wanted the AI to play on easy (as it does with the online feature) to make the map even harder. One thing with this: I am wondering if you can make this statement full true; I mean, a reinforcement that gives a harvester for the player it's marked with an "H" (whatever it's a remplacement or not), but there are missions over there done by other people with remplacements that give 2 or even 3 harvesters at once, not just once. On the editor will appear as "R". I am trying to say if it is really possible to your editor to recongize if a reinforcements only contain harversters showing a "H", even if the reinforcements were 10 harvesters. Although the "H" don't show "which/how many" units are delivered and with the "R" yes. Honestly, I don't know what it is the better option. @Fey, what do you think? or you, @AZ-Stalker. H = only 1 harvester Vs many harversters (but only that kind of unit).
  6. check this post. https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27834-how-to-install-dune-2000-from-cd-and-bring-up-to-date/ I may require some files to overwrite, but that's the only solution from making a such old game work in a current PC. other solutions are about downloading gruntmods, which it's mostly the same, but the link I pasted it's how to make it work with your original CD.
  7. See? This is whay it is lacking on my own manuals; I didn't ever think on adding images integrated. I am aware at the "moving", when having selected a tile or even a big group of tiles, but by the time I really need it I always forgot. I saw you added the "restriction" for spice painting (and others) that's a good thing to work with those old tilesets, in case the .ini I added later it's not there (or any modder it's using the tileset but are not aware of my .inis); it is a good addition. Small typo here, I think: "In order to transfer a selected block between maps or between multiple instances od editor, press Ctrl+C to copy current block to clipboard. " Just before the 5º point. The spice blooms finited the last time I counted the "2" was around 17 times; but doesn't really matter, unless the game goes really long and/or you have it literally in front of the player (you pop up really early) is still plenty of spice to gather, even if you pop-it before it is fully ready to release the max ammount of spice. "Each type of structure (building, unit, misc object) has a specific Special Value, which is just an internal representation of such object in game’s map format. You do not need to bother about special values." I think Fey found that you can add an Atreides sandworm, or a flying frigate (in circles) on these numbers withouth requiring a spawn. @Fey; clarify this to us; I could be wrong. Although for the regular modder it's not that important, unless it really wants to do crazy stuff, but you cannot cover everything. "Note that you cannot place buildings and units in multiplayer maps. If you place some, the game will ignore them and they will not appear in your map." This is not 100% true; It needs a special .ini with some line commands to remove the starting VCM... or not; the early coop maps I played where the O9V1 and O9V2 and people used to place the 8 starting points surrounded by some turrets, just to kill the MCV as soon as the game started; back in time .inis didn't have anything special like the "NO MCV" or specific amount of money/tech; I played with a friend those coops maps, my friend once ignored my "order a MCV first, don't use money on other vehicles" on the O8V2, where mercs doesn't have a refinery, just the factories and starport; I had to restart the game. I know nowadays it's a bit hard... and have some special rules or bugs or something; I have not much idea on multiplayer/skirmish/online stuff. I think there is something core you are missing, the "assign a .mis file" and "unassign a .mis file"; just to let people know that you need a .mis assigned if planning on a campaign map and unassigning it if it is about a multiplayer map (except multiplayer with events on it). It is because sometimes, dunno if when launching the editor the very first time or withouth loading a previous map, editor will start not using a .mis, so people then will get confused on why the error "no mission file assigned to this map" happens.
  8. Welcome to the forum. People having trouble with the game will get a good help with your videos. I saw you play the game at the regular speed; I hope at some point you do the same with the many custom campaigns, some people struggle due how hard some of them are.
  9. I don't rebember saying that you cannot use the sandworm AI as a valid AI; Like Feda, I have several maps with 8 active players, but the sandworm itself need to be gone from the map (into the rock). If a sandworm it's present into the map, an invisible unit will try to shoot at any unit that goes near (2-3 tiles) but won't do any damage, the tile where the unit it's standing still will create crates. Maybe at some point I wrote that you cannot have the sandworm side AI and the creature working at the same time. Or maybe this was something somebody wrote lots of years ago.
  10. It's really hard to say the "best" since it's subjetive plus 1/4 of those are mine, so I am not going to be too impartial, but I can do a small definition on how the they are in the overall experience. I will separate in a few groups. Group 1: old campaigns. the ones that sais "rearrange by Cm_Blast" are really old campaigns done by multiple authors (I update them so they work and fixed small problems that affected negatively the mission). Overall, these campaigns have a mid-high tecnology from the beggining and the maps are simple. You build a base, you destroy enemy bases; you maybe are alone, maybe you have 1-2 allies and fight 2-3 enemies. So a simple gameplay can be found on these. Group 2: progressive story-tech: most of my own campaigns follow the rule of starting with a very low tech, like only building infantry and trikes in the first mission, then quads in the second and so on. My maps have not as simple instructions or final goals, and most of them have some kind of secondary objetive or 2 objetives to do at the same time. For the most part on my campaign you are alone, with only 1 ally here or there, maybe 2 allies on the final map, but (again, with exceptions) the missions you fight alone. Group 3: Big maps and big story. I write here the War of Assasins (both normal and expansion) from Feda and Smuggler's campaign from Fey. Feda's one have stories connected, so what happens on Atreides mission 3 it's mentioned on Harkonnen mission 4 and, sometimes, you even play the same map but as different faction (and other position); and Fey has very (really) detailed briefings plus new units, some new buildings and progressive approach to win (so enemy has multiple bases that you take little by little); this campaign require extra files that will alter your game forever, so it is required to do back_ups in order to recover the original game. Domaithianus campaigns also enter on this group. Group 4: Experimental - unique - non-following - canon. For example, the trio "Glory awaits" don't follow any story or canon, as Atreides you will get Harkonnen combat tank delivered, will join the mercs, and later in mission 2 mercs are enemy and now Harkonnen are the ones allied for no reason (not story behind). My Dune 2 based campaign it's a straigh copy from Dune 2 but with dune 2000 gameplay. "A Christmas tale" Use Red Alert/Tiberian Dawn kind of tileset with Gems instead spice, limited resources and, in general, it is not a fight in Arrakis at all, or my Fremen one, which you don't build a single building, just given X amount of Fremen and do objetives with them. Group 5: Mixed: In this group are those campaigns that have a bit of the previous mentioned; for example, the Ixian and Mercenary Fedayking campaigns are old and overall simple, but has a progressive story increasing the tech, maps are big enough with a good story and will have unique maps where you are given certain units to do a task. some secondary objetives and maybe a plot twist there and there. Even a couple of my campaigns, the first done ever, enter this group, with the simple objetive of "destroy enemy base" for the most part while you build your own base and that's it, just like "A new house". It also would help which kind of skill you have, like struggling to finish the original game, or playing the game at the fastest speed possible on hard but you still win with ease; just to know a bit better which campaigns it could suggest the more to play. Also there are some maps that require extra files that will alter the game; adding new units or just altering them, like making the Sardaukar to be available withouth his palace or stuff like that; but if you don't like the idea of altering the game I won't suggest any of them. But if you have some preferences you can tell so I can suggest better; I can't tell "play heretic alliances" if you hate having CPU allies (the campaign it's all the time about having AI allies), or in reverse, if you love playing with allies on your side "herectic alliances" will show allies that will help in all the missions during the whole campaign, thus I will reccomend this one from the start. Or for example, on my campaigns I try to use general feeling of the side; as mercs you will fight with some kind of ally for the most part, since merc's it's about being paid for fight for others while you are not the stronger faction in game; or in the "Spacing guild" you will abuse the starport on your benefic, on "Tleilaxu" the infantry kind of unit will be given for free, making the player to have big numbers of troopers even if you don't train any... Usually my own campaigns, on the post where you can download, has a very detailed on how the campaign it's going to be. Not just story but overall feeling (and if the post doesn't contain anything of that, it's because it's one of my earliest works); but for example, my Mercenaries and smugglers contain sections with "story" "theme" "feelings" that will give the player the idea or what I am trying to do. This also depend on the mission; if the story as Atreides you have Fremen as enemies, you won't use the ATreides palace, for example; but like I say, there are some campaigns that use progressive tech, the more you advance, the more tech you get, and you will only use the lastest tech at the very last mission. Download them; we don't know exactly what you have; I know that there were a "mission launcher + 95 missions" in a zip, but those are really old maps and I even update several of mine to be more fun to play, so I just recomend to download directly from the forum. Also, the campaigns itself are 100% finished except the ones that the main index sais otherwise: "Suspended", "unfinished" or "WIP", those are not 100% done. Maybe you played the smugglers campaign by Rick Vorstenbosch; this one it's really really old, so it's not like it's not done, but probably the author started editing and later he got tired and just rushed to have 9 missions ready; (of course, I am not sure if you mean this one).
  11. Don't worry about this, If I check my maps, probably 80% of them have a flag tied to a tile revealed. Not sure, but I think there is a slipt second (like, 1 tick ingame) that when a MCV deploys it doesn't exist either a base or units at the same time. you can set different mission win or looses at the same time; one for the "player loses after lossing their structures" and another for the MCV requirement; the usual "mission loose" I tend to use it's one single mission loose with the "base destroyed" and "unit destroyed", so the player will loose once you don't have units under control (in this case usually the player will quit the game before reaching that point, it's easy to see when you already lost; but of course, depends on what kind of mission it's about). The "X" means the opposite. For example: <Unit exist - Harkonnen - Trooper>: means that this trigger when the Harkonnen have at least one trooper ingame. <[x]unit exist - Harkonnen - Trooper>: means that will trigger when the Harkonnen doesn't have any trooper ingame. Base destroyed - Player has no building [x] Base destroyed - Player has any building. Most of them works this way, like the "Spice harvested", 15.000 means player harvester that amount, [x] 15.000 means the player don't have that amount. No, carryalls always land more near to the spot, if the nearest border it's top, they will enter top. However they will abandon the area always at the same border, I don't remember right now if it is top or bottom, or left/right (so that doesn't matter where they land, they will abandon the area always in the same direction); this is something I have in consideration if I want to drop "hidden stuff" that I don't want the player too see. You can remove the event, it is not a must to have that; but if you concern it's the Ai getting harvester after harvester with no ways to use them, you can change the triggering; make the game to ask for the refinery. So. Atreides (AI), if they have the refinery but no harvesters, will get a new one. If the player destroy the refineries, they no longer recieve harversters even if you destroy them. In my lastest campaigns I don't do this just because I run ouf of conditions, so I simply use the "base destroyed" for both the mission win and the harvester remplacement, but on previous campaigns I had it that way. To the top right area, you have several tabs into the AI itself. There there are lots of stuff you can use to make the AI to build slow or fast... to have lots of units defending or just barely a few... and even the proportions. The editor should include a "AI manual" that explain what each lines do and what about values you can pick. It is also added a few Ais done by me, those are generic, but you can use them just to activate the AI and have the minimal values needed and then alter what you need from there. There are some that I consider "core", there are plenty of them that doesn't seems to do anything or we just simply know. Even then, I could suggest to use the "import" button and load one of my generic ones and then alter; since doing manually can take a while and lots are just like "rebuild buildings" that you want your AI to rebuild stuff as a basic, or buy units (buying from the starport) that 80% of the time people that add a starport it's to the AI to use it. Also there are some "attack building priority"; you can do your own, my generic simply pick the vanilla values, those are the ones that tell the AI to focus windtraps and the CY over other buildings; you can alter that, or you cannot import anything and just have a priority of 1,000 to make the AI to focus whatever they want, that's an option too. Later are prioties on which proportion of untis the AI will build, by default, the AI it's programed to build 1 of each unit (if available), so you will see an AI to build 1 infantry, 1 trooper, 1 trike.... and after he don't have all the units, he won't start producing a 2º infantry. That's default-vanilla value that you are free to alter, you can even write a "0" and the AI won't build that unit at all (for example, my generic ones have the MCV to 0, or else the AI will use money on having that vehicle produce... and if he manage to build all the units available, will produce a second MCV). Here you can choose another set of Ais, I extracted this ones from the final mission on the vanilla game (both versions). https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27765-vanilla-ais-ready-to-import-into-a-custom-mission/ With an excel on the main values; I didn't cover all, just if the AI has quick-production of units or attack sooner or later. However in this case if the Ais are from the final Atreides map, those AI have the highest priority on Atreides buildings, which means you can capture an enemy ordos Windtrap and the AI may ignore that much neared building just to attack your regular windtraps very far into your base. And here: https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27803-d2k-ai-manual/?do=findComment&comment=395859 After my second link, I detailed a bit more some of the ones that I usually alter (i load one of my generic first and then I change these), of course there are plenty more or things that can be changed, but if you simply want an AI ready-ro-fight with those you can make an AI hard or easy, frenetic or slowed-paced, harass-kind-of-AI or simply chilling-one, heavily-harvesting-based or barely-economy.
  12. No problem, sometimes I send troopers too just at a random turret when they are damaged or don't know what to do with them, or spreading infantry to explore the area, or sending a group of 15-20 troopers into an area far from my base and near (but not so neaR) the enemy one so I can attack and destroy 1-2 enemy turrets, but I do not pay too much attention, if they suceed good. what I want to say it's this: https://forum.dune2k.com/uploads/monthly_2019_03/1739451274_ButlerianJihadWarMachines01.png.f77cf08dd887553569c567c32563c195.png Althouth this is a screen from the first sequel, this is the color I used for the whole trilogy. you can see Atreides wearing brown, but you can also kind of enemy Ordos units that wear the same color (Raider, Ordos combat tanks...) but, for the player, they will appear as just only 1 faction. I updated the first campaign to also make use of this. Main reasons: - First, because you won't need to alter any vanilla file. - Second, you will need to swap bewteen "colour.bin" and "altered colour.bin" everytime you play your campaign versus any other campaign, since from now, unlike text.uibs, you cannot pick on your editor which colour.bin to use (you can only have 1 a the time on the folder). - Third: depending on which enemies it's on your maps; if a map it's your minor house joining Atreides and Ordos vs Imperials, Mercs and smugglers... well, you cannot alter too much the colour.bin except you go into Fremen/sandworm, but if you have 4 minor factions there you are screw; unless you are going crazy to tell people to use your altered colour.bin during the first 6 maps, then revert to the original during mission 7 and again use your altered one at mission 8 and 9. This is a personal feeling, but I like to avoid anything that overwritte if possible, if other index gives me a decent color for a minor house but there is only present 1 minor house, it is a bit of trouble for just one color. But if you are not facing any vanilla houses, but 6 totally new minor houses, then you can heavily act colour.bin and make good use of it. Not just color but for example, Tibed. I prefer add the imperial Palace on the map (even if later expert players sell it just to have more money and energy because they don't care about the Sardaukar) that use Tibed just to make the Sardaukar available from the regular barracks (since, using tibed, also required to, at least, overwritte 1 file). To this day I have this amount of folders prepared: If I want to play any of those specific campaigns, I need to enter the folder, overwritte the vanilla files, and once I finish, using the "template original" which are the original files I did as a back_up. But again, feel free to do anything you want; I am just giving alternatives; if you use a different color.bin I will add a new "template" folder with your stuff in order to play it. I did an orange color when I was messing witht he program, here: https://forum.dune2k.com/uploads/monthly_2017_10/col.png.9607f371b0a66edf9194926ddab5f53b.png It is a really easy to use tool, but before even tools were considered I create a tleilaxu campaign with one of those index, and from there, everytime Tleilaxu appears, I use the same index just to keep the "canon" in bewteen my own campaigns.
  13. I am going to place this file, it contains the list of the colors per index. Some of them may change per game or even computer; others always will looks the same, maybe not in 2 different computers, but at least the same color every game. Index Allocation.txt This is in case you don't want to alter vanilla colors; if you use Atreides, Harkonnen, Ordos... as enemies and don't want to alter them. 80% of them are "black", and you need to be carefull because with some of them (mostly the black ones as Atreides) will crash the game while deploying a MCV (due they are "sandworm" side, and that side doesn't have an ownership of a Construction Yard). I had a list with the most interesting index that looks more or less decent (infantry usually will look the worst, but it's the exchange). 9 - Atreides bright blue. 32 - Atreides Dark brown 33 - Harkonnen dark brown. 34 - Ordos Dark brown 35 - Imperial dark brown. 65 - Harkonnen dark brown. 70 - Mercs dark brown. 71 - Harkonnen with red-brown-type. 98 - Ordos, red. 101 - Smugglers, red. 130 - Ordos bright Greenie, magenta on the minimap. 131 - Imperial greenie 132 - Atreides blue clear. 133 - Smugglers bright yellow. 134 - Mercs bright color (I don't have written which one) 154 - Atreides with a big of green or celeste. And as a plus 166 - Mercs Black 193 - Harkonnen Black 194 - Ordos Black 196 - Atreides Black Not sure right now if the Atreides black can deploy an MCV, any other faction can. My recomdation with this it's to give to the Ais these index (unless you have a trigger on an specific Atreides building or something like that); I say Ais so you can see how the overall vision of that "color" on a base. All those browns looks almost the same, but for example, 33 and 65, despite being brown, they are not exactly the same; 65 looks the same (to me) with those other "dark brown"; I used this on my Butlerian Yihad; you played that campaign before that update; but now, instead facing only multiple enemy Atreides bases, you will see a Harkonnen, Ordos or Atreides base, all wearing the same colors; this way the Ais can build Harkonnen combat tank on their own, or Raiders, or Deviators. So yeah, besides the changing colors (on some index) and the game crashing deploying a MCV (but if it is an AI that use campaign style that's not a problem); so you can still use some of these withouth altering the color-file. As an extra note: difference bewteen Harkonnen and Imperial it's the production of the devastator. and bewteen ordos and smugglers it's how the starport looks.
  14. Yes, but it was for the visual of the AI based covered in concretes just like the original game; did you try how the AI behave with prefabricated concrete? I mean, if the Ai still reconize being the owner of that concrete and use it correctly; AI it's really weird on how behaves; and sometimes it cannot build a turret destroyed because the presence of walls convering around the turret, he build concrete, cancel, build concrete, cancel, build concrete, cancel... only when he loose another building the circle it's broken. To test this it would be needed 1 turret surrounded by concrete owned by them, and then you destroy it with a saboteur or troopers, and then using debug to jump into AI control and see if the AI actually can build and place concrete into that spot fine or has trouble because "hey, I know those are my concrete, but I didn't build them myself, so I don't trush that concrete". Just like a unit produced or spawned acts different that a unit placed directly. Alright. I'll wait until the final release.
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