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  1. Using the full strengh of the new Feda's version of the launcher, I am here releasing my lastest Campaign. Coalition of Nobles. a long campaign with a good mix of many vs many battles, fights on your own, different areas (not just Arrakis), commando style missions that last for a while and so on. To properly apply this mod you will need the lastes updated launcher, which you can get here. STORY: The Emperor challenge that made the three Major Houses to face each other it's already on the run. Nobody but Atreides, Ordos and Harkonnen will participate, but there is a group of four minor H
  2. Good nod artilerry units. I think the square (selection) and the health bar (the size itself) can be altered, as you can see the devastator and infantry have different hp-size (the health of the units doesn't matter).
  3. You need to ask @Fey, but I think only can be added withouth removing anything else are the carryall and the Sardaukar (as both have two versions), but I could be wrong, Fey has bee editing units so he will know better.
  4. You may want to give a look at this. some time ago Fey find some bytes to make buildings as targeteable-capturable-repaired, for example, he is modding his campaign so saboteurs can actually sabotage buildings (walls can also be repaired). On the link I wrote Klofkac developed a tool that it's to replace Tibed and have plenty of findings on bytes. It is a recent tool so I am not sure exactly all it can do, but you may check it to prevent yourself to waste time on certains things that were already discovered.
  5. but if I recall he was finding that you could alter the position of the territories and recolor for the ATr.Har.Ord in other positions, even if you are tied to the "only those three" and "only 9 missions", So maybe you are still tied to things like the naming and stuff, returning to the old "overwritte the originals", I don't know.
  6. There wasn't a post on somebody creating some kind of tool to achieve that (or at least research done)? although I think it is on hiatus.
  7. This is not in the index, I will add it. If I am not wrong, this is a graphical change on the trooper to use a machine gun. Now the index contains this graphical change into the units/structures section, unless firefly101 it's against it, if that's it, I will remove the line.
  8. I think indeed gruntmods include the C&Cnet, I am not interested on the online aspect (or even skirmish practice) and I even have it. If you are really scared of what can happen you can just pick whatever folder you have installed gruntmods, copy and paste it, calle it "gruntmods 2" or whatever, and inside gruntmods 2 you execute the c&cnet and see for yourself what it is going to happen. It will download a bunch of maps from the community, but it has both online and offline way to play it, as I experiment the difference on the AI. The C&C one has some options you ma
  9. and did you try downloading the "windows 10 fix" from gruntmods webpage? I cannot say you too much options besides that and using the config.exe and trying with multiple configurations. I have been playing with gruntmods since, 8-10 years by now, with a few formating here and there and changing S.O and the game worked on Xp, on 7 and on windows 10 just fine.
  10. A few of those things can be done with the mission editor (even the one included in gruntmods, although it is a really old version). I did a campaign where the spice it's 2.5 more valuable, with the excuse of being "the most pure concentration of spice", 2 refs it's enough for the first 10 minutes of the game. The starport prices also I altered, but never increasing the cost (withouth increasing the cost of the units), but for one mission units may apply a 75% max of discount, which means you can build combat tanks for around 150-200 credits each one. it can be alterede the time th
  11. Maybe you try it already, but did you try to add a compatibilty mode into dune2000.exe?
  12. I will check in deep when I am finished with the current campaign and will move on totally on using this editor and seeing myself how exactly everything work.
  13. but did you try with only a few .bin files and not the whole pack? And what if I want to look at different templates from different missions/campaigns? If you are looking at how I did certain thing on whatever mission, you need to search and remember exactly which campaign and mission was, which it is far from ideal loading missions that may not be together and yes, looking on the CustomCampaignData also require searching, but there are 12 folder of custom campaign data while there are, I don't know, 500-700 files containing maps from all the authors, you may not even remember exactly whi
  14. I only scratched the surface, but I think the editor will load the bunch of .bin files directly from whatever place you are loading maps (gruntmods), and correct me if I am wrong but it seems there is no way to load other .bin files from here. I think it could be a good adition being able to load .bin files from other folders. For example I never do modifications directly on gruntmods, but on a portable version of the game (with funky moded files), so I always do all the modifications on that portable and, when they are ready, I apply them in gruntmods, this way if I still didn't finish t
  15. When the forum changed some years ago all the files attached were gone; the files are "there" but all mark 0 Kb and won't unzip. I am not a railroad tycoon player, but the most active person around here (that I know) it's jeffryfisher, he may have the file you are asking.
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