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  1. I did a small update. Small but enough to affect the gameplay. First: The briefing it's more detailed. Now tells to the player how to be able to train Fremen and Sardaukar, the new requirement for the Starport... Second: Now the starport stock units twice as fast; this means that after doing a 5 combat tanks order, the player only need to waits a couple of minutes to be able to order 3-4 more. It's suggested to buy units with a discount to save some money for future orders. The AI it's affected too, so he will send more units into attacks too, making this map harder (but not too much, the AI still will split their units when attacking). Overall the player can continue to buy stuff regularly. In fact; during my final play; I manage to destroy all the enemies present on the game (except some Tleilaxu turrets) which took me 1 hour of gameplay.
  2. Cm_blast

    Sharing my editions with TibEd

    I updated the first post to add a few more TibEd edits. Anybody creating an Ix or an Emperor campaign would notice some problems with those Houses. As Ix, deploying a MCV the game crash, and as the Emperor the player can't build his own Imperial Palace. Changing that it's very easy, but requires an external program (TibEd) plus have some experience with the tool. For that reason I decided to add those editions already done to make it easier for everyone. There are a couple more, like making the tanks to no be able to crush foot units or including the only practice type of units (grenadier, Stealth Raider...); check the first post for more info.
  3. Cm_blast

    Updating and rearranging missions/campaigns from D2k+

    While I was doing the main mod index I found a very old single mission done by Galaxy back in 2015. This map use a very single idea: you, as the Mercs, fighting with the Ordos against several enemies. There is no briefing provided, with the exception of the protection on the outposts (yours and your ally) to keep receiving deliveries. The mission starts very easy because the player begin with the Starport, so tons of units will arrive; but in the long run, once the enemies start going together on large numbers the map will become more harder (but as long as the outpost it's still there the player will always have units ready to fight). I updated the mission to work with the mission launcher. Only a small fix were done to have the "The ixian have been annihilated" line instead saying "atreides" when destroying the side 7 AI plus now on the launcher you will be in the merc section. First post update to present that single map.
  4. All Complete campaigns, single maps, tools and more. Number of Campaigns = 41 Number of Single Missions = 51 Number of Skirmish Maps = 211 Number of Tools = 21 Color legend: ATR - HAR - ORD - EMP - FRE - SMU - MER - OTHER CAMPAIGNS: *A New House Campaign (8 Missions) - By Cm_Blast *A Secret Plot: Mercenary Campaign (13 Missions) - By Domaithianus *Alliance of Atreides Campaign (12 Missions) - By Dark Wesker *Atreides Campaign Battle for Dune (9 Missions) - By AKaFedaYkin & Iheb96 (rearrange By Cm_Blast) *Butlerian Jihad (9 Missions) - By Cm_Blast *Dune 2 based campaign (3 Campaigns - 27 Missions) - By Cm_Blast *Emperor Reign (9 Missions) - By Sandworm (rearrange By Cm_Blast) *Harkonnen Campaign (WIP) (? Missions) - By Fey *Harkonnen: Reign of Evil Campaign (28 Missions) - By Dark Wesker *Harkonnen Family (9 Missions) - By Cm_Blast *Heretic Alliances (9 Missions) - By Cm_Blast *Ixian Campaign – We tech-up Arrakis! (9 Missions) - By FedaYkin *Ixian Campaign: Masters of Technology (9 Missions) - By Cm_Blast *Frank Herbert (15 Missions) - By Cm_Blast *Fremen campaign (+ three bonus missions) (9 + 3 Missions) - By Luminar (rearrange By Cm_Blast) *Fremen Warriors (9 Missions) - By Cm_Blast *Mercenary Campaign – Keep ’em Coming! (9 Missions) - By FedaYkin *Mercenary Campaign: Fall of Emperor (WIP) (? Missions) - By Runtowin *Mercenary Campaign: The Origin of the Mercenaries (9 Missions) - By Cm_Blast *Mercenary Campaign (10 Missions) - By Domaithianus *Mini Campaign: Mercenaries Revenge (3 Missions) - By jbil1989 *Ordos Campaign (9 Missions) - By Magier (rearrange By Cm_Blast) *Ordos Campaign Alternative Missions (16 Missions) - By Domaithianus *Ordos Remake Campaign (20 + 1 Extra Mission) - By Dark Wesker *Ordos's Tactics (9 Missions) - By Cm_Blast *Rise of the Mercenary (unfinished) (2 Missions) - By gruntmod (rearrange By Cm_Blast) *Smugglers Campaign (15 Missions) - By Fey *Smuggler campaign (9 Missions) - By Rick Vorstenbosch (rearrange By Cm_Blast) *Smugglers Mini campaign (4 Missions) - By Cm_Blast *Spacing Guild Campaign (9 Missions) - By Cm_blast *The Antifremen campaing (10 Missions) - By Cm_Blast *The Emperor Returns (9 Missions) - By Cm_blast *Time Based Smugglers Campaign - Protect Mercenaries! 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  5. Cm_blast

    [Release] New Campaign: Butlerian Jihad

    Update (check first post for more information): New final update from this campaign. This it's suppose to be the final release except if any error or mistake happens. The first post it's more detailed, but overall the campaign have been altered for almost all the maps in terms of briefing and script-events. Terrain and difficulty remains the same (but now more information to not loose so easy as before). Some missions have big changes, like removing several waves or changing for another type of attack; others are small things like giving 2 extra initial units, making 1 enemy wave to have 1 combat and 1 quad less than before, 1 less sandworm present in a map, etc... Now the player gets enough warnings. If a player see a warning before the first minute of game then you already know that the enemy it's going to attack soon. Even the briefing may hint as "barracks are cheap and fast" or something similar, so the player now it's not caugh off guard when a first big wave it's comming. The briefing now gives more information like "build the starport to receive extra reinforcements" that before I didn't say. Also briefing overall makes more sense now. In short: Lots of small changes (some more big) done in almost all the maps. Check first post for the file and some new screenshots.
  6. Cm_blast

    GetNExtSquare error

    Then not more solution than open more paths (if walls are placed). I don't know if letting at least 1 square or "direct path" can prevent the AI to crash, even if later due the big enemy numbers 95% of the enemy units use the long-around path.
  7. Cm_blast

    [Release] Emperor assasination mission

    Interesting to know. I guess some only works for skirmish maps loaded from cncnet.
  8. Cm_blast

    [Release] Emperor assasination mission

    Interesting. I am looking into some .ini. So "Techlevel= X" forces the tech of the map right? same with the money. What "SidebarIconCount=1" means?
  9. Cm_blast

    GetNExtSquare error

    Oh, bad luck. But at least we can say that the problem was the blocking path. Maybe a way to avoid this it's making the AI to have an attack priority on walls so the AI attack the walls instead going around (but I don't know if you are using your own AI or just the skirmish one).
  10. Cm_blast

    GetNExtSquare error

    When you said "Died of natural causes" you mean the map ended by classic winning-loosing the map?
  11. Cm_blast

    GetNExtSquare error

    El editor tiene la opción para "save map imagen" que te guarda todo el mapa como un archivo .bmp. El resto es una reducción del tamaño total usando photoshop para reducir un poco el tamaño gigantesco del archivo resultante.
  12. Cm_blast

    GetNExtSquare error

    The thing happen once you both wall the top area? Because if yes to do test you can place walls from the beggining of the game and do tests more quick that way.
  13. Cm_blast

    GetNExtSquare error

    Following the green or yellow path doesn't matter. My map only crash if the purple path it's possible to travel. For you map, thinks similar. Don't focus only on the path the AI follow, but the possible path an AI could use; a path so complicated that the game crash. Fey; Maybe you can try to do a bit of guessing to. The map you got trouble with. Open it. Try to remember how the map was when crashed to you, and then trying to imagine a "alternative" path (although ilogical) that your AI could try to follow. <-- read the previous post to know what I mean. Maybe you may see "hey, AI was trying to do that stupid non logical path that my current version don't have; Cm was right!" I mean; having a confirmation would be good for everyone.
  14. Cm_blast

    GetNExtSquare error

    I was imagining that other scenario too. But again, not just look the path the AI goes, but the possible path the AI may calculate. For example the same AI I draw early. You may think "This AI never follow this path"; but to me I think he still calculate it like this: I am going to show you exactly this problem with my own map, just drawning the paths to avoid more big-heavy files. Since the game was crashing, I blocked 1 of the two exits from the AI base; this way my AI it's forced to going from the only path possible: Looks simple, right? Well, game crash... (and very early, not even 4 minutes in game). Now I looks into my map and think "Maybe the AI it's calculating this possible path"? This is how a "alternative" new path looks. Pretty, right xD? No wonder the game would crash trying to going this path but... as I recall, the green path it's the only path the AI follow. Ok; I revert the original map. I place some rifts in the bottom part of the map to block half of that "alternative" path. Now am going to draw the path that the AI ACTUALLY uses (I saw the AI going this way by itself). you can see it's the purple one but much shorter. More complicated that the green one... but game doesn't crash. In fact, half the units uses the green path, the other half the yellow one. At the end, all it's just me guessing, but to me looks that the AI calculates routes even if are not logical. In my map it's the purple map, indeed too hard for the dune 2000 Ai to handle.
  15. Cm_blast

    GetNExtSquare error

    You mean walls like I make in black here? If yes, the red and green paths from the AI it's too complicated. If you means another place tell me; but with this screen you can see the weird path an AI may take (AI maybe don't use this path, but still take in consideration while it's calculating possible routes. Weird, but in my map once I blocked a path the AI never send a unit, that fixed it, so to me the AI could think of that alternative path even if he don't use it).