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  1. Played this other mission. Not sure how much time it took me as it didn't show up the stats, but I'll say that it was fun and not too hard. The only minor issue is how it sais to destroy the enemy outpost to have an ally helping you but it is not true, destroying the outpost does nothing, you must destroy the whole base. Not sure if the mercenaries are going to deploy a palace. If it is not that way, I could suggest to remove the Ix centre from their priority to not build it. The main reason is that the IX centre is useless for the mercenaries, as neither missile tank nor deviator is available. This will save some money and power for the ally. I did the secondary objetive of having the mercs on my side, but I didn't really use them, they had their base almost complete by the time I won, although I didn't went to destroy all the Harkonnen but focused more on the imperial enemies. Good job.
  2. I played this mission and I want to tell people that it is a good designed map. The mission, which it is played in a traditional way, it has a combination of enemies that will attack both the player and you ally. The ally may need protection but it is a competent ally that will help you a lot to defeat the enemies one you get the advantage.
  3. Use the config.exe and change the resolution to something smaller. The bigger the resolution used, the more map you will see but the units will be smaller; with low resolutions you will see the units and buildings big but won't see too much of the terrain. No zooming available, you just need to set your resolution to something in bewteen, like 1024 or the next bigger option.
  4. Some people were reporting some of the missions don't even start. I did a clean up of some "flags" and "set flags" that weren't used on missions (originally used to trigger messages in game which I removed). Not 100% sure if all the missions will work now, but I hope that at least most of them are playable.
  5. all the files should go into the "data\missions" folder. But remember that on the launcher clicking on the "all missions" windown, and only then going into the mercenary tab (probably) and having it there. If don't appear there search on the other sides.
  6. -Added 30 missions coop 2 players pack - By Cm_Blast
  7. "Fedaykin" is the special name given to people on the forum, as you are "Fremen", just telling you. d2k toolkit is heavily outdated. You can pick a more moderm version here: In fact, you are using so outdated version that you buildings don't ever appear with concrete under them.
  8. Here I come with my lastest and biggest coop set, a total of 30 missions for 2 players done reusing multiple authors from campaigns (so, these missions weren't done specifically for coop). I picked several authors and did a big 30 missions pack for players to enjoy. STORY: There is no story at all. So people are free to play any side it wants; maps don't have connection bewteen them. PACK: I reused 30 missions mean to be into different campaigns but readapted to be played for 2 players. Player 1 will beging with the same amount of buildings, units and resources as the original mission. Player 2 will starts with the Construction Yard and probably the walls and/or turrets that the ally AI originally had, but only if the Ai had a full deployed base. If the ally AI had more limited structures or resources then player 2 will beging with them (and not just the CY). Since every author had their own vision of the game, it will be a wild mix of traditional games, weird set ups, enemies deploying their own bases, some defensive/survival missions and more, missions will be played differently. There is no proper curve in the difficulty, but I tried to mix a bit and place a few easy missions early and hard missions for later. HOW TO SET UP GAMES: Players can play as Atreides, Harkonnen or Ordos as they want. Same for the enemy. But is still important to read the name of the mission as it appears in the lobby, as the name itself will tell people how many Ais are going to be. "Pack CmBlast 01 [Coop 2P] (Easy) Vs 3 AIs" <-- you must set 3 enemy Ais after the 2 humans. "Pack CmBlast 02 [Coop 2P] (Easy) AND 1 AI Vs 3 AIs" <-- you must the 4 total Ais, the first will be ally with both humans. And so on. Just take in consideration that the "AND" indicate ally ais, so you can choose specific colors for you ally if you want. READ THE OBJETIVES!: On the multiplayer rules on every mission (where the tech, money, number of sandworms... is forced into the game) I wrote the objetives of the game. It is really important to read them before playing, as although the "destroy all the enemy structures" will be the norm, some times there are a secondary main objetive that forces the player to protect certain buildings, so you cannot sell that building to place something else. The same way, "optional" objetives will tell both players ways to get extra units or how to prevent enemies for getting more reinforcements. For example, mission 1 has these: Objetive=Destroy all the enemy structures and their units. Fremen's Sietch must survive. Optional=Destroy the enemy High Tech Factory to prevent enemy reinforcements. Note=Fremen are neutral (players only). And mission 2 has these: Objetive=Destroy the enemy Starport. Optional=Player 2: Keep the Atreides High Tech Factory to get ally Fremen reinforcements. So, read the objetives to have all the info available. EASY AND HARD DIFFERENCES:Two difficulties have been added, one intended for people that simply want to play this coop campaign with a friend for fun, and the other for more skilled players.Easy: The missions are pretty much the same as the originals. The enemy Ai values are roughly the same as they had on the map it was based on.Hard: Enemy Ai has be altered to have a few more harvesters, carryalls, plenty of initial money. It will build faster and players will beging with 1/3 less money than on the original map, also any turret that players began with has been replaced with pieces of walls. LIST: This is the list of mission I used to bring these 30 mission coop pack: *Missions: 01 - 02 - 03: Alliance of Atreides 06, 08, 11 - By Dark Wesker *Missions: 04 - 05: Emperors Reign 5, 7 - By Sandworm *Missions: 06 - 07 - 08: Smugglers C6v2, C8v1, Imperial E9v1 - By Luisito EB *Missions: 09 - 10 - 11: General Sardukar 4, 6, 7 - By General Sardukar *Missions: 12 - 13 - 14 : Ixian We tech-up Arrakis! 3, 8, Mercenary Keep 'em Coming! 4 - By [aKa]FedaYkin *Missions: 15 - 16 - 17: Glory Awaits A4v1, A6v1, O9v2 - By MattBaker *Missions: 18 - 19: Fremen campaign mission 4, 9 - By Luminar *Mission: 20: Fall of Emperor 7 - By Runtowin *Missions: 21 - 22: NER3V1, NER6V1 - By VengeanceDM *Missions: 23 - 24 - 25: Time based Smuggler - Protect Mercenaries 4, 5, 8 - By Jbil89 *Missions: 26 - 27: Summer's Solstice (v1.0) S05V1, S14V1 - By Fey *Missions: 28 - 29 - 30: A Secret Plot 7B, 9, 9B - By Mr Dom If any author presented on this pack doesn't like his work being reused, tell me so I can remove it (I asked permission to the most actives ones). FILES: 30 missions Coop pack.rar Both difficulties added into the rar.
  9. You can share the mission withouth needing us to use Tibed at all. I will tell you in short how this goes. The new versions of the editor (Which I think gruntmods already have) it contains his own version of Tibed, but much better, with this you can do the same alterations that you may did and even more. For example, you can make barracks to need to be updates twice, you can swap the tech, the ownership, you can make any unit to be stealth and many more things that you cannot do with Tibed. That's the first recomendation I will tell. Now, it is possible to share your altered mission with a different name if you really want. "save map as" and just whatever name, just as how some people did the 3 Final missions from the Ordos but without the reinforcements nor deliveries for you and you ally, but as the files are not called "O9v1" I won't loose the original. And the final thing: Currently, the launcher can apply any modded stuff you have prepare so your specific mission load with your mod, while I can just go straigh to another mission with all the vanilla missions withouth myself needing to restore anything. This is achieve by checking this folder: The one that sais CustomCampaignData Inside it contains several mods and extra stuff Every one referes to a specific or multiple mods; for example, CmBlastMisiones contains this: Changed Dune is an specific mod to play the changed dune missions from MustaphaTR, EmperorReign is to another campaign, HammerFest is to play Feda's single mission, MapaWarcraft2 is to play my custom mission using the warcraft 2 terrain and so on. Thanks to this, I can play all these modded missions withouth myself opening Tibed (or the editor) and not being worried or preserving the original files as the launcher swap bewteen modded and not modded misions/campaign. This is in the editor, on the structures suboption: I suggest to check it because although there are lot of information, you can see that there is no longer "bytes" hard to tell, now it is more concise and readable. But as you see, "Upgrades needed:" you can actually add a Sardaukar that can be trained but only if you upgrade the barracks two times and so many stuff, even if you ignore the bottom-right part (sounds, graphics) and just focusing on the other part you still have the same stuff as Tibed but better. The important thing is that if you create a submod into the CustomCampaignData and you call it "Mycustommissions" (or whatever name), and inside you can create a folder called "Atreidesmission9" then later, on your editor you can set to use your specific mod this way So any modification you do "which will be files such as "templates.bin, armour.bin..." (the few Tibed uses), will be copied into that folder and, the launcher, when playing the mission, will applied them. You can reuse this later and do a different folder "Harkonnenmission9" folder if you want to have other different modded stuff into your game but only for the Harkonnen mission 9, and then "Ordosmission9" and do the same; just 3 mods that have nothing to do each other but you can play the 3 missions withouth opening anything more than the launcher. It's up to you to use any of this; but even if you don't care about the CustomCampaignData stuff, at least give it a chance to the editor version instead of tibed, it has many more options and it is easy to do, you can make 5 different units to be Stealthed where on Tibed you only could have 2, at best (st.Raider and Fremen). There is a discord server dedicated mostly yo singleplayer stuff, if you want to join and learn there are a few people that can guide you or even giving you extra info that I don't ever know.
  10. -Added Coop campaign: Ixian Revenge - By Cm_Blast -Added Dune Hard Core mod - By Sobadtolife
  11. Writting this post in behalf of another person. This is the Dune Hard Core mod, a heavily altered version of Dune 2000 presentend in an individual-portable version of it. Here is the list with the main changes done into this mod: Buildings: 1. Changed - Wind Trap occupies one cell 2. Changed - Silo is now Silo + anti-personnel bunker 3. Changed - Ordos\харконен High Tech Factory produce special units 4. Changed - Atreides\Ordos Palace produce special units 5. Changed - Atreides\Ordos\Harkonnen different balance of turrets 6. Changed - Atreides\Ordos\Harkonnen Construction Yard now can fire 7. Changed - Atreides\Ordos\Harkonnen Star Port now can fire 8. Added - Atomic Power Station 9. Added - Concrete 1x1 10. Added - Concrete 4x4 11. Added - Emperror’s Tower 12. Added - Different appearance at Ix Research Center 13. Added - Different appearance at Repair pad Units: 1. Removed - Trike 2. Removed - Raider and Stealth Raider 3. Removed - Stealth Fremen 4. Removed - Thumper 5. Removed - Grenadier 6. Added - Stealth Harvester 7. Added - Flame-Thrower 8. Added - Super Launcher 9. Added - Gnawer Raider 10. Added - Elephant 11. Added - Heavy Tank 12. Added - Imperial Cannon 13. Changed - Saboteur 14. Changed - Fremen Maps: 1. Added 20+ new maps Other: All buildings are automatically repaired Changed technology bindings for the construction of buildings and units Reinforced special weapons of all houses Changed diplomacy settings for playing against the computer Completely changed the balance of units and buildings It is assumed that the player will set the difficulty level exclusively Hard New units: Images: Atreides structures Harkonnen structures Ordos structures Some new maps (there are more): Info more extended into the readme included with the download Attention: This modification is intended for playing on the network and in practice mode. Playing in company mode can and is likely to be buggy and impassable. Download game here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kWWd8kMI6OI4apwwIlc-TRLbexphnTon/view
  12. The High Resolution patch it's a heavily outdated thing that has many problems in the modern era (I cannot be 100% sure but I think the queue patch and res patch are exclusive? not really sure) but yeah, all those tools have some problems nowadays. I suggest you to either pick gruntmods or dunemaster, both are more stable for modern windows and they have all the resolutions and several options to make the game work better (only thing it is not on them is the multiqueue, that was removed). This is gruntmods. https://gruntmods.com/dune_2000_gruntmods_edition/ It is the same game, not a remake or anything, is just a fancy name but at the end it is just the same game you can install with the original CD but the .exe has been modified so you can play it in modern windows withouth issues (or playing custom missions as imperials,fremen,mercs...) It includes a mission launcher which serve to play custom missions and custom campaigns (the originals too). Or, dunemaster https://dunemaster.webs.com/files It is also the same game, although his size has been heavily reduced with the basic (no cutscenes, but for gruntmods you also have to download them individually) and it has some tools to play online, which is the focus of this version but it also works with campaigns (and it seems a bit more stable), although there is a small issue with the music. If you need any more instructions check this video, which was done recently covering both. Don't worry about the language of the game, I am Spanish too and the game is going to be in spanish (only exception the briefings from custom maps as those players, obviosly, write their stuff in english), but the core game will be in spanish, cutscenes in spanish and, overall, it is just the same game that you can install on the CD, nothing was modded.
  13. This is it, the "sequel" from my previous coop campaign, the Ixian Invasion Like that one, this wasn't with new maps or anything like that but, instead, I picked multiple missions scattered from the multiple campaigns, with the addition of a couple of missions in there wasn't any ally, but now there is a second player there; or even switching who the player is (player 1 being one of the AI allies instead the one that you play in the single-player version of that mission). I took in consideration that two humasn harvest more, so there are lots of more spice everywhere, both players and enemies. STORY: Well, since online/coop games doesn't have any sort of briefing and I don't want to add extra .txt files to read for every mission; the generic story goes that once the Ixian got defeated in the previous campaign, they are trying to use all kind of tactics to bring whatever houses defeated them last time. CAMPAIGN: This campaign just reuse most of the events, like reinforcements, spaws and stuff like that. It has been removed certain parts that didn't make sense for a coop mission, but for the most part the missions were straigh-foward anyway. The main difference here is that the tech available is overall higher. On the previous campaign you only get tech 5 (gun turrets) not until mission 5, and you don't get the final tech (special tanks + palace + rocket turrets) not until mission 8; on this "sequel" you get the gun turrets tech on mission 4, and by mission 6 you already have special tanks and rocket turrets to use. About the objetives in every mission, it will pop up a in game message as soon as the mission starts. with exceptions, the overall goal is to destroy all the Ixian bases, but sometimes it is needed a previous step or the objetive just goes to destroy a specific structure/s to win. This time; I won't give the starport for missions in which the player can get free units. Unlike the previous campaign, it is not the norm, so I decided to simply not giving the starport for free. Game will warn if a starport will deliver free stuff for any of the two players. If player X is about to get endless loops of units, a free delivery will be given as soon as the mission begin. The enemy Ai values are very similar on what the enemy used to have in the vanilla campaign, although considering that there is a second human player (more usefull than an AI) I made the enemy to increase their speed production after all/most the enemy drops are done. HOW TO SET UP GAMES: I tried to be as simple as possible, and as clear as possible, so I don't want to bring a ultra-high explanation or plenty of screenshots to set up every mission. Instead, the name of the maps will tell you exactly what kind of IAS you are to face. Like this: Ixian Revenge 1 [Coop 2P] (Easy) Vs 4 Ixian This means that on your lobby, you need to set up 4 enemies (after the 2 human), and that those Ais need to be "Atreides" wearing the light-brown color. If a mission is called like this: Ixian Revenge 7 [Coop 2P] (Easy) AND Smugglers Vs 4 Ixian it means that, after the 2 human players, the next AI MUST be the smugglers (Ordos wearing dark-brown color) and, after that, 4 more extra ais being Atreides with their light-brown color. <-- Remember, smugglers must be before any Ixian AI set up. About what the player choose. There are not restriccions for this campaign either. Players can play as Atreides, Harkonnen or Ordos. It could be reccomended to use the cannon colors of the main 6 (Atreides blue and/or grey, Harkonnen red and/or purple, Ordos green and/or yellow). The only colors that are banned are the dark-brown (smugglers) and light-brown (Ixians). There are not specific drops this time, so player 2 can play as Harkonnen and begin the map with a few Ordos combat tanks (As they are spawned, not placed with the editor) or picking Atreides and having 1 deva early. drops won't change either, but you can still choose any side you want to play with. OTHER OPTIONS TO SET UP: things like "tech - credits - units" it doesn't matter, the .ini will give every player their thing; sometimes the first player will start with 6000 credits while the second player with 10000 (because it has a different set up: some buildings for player 1 and only the MCV for player 2). You need to activate sandworms; they will forced into the game. I suggest to keep active the turrets, even if for challenge purposes you don't want to use them; at least gave the AI the option to rebuild them. EASY AND HARD DIFFERENCES: Two difficulties have been added, one intended for people that simply want to play this coop campaign with a friend for fun, and the other for more skilled players. Easy: The missions are pretty much the same as the originals. The enemy Ai values are roughly the same as they had (or a bit slower-faster); after all the enemy carryalls have stopped dropping units, these ais will increase their speed production. Anything else is the same. Hard: Enemy Ai has be altered to build really fast on most of the situations. Enemy reinforcements or deliveries may be bigger, or may have extra units and/or turrets around the base even for maps where the tech is not enough to build turrets. Sometimes the ais have more factories or other extra structures; it depends on the map itself. FINAL NOTE: I didn't play this on coop with anybody, although I checked as much as I could. Mistakes can happens, so if something is wrong please report to me. FILES:Coop 2 players Campaign Ixian Revenge Easy & Hard.rar Both difficulties are added to the zip. All share the same name but "easy/hard" This time the name of the file was simplified, but the lobby still should tell you how many Ixian Ais are needed to set. File updated with new versions and balancing problems.
  14. I don't know for sure on the first thing, as it should be options to have the game in "bordeless" "windowed" "fullscreen" and at least one, with the control panel of your graphic card (outside the game) you need to check for an option, I had to do it to remove the black bars. In terms of multi, check this other post: it contains extra languages, probably it would need just the file and nothing more; ("TextENG.uib" is the name of the english one, probably italian wiill be TextITA.uib but I cannot confirm, having it into your game's folder should be enough.
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