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  1. This is so cool. I really need to try it. I have in mind a Tleilaxu Sequel and I am sure that I wanted to use the ice one for (at least) the very first mission, but this is much better.
  2. If possible to achieve, I would to like to have a both "insta-tech" and "delay-tech". I just realize that I have been using the original increasing tech behaviour more often that I though. 2 missions I know that are affected (1 for balancing purposes, the other for timing on a "cutscene"), and I have at least other 2 with the "set tech" although not sure right now if it really will change the mission at all or maybe it doesn't. So, I was hoping that if you can implement on the editor/exe a way to have two options to set. -Set tech = delay <-- which means that any new tech won't become available not until the player do upgrades or place a building (so like it was). -Set tech = instant <-- which means that any new tech will become available as soon as the event trigger. Since most of the set-tech mission were done by modders knowing that the tech won't become available from the moment that the event triggers (with in-game messages warning about that, giving extra money to use on those upgrades); I would say to use the "buggy" version as the default one, while allowing new campaigns/modders to use a "instant" version for their new ideas.
  3. For the sound, execute (on dosbox too) the setup.exe; maybe it has no sound active, you can choose soundblaster or adlib or any options that the game allows you. The second problem is weird, maybe dosbox it is not allowing to click on things, but maybe the setup or the options in game maybe contain some part "only keyboard" or something similar that limits you. When you say mouse buttons don't work you mean that you cannot even select units or structures but you can still point at units and select them with the space bar? Maybe on the options ingame or the setup I said early there is an option to change that, or it could be dosbox itself that it is not capturing correctly the mouse.
  4. I can confirm this. If you want a quick test yourself, you only need to start my "The origin of the mercenaries" campaign first mission; That one start with a initial custom message and then a few seconds later another one; it used to stack, with a couple of seconds being the two together to make the player to know that they were chained and it wasn't any "empty" moment in bewteen messages since nothing is happening and it is not really a "rush anything" kind of mission. With the lastest exe (not sure with the previous one) the messages are much shorter and it doesn't longer stack. Maybe it can be added a way to control how long they are (but still keeping the default duration as it used to be).
  5. I saw that the text entrance "General Sardaukar 09" is missing the ".uib" part at the end; so yea, don't forget to write ".uib" at the end and, of course, that a "General Sardaukr 09.uib" exist in the first place.
  6. This is a suggestion I would like to do. I feel like to place any crate that it doesn't use any default value (1000 credits, a random unit, reveal map) it is going to be really hard doing all the calculation needed and triple checking the values one by one (if base, this + that x the-other + more), and instead going for a friendly user way to achieve this, although this could be tons of work for you. My idea was when I pick the crate that is about money and about to place it into the map, apearing a windown similar to the "new map", where you manually write the value of the crate that will worth when being picked, just indicating that the value needs to be "X00", in a line on that windown or as an error if somebody writes a non valid value, just like this: Either appearing this kind of windown everytime you place a crate, or double clicking into the graphic of the crate to change; the editor will use whatever value used. Similar for making to appear a custom unit: If I want a MCV, I need to apply a formula and checking all the specific values just to make it to appear; so I was thinking in some sort of windown that contain a list of the available units, which could reuse the list of the unit spawn-drops-deliveries (so if any custom unit were added it appears there too), and after clicking on the desired unit, maybe a second check with the "only 1 unit / 5 units, but only for infantry" or whatever that part was refering. Dunno if really possible for the editor, doing this, to check if the unit is a vehicle or an infantry to disabled or not the "spawn 5 units", so only with infantry people can mark the "spawn 5", but if this are beyond the limit, then just leaving it available for all but informing somewhere on that windown that will only work with infantry units. With this, the editor will do the map for the modder, and will help new people to add this, if they want, more easily withouth needing to read another manual.
  7. It is a new mission you are doing or it is a existing mission? (either vanilla or another custom). This error I think is because is missing the text.uib, I think? like, the game tries to use "textcampaign.uib" for mission 9 but don't exist such a file. If it is any original or custom mission tell us which one, and if it one you are doing and cannot figure out how to remove that you can post it.
  8. -Added Campaign: Luisito Pack of Campaigns - By Luisito EB
  9. "Mission settings (F10)". Just there: Here Atreides and Harkonnen side are allies as Team 1; Ordos, Emperor Fremen and smugglers are team 2, and Mercenaries are neutral toward everybody (always refering to side/AI).
  10. Single player or multiplayer? For multiplayer you need to either play a mission that has the alliances set up (maps are usually called "2 vs 4 AI" or a similar name), or you create yours, which can be done with the editor. For Single player is using the editor, a windown (F10) where you need to make every side controlled by an AI as "ally" with every other AI, this is done the same for multiplayer, although the (1º) human will be always Atreides, and in case of multiple human players they will be "Harkonnen", "Ordos", and so on (even if in the game later every human play as Harkonnen).
  11. Since I no longer have enough room on the first post to add more, I will add it here. This is the rearrange of the Luisito EB Pack set of campaigns. The author uploaded a portable version of the game that contained 4 new campaigns (Imperial, Fremen, Smugglers and Mercenaries); these could be selected though the "select mission" in game (instead the launcher). Every campaign contained 7-9 missions plus 2º versions of half of them, a total of 46 missions splitted bewteen the four. As a plus, a new set of "TEST maps" for all the factions, being the main trio more smaller and simple, while the other sub-factions more larger, complex and many Ais and events attach to them. This is a total of 9 Test missions for all these factions: "Atreides, Brick (black faction), Smuggler, Emperor, Fremen, Harkonnen, Ixian, Mercenary and Ordos). So I ported all these missions to be able to be played using the mission launcher just like every other mission. I renamed the files to contain author's name and swapped factions, ais, alliances and events so every campaign can be selectable from their proper version (as they were using Atreides, Harkonnen or Ordos). The author partially used a slighly modification with Tibed to add the multiplayer units into the campaign mode, so any Ordos related faction (smugglers, mercs...) can have access to the St.Raider and so on. On top of that, special weapons such as the Devastator and the Deviators can be produced by sub-factions too, so imperial can build devastator and both smugglers and mercs can build deviator. I took the liberty of fixing wrong events, missing conditions to either win or loose or changing a bit certain parts that looked wrong. For example, there is a mission where you need to destroy all the enemy harversters before they reach the bottom of the map. However, as the last group of harverster spawn the mission win triggers before they even reach half the map, thus I turned the mission win into "killing all the harverster" instead on a set timer. I played most of these missions to check if I did everyright right and to see myself how certain in-game message triggers, just to be sure that I did everything correctly or there is any extra fixing. The original post for more here, but it is in spanish: https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27745-actualización-de-dune-2000-v34-a-35/ Note 1: The author had included multi-language support. The portable version of the game loaded both in game message and briefing messages on the language selected. The launcher doesn't allow to load the briefing on multi-language, so I only did both spanish (personal use) and english (which is the one posted here); however, as I added a "Custom Campaign Data" folder any ingame message still will load correctly, including german and french. Note 2: The missions are more focused on building and battling than gathering resources, as, somehow, on the portable the spice worth 3 times more. I changed the values on the .ini to keep consistency and because it seems it was designed that way considering the low amount of refineries and harversters the AI can have. this means that if you are playing a mission with only barracks and light factories, even with only 2 refineries you won't be able to spend the money faster that you can gather it, as now 1 full harverster can pick up 2100 credits. Warning: As I had to swap lots of things like units, Ai values, events... it is possible that I did something wrong, report to me if a weird alliance happens, like the briefing saying that the mercenaries are allies but the alliance is only 1 way (which means, that your units won't fight him, but they actually fight you); I tested most of the missions but is still possible that I miss something here and there. And here the file: Pack Luisito EB.rar
  12. How hard could be to add a "reset/restore" button? Even TibEd had one, although on TibEd the first time you launch it it does a back_up of those .bin files.
  13. Just want to point that even if you could place 999 structures per side, the game may not handle that too well. On my Coalition of Nobles I was nearby the 1000 total structure/unit limit, and when loading the game I found out that the AIs were getting their building side bar grey, which means that they couldn't rebuild any structure, even if I started selling building after building. It just happens, 3-5 seconds into the game and bam, grey side bar. I went over the top with that mission, Ais used to have 5 heavy factories, 3 Ix centre, 9 refineries... But after I was spying on the enemy Ais using debug mode I realize what was happening to them. I kept restarting the mission and using debug but every single time at least 1 enemy AI (most the time, 2 enemy ais) got the building list in grey. Only after I removed lots of buildings, getting rid of those extra copies (3 Heavy factories instead of 5 and so on), with the game having 900 total structures that bug doesn't seems to appear anymore. And this is 900 total structures considering that there are 6 ais into the game, so the amount of buildings is splitted bewteen 6; much less than "900" per side and the Ais already were bugged, I cannot imagine what happens if you actually give them 900 structures to one side, and 900 to another side. So careful with the structure limit patch because it may have side effects in game, even if it seems to run fine. Even recently (and I mean during the creation of the Coalition of nobles) I discovered that if an AI doesn't have enough money to do an order on the Starport it will try to do one anyway, game will trigger the "not enough funds" dialogue and the starport selections units got in grey, which means that this Ai's starport is disabled, unless a delivery is scripted, the AI cannot order anything for the rest of the game. After all these years of playing and doing campaigns and I still found new bugs and issues I wasn't aware of. And this happen on vanilla missions too. The AI may not try to do an order at all because usually (usually) waits until the "silos needed", but if you get a vanilla mission running, and start wasting money quickly, it can trigger too. So, if you patch the game, you need to actually try it, using debug and check what happens with the AI. Their structure list may get in grey, but it could even affect the unit side bar too, you will never know.
  14. If I understood well. I can pick the craters slots, which are either orange (rock) and yellow (sand), and making actual craters that match the night tileset So, having craters for this color, rock and this one for sand.
  15. Cm_blast


    I will recomend you to get gruntmods version: https://gruntmods.com/dune_2000_gruntmods_edition/ It is the same vanilla game but with a config file that will allow you to select multiple options, including high-resolution and many other options. Or this other version https://dunemaster.webs.com/files both are the original game, but with more options.
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