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  1. You can tell that I was so done with the campaign that they are not even in the correct order and I totally forgot to translate the title of the missions. The first screenshot, the mission browser it's a good adition. In a campaign with so many mods used it's really nice having a quick look at which specific modded folder and text.uib I am using for the whole campaign withouth needing me to open all the missions individually.
  2. -Updated: The Launcher (part of the "War of the Landsraad" campaigns) now have his own line, for people looking specifically for the tool. So "Dune 2000 Mission Launcher 1.2" line added - By Feda -Added Campaign: Coalition of Nobles - By Cm_Blast. -Added Campaign: New Fremen missions - By Player. -Added Tileset: All Red Alert Tilesets - By Klofkac. -Addew Tileset: Vanilla tilesets (recolor - less orange) - By Blob.
  3. I added this into the main index. In case you don't know what it is: On the "Tilesets" sub-section. I called as "vanilla tilesets (recolor) just to point that it is the originals but just a simple recolors). Any other name you prefer to be show you can tell me, or to remove it from there if you want. This is just a big list to have organized the works for the future, as this post it's pinned, thus being always visible.
  4. I added your missions into the index. I hope you don't mind. If you were thinking on giving a proper name to this mini campaign I will glad to change it. The index, in case you don't know what that's it: It's just a big list with campaigns, tools and so on created by people. Yours are as "new Fremen missions" as that'sthe title of this topic. I can change it into any proper name, or remove it in case you don't want to be the there (or if you want to expand it a bit more before being there).
  5. Just to point that I gave a look at these. I didn't know there were so many variants, like the winter (not the sowndy one) and the jungle. I can see that you even added both buildable and non-buildable tiles. I was about to try to do a fully transfer, like directly using yours and maybe add a couple of details here and there, but I saw that there are some rifts around there that are not in the same place. Remaping almost work as all the grass that were non-buildable now become as one, although this can be fixed easily as you added the non-buildable version to be paint more easily than in
  6. It look similar (the rock part at least) to the Giedi Prime tileset. But looks good.
  7. Yes, the tool I show you it's only about changing the color of the 8 sides. There is certain files that contain graphics of the game, maybe it is possible to export those graphics, alter the colors and import it into the game, but I don't know if the minimap will be affected as well of that info is stored on other place.
  8. Happy holydays and 2021 to you too, that looks really nice. I will download and check them tomorrow probably. I've been lazy on updating my last campaigns (a couple of mistakes and a balanced/diplomacy much needed), so I guess I am still in time to use your new version of the tileset using the replace stuff. But calling @Fey and @Feda, they will be really interested.
  9. To alter on the editor, you need klof's help, if you mean just in game, you only need to open a file called "colour.bin". There is a easy to use tool made by Funky here: it is really easy to use but also a bit limited, but still, altering the color of the Ordos fora brigher green it's enough to change how they looks on the minimap (ingame).
  10. Good, I always looking to play campaigns, or to replay old campaigns if you they are revamped. It is not needed to use every single tool available, unless you want to do it or it fits your story. If with the vanilla stuff your campaign it's good enough, then it won't made any difference using the new launcher/tools or just the old ones, but if you want to add the intel, new colors and so on then yes, it requires to work for a while just to "modern" everything. For example, those campaigns I mentioned early, like the "Emperor return", "Ixian campaign"... had some modifications of the
  11. Welcome back Doma. The modding on this game have reach new skylines. And not refering to just new units and so on, but a new version of the mission launcher. This new version will allow to load certain mods into certain missions, so if you remember these mods that used tibed to alter the game, now with the new version of the mission launcher it is possible to prepare your campaign to use these modifications but only for that specific campaign (or even just for a couple of missions of the campaign). This mean that you can play a campaign I did that use modifications withouth overwritt
  12. Alright, I played the 5 missions. I will write this in spoilers so it doesn't take too much room and to allow people who wants to play it to not know stuff from the game from me. So at the end, I enjoy it; I can see that you seems pretty new as every Ai in the game has the same AI values. I made several Ais to use as templates that can give you more diversity if you want to use them. An Ai defensive (similar to yours) with low prodution of units and high guarding, or a more aggresive one that builds faster but doesn't defend himself too much. Also something in the middle and, if that
  13. Alright, now it can be downloaded. I will take a run on then soon, but meanwhile I can help you with certain parts. First, I can see that you name the files based on the original game. I don't know if you are aware on how advance we are in terms of modding. The mission launcher created by Funky and Feda here . This tool can load custom missions on your game withouth requiring to overwrite the original files, so you can play any custom mission you (or others) made and at the same time preserving the original files. This way, you can rename your files, instead "a1v1.map" you can n
  14. Access denied. Either you give public access or you can upload the mod on the forum directly,if you want.
  15. On the index I have a sub-section "tilesets" where I pointed all the tilesets that I am aware that exist, so if you want to know which versions to pick you can do that. https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27756-all-completed-mods-and-tools-index-dune-2000/ Take in consideration that I already did a small update on some of those .inis, like custom blocks and the quick access to "void" "concrete" and all those things. They are probably missing the radar colors because after the lastest update those didn't work and I didn't bother to fix that part. So using the index, the "updated.ini"
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