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  1. I still do mods. This month I released a new campaign so I never stopped.
  2. If you only need the 1 picture of any building and or unit, on the path "Dune 2000\data\UI_GFX" there are many bmps containing the images on a magenta background easily removed. If you need every single graphic in the raw value (units looking on multiple directions), then you need 2 things: 1: the resource editor, here: 2: open the file named "data.r16" (that it is on your game, on the "dune 2000/data" path) with that tool. Inside you have every single graphic in the game for units and buildings you may need. the program itself can export them, but there is an option to "export all" (it will do it into .png format) and will export every graphic so from that point you can just check the graphics directly withouth other tools (or simply export the graphic/s you need to edit individual png files with whatever image-edition program).
  3. Proudly I present to all of you a new campaign, sequel from an already existing one: The Coalition of Nobles, which you can download from here: This new campaign is called “Coalition of Nobles: New enemies” presenting some new sides that will appear on this Campaign such as the Tleilaxu and the Smugglers... and some foes to fight on Dune. To properly apply this mod you will need the latest updated launcher, which you can get here. unless you already have it from playing another campaign with this one. STORY: After the big war in which the 4 nobles of the Lassoki, Iasi, Qaii and Bromeli; fought against the great Houses of Atreides, Harkonnen, Ordos and the Emperor himself. The Nobles, forming a “Coalition of Nobles” won the war and now each one controls 1 big part of Arrakis. Every side rules their own part, but they still send the clear message that the Coalition is still going on; nobody dares to try to test the power of the Coalition. But one day, after one of the routine travel from the Lassoki, they spot on the Heighliner from the Spacing guild some Tleilaxus. Despided by everbody including the 4 members of the Coalition, the Lassoki will check what’s the deal with them and why they are there. CAMPAIGN: Another big campaign of mine, a total of 16 missions + 1 bonus non-canon mission, containing 1 mission that Split into 3 versions. All 3 being the same map but the starting location, room to deploy and resources available are different. Not all the missions will happens on Arrakis. A couple of non base related missions will happens on the Guild’s heighliner, and some totally new planet to fight: Seneca; home planet of the Lassoki. Unlike the previous campaign, this time the Tech is not going to be reduced or restricted not even on the mission on the planet. It will contain only a soft reset at core moments, but soon enough the full Tech from the previous campaign will be reached and will be used for most of it, with the inclusion of new technology and units for all the 4 Nobles. Check the Intel provided to learn about Seneca and their resources, but also to learn about the new units and some reminders on already stablished units to know their strengths and weaknesses. THE GOLDEN RULE: The Golden rule is still active for this sequel. The Golden rule means that no drops will be present on the map, neither enemy or ally with the exception of cinematic purposes. But besides that, it is going to be a straigh Human vs Ai for the most part of the game where you can predict easily where the enemy attacks will come. SCREENSHOTS: Qaii trying to stop the Tleilaxu Invasion. Lassoki units checking on the Iasi Base. Bromeli Saboteurs doing the job they do best. Lassoki deploying a base and collecting resources (gems) thanks to a new building (Mining Rig). Lassoki's Deviators being used against some units to target an structure The Bonus non canon mission is a nod to Dune 2 style, with many rules such as "units on the Starport can be much more cheaper" among other things. A preview of the Tactical map of the Home planet of the Lassoki: Seneca. File: Coalition of Nobles Sequel.rar And dune2000-sp-patches_2022-06-30.7z Original campaign not included. To install, extract the .rar and move both "CustomCampaidnData" and "Data" into the root of your game. This should work as an standalone sequel. If the computer promtp to "overwrite" just say yes, as I reused some files from the original campaign. Lastest official .exe is required to work. Warning: 1 mission on the previous campaign will crash if that exe is applied. A most recent version that fix it is on the Landsraad dune 2000 discord (in case you want to play the first part of the story before tackling the sequel). If only are interested on the sequel, then simply download that exe since that was the one used to create this campaign.
  4. Fey's campaign modded the tanks, but the campaign is still unfinished, but at least the 3 combat tanks graphics/visual has been merged into 1 with is slighly different than the 3 original. All the 3 houses uses the same model, so you will use duelist tank instead which is a bit of a combat tank but with slighly different graphics. Flippy's campaign reuse some/many of those new graphics. The 2 chapters available are finished, and it present a "tyrant tank" which it is a huge tank available to be produced, or the autogun-tank which it is a tank but with machine-gune like weapons. This is the closest we have right now to new tanks.
  5. you didn't share the map, only the events, and one is almost empty.
  6. I cannot 100% help you on that because I never splitted the combat tank into 3. Here, on the structures editor, "units" tab, at the bottom is how you add new slots. Adding new units require investing some time to figure out everything and running many tests until things are working. If you are doing a new mission you will need to create a certain amount of files, but if you are talking into doing it into preexisted missions you also would need to do create certain amount of files and then editing every mission individually. The moment you do this it will be saved into your game, so you game will be altered. I heavily suggest to do a back up, I would say ont he whole game (copy and paste the whole dune 2000's folder) so you can restore if anything goes wrong. I already send you the 2 links, one of them has the modified.exe, download from there. And not much I can tell you, since when I add a new unit I usually try many things and I do wrong many things. But maybe there are other people who knows more than me and can help you with this.
  7. If you want the basic version for quick altering: If you want the most recent version that contain and allow you to use around 100 events: On the second one you need to download and apply the modified.exe On the first link you have the file with the autogun turret if you want to add it; using the "import", but it may require a few extra steps to add it.
  8. Because Dune 2000 is not that way. Dune 2000 only has 1 Combat tank and produce the version of the house it is produced. Westwood/Intelligent games created the game that way. Nobody can stop you to add 2 slots for extra Combat Tank, but then you need to edit pretty much every mission to update the changes. Either on the events (reinforcements, spawn), the text.uib (the file where the name is readed (light tank, heavy tank if you want), and other AI values to make those units to be builded by the AI, being used by the starport and so on. It is not an easy task to do (and it is going to be your own mod anyway). This is not that hard to fix, you can do it locally if you want and it won't alter the core game. You need the most recent editor, opening the "structure editor" (Control X), and pretty much add "tick" into the Sandworm slot on the "Atreides Construction Yard". Then pressing on "Save to files" and pretty much you can deploy CY playing as any index (it will give the Atreides version). This is the screenshot: Unless you play certain specific mod that would have their own values, your change will apply to pretty much every campaign/mission. Just recently we got the tools to do that. Until this year, all we had was TibEd, and TibEd didn't allow to add anything new. If you wanted to add a new building or vehicle, you had to loose one that exist. A matter of skill. Having to build the units 1 by 1 makes pro players to peform better that players that cannot build the units 1 by 1 quickly. Unless you add that feature on every single mission by yourself It is not possible. And also you don't consider that repair drains your money which may hurt you if you are forced to repair all the time. It doesn't work that Way. Primary only works for factories, which makes the units to be created from that factory, or the starport. On the CY and the High Tech factory is useless. Still, having the Ordos CY will allow you to build the Ordos Palace at least, being primary or not. I want to be clear. This is not OpenRa, OpenDune or anything like that. This is Dune 2000. If you want to add any of that, you have to do it for your own game, for your own mission, for your own campaign. Nobody else is going to do it, because this is just Westwood Studios Dune 2000. It will stay how it was release. Gruntmods, FunkyFresh, Klofkack, Fedaykin... patch the game to: * Working with modern systems. * Being able to play with online players withouth hamachi. * Edit our own missions and campaigns with our custom fantasies. * Being able to play all the missions and campaigns easily and accesible. So in short. Nothing that you ask to be added will be added. If you found a new turret on the Landsraad campaign is because the author wanted to add that unit into his early missions, but it was his personal choice. You may find that turret in a different campaign but it won't be the same. Maybe it cost more money, maybe it drains less energy, maybe it shoot faster, maybe it has double the range... all because whatever person creating the mission wanted the turret to be that way to fullfil the story of his own custom campaign. Well, I already mentioned a few names early, but again, nobody is developing this game. This is Westwood Studios Dune 2000 created in 1998. If we can play it on any windows besides XP is because people have patched the game to make it works on 64 bit system, but everybody is against altering the game at all, as we all want to have the game as it was. If you can play a custom campaign like "War of the Landsraad" is because a bunch of people make it possible, adding editors, launchers and so on. But everybody is working with the vanilla game, and around 90% of the campaigns released were being made from the original game with the limitations of the game had.
  9. I think the author is aware of certain issues with this, but overall, he created 3 versions of the combat tank, which it is the reason why the game sais "heavy-medium-light" tanks depending on the side. He just used the slot of other units to be able to have 3 different names. This is something that happens on any mission if you play with that color. Unless it is a modded campaign, the game will always crash if the "sandworm" side (light brown) deploys a CY, because on the original game the "sandworm" side doesn't own any of the 4 Construction Yards available; so when a MCV is deployed, the game cannot find the building and it crash. If you play my Ixian campaign "Master of Tencnology" and, assuming you have all the files in the correct place, the Mission launcher will temporary mod the game to give the "Sandworm" side an actual CY letting the game to deploy a MCV without any issue. <-- Just take in consideration that "sandworm" not being able to deploy a CY is something that happens in the original game and it may never got fixed because outside custom campaigns you never can't play as that index. Although it is sais "Fremen", the side you are switching use an index that it is the same as the "Sandworm", so it is going to happen the same issue as commented before. The author went simple in terms of modding, and decided to give only the autogun turret for the prologue. He just overwrote the gun turret with the autogun turret for those early missions. If you go play my last campaign: "Tleilaxu Infestation"; I added that turret so the 3 are available, although only for the enemy, the player can't build it. There is another modder that it is creating a campaign which have the 3 turrets available, but that campaign doesn't far a release date yet, but if you go play "Flippi's" campaign (Atreides/Ordos) you have access to the 3 turrets, all at once and available during the campaign, so you can go and play those. This was done many years ago, but after a while it was completely removed to avoid online games to be affected by it and nowadays the queue patch no longer works and I doub anybody will ever add it again. It is possible to do it with events. forcing things to be repaired; I never had done it, but I feel it is possible as I made once to avoid 1 building to be repaired at all (you can click to repair it, but the reparation stops as soon as you click). Like I mentioned, this is just because a mod. To have 3 different tanks you must create 3 different-table-named units. If you mod this for your custom mission is fine, but if you mod this for the regular game or other missions it is going to have other issues (such the game giving drops from the wrong version of the tank or just crashing because is searching for an unit that it doesn't exist on vanilla game). The reason it happens the way it happens is because when you deploy the heavy factory, the game checks which house you are to give you that specific factory. So if you are Harkonnen, you will get the Harkonnen heavy factory regarless of the CY. But it is possible, once again, with modding. you must split the generic "heavy factory" into 3 with certain things on the editor, making that the 3 heavy factories are considered 3 buildings. Needless to say, this is a complete campaign that besides any major bug I doub the author will ever add anything of that. And all the features mentioned like having 3 different combat tanks that you can build at the same time, 3 different heavy factories and so on is something that it has to do with the creator of the specific campaign. For example, "War of The Landsraad" campaign uses the mods the author intented, and if you play my Tleilaxu Infestation you will see a different set of mods like a new building that you are given that, you cannot build, but being there it will produce infantry for the player in a loop. Or, if you go and play my "Coalition of Nobles", the campaign uses 10 different mods, so different rules are loaded per mission: for example, in 1 mission that it is more about building smart, not fast, all the units build as fast as a light infantry (but the point on the mission is building enough to survive, but not that much that you spend all the money). If even goes as far as Mission 3 has 2 versions. On mission 3a, you get traditional tech 2 but you canno't build quads, if you play mission 3b (almost the same map), you get the same tech but you cannot train troopers instead. Unfornatelly, for the most part all these mods are non-compatible each other. Maybe they are playable, but if 1 author converted the thumper into a combat tank and you apply the mod of another campaign, you may have a random AI/player getting 7 thumpers (instead of the combat tanks you should be given) and you cannot defeat the enemy incoming attack. Just to be clear. The "developer" of patching the game usually focus more on making the game compatible with modern windows (the most recent windows 11 patch) and not altering the game. The creation of campaigns are all fan mades and any mods it goes with the vision of the creator. A modder called Fey has created like 20 new units, like a Shotgunner (light a light infantry but with more damage but lower range); the flame tank, the duelist tank, the flank quad... all having new in graphics, and I think he created multi-factories, like, many many different factories so maybe in the future you will get to play a campaign with all you want. And Feda, the author of the Landsraad, is also working on a naval war minicampaign, like a prologue for a new incoming campaign, so anything can happen. Pd: As a recommendation. Everytime you play the war of the landsraad using his own custom windown (so not in "all mission" but the custom one) and you are finish playing, I suggest to close the whole launcher. There is a bit of a bug that if you play war of the landsraad from that windown, exit the game and load a different mission certain mod may still trigger, so instead of the vanilla combat tank you will be given thumpers and things like that. Feda, the author of the launcher is aware of this and will be fixed for a next update.
  10. I found out a bit of a minor problem. Is when combining this 2 2x2 corner-rivel tiles: For start, you can cross from one side to the other with no issue. And second, since I guess you used the Temperate as the default/template, but there are certain tiles there that shouldn't be walkable. So either as a Solution you release 2 versions of the attribues, one for the 3 tilesets that you could step with vehicles on it, and another for the ones you can't, since you can see that with the desert one a vehicle will be on top of the river directly. Temperate, snow, Winte -- top Barren, Desert, Jungle -- bottom Or just making all the 8 tiles unwalkable just to unified everything. I know I can fix this locally, but just in case somebody else download and start using it withouth realizing the issue.
  11. Amazing graphics. I know some people that have been adding new units into their campaigns, so they may have interest in these units as well. Feel free to share if you want. If at any point you need the graphics for the game, you can download the resources editor here: And then opening the file data.r16 from the original game. I can search the graphics for the infantry for you, but I already must to warn that every infantry make use of +100 sprites worth of graphics. It is a lot of work and there is always a possible issue that the palettes used in the game are not compatible with the png, which means that if you use X color on the +100 images and then the game, since loads very specific palettes, maybe that color swap to "black" or "white", needing to fix all the +100 graphics which it is a lot of work. I know some folks that know much more about the pallete things, they will appear to tell you eventually more in detail if needed.
  12. A 2º option set of files has been added into the main post. these are some edited versions to work with the mission launcher 1.2, so you no longer need to overwritte any of the original files. The mission launcher will load the mod, and will revert on their own just like every other modded campaign over there. You can still get a prompt to overwrite, since I didn't renamed the files to avoid duplicates. Only 1 option is needed, but with the 2º back ups shouldn't be required unless I did a mistake when preparing the pack. booted myself all the 8 missions and played 3 of them through the end and they work.
  13. I want to share some clips since the new exe is crashing hard on one old campaign of mine. It happens that I was replaying the campaign "Emperor's return" and mission 3 kept crashing, everytime in the really early going. Warcraft (the youtube user), by coincidence, decided to stream the campaign as well, and report the game crashing on both mission 2 and 3. Here is the clip, just to show that not even 15 seconds into the mission is enough to crash the game: https://www.youtube.com/clip/UgkxtzWUl-Cv7evfw3w2csMtpJ_ZDylz1PmV I know it is not part of the script because at 15 seconds nothing happens yet (and the 5 times it crashed to me were on different times, even reloading the same save). It has to be some in-game logic. Also, this other clip from mission 2. https://www.youtube.com/clip/UgkxX7E0mohHyloB-K3MovU21GAoQG3UL0fb this clip from mission 9 https://www.youtube.com/clip/UgkxiO52mUdDmrVoqOIcCFCzUk0cecv13tzv The crash has no pop-up, so no info on what's the error. hope you can check this soon; I only manage to finish the mission by returning to an old exe. As an extra info, this is one of my ultra-early campaigns, modded with Tibed, but the mod is more centered on adding/removing units. For example, sardaukar can be trained from the barracks + CY requirements, the light infantry and trooper are tech of 8 (so you get to train sards but not the other two). the light fact cannot be deployed and you can build the imperial palace which gives you the devasator and saboteur. there are not changes on health, bullet, speed... just the most basic modding. A 10 year old campaign which I never had any issues not until now. And for context. this campaign was done before a mission launcher was ever done. So overwritting not just the modded files but the file-maps also. Even back then I didn't have this issues. Pd: this last final clip is from my newest campaign, but the oddity on when it happens may said something. https://www.youtube.com/clip/Ugkxeip4KJyDTmOCtiK78zTxN5mWNw-8_lr2 it just crashed as he click on the fremen to attack it. Mission 3 from the emperor's return is the most easy to replicate, as you don't even need to play, simply boot the game, select all the units and move them in a diagonal-bottom left just as warcraft on the first clip and that's enough to crash the game (even I tried myself and just crash just like that). editing: Game crashed once while I was playing mission 5 (same emperor's return campaign). It happened as my trike shoot agains an enemy fremen and was triggering his in-game death animation. I reloaded and killed the fremen again with no crash. I decided to check my custom campaign data and I have a "tiledata.bin" which I removed. I tried mission 3 (the one that crash easily) and stopped crashing, but I check that the tiledata on my main folder is the same (the file is the same). I recuperate the file and I didn't manage to make it to crash. So I don't know man, why this campaign is crashing is beyond me. My only guess is that the files (map, ini, mis, or even templates.bin as it is the only modded file I used) is incoptabile with something of the new exe. I decided to remove the tiledata.bin from the CustomCampaignData in case copying this file (that it is not longer needed, pretty much everybody has this file by default) and I will test. Mission 9 crashed twice to warcraft (while still having the filed being copied by the mission launcher), so I will report if it happens to me or not when I play that mission now that I remove it. Final update: Mission 9 on that campaign didn't crashed to me; I am not 100% sure if it was the tiledata.bin file that altered something, considering it has the same date and hour as the one my game has, so even if copied if shouldnt' be a problem, but mission didn't crash when to the streamer it happened twice on that mission so I cannot tell for sure.
  14. Renamed: Flippy's Atreides Campaign - By Thel Vadam FLippy --> The Great Battle of Arrakis - By Thel Vadam FLippy. Added: The Great Battle of Arrakis campaign now is 20 missions long (Ordos chapter).
  15. from the comment, a 10 year old mod it is unlikely that will reappear if nobody keeps track or reupload it elsewhere. Playing custom missions may not be the same, but if you are into having allies just for the fun of having allies, I can tell you a few campaigns that go that way. A secret plot: As mercenaries, you work for others so most of the campaign is the player + 1 (sometimes more) allies against enemies. Alliance of Atreides: The player controls a 2º commander/general from the Atreides, so the player is Atreides (but brown) being ally with regular Atreides for most of the campaign. Coalition of nobles: playing as a minor house together with other 3 minor houses. It contains not so classic gameplay from time to time. Herectic alliances: starting as regular canon alliances, it will turn out into the unlikely ones. Most of the campaign you have 1 ally that build units from his base. Ixian campaign - We tech-up Arrakis: you get an ally on a good portion of the campaign (and if not, it is either a defensive or a commando style mission). Smuggler campaign: it is design-wise really ugly, but gameplay wise is the most basic thing, just player + ally/es vs enemy/es. Any of the many Mercenaries campaign will have allies just by the nature of the mercenaries themselves. Some will have guarantee 1 ally per mission, others will mix defensive or commando style missions, but overall you will expect having allies. These are the campaigns that have the most. at least 6 out of the 9 missions will have an ally and, if not, is just one of those missions where you get a few units and have to do a specific task, but these usually don't take too much to complete.
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