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  1. And it's not possible to simply opening the png with the buildings and with the screenshot I took early selecting this piece , paste into the png and place in the correct spot and then "save as"? The piece I selected doesn't have colors, only a few yellow pixels so I can match them together. After renaming the original with another name (to not mess up anything) and saving in photoshop with some specific options, appears on the editor like this: First row normal outpost, second most modified, third normal, fourth modified. Mask doesn't get affected, I don't know if there is another problem there I may be missing; I got a "steam error" or something when I simply hit "save as" and saving the imagen using default options, but when I saved with these specific options (Photoshop): The editor seems to read the imagen fine. I did the same for the ordos one; I only pick a few yellow pixels to be able to match them later more easily. This is the file with the altered version: structures.bmp Check it personally too see if I didn't mess up something; keep the original file just in case there is a problem I didn't think off, but if not then you can even use it.
  2. That's interesting; although it's just visual, from time to time I still get a question about one of my images, from X map, having blocking spice. That's usefull; Some days ago Fey told me that not all the concretes were actually used. Don't know how many more he found, but I feel he will happy to know for sure all this info. It is indeed =D. You may want to add that imagen with the editor for future references (or to say to people; if you want to mod, use this as template-info-something); and instead numbers, you can mark them with a red X with a legend saying "never used" or any ideas you may think of. Also, although sand tile "0" it's not used in the game naturally; it's the tile you editor use if it lacks a proper ".ini" (if I am not wrong), and it was the tile used in your early versions, before the randomizer on the tiles; I still have like 2 campaigns with that tile everywhere :P. Now I am thinking on those C&C tilesets done in the past, even Fey was struggling to add new elements withouth breaking the game, 33 it's indeed a good amount to add a couple of 3x3 and some 2x2 groups here and there. Wow, what at eye you have too see the spice pattern; I am playing the game for years and never realize that. I was thinking once again on the modified outpost thing: the problem with sharing the same visual as the regular one. Maybe there are better solutions, but I was thinking; it could be possible to pick the graphic when the antena it's looking at the opossite direction to use it into the editor? Just like this (ignore the lack of concrete). The normal outpost antena looking down, as it is now, and the modified one looking up. It's not the most friendly way to make then looks different, but the only one I can think on making both buildings different on the editor without altering the imagen iteslf (adding a "modified" word or a "M" or anything like that).
  3. This is a general "challenge mode", for that reason I said that if you are a very high-skill player play it on hard; at least to have "something", I know him and the other 2-3 like him will find it easy, but this is more intented to people with high-skill that beat the original maps because are really easy. I hope at least those kind of players find it as a "challenge". I know a few changes I can do to make it almost unfair for the likes at him, but anyway, these were originally easy maps that people (in general) beat with ease, or even myself, and this is the much harder version of those maps.
  4. First of all; this is not new missions, just preexisted missions from campaigns and maps that I done in the past but with values altered in order to make these 10 maps that will put a challenge for veteran players; but if you consider yourself a very high skilled player, then I recommend you playing on hard. The spoiler will give all the detailed info about the changes done, but to summarize a bit: *AI will start with "unlimited money"; more initial harvesters; will produce units much more faster and also start with double amount of units defending the base; this doesn't means that are more defensive (except for maybe a couple of maps), that value it's unchanged, but now the AI won't waste time buildings units with a defending task, the extra initial spawn will fill that defense, so anything that he builds will focus on attacking the player. *A "rage mode" will activate though the game, warned by a message into the game; this will activate at this formula: 5.000 + 10.000 * <number or Ais>, in ticks. This "rage mode" will make all the AIs to builds units as fast as possible and will spawn twice amount of sandworm into the map. The player gets some advantages too (ally Ais also gets them), like starting with more money and getting more stuff when a reinforcement or delivery it's given (doesn't apply if it is a loop); If the maps turn out too easy I can revert to the original values, but I wanted people to have more money early to keep doing stuff and being more aggresive if he wants; also some of these maps the spice it's on smaller fiels while the AI gets producing units non-stop even if you harass him. The briefing has been completely removed, now will only tells usefull information, like which side you are playing, who it's your ally, who it's your enemy, tech and main objetives, including bonus objetives. Also which mission it's based. The maps I choose to do this were maps that were originally easy and that rely on enemy getting free stuff from time to time (which they will get faster now). Also, these maps are very simple in terms of gameplay and objetives, but I tried to pick enough variety to avoid similar maps being played the same way. Full list of changes on values done here: Disclaimer: I didn't try to beat my own maps; so it is impossible to me to know if the maps can be beat it; I leave that for veteran players. However, I did internal test to ensure that any thing that happens during mid game and/or alliances work as intended, it's just that I am not even going to try to beat these maps. File: Challenges.rar : the missions will be listed into the "Fremen" section, since I switched all to be together. This include the mission pack being challenge 01 the easiest and challenge 10 the hardest (based on amount of enemies, stuff that they recieve and how the terrain affect the enemy waves). A readme with instructions and "changes" with the same info as the spoiler. No screenshots, except this one: On 1 map, the AI will now get this amount of units since the beggining of the map (twice the amount the original), so carefull about dragging an enemy AI into your base too early.
  5. Alright; It took me some time to play the 30 missions, but now I finish. This is a great campaign, or, should I said, the best version of the campaign (I already played the first half some time before); it was a hard map with tons of contents, new units and those unknown structures that were annoying to deal with but not in a boring way. Also I like the new versions of the old maps, they didn't took me +2 hours to beat, but much less; maybe I optimized a bit the expansion areas deploying more bases and more factories than needed but still, the few touches on the design of the map, the way the AI behaves and so on makes this campaign much more enjoyable now. It has tons of briefing to read, and I am so bad at names that half the time I don't remember which commander command which faction, but still, I could get at least the core point on the game, the enemies you face and the reasons here and there to fight. This is indeed a well crafted campaign, with lots of works with the new artworks, new structures that add something new into the game withouth just turning the whole campaign in a mess, although It can be arguable how specific units change on the power vs certain buildings, I think it has some kind of balance, although now everythings it's more expensive, but anyway, tons of room to expand so the money it's never a problem. Well done... and it only took 4(?) years! dunno how many time, but indeed a lot of time xD.
  6. That's even more options I though of (and more complicated too), but it really shows lot of stuff that anybody's ideas can think of. It should be needed to do some intense testing in game not just to try all this, but to see if the game works as intended, not just crashes but all the stuff that already happen in the game. Question; This has something to do with the "unknows" that can be seen on the vanilla maps? maybe westwood didn't full implement the attributes, but they were already programing the map to use some of them.
  7. -Updated: Campaign "Summers' Solstice" - By Fey, now with the full extent of the campaign, 30 missions in total. -Added: "Bloxcraft Showmap" - By Cm_Blast: A single mission using a Warcraft 2 tileset. -Added: "Warcraft 2 Tileset" - By Cm_Blast: Tileset from the snowdy version of the Warcraft 2 game. -Added: "How to use minimap color rules in tileset .ini file" - By Klofkac; a manual to change colors on the minimaps for custom tilesets. -Removed: I remove the amount of number of campaigns, single maps and so on; nowadays there are too many works done, I cannot count them correctly, so I simply remove that part of the index.
  8. Update the post with new images, more inis, new minimap colors and so on.
  9. First post updated: Added structures, recolors for the minimap (only while creating a map using the tileset; the game itself won't change). Some screens added and the mission itself changed a bit, not just adding some of the new "neutral" structures that simply add detail but I give an extra reinforcement early for normal, I turned the Ai to be slighy harder on lunatic, not just building faster, but also he will use a new toy to play with. Hey, thanks for playing, and for creating an account just to play this map =D.
  10. Oh, right; I was looking at the file and didn't see it, I am dumb. So it's like exclusion. I guess in some moments, if I set only $4000 will affect a group of tiles I want to color but others I don't want too, while making the 2 times rules will affect less specific tiles. Alright; I will just use normal rules or combining attributes then; I'll work on my stuff and see if I can do it; thanks for the info. I may add this post into the main index to find easily this tutorial/manual.
  11. oooh, I got it. Buildable will be everysingle buildable tile, not just the ones that you can click+drag (which are only 3-4 different tiles) but by marking "buildable" this sill consider the tile with grass, tile with the red thing and so on, so the rule it's less detailed. I guess the spice cannot be recolored. You are alright. I know Fey did some recolor to his tileset by trial and error, so I am going to try to do the minimap color for my retro Dune 2 tileset, and if I have any doub I will come back to ask you. Just confirm me something; vanilla .inis have this: ;Rough rocks (Infantry-only) $375582=$6000;$4000 The template sais is "color=and_value;check_value" I guess this means that will search for any tile that have "infantry can pass" but also the ones with "vehicle can pass AND infantry can pass" to use the same color to two different tiles, right?
  12. Thanks for the info. Alright, I think I get part of the point, but I don't get the rules to use one of another. So, based on the values you wrote there for the .ini, these are the meaning the tileattribute program show me: *Snow = "Buildings can be placed". *Pieces = "Vehicles - infantry - Dunes". *Dark snow = "Vehicle - infantry". *Thin Ice = "Infantry - Rough". *Thick Ice = "Infantry". *deep Water = "Paint Type 4". *Water = nothing. I don't get why in Snow you write the value only for "buildings" and no any of the other 3 or any combination of them, while for pieces it make use of the 3 attributes together (assuming that my list it's correct). If for Snow instead 8000 I write "2000E002" that would be correct too or would interfere with the others? (4 attributes + 1 paint type editor attribute). I may get that Snow it's the only tile that is buildable, so with that "alone" it's enough, and maybe because of that Pieces go first because require 3 while dark snow only 2 that's why goes later (adding "rock" would affect anything? I mean, 20006001 which it's vehicle - infantry - Rock - paint type 1). And another question. Pieces go first because it has 3 attributes, Dark snow has 2, Thick ice has only 1. what if I swap Dark snow and Thin Ice position= both have 2 , but I guess dark snow shares 2 attributes with "pieces" while Thin only 1, so that is why the order. or... maybe I just made up everything.
  13. Alright, that's interesting. The second option of combining attributes with no impact it's the best, like you say, the area type impact the game, even on unwalkable areas like revealing your St.Fremen and I was told the pointer in-game change as the one when you have it on top of a unit, like if the game recognize a "unit" there. Thanks. people will benefic of this info, Fey pass me a web with some hex values on colors that I think it has something to do, but not sure about all the inners so I will wait until you explain me.
  14. I am letting you know, that on my lastest mission I made a small tribute to your work by adding a secret location. When the player reach the area, it spawn a group of units. I totally remember your work and wanted to make use of that feature so present during most of your maps.
  15. I didn't fully understand this part; the colors are based on the kind of attributes AND the area type? I mean: Snow: buildable - you can use white color darksnow: non-buildable - you can use grey color ice: infantry only - you can use blue color Water and trees: non-walkable - you can use red color BUT Water non-walkable AND area type 1 - you can use red color Trees non-walkable AND area type 2 - you can use GREEN color. I am right about this? Also; What if I use attributes that will have no impact on the game? For example, trees are non-walkable, but light vehicles goes 10% faster. water it's non-walkable, but all units goes 20% slower. In game you won't see a difference, you cannot go there anyway but... later I can use the editor to have 2 separated colors? Because if so, just with "sandworm can pass", "wheled", "dunes" and "rough rock" I have plenty of combinations to have 16 different colors... and in game nobody will notice! Although I plan to do a couple of single missions on arrakis and 1 campaign mixing a bit the heigliner tilest to Fey (but still, based on arrakis) I have in mind doing a big campaign with tons of levels traveling the world, visiting all the tilesets ever done AND mixing with Tibed to give the enemy weird or overpowered weapons, just to make a "Arrakis tecnology" vs "unknown X planet tecnology". In fact, while doing this map and all the script I was doing I was already thinking on maybe reusing this map for that campaign <-- but, it is too early, I may burn out of dune2k much before that xD, so, having an idea and doing it are two separated things (as you know really well)
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