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  1. If you try to download without an account into the forum the files will appear as "unavailable", but now that you created one you should be able to download any file from the forum, including this campaign.
  2. Apreciate all of this. I am already using a CCD submod for the new campaign I am working on. And that's exactly what I was refering to that. Sometimes, the thing doesn't work as intented (As my sniper fremen-like unit and the homing weapon didn't work), so at the end of the day, since my mod already have several units and buildings with mods on them (with allignemnt and all that kind of stuff that takes a while to do), the only way to recuperate the vanilla values because on 1 specific modification but not the rest, I need to remove the CCD from being loaded on the editor, exporting the fremen values, then reloading the CCD mod and importing on top of the fremen. But if it can't be done it can be done. Oh, Maybe I can suggest some kind of "favourite events list". With 21 of the original events (and some of them not even supported), it was easy to get track of the favourites, you know, reveal map, unit spawn, show messages... the usual (for me). Now there are 108 total, and there are a few that I am already using pretty much every new mission I am creating, like "Activate timer". It takes a while to search the position of this (and the other 3-4) since this is all new and, besides the OG, I don't have localize all of them yet. So maybe, on the "right click" portion, an specific "favourite/most used events" or something like that, where appear the list of whatever events I want to be there, so I can get that Activate timer is on 36 all the time, but I can have center view point which I don't remember without looking it now, but having the indicator (just as indicator, it doesn't have to do anything) that show the favourites/selected in a list: 36 - activate timer XX - center view point YY - change build owner I have been using at least 2 of the 3 of these events in 5 of my last 6 missions, so having it just as a personal note (withouth having to do an external TXT file) for me to check and go straigh into which number is each ones. Sometimes I open a previous mission and look at the event directly because it takes less time that searching on the +100 list. So having it as a quick reminder, although if you want to do an actual function that ont he list if I click on 1 it is added directly, even better. Not a priority to add.
  3. I have a small suggestion: Structure editor shortcut is control X, so I was thinking that or either making it a different shortcut or, at least, disable it when you are on the mission briefing, as right now I cannot cut+paste the text when I am writting stuff. I keep doing the control+X to cut a part of the briefing to move it to the top/bottom or whatever and the other windown pop up instead. Oh, also something that I don't remember if I wrote about it. Thinking on a "restore" buttom on the structure editor. TibEd had it, and if testing stuff there is a moment I just have to revert all the canges, I need to open the editor a second time, check the unit, export the values and then come into the first and import the values. So a restore that pick up the "back up files" (as I think the editor does a back up the first time?) it would be neat, to restore individual units, or building or art...
  4. I found out an issue I want to bring, and I would like to do if possible two recomendation. The recomendations: Is to be able to add "empty" lines on the "events and conditions". This is simple as a personal thing since when I have X amount of events done, I usally move the slider to the bottom so I can only see a few of the last events. It is like when you are doing a .txt, I like to press "enter" to keep many empty lines so I can see the last line written on center of the screen. Is just a personal thing of liking to have the things that I am checking in the center and not on the bottom, so a way to enter empty lines or something like that. A second recomendation: It seems that there are certain weapons that although it can be set as "Homing" the game doesn't know what to do with them. Certain weapons set as "Homing" will make the bullet to fire up even when firing right. I was thinking if there is a way to add some kind of extra line or warning because of this. Fey sais that he used even with the non-working homing to do other stuff, so I don't suggest to remove the "homing" tag from those weapons, but maybe a line at the bottom or a pop-up warning. Because I spend like 40 minutes setting the weapon with all the values and stuff, and then I only when I gave up and assumed "It cannot be done" after 40 minutes I got told "by the way, not all the weapons works set in homing, only these 2-3 works". And I feel like this is an important thing to include so people don't waste time on things that don't work. -Now, the issue: witht he editor I opened my single mission "EBFD - Final Assault" This is a modded single mission that I did during the TibEd era. This has several modifications that are loaded correctly by the editor, but there are 4 new warheads that I added that are not reconized. When I check with TibEd I can see clearly that I have these ones. The "Contaminator" warhead has a 150 %damage on infantry and only a 2% against everything else. The grenadier, which it is the one carrying the contaminator values, is holding a "Hydra" bullet that deals 999 damage, so pretty much instakill all the enemy infantry but does almost no damage on everything else. However, while on your editor, those 4 new warheads are not loaded, and now my "Hydra" uses the W_Bullet instead. I still loads that my grenadier is using the hydra weapon with 999 damage, but the wrong warhead (W_Bullet) I can launch my own mission and using debug I control the enemy grenadier and does little to no damage to quads and turrets, which it means that works. But if I dare to click on "save to files" I will lost my set up. My guess is that because I am not using the "W_something" naming is not being read. No need to rushing on fixing this since I have no intentions on doing anything with it or editing this specific missions, just telling in case is the naming the issue or something else to avoid happening in the future.
  5. I started using the new version. It's a bit confusing since has changed lots of things, but I already saw some events that I am sure I will use for my next work. Thanks for the editor and all these new features.
  6. I find out this campaign on my computer which authors I don't know, either somebody uploaded/shared this or I found it on a web. Anyway, the campaign was reusing the vanilla naming meaning that you had to overwritte the vanilla maps, so I ported the missions to work with the mission launcher withouth having to loose the original missions. This campaign reuse the core of all the original Harkonnen missions, but slighly altered to make them harder (and playing as imperial units). Most of the missions will start with the player only having 1 Sardaukar and sometimes not even the Construction Yard, although a MCV will be given with a drop in a few seconds. Enemy seems to have bigger drops, but the player also gets extra units to compensate. Smugglers will be present on a few missions, with tons of silos to capture, scout carefull as they also have many units guarding their spice. Harkonnen mission 9 version 1 contain the Harkonnen as you ally (and a expanded map). Harkonnen mission 9 version 2 has been altered much more, and it is suppose to be much more harder than version 1. Screenshots: These screenies are from: Player view 1º mission --- Enemy base 3º mission. Player base 6º mission --- Enemy base 7º Mission. File: Harkonnen Campaign harder but as emperor.rar Unzip and move the files into the data/mission folder which I packaged like that. If the author see this and want to leave a moment I will give proper credit.
  7. -Finished Campaign: Flippy's Atreides Campaign (10 missions) - By Thel Vadam FLippy -Added missions: Living in Sietch (3 missions from an unfinished campaign) - By Helkor.
  8. I think it has no end, it is only "how much you can survive", which a timer on the top-right area is there (negative value, but increase).
  9. Back in 2019, a modder called Helkor started creating a campaign that it wasn't finished, but it got to make at least 3 missions. I have the permission from the author itself to share this, and maybe in the future it gets completed. Meanwhile, "Living in Sietch" are 3 missions, conected each other. They are part of the Atreides side, with some fremen implications. Screenshots: File: Living in Sietch.rar How to install. unzip the rar file, and move all the content into the root. It doesn't use any mod.
  10. those tiles are used to load the graphics that are attached to the tileset. If you check the red alert based ones, it will have ore/gems instead. Is just the graphics that will be used on the game. All tilesets need those tiles to exist to load the graphics, but you cannot placed manually but with the "paint spice" tool instead.
  11. *Announcement: One of the Harkonnen missions never ends (you cannot win nor loose). It is fixed now, Download the whole zip just to be sure.
  12. -Added Jams pack: 28 missions total by domger -Added tileset: Rock tileset by Domger -Added tileset: Ordos Draconis IV tileset by domger
  13. A tileset done by Domger; posted here for preservation purposes: This is the tileset done as Draconis IV, Domger version. Screenshot: Files: BLOXROCK.R16 16 bit version BLOXROCK.R8 8 bit version BLOXROCK.ini ini to use on the editor (it may be outdated and not working properly). TILEROCK.bin own attributes. How to use them: The .R16 and .R8 files must be into "Dune 2000\data" path. the ini should go into the folder's editor. the .bin file goes into "Dune 2000\data\bin" path.
  14. A tileset done by Domger; posted here for preservation purposes: This is the tileset done as Draconis IV, Domger version. Screenshot: data.rar: Files: BLOXORD.R16 16 bit version BLOXORD.R8 8 bit version BLOXORD.ini to use on the editor (only works properly with old versions of the dune2k editor) This tileset it's just a recolor (except for the spice) of a preexisting tileset, so it uses "TILEATR1.bin" for the attributes. How to use them: The .R16 and .R8 files must be into "Dune 2000\data" path. the ini should go into the folder's editor. Extra: data.rar <-- this is the data.r16, but it is zipped in order to enter the file size of the forum. This file contain the craters (when you shoot the floor) and the ingame blooms to be white. Also, the color when concrete or a building is placed now it is a darker gray/black, so it is more easy to see in game. how to use it: unzip "data.rar". Data.r16 should go into the "data" folder on your game, but you will loose the original. Better to use it with a "Custom Campaign data" folder and letting the launcher to swap the files while playing your specific mission but recovering the usuall brown craters/blooms after finishing.
  15. This post has been done for preservation purposes. A group of maps were release at some point in the Dune 2000 Landsraad discord server, anytime in around year 2020, not exactly sure the exactly date (around mid year). The author seems to be gone as I cannot contact him anymore. So I want to share these groups of maps. The author is called Domger and the group of maps are called "jams". They are a total of 28 missions splitted in several single missions and minicampaigns. The maps are varied, some are really small and quick, others are bigger, and there is a mix of building low-mid tech and only infantry wars. This packs contain: -Atreides: 2 missions. -Ordos: 3 missions (1 with the Ordos homeworld tileset). -Harkonnen: 2 missions -Emperor: 1 mission + 1 minicampaign (4 missions). -Fremen: 3 missions (1 with a new Rock tileset) + 1 minicampaign (4 missions). -Smugglers: 2 missions + 1 minicampaign (4 missions). -Mercenaries: 1 mission + 1 minicampaign (3 missions). Screenshots: File:Jams maps.rar How to install. unzip the whole file, and move all the content into the root. The pathing is prepared to send the missions into the mission folder and so will do the rock tileset and a CustomCampaignData for the Ordos homeworld mission.
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