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  1. If I am not wrong, there is a folder called "maps" where all the skirmish missions will go. Dune2000\data\maps.
  2. I never modded this game except for adding random buildings-units into preexisted maps (that not always work) so I have no idea if that would be possible. But Instead of spending that much money on infantry to capture the building, or even making raiders to capture buildings, you can always just use those raiders to damage the enemy building and then capturing when the buildingĀ“s hp is red. Just a tip to make it easier; be sure the screen is watching your units shooting the building, if the screen is away the units fire slower, making it that even with 10 raiders the AI won't be able to outdamage the repairing AI.
  3. DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT A QUEUE PATCH BY ANY MEANS. Downloading this won't get you multi-queues, however, there is a way you can "convert" your game into this Auto-queue if you are willy to do a bit of work with the editor. AUTO QUEUE: So, What's this is this about? while talking about the old multi-queue patch (which doesn't longer work, unless you install the original game), I got given the idea of making our sort of Auto queue done by events. This means opening the editor and adding a certain amount of events and conditions so the game will build units for you. QUICK EXPLANATION FOR NERDS: So this is all it happens: -The Game will check if the player produced any unit, and if that unit is completed, the game will auto-queue another one. This will continue to happens as long as the player has at least 1800 credits (this is the same treshold the AI uses, as a mean to reserve some money in case harverster or refineries are needed). -Every single unit in the game is being considered, so you can mass produce engies, MCVs, carryalls or anything you want. -The Fremen and the Saboteurs are also autoproduced, everytime they are "Ready" they will be generated from their respective palace. The DH and the Airstrikes need to be targeted. Small issue confirmed: There is 1 well know issue. If you have a carryall in production, your put it on hold and order some carryalls from the starport, as they arrive the production of the Carryall will continue on his own, there is no proper way to change this. Files: Auto queue test map.rar<--- This a single map done with those events. The player, being Atreides, is given every structure in the game and 50.000 credits. There are 2 enemies using a generic defensive slow AI; this is a playable map but don't expect an AI that oppose the player. the point is for people to try the auto queue system and check if anything goes wrong or simply just having fun with this set up. The map has no "mission win" nor "mission loose" condition, so the AI also has no initial units or anything. auto queue.d2kevt <--- These are all the events and conditions used on the map; for testing/playing the mission you don't need it. This file is only when modding missions, adding the auto-queue or f you want to add it into any preexisting mission. HOW TO APPLY INTO OTHER MISSIONS: So, if you want to apply this auto-queue system into other missions, this is all you have to do: -Get dune 2k editor; if you downloaded dunemaster versions you should have it already, if not, download from here: D2keditor -Get updated. dune 2000 exe; same deal, with dunemaster you will have it, if not, go here: D2keditor -Download the file called "auto queue.d2kevt" from this post. -Open the editor, click on "file" and "open map", and open the map you want. -On the top side, on "mission", click there and on "Events and Conditions" (or press F11). -Move to the very bottom of the list of events (main window), using the arrow keys for example, and on any empty space right click and "import events". -Select the file Auto queue.d2kevt and open it. It will generate all the events and conditions needed. -By default is is done For "Atreides", so you need to switch all these lines into the house you will play as on that specific mission. Just click on the lines and on the bottom area is just swapping on "Player" from Atreides into the side you want. Keep in mind that if the mission you are opening has too many events/conditions it won't be room for this. But the other 90% of the custom missions and campaigns will probably have enough room so, as long as you take some time on it, you can do it (as a extra help, if you are altering or creating a smuggler mission, you can import my file, swap all "Atreides" into "Smugglers" and once you have that done use right click - export and export all the events, this way you can import all the events and conditions already being "smuggler" and you don't need to do it all over again. Feel free to add or remove as desired, like removing the treshold so the game always build, or making Fremen-sabos to not be auto-ready, or removing the auto-queue for MCV-harvs-carryalls as those are not combat units... just whatever you want. FUTURE PROJECTS: This doesn't mean that every future mission or campaign will have this, as this is done with events, the same way that you may play a campaign where the player/enemy gets lots of reinforcements and free deliveries or others not, an author can make use of these features or not. However, I have in mind creating a sequel of an existing campaign, and I will make use of this feature, so you can expect at any time a new campaign that have these autoqueue making the campaign more focused on paying attention on what it is happening on the game than building units.
  4. Since gruntmods is pretty outdated maybe there are other issues or minor files that gruntmods don't even have, which I am thinking it could be the possibility. My suggestion is to download dunemaster version from this other post here: Just to be clear, gruntmods and dunemaster are both the same game, just different name, they both works the same, is just that gruntmods did his own webpage and dunemaster version was done by another person and hosted on a different page (although right now the page is down, but the forum one is still available). The only difference is that gruntmods no longer updates so to play the original campaigns should works fine but for certain custom missions it will trigger diferetn errors. dunemaster it is often updated so it will included any possible file you may have missing, so to avoid having to check files individually try this. This also includes all the mods ready to be played (except this one), but this one you can move the files into the "mission" folder and you will have all again. Dato prepared the packaged to be "plug and play", so it has every custom campaign and mission withouth having people to worry about it, you simply open the launcher, you will see all the custom missions-campaign there. Just remember this ixian problem campaign is too recent, eventually it will be included too; but moving the files on your own is enough. hope that other version works fine.
  5. it seems you may have applied a mod from somebody else and then you tried trying to play this and the game is mess up, like a mod that had "flame tank" but here doesn't exist and show up that error. This is a fully vanilla campaignm which means it has no new units, no new colors, not intel nor tactical map, nothing fancy at all, just a straigh regular campaign with vanilla values on it. only way for you to fix this is to reinstall the game unless you figure out which mod you used the last and trying to recuparte the original (if using the mission launcher check the folder "MissionLauncherBackups" that it creates, you may find the original files in there), if you played any specific mod by just appling the files manually/directly then you altered your game forever and has to reinstall. There is 1 error that will probably appear during most of the campaign, but this is when you finish the mission and it has to do with the "ixian/sasndworm" side that don't show the screen-score correctly, but this happens after the "mission win" so no issues there and it won't afect the gameplay. Hope you get it played soon.
  6. dunno if you tried here: At least this one works, as I just downloaded right now. Just remember that if you were not logged the files are not available (although the forum said the files are deleted it is not true).
  7. About time I bring a new campaign to the table, an Imperial campaign that have the Ixians as the main enemy during it. Story: The story of this campaign is simple. The challenge issued by the Emperor have all the 3 Great Houses of Atreides, Ordos and Harkonnen, figthing for the control of Arrakis. The Emperor has send both his mentat and his best commander to oversight the dispute and being sure that nothing wrong happens. However, soon some Ixians appears into the field and start messing with all the 3 Great Houses by unknown reasons. The Emperor order his Mentat and his Commander to take action and expel the Ixian from the planet. Campaign: This campaign is using vanilla stuff, which means it has no mods on it. However, the Ixians will have access to units you cannot normally get. These units are produced by the Ai itself, they are not being delivered. This means that sometimes, when the Ai produce a light infantry, there is a % chance that the unit will convert into a grenadier. With this method, the Ixians will have access to multiple units and different versions of the same/similar unit. Also, all the Ais will start with the refineries and silos full of spice, but this will actually help players as you won't encounter an AI with initial 10.000 credits that stores 15.000 extra due the refineries/silos. For this campaign, if an AI silos are empty, it means it has no money left. The player, on the other hand, has access to reinforcements (the Ai doesn't!!!); on top of that, the player also has a chance of getting Sardaukar for the cost of a light infantry or a trooper. This is a random chance, but player will get to use Sardaukar even if the Imperial Palace is not even there. The reinforcements will bring units during the whole campaign in endless loops. The game will provide a timer on screen to tell the player when the next reinforcement will arrive. Difficulty differences: This campaign has differences depending on which difficulty you are playing (on top of the default differences of cost/speed of units/structures). Easy: The Ai starts with only 10 credits and it has to do all the upgrades, Normal: The Ai starts with all the upgrades done from the beggining of the mission. Hard: When the Ai deliver spice into the refinery, it will get 99.999 credits (any excess money that cannot be stored in refineries and silos will be discarded - AI only unless told otherwise). Also the AI will reduce the amount of harversters that will rebuild in case they are destroyed (but it will continue to replenish them). *There is 1 mission that doesn't play like the regular base vs base situation, so the difficulty differences are set into different areas, such as removing units for easy difficulty, or adding more obstacles for hard difficulty. Screenshots: Ixian army attacks with a combination of infantry, troopers and grenadiers. Imperial may get Sardaukar when training Infantry or Troopers. Imperials helping the Ordos to hold Ixian attacks Ixian base heavily wiped out after a tough battle. Sardaukar avoiding Ixians patrols. Teaser: File: The Ixian Problem.rar <-- there was a bug on mission 1 (hard difficulty only) where the AI was removed all the credits. Little Warning: When completing the missions (most of them) an error may show up, it is an error tied when using the Sandworm side (ixians). It only appears after you finish the mission (mission accomplished) so it won't have any effect during the actual gameplay. How to install: This is a vanilla campaign, which means that it doesn't use mods nor any other custom/added asset. Download the file and extract the rar file and move "data" folder into the root folder of your game (or simply move the files inside the "missions" folder into your "missions" folder). File name are in spanish, but on the launcher and in-game it should show up on english (if not report to me).
  8. I gave a bit of checking on tha map. Just mentioning right away that you cannot convert infantry, they will dissapear (although it shouldn't crash the game, although maybe on your situation can happens). Building conversion seems fine. By the way, if you have any event marked with the "auto-block" you no longer need an extra event to block it, auto-block will make once the event has been triggered it won't happen ever again, you can remove the extra stuff plus not worried if you set up the correct event to block or not. Blocking is more "I want this to run multiple times as long as this stuff is on, but later I want to turn it off". Now, from what you mentioned on placing engineers on a certain tile, it seems that both event 10 and 11 are the ones: my suggestion is to follow this steps: 1: edit the map and "cheat", put engineers on a nearby tile and move it to force the trigger (if the event is inside the enemy base then put 30 devastators around the enemy to raze whatever unit); move as quickly as possible the engineers just to see if the game crash early. 2: if it crashed; check event 10 and 11, and mark the "blocked" option; the event will be readable but it won't trigger on the game. run the mission and see if the game crash. 3: If it doesn't crash, unblock event 10, but keep event 11 blocked and test. 4: if the game crashed, then the event 10 is the one that it is making your game to crash which may seems the most likely to happen. In this case, add some criteria, like for example "category - vehicle" so only vehicles can get converted; and test the game; if it doesn't crash, then it is just converting infantry, which it is something that: a) it doesn't happen (you can capture buildings and deviate vehicles, which it is the "conversion" method, but you cannot do that with infantry). b) It is more likely that if an enemy has 3 infantry on 1 specific tile, the game tries to "convert it" (even if it fails) but not at the same time, just with microseconds of difference, and you cannot have 2 infantry from two sides on the same tile. So in short, converting infantry may be the main issue; in this case you may need to adjust to only conver the vehicles (and keeping the infantry on the old side or just straigh killing them with the "destroy unit" or "leave" event). It may hurt a bit your story, but that's the thing, you cannot swap sides for infantry, is a limitation in the game as you cannot deviate infantry nor turning into your side by any other mean. <--- the best solution to not kill anything is simply swapping the diplomacy, but it seems you are swapping sides just to change the color of those units as well.
  9. Hope you enjoy other camapign as well, even if only a few are heavy lore while others are more "excuse-lore" wise, I think there are enough gimmicks here and there that will break the monotony of "CY into a base and destroy all the enemies" with all these specific objetives, factions, and sometimes even just playing as a weak faction that you heavily need an AI to survive instead the reverse situation. But even if you simply enjoy the most regular approach there are also plenty of campaigns with that. For example, there are currently around 5 different mercenaries campaigns; every author has his own vision or ideas on it; some there are these massive "many vs many" big wars with multiple sides while others are more focused on "mercenaries are weak, thus you never fight that many enemeis at once". I use mercs as the example, but there are other campaigns, the main 7 or even new ones and each one uses his own style. The index has a list (and a download) to everycampaign, although if you check on dunemaster you will have the whole package, but even if you do, the index will send you to the post of the creator to give you an idea on how the campaign may play; an Imperial campaign may be how you are this strong faction that everybody wants to detrone, or you may just use a small amount of resources to help other sides or even it is an imperial campaign where you get tons of sardaukar, either for free or to train withouth requirements, which is a thing some people enjoy to do, and here you get to do it since mission 1. In any scenario, I hope you keep trying new campaigns (for either the lore or the gameplay, or the difficulty) and get enjoyemnt of them.
  10. Although I don't know for sure (could be one part of the event wrong, like, you check for other thing), but just informing you that infantry cannot change sides. think on this way, if you make all the Atreides units and buildings to chance into Harkonnen control, all the buildings pretend that "they were captured" and all the units "they were deviated", you cannot get control of the enemy infantry, so those usually just dissapear (as it they were crushed). check for any specific event or condition that may be; you can try by doing stuff slowly, like "only converting all structures" and see if it works or crash, then "only converting vehicles" to see if that also crash or not.
  11. Cm_blast


    But if he downloaded dunemaster's versions instead that option is not there. Although I didn't know it was a separated file available that can be applied into dunemaster as well.
  12. Cm_blast


    Yes-not. If you are using gruntmods on the escape menu there is an option that sais "Debug" that allow you to switch side, but you will share the control with the AI. But if you are willy to work a bit, you can do these steps: 1: open the mission editor (if you are playing using dunemasters you may have it already, if not you would need to download). 2: Open that mission with the editor and on the "mission settins" windown (F10) there is a "Play as" you need to change the side into "Fremen" or "Mercenaries" (The tleilaxu base is big but there are multiple sides figthing inside). 3: If on "play as" you put "Fremen," You need to go to this part of the image (being sure you clicked on "Fre") and on AI enable change to 0 4: Finally, the AI you swapped sides (if you are editing the Atreides version of the map); click on the "Atr" tab and at the bottom click on "import AI" and see if your have any AI that sais "Skirmish AI", so the Atreides deploy a base on their own. 5: Save the map, recommended to use the "save map as" and give it a new name; then you can close all, open the launcher and search the map on the launcher (the map it won't be on the Atreides part, but on "Fremen" side. And that's it; you will play as Tleilaxu, but of course, you need to work a bit and those steps correctly.
  13. Yes, is that; I have those same options from the screenshot. So I don't know. the config.exe from the game may have an extra option in the advance options or something.
  14. you may check your own graphic systems as well. besides the config.exe that the game has to select "windown - fullscreen" and other suboptions, none of them fixed my issue, which was similar to yours (having black space on most of thescreen; I had to go into my desktop, right click and enter an option "Nvidia panel"; There it was an option to force games to fill the screen; and it works for me on these old games with low resolutions. On my case it is Nvidia, but yours should have something similar somwhere. If you find it then you can start doing more combinations, trying "windown mode" "fulscreen" "borderless" on the config as well until it works.
  15. -Edit: Summer's soltice campaign by Fey; Added that now it has 4 arcs - 30 missions total. And new colors representing the multiple factions you may get to play as. *Note: summer's soltice is 100% complete; being now fully available to download plus compatible with new mission launcher.
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