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  1. [WIP] Harkonnen Campaign progress thread

    Yes. The few test I did for the defense areas I saw the AI doing different stuff in the same situation. When I show in the other post (one of yours I think) and created 2 defenceareas, sometimes the AI split the units between the 2 areas and new units are prepared to future attacks. But I also remember pressing the test button again withouth barely editing anything and looking how the AI send all the units but 3-4 to 1 defence area; because of this new units will go to the defece area 2 to fill it. Even the traditional spawns works different too. I can place a 10 unit spawn timer=1 and usually the 10 units are going to patrol the base but I also saw too that sometimes a few of those units are grouped as an attack force, making the first AI attack a bit stronger that intented. Maybe we are pushing the game too far. New Edit: Mission 3v2 map it's broken. There it's a game crash; a bad flag or something, need to look asap.
  2. [WIP] Harkonnen Campaign progress thread

    Played mission 2v2 and 3v1.
  3. [WIP] Harkonnen Campaign progress thread

    Replaying this thing; I choose to play all the maps together since the campaign it’s incomplete. So far I can see the enemy being a bit more agresive, at least mission 1v1 y 2v1.
  4. [Release] Smugglers Campaign

    Bad, Fey loves good plot twist xD (I'm sorry for intruding on your conversation). He, I said some post ago "I am prepared for the 2 hour long on the last mission", and here we have a player that did it I am not sure what part of the map of which AI it is about, but if the AI it's not in "practice" mode they don't care about building limits. The original maps have a limit of 1, but the AI always rebuild anything that you destroy. The only way to stop them it's or removing the CY or the "rebuildbuildings" set to 0 (but that'll affect the rest of the buildings to). However, the AI section have a "TimeBeforeRebuilding <building>". You can try to increase the value for the turrets so the AI takes 15-20 minutes to rebuild it or something like that (but still rebuilding everything else at a normal pace). I don't know if that line works, but you can try it. For the record. They show as "ally" on screen (not enemy or neutral units), so a change if alliances it's not done right and you are ally with them but them are neutral toward you.
  5. [Release] Smugglers Campaign

    Plot twist, he it's not even using your modded stuff xD. That would be hilarious.
  6. [Release] Smugglers Campaign

    I still have nightmares about this campaign xD. Wow, you are literally broking his map. Goodwork. (poor Fey). I can tell he it's using it for the dialogues. I saw that unit too. I don't know if the game would be affected if you kill him (I think missile tanks were in range); probably not, but just in case I didn't try to destroy it. Unfortunately in Dune 2000 it's not possible to do this: "5 minutes after X building it's destroyed, 20 tanks appears on screen".
  7. More maps, yes! That's it! I am going to do a list so I can track all those new mods to play all of them. Just looking the trailer seems chaotic with figthing everywhere. Well, let's see when I play it myself :P.
  8. If you used some custom .bin files (files edited with Tibed) because another campaign told you to overwrite the original that could happen. This campaign not use any special files, so the mercenaries should have the traditional techonology, being the starport available for those two mission. If you see something weird like being able to build missile tanks, trikes, grenadiers... then you have a custom set of .bin files and need the originals.
  9. [Release] Battle Royal single map - Dune 2000

    Well, I'll release the other 6 factions too, but that's the deal. Just having a version that it's harder than the original one. Harder, but still possible to win even if you play it in hard. Yes, I am going to check the original version and thinking about giving extra initial money to the Ais. An overall weak early Ai, but not falling out of money too early. Of course the current 1 vs 6 hard version will have Ais with the same extra money too. The 1 vs 6 nightmare version surely would have Ais with 999.999 credits on top of other stuff.
  10. [Release] Smugglers Campaign

    15-20 minutes I think. the screen said 30 minutes when I quit, but I paused a moment.
  11. [Release] Battle Royal single map - Dune 2000

    Morale it's at 100, so Ais are not affected by that. It's just the AI have poor economy management, they mighy overrun in the long play, but not too early. I mean. Just Imagine if I already release the map as it is now. 1 vs 6, the very same version you played, only with a proper briefing. You would play it again as it is now? (I mean for fun, not for testing). I didnt' played your map yet, but this is a skirmish type of map; my idea it's to use hidden numbers (not spawn, extra reinforcements or buildings...) to make the AI stronger. Also with a quick look on your map the spice it's really near ro the AI, while in my map (well, the original skirmish map I used for this) it's a gamble to the AI depending on where he builds the ref. Also, I don't want to give multiple buildings. the land it's not that big. A guy already have trouble because the Smugglers blocked himself with buildings, and it's not the first time I see the mercs deploying a building near one of their entrance nearby blocking that path. But anyway; I am expecting the "unlimited money" (at least for the nightmare version) and then things like the ref being a low priority, thinks like that. Also, think about the initial buildings. You have Harkonnen building 2 devastators as his first units, mercs building raiders-quads. Smuggler buying stuff and Imperial training several Sardaukar at the beggining. Withouth running out of money and not using the queue to build more harverster the AI will build non-stop. That should be enough.
  12. [Release] Smugglers Campaign

    Yes. Noone come at me. Besides a trike, a infantry or so spawned by the buildings noone come at me.
  13. [Release] Battle Royal single map - Dune 2000

    I literally changed alliance Ordos with the player that's it. The enemy attacks first and intervals of 10.000 ticks, that's 3.3 minutes in max speed, but at the first minute he already beat 1 AI. Then at 2:10 minutes the first Fremen attack, at 3:20 some infantry too and at 5 minutes a couple of devastators. It's not a big early attack (never was the original map); only the smugglers have a bit more stronger attack (more early money + starport, if he buy units), but that AI was defeated at 1 min. And then at 6 min or so you can see a few more attacks, not strong, but the Harkonnen are going against the Ordos and the mercs are nowhere near the player to go against him. By the time the enemy start having more power, aarmaageedoon already have an insane army, so he instatly win. Since the attack timer act as random and the enemy it's playing "skirmish" the Ai it's not really anything near strong. The original map it's easy, just to messing around and etc. aaaannnnd I can't beat myself the 1 vs 6 version map that Fey played, soooooo I am bad, that's why I am asking better players to test it. Maybe I misunderstood. I'll do the question better: Did you enjoy the map to play it again in a future (or the other versions when I release them)? or you only played it because I told you so but you were that bored that are going to delete the file as soon as you finish it? Because the point it's this: you (and players with some skill) are the ones that are going to play the 1 vs 6 version of the map, not me. As a final Note: I'm asking Aarmaageedoon for advice to do another version changing some numbers on the AI that I think will transform the map a lot much harder (or I hope). Still, Fey: I want to know the answerd for the version you played (1 vs 6). Because maybe (maybe) <maybe> I'll do three versions: Battle Royal (1vs1vs1vs1...): For regular-begginers (although I am going to do a few test to see if I can activate the Ordos's saboteurs). Battle Royal <hard version> (1vs6 / 2vs5): for people with good enough skill to play good at max speed, they find the original version too easy. <= version will be 1vs6 or 2vs5 depending of your answerd. Battle Royal <Nighmare version> (1 vs 6 Inflated ultra-powered Ais): For people that want to play Touhou but in Dune. Ai will cheat with the initial money (and because of that the priorities of the buildings will change too, he won't waste time on more harversters, etc...). I still don't know what changes I'll do to the "nightmare" version, but I am tempted to give the AI 999.999 credits in the original map-version (or 20.000 initial credits at least), just to give the AI some consistency to his attacks and giving the player a bit more of action. Of course, the Hard version that Fey played will have the same "cheat" (or no, depending of his answerd), still the Ai will only have 1 of each building and etc...
  14. [Release] Smugglers Campaign

    I destroyed the base, captured the CY (and sold it), I capture the Heavy Factory and sold it when I realice the initial heavy factory capture already was imperial. Then I captured the 4 silos; the other two deploy and that happens. The first part was easy, the enemy barely builds anything (well, except rebuilding the turrets) and I am not a fast player, just 1 lonely trike and/or quad coming for bottom but that's it.
  15. [Release] Smugglers Campaign

    Mmm... This it's suppose to happen in mission 9 v2? I cleared the first land, a couple of MCV dropped and started to build. Then the line was trigger because my splash damage, so I loaded and attack them manually, both are "neutral", I don't know if this was suppose to happen or just a wrong flag somewhere. Yup, now it's impossible to play xD, I get the message even when I retreat my units so... something it's wrong.