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  1. Do you have the mission launcher in the dune game root? If no, you need to place it there (together with the dune2000.exe file and so on). Check the file called resources.cfg, open it with the notepad. it only shows 5 lines with paths, check if those are fine. if you are using windows 10 you may try this (but not sure if related with your problem) https://gruntmods.com/dune-2000-windows-10-hotfix/ If nothing wrong, download that dune2000.exe to overwrite yours (you can do a back_up of the one you have just in case). https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/26661-dune-2000-106p-game-patching-bug-fixes-new-features/ You shouldn't need anything more else, except maybe the "dune2000config", but that's more if the game doesn't start and you said it does.
  2. oooh, alright, I though that maybe I did something wrong. You can see that I am already using the feature, even with the custom colors for those "AI" that are not named as any faction; this is going to help me during this campaign since index 5 it's going to use Ordos color.
  3. I am confused on this part. You start with player1 [Player1] name=Tleilaxu Right short=TlxR But when I tried, the first player it's "player0"; here I have the .ini and the editor opened. and ends with player7; while in your notes ends as player8; copy-paste from your post gives me "unnamed" instead Tleilaxu Right
  4. Did you try with control panel, and "uninstall a program"? Maybe the entrance it's around there and you click on it to remove any that's left of the program so you can install it again.
  5. Alright. download it already. Avast like to "suspect" about your editors but usually after a while it sais it is safe, so I cannot open it right now. But I will being to use from now on my new work. I will try the thing with the Custom folder-stuff because I want to rename "Smuglers" as "ordos" and "ordos" as another thing. {Players.ini file} The lines that have the "{}" means "you can rename as you want" if I am not wrong, right? Those deployable menus (intel, colour.bin file, mods.file) will reconize already existing folders I guess, just like with the music. Good thing I was cautious and instead making multiple "campaign folders" per every campaign or single mission of mine, I grouped all my works (that needed something extra) as the same campaign-name and inside there are several mods-folder for every thing. Enjoy your vacation; thanks for all the work. Do you want this almost-definitive version to be in the Index?
  6. Oh, something that I found happening, it is not a big deal, but we currently have some people working on tilesets and I found something on the current version of the editor. This is version 1.3 I open this preset, I click on this specific tile I can use it to paint or whatever I need. If I press space bar and deploy the whole tileset, the editor will have it marked as well. However, in the 1.4 version (candidate 3) this no longer happen. Doing the same steps, but the program keep the default 0,0 position marked instead. I don't know how much trouble can be to be changed back or if you were aware, or maybe some kind of line I am missing on the .ini?
  7. That's really good; having access to "this modified outpost now it is suppose to be a heavy fact" will help in the creation of maps. I knew that this was related with the "unit/building" for everybody; but I didn't know if it has any other use. Never researched on it. The renaming of the sides that's something I am going to use, for sure; I am already making a campaign that have the player a different color from the Ordos, a darker version of red/wine. But also 3 more Ais will have different colors as well, while keeping Atreides, Harkonnen and Ordos intact to fight them. So right now, I have 4 slots reserved from these houses, but from now I need to remember that "player = index 2" and "Ordos = index 5". So yeah, at the very least being able to rename the factions and showing the actual colors that's something I will totally will make use of.
  8. Thanks for the explaining; I never went too har on the tiledata.bin or edited it.
  9. I can't, it looks the same to me xD. Having the name of the actual faction and new vehicles it's nice when using tibed and switching units. This affect the AI tab too? "unit build priority" line, although this could be tecnically renamed directly if neccesary (if I am not wrong). - Modified TILEDATA.bin What this mean? I never worked with the tiledata. so I am not sure exactly. I only know that vanilla dune doesn't have Deviator for Atreides, raider for Harkonnen or Atreides High tech for Ordos and so on, while the current version have it. Having a vanilla version move it into the editor will have any impact? like if you try to place those units the editor can't or something like that.
  10. -Added: Challenge set of maps - By Cm_Blast -Added: 1P Outpost Defence missions - By Kipp & UL -Added: VengeanceDM campaign - By VengeanceDM -Added: Heroes of Might and Magic 3 fantasy tileset - By azimovhaas8 -New Section: TILESETS, that contain all the tilesets available.
  11. It is really amazing. Not much for rifts, but it can be created enough open fights with this. It is going to be hard when I try to pick those items but doesn't behave as the original game; anyway, good work =).
  12. Depending on how you deep you want to edit the game, you will need 1 or more tools. Check this post, it is a full index I made to have all together. https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27756-all-completed-mods-and-tools-index-dune-2000/ On the "tools" section you have every tool you may want to use, from doing new missions, tileset editors, music editors and so on. There is a Map and mission editor v1.4 on the way not available into the index because it it is not complete, but if you use the search box on the top area and write "map and mission editor" it will show as the first post the next "candidate", which I would suggest to use even if it is not 100% complete.
  13. It is normal that the "Editor Area type" it's grey? i loaded yours manually here, and that part it's grey, but only on the giedi prime, but on the other I can change it if I want. maybe related with this problem?
  14. No, the tileset only contain terrain, a few buildings for decoration and the crates generated on the floor.
  15. Yes, I'll use that, and that shotgunner probably too. Individually in certain missions on a certain campaign (so not always) but still, this is something I will make use in the future.
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