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  1. I was wrong; executing cncnet5 don't revert changes. If you need/want I can upload here several files, all the .bins that can be changed depending of the mod applied. I have several folders for every-mod, plus one to revert to the original state so the game will become stable again. For you or anyone that need. All the files goes on the same folder, so recovering the original game it's easy :P.
  2. I only really have 2 campaigns and maybe 3 missions with modded file, but I don't remember adding the grenadier at all (never like it the unit). On the other hand On my campaigns that afect the original game have a folder called "Back_up" which contain the original file to recover the vanilla game. I think (not sure about that) if you execute the cncnet.exe once (the online feature) the files got reupgraded (into the original) to avoid people to play with different rules. Try it if you can. Execute the online feature, exit the game and start my mission 8 again and look if the eengineer it's there, because this campaign not use any other adition, only the most basic stuff. The adition of the grenadiers may affect AI production, when the AI takes 1 minute to produce a single unit a grenadier will be produce instead a new combat tank, for example. It's not like the campaign will change badly withouth that unit, but it's not suppose to be there :P. And thanks to play my campaign =D.
  3. Yeah, he is using modified files, not the originals so... the player it's suppose to take as many ally buildings you needs to win (since the player it's suppose to be a better player than the AI); but I went this map from hard (first time I test it) for maybe too easy now Anyway; since the Ai do weird things I don't mind being a bit more easy than expected.
  4. Yeah, you are suppose to use more eengineers, since the briefing point you to "capture, but don't be too greedy"; congrats by winning by only using troops; I knew the map wasn't too hard, but didn't expect that :P.
  5. Cm_blast

    Dune 2K Map Editor question about AI

    I think the _spawn.mis it's a default file that it's used for every map with no .mis or something like that. The timer It's for a non-written rule that pro players do on online game. it's a no aggression between players on the early going, but nothing can stop them to ingore the timer and fight each others, it's just a visual indication. But just something: when you said "I try it yesterday" you mean trying onthe skirmish part? or on the "test - quick launch/ launch with settings" on the editor directly? Try to play using the online option, not skirmish. Create a new "game",ask for a random password (nobody will join you) and try playing that way. I know plenty on campaign type of missions but not skirmish, I never did any map for skirmish before. If you want you can create a new topic; as the title write "skirmish: not able to build message" and explain how you did a new map and that message appears everytime you build something even although the game let you to do it (since that message it's not related with the AIs, feel free to do a new topic asking for that). I hope the more veterans on skirmish maps can help you on that.
  6. Cm_blast

    Dune 2K Map Editor question about AI

    The first I may tell you it's to get the lastest editor version possible. version 1.2 (on "about" appears the version). This is how it looks the terrain tab: The editor looks better and were added a couple of new features (although I don't think the editor it's the problem here). You can download it from here: https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27226-release-dune-2000-map-and-mission-editor-v12/ I never created any skirmish online map, but there is something that it's not right there. On those screens appears "testmap", a name that the program use when you click on the test buttom to launch the game withouth recurring to any other launcher (a quicklaunch). "testmap" will be overwrite everytime, but editing "testmap" it's not affecting the map you are doing. First, be sure that you have your map pick up, not any other map called "testmap"; if not just use the "save as" option and change the name; "raze map" or whatever you want. Later, on the top side of the editor there is a "mission" menu, there appears "unassign .mis file". Skirmish maps not use any ".mis" file that probably your's have. After you click on the "unassign .mis file" your cannot longer enter on the windown that you show us here in the second and third screenshots. I think the .ini it's still needed, but you cannot do it on the editor (the editor don't ever let you to enter on that part). But no problem, create a new file, called "raze map.ini" and open it (word pad or anyother text-editor): on the original skirmish-westwood maps we can read: [Basic] Name=Habbanya Ridge (SM 2 player) So you do the same. On your ini file write that except that changing "habbanya" for the name of your map (can be the same as the file or not). After you are done, a "raze map.map" and "raze map.ini" can be moved into the path "\gruntmods\dune2000\data\maps" (if you are not saving the map on that folder already); and this should be enough. Execute "cncnet5.exe" again to update it and you only need to search your map in between all the maps that appears there. Just remember that a pure skirmish map don't make use of any ".mis" file; So be really sure that your map don't have assign anyone (on the "mission" submenu will apear "assign .mis file") and if any .mis file was created on the process delete it. I can recommend to you first to click on "unassign .mis file" and then "save as" with another name as you first step, so you don't need to deal with any .mis file. Also do it in a separated lonely folder, (just to track it more easily unless you are already doing it). If this seems too complicated to you would be better starting from the begginin with a new map, clicking ont he"unassign .mis file" before hitting "save". If you need more help I can try to show you more screenshots or whatever you need.
  7. Cm_blast

    Dune 2K Map Editor question about AI

    First I want to know exactly what you mean with "i create a map for dune2000 and activatet it". If you only created the terrain of the map (rocks, sand, spice, the initial positions) then it's really weird that to happen. Now; if you messed with the AI's tab section, that's a different story, because you could "activate" the AI but not make it to play in skirmish style. If you didn't touch the Ai's tab section, ignore this. If you really created a map from zero (new map option) it's really weird since when you play using the online launcher (online/skirmish) the AI will use one default type of AI, so they are suppose to play the map. Since you are new you are not allowed to upload files yet, but if you find a way to share the map here so we can have a look at it.
  8. I'm glad you like it. I agree the AI is very aggressive, although they don't group tons of units (for the most time), so the Sardaukar do the job very well. People around here are expert, even on max speed they are good enough to survive my maps :P. This campaign it's not specially hard; I did much worse campaigns.
  9. I tried to play both maps using the cncnet this time. First map was like the last time I played except this time my ally took forever to build a unit to attack the outpost. Before he was sending lots of troopers, but this time my ally just was building units to defense his base and, by the time the first attack finally arrive, they went against the enemy main base (I talk about ground units, not reinforcements) Also "Imperials" (since you didn't said anything about sides or colors, I let the game be random; they were Ordos on my game) never send a single unit to defend the defense area; just want to tell you that you have another unknown set to 0; I suggest to pick up the original A4v1 or H4v1 and copy-paste the value there into the unknown. I don't know what that value do, but I can tell that right now the defence area didn't work on my play. I started to destroy enemy harverster out of boredom, since there was nothing more to do. The map took me 40 minutes to win, but I speed the game to the max during the last 5-10 minutes or so. I already crushed all the enemy troopers I could with my tank, but in between attacks/reinforcements I couldn't do anything else but taking out more harvester. About second map: I used your specifications of no starting units, tech of 4, 4000 initial credits and 1 AI team. I build a bunch of initial units, but I lost 1 harverster by the time I had almost 5000 credits because the sandworm. I let my ally to defend the base for me while I was harvesting. I had the game playing at max speed so I lost the other harverster and that was the end to me (at 8600 credits). Probably the second human should be the one that try to gather the quota since their refs are a bit more near the spic,e, but anyway; not a bad map to play with a friend or even possible to win on alone (but playing better than I did). You really need to add the "noMCV" line into the ini so no more MCV appearing on the middle of the enemy base and no more turrets shooting them for no reason (same with the initial credits and starting units so you no longer need to give us indications of how many money and units we should start with).
  10. Cm_blast

    [WIP] Smugglers Campaign 2!

    Yeah, "bear" in spanish xD. Jokes asides, you are using plenty of names for new enemies, that's interesting; I wonder the "new" stuff that they will use on the battlefield. Probably you are abusing test.uibs to do some new naming, right?
  11. This is the release on my newer Campaign for the Emperor side. Since now the game no longer have bugs with the Repair Pad and with the adition of the editor that allows me to place any building and unit I can; I decided to create my second Emperor campaign, this time without recurring to Tibed or any other special tool. STORY: The campaign takes the inspiration of the original plot from the Dune 2 and 2000 series. The Padishad Emperor Shaddam IV challenge the three main houses to fight for the control of Arrakis, but this it's just a trick to bring the Atreides to Arrakis, far from their original planet; then the Emperor will use both Harkonnen and Ordos to take out the Atreides Forever. Unfortunately, the Emperor gets sick and things have started to go downhill. The Sardaukar that were part of the Harkonnen army (which have helped to conquer some Atreides territories) don't want to come back to their leader; instead they remain on the Baron side, since the Emperor may died at any moment, the harkonnen seems a more safe election. The Bene Gesserit Lady Elara, chief counselor of the Emperor, takes charge of the situation and send the best commander available (you) to give to both Harkonnen and those rebel Sardaukar a lesson they never forget. What about the Ordos? They will follow The Emperor's plan or they will go by themselves with the absence of Shadam IV? Can the Bene Gesserit Lady Elara recover the control of the situation and continue with the plan? GAMEPLAY: This campaign will start with a very low tech, increasing from mission to mission. Lady Elara will tell you all the info needed to succedd; sometimes she or a few of her buildings will be there to assist you, but for the most part you will use the imperial Army. On the early going a few Sardaukar will be deliver from time to time as part of reinforcements. Once the Starport become available more will arrive at once, helping on your battle. Also the Imperial Palace although can't be builded, several maps have the building already placed there, so you can train Sardaukar naturally. Some missions have a very low tech or even withouth a Construction Yard present, but from mid to late campaign the game will be a very classic base to base. Discover on your own what ally Lady Elara it's able to maintain or if the plan changes definitively. NOTE: Tibed wasn't used at all. The Imperial Palace will be available on some levels from the start, so Sardaukar are produced as usual. Also, the player never start with a CY already placed but a MCV. Once the player deploy this unit the High-tech Factory will become available to build later, so there it isn't any problems here. SCREENSHOTS: FILE: Like usual, the files incluse all the missions needed. Also a couple of extra files that are not really necessary if you are already playing using gruntmods, but needed if it is the vanilla game. Tibed wasn't used at all. The Emperors Plan.zip
  12. Cm_blast

    Aviso de actualización de Dune 2000

    Bien, espero que esto añada más variedad en esos niveles de base contra base, ya que hay escenarios que se parecen los unos a los otros aunque sea una campaña totalmente diferente. ¿Y que hay del gusano? ¿Vas a liberarlo de su jaula o incluso añadir más durante esos niveles tan grandes y con tantos enemigos? --- Good; I hope there are more variety on those missions base vs base; since there are scenarios that resemble each other even if it is a totally different campaign. And what about the sandworm? Are you going to free it from its cage or even add more on those big levels and with so many enemies?
  13. Cm_blast

    D2k AI Manual

    This is the manual for editing AIs using Klofkac's editor. Fey and I prepared this manual to give both newcomers and veterans all the info that we have found during all our intensive mapping and testing. This manual covers all the known lines with plenty of info. Lots of them are still unknown, maybe unused. If anyone find something new or any part of the manual is wrong, feel free to tell us. Thanks! File: D2k AI Manual.docx
  14. Right, they indeed appear next one to the other; however one appear as "Honored matres : mission 1-something" meanwhile the other appears as "Co-op 2p vs 1 AI Honore's matres campaign mission 2". I only know this two missions are related and are part of one campaign because I am following this posts, but nothing on their name suggests that they are part of a same story.
  15. Good. I wish I could play the way it's suppose to be. I'll give a try anyway, even if I end playing alone. I don't know if during online-skirmish options the maps appears on alphabetical order, but if that happens you should rename all your maps with the same name adding "1" for the first mission, "2" for second and so on. They would be more easy to find if they appear togethers (on top of that, a group of 9 maps will pop-up in bewteen the hunder skirmish maps over there).