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  1. Finally I played this map. I like the beggining, when all those infantry were coming my way I was "oh, It's better if I build barracks now", because I knew troopers will come too. Besides the first regular attack (not dtrops) the map went well. The way the map is designed makes very easy to defend against Ordos and smugglers, was funny placing 8 missile tanks taking vehicles like nothing. I send a couple of trikes around searching for a path to bypass the mercs, so I did, destroyed the small Ordos base and from there I could take easy the Ordos Base. I even attacked the two sides of the Ordos base although I ignored the windtraps and just captured the building. I didn't really need the mercs, but I choose to not to fight and just use them as my ally, just in case. Good map.
  2. [RELEASE] Tleilaxu Campaign

    Good to know that mission 5 was only hard at the beginning; other people had problems with the overall mission 5 because all those mercs coming to the player.
  3. Good work, maybeI'll see you in the next one .
  4. Good to know that tactic also works for you. Placing all the buildings works too; just take a good amount of time because first defenses are needed, and with the little room to place buildings can be hard to have everything and move your units around. Anyway, only 1 battle left :P, good luck. That's much shorter, but I think fits well as the last fight.
  5. If you still can continue don't stop. Eventually the attacks will be less opresive, but if you already lost too many harversters then not. Of course, having carryalls and sending the harversters to the south is the best area to mine safety. Anyway, map is hard indeed. But check how many buildings you have left to build, because maybe you can rush them and with the extra reinforcements given for doing that is enough to you to recover. I mean, I don'k know how far you are, but if you have everything except the repair pad (for example), try to build it quickly; with a bit of luck you can still survive.
  6. Good. I found hard that sometimes I let some light infantry/sieges to cover against the engineers, and then when I am paying attention to other place (an attack, buildings, etc), I loose those units because enemy attacks and by the time I notice the engineer steal one of my refs, otherwise is like you said, only a threat at the beginning, since you don't expect it. Defend yourself with turrets more than with tanks. The area is indeed small, but you should have enough to place all the buildings and at least 3 refineries. There are differents areas to mine, so if you can try to split the refs so the spice last longer, at least at the beginning. Just deploy all the buildings as soon as possible, I mean; if you have only 1000 credits but the repair pad is the remaining building to place, build that instead a combat tank. The reward for having everysingle building will worth the pain to have all the buildings together. Just care about the map itself. Can be hard to navigate with too many units, so smaller groups are required.
  7. They have a slow pace, but everytime one AI attack (there are three) the player is going to be attacked for 2 or 3 sides at the same time (or almost, since quads/trikes reach the player faster), also, not 1 engineer, but 3. There are 3 enemies just doing that:sending engineer. I have to ask. Did you reverted the original "templates.bin" after you ended my Emperor campain?
  8. You're weird xD. This specific map is hard because the enemy attacks for everydirection and because having 2 harversters in the same spice spot they just push each other (so at the end only 1 harverst and the other stay still). But anyway, good to know that this was a easy map for you. I am talking in real time, and in real time the player recieve 1 reinforcement or 1 delivery (Alternating) every 2.5 minutes.
  9. There are reinforcements every 2.5 minutes, I don't think I should fast them more. Also, you don't need a full big attack to defeat the enemy. Take the refinery and/or the factory and that's it, ignore the rest of the buildings. I don't know, Fremen never attack my harverster before 10-15 minutes into the game (when the near spice is depleted), only the sandworm eating my harverster. Good to know, I have problems to win this map xD.
  10. The best option is to split your units and look what the enemy is sending. Every base builds just one type of units, so when the enemy send units you need to counter them. Place 2-3 siege tanks together to shred all the enemy infantry. and I suggest to place your missile tanks behind the walls, so enemy combat tanks will shoot at the wall instead (and place your light infantry/trooper/Fremen on the front, so the enemy tanks-missile tanks will shot at them, barely doing any damage). And of course, if missile tanks are coming, you can send your quads to destroy them before the AI react (or they'll kill 2 quads while you destroyed 6 missile tanks). Don't rush the enemy, for example the base with only troopers/infantry can be defeated by using only 3 siege tanks, you don't need anything more (the other units defend your buildings). The base with Quad/trikes can be defeated easily by sending some siege tanks, combat tanks and or troopers, so the missile tanks and quads can defend. Those two are the most easy to destroy, so start for there. Also, attacking harverster will make the AI to try to defend it, so you can use this tactic to defeat the only-missile tank base (the way the map is designed will split a lot the enemy, so you can defeat those units one by one). just remember this is a guerrilla warfare, small hit and run attacks, not a Full-army attack. Not really. On easy your units cost less and build faster, but the enemies are the same and the sandworm is the same too. Just amass together all the light infantry, don't let the sandworm eat your harverster and you'll be fine. And don't go for the enemy, wait for him. Only when they are in range click to attack or use the "guarding" command, but wait for them. By the way, I am curious, what about mission 05? the one with lots of sandworms? You said you defeated that, so that was hard, very hard or...?
  11. well, at least you beat some of them :P.Mission 6 is indeed hard because how fast pace is: Mission 8 is not that hard. For mission 9 you can rely on your ally.
  12. [Full] Ordos Remake Campaign by Dark Wesker

    If you update that map you can also change the control Harkonnen/Emperor, so in the launcher is in the Emperor group of missions. There is in the editor a menu "map" - "change structure owner", so you can make the emperor side being another side so the player now can truly be Emperor. Fair enough.
  13. Sorry about that. If it helps. Follow this order in the regular "building a base" type of map: - First place a refinery as close as possible to the spice. - Build barracks next. Do the upgrades and start building a good amount of troopers. - Meanwhile troopers are being trained, builds two more refineries, again as close as possible to the spice (if possible, place the refineries in separated mining areas, so those areas last more and your harverster has less distance to drive. - And from there just the heavy factory, some tanks, Gun turrets and some more troopers. This works for almost every campaign and every mission. If the problem is another mission tell me which, Maybe I can help.
  14. [Full] Ordos Remake Campaign by Dark Wesker

    Played your saboteur map, well, it's just a "trial and error" type of map. Once you know where the buildings are the mission is really easy. Now, the Fight for Emperor A. Your ally don't buy units so that building is useless. The mission was easy, but I miss having at least a few fast units to scout the area so I can see where I should deploy the harverster in the first minutes of the game. Anyway; I couldn't beat the map because the game crashed. I don't even know what the text means, but I think has to do with the AI having too much trouble to reach the player. I reloaded my save (like 5-10 min before the crash) and I can see the "Emperor side" having a good amount of tanks, and since there is barely room to move all those units when attacking the player (plus the extra deliveries you given) that makes the AI to crash. You need to help the AI to move their units. Removing walls, or rifts, or something. I don't know.
  15. [Release] Spacing Guild campaign for Dune 2000

    Good to know you beat my missions. Mission 8 is the hardest because the enemy is very aggresive. It's heavily based on the Red Alert 2 Soviet campaign, the one which you need to use your nuke to destroy the Kremlin and, like that map, you can't outpush the enemy. Also, the starport is a big help, buying tanks for 150 credits it's a big deal.