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  1. Another update, on mission 4 (hard) 1 of the players had silos on top of the enemy base, now it is fixed. And for mission 7, I was told that both easy and hard were too easy considering 2 humans playing, so now both are harder: For Easy: the amount of enemies spawned are double (tanks, sardaukar/Fremen) and triple (light vehicles). For Hard: The amount of enemies spawned also double/triple, but now there are more repetitions, so they keep spawning during the whole duraction of the game.
  2. I release a really important fix. I didn't know it, but 3 files were given too big names (AND smugglers) resulting on those three not appearing on the online lobby. At the same time, on the final mission the 2 players will face 3 ixians, but on the lobby it appears as "AND Smugglers" which it is not right. First post updated and file reuploaded.
  3. Cm_blast

    Dune2000 online

    Porting missions require some time and efford. Human 1 will control the Atreides units and structures on the map. Human 2 will control Harkonnen. and any extra Ai needs to be in the order of Ordos, imperial, Fremen... So in order to port a campaign, let's say, the Ordos mission 9, you need to be sure that the "ordos" are switched to ATreides, and the "mercenaries" are switched to Harkonnen (and viceversa). Not just units and structures but events as well, (starport deliveries, reinforcements, mission win and mision loose, etc...). But just for the record, it already exist these Ordos mission ported to coop long time ago.
  4. -Added Campaign: Work Mercenaries By General Sardukar -Added Coop Campaign: Ixian invasion - By Cm_Blast
  5. Just train troopers: They are cheap, cannot be eated and will kill the sandworm more quickly than any other unit.
  6. @go1 An user called Danku, which started playing the game at the max speed possible recently (a speed which makes the game harder to control and he is still not fully used to play this way) and he defeated that exact campaigns a couple of weeks ago. It took him a few tries and save-loading, but he could. If you need some guidelines you can check his playlist of that campaign here: It has the whole campaign in different videos, it can be a bit of help as maybe Engineers are killed because you are trying to escape with infantry as well (a mistake he also did); and for mission 8 you are suppose to use the units given for different jobs, not going against the turrets in a frontal attack. Every type of unit has an specific job, being strong against an specific type enemy. If you need help to speedrun it, you can use this other video list from a very high skilled player, same campaign, defeated the whole campaign in 2 hours and half, considering he plays the game in hard difficulty. Anyway, If you think that this missions are too hard, then I suggest to you to pick any mission on the index that sais "rearrange by Cm_Blast" these are not my campaigns, but the very early campaigns which they usually much easy and simple with not many secondary objetives; I only made them so you can play them using the launcher withouth overwritting the original missions (because back in the day it was that way). However, be sure to copy certain extra files added; those authors edited the text in game the old way, which I couldn't fully traslate withouth checking every line of the 1400 (per campaign) just to see if there were custom messages... so I just reused whatever stuff they added. If this seems a bit complicate to apply and you prefer to go more easy, you can play the Atreides, Mercenary and Ixian campaigns made by Feda, which are already included on gruntmods so you don't need to do anything but play them; those are also early campaigns but less simple that the other early ones, so it can be a good starting point.
  7. Yes, 8 of them. mostly the same, but with the 2º human player controlling the area of the AI ally you usually play with.
  8. For the first time; I am releasing a Coop Campaign, mean to be played by 2 humans. Keep in mind that this is not a made from scratch, but instead, I picked my "Herectic alliances" Campaign (which presented an Ally AI for all the missions) and I transforme it into a proper coop campaign. The herectic alliances mission 9 is more open than the original mission, now you can attack different enemies instead forming a big bottleneck as the vanilla mission was. Also, one of the herectic alliances mission wasn't suited for 2 humans, so I remove it and instead added a different mission from another campaign (so this is still a 9 mission campaign). I took in consideration that two humasn harverst more, so there are lots of more spice everywhere, both players and enemies. STORY: Well, since online/coop games doesn't have any sort of briefing and I don't want to add extra .txt files to read for every mission; the generic story goes on how the Ixians started to conquer Dune, and they all already defeated several strong Houses on their path. It's up to the last 2 sides that can still hold to pushing back the Ixian invasion into their own capital and defeat every one of them. CAMPAIGN: This campaign just reuse most of the events, like reinforcements, spanws and so on, but several parts have been oversimplified as they don't made sense for the coop. However; I altered multiple things, mostly on the terrain so the 2º player (or even both at the same time) has enough room to deploy a full base. This is a comparison: vanilla mission -- Coop version Same map and terrain but bigger, also there are much more spice so two humans can still get money in the long run. Enemy ais also get bigger mine field to harverst. About the objetive of every mission, there will be a message appearing at the very beggining of the mission that will write "destroy the Ixian base" or "protect the Smugglers". There is no really other objetives than either destroy the enemy or defending your ally (or both), avoiding specific objetives or goals. Even for secondary objetives such as "build the starport to get extra deliveries", instead writing them off, the player that gets those units for free will beging the mission with the Starport already placed on the map. This also makes this mission not set up in a mirror match up, as most of the time (but no always) the player 1 will start with the CY and several units, while the player 2 may start with certain structures there, and probably much less units or even with a lower amount of credits than the other player but, in return, it gets those free units later in the game. The enemy Ai values are very similar on what the enemy used to have in the vanilla campaign, although considering that there is a second human player (more usefull than an AI) I made the enemy to increase their speed production after all/most the enemy drops are done. HOW TO SET UP GAMES: I tried to be as simple as possible, and as clear as possible, so I don't want to bring a ultra-high explanation or plenty of screenshots to set up every mission. Instead, the name of the maps will tell you exactly what kind of IAS you are to face. Like this: Ixian Invasion 1 [Coop 2P] (Easy) Vs 1 Ixian This means that on your lobby, you need to set up 1 enemy AI that will be "Atreides" and will wear the light-brown color. Or this: Ixian Invasion 4 [Coop 2P] (Easy) AND Smugglers Vs 3 Ixian This means that after the 2 players, you need to place 1 Ai that plays as Ordos wearing the dark brown-smuggler color, and then 3 more Ais, all of them being Atreides and wearing the light-brown color. <-- It is important that the "smugglers" are before the "ixians", because you will have a 3º ally on a couple of missions. If you are wondering about what the players should chooose... There are no restriccions! Players can play as Atreides, Harkonnen or Ordos with no limitation. The only thing that it is "banned" is the use of the dark-brown, reserved for the smugglers and the light-brown, destined for the Ixians. It's suggested that people use canon colors (Atreides blue, Harkonnen red) and always the same houses just to feel like you are indeed playing a campaign that last for multiple missions; but you can use your imagination and pretend that Atreides and Harkonnen do an desesperate alliance just to defeat the Ixians... or you both can play as Atreides in blue and Atreides in grey (Fremen); or Harkonnen red and purple (imperials) or as Ordos in Green and Yellow (mercs) and pretend that you are the only alliance that has been not defeated yet by the Ixian assault. The reinforcements the player will get, and even the initial units may vary depending on what the player choose: So if a player with a free-loop delivery pick Atreides, you will get 2 Atreides Combat tanks, 1 missile tank and 2 Trikes; But if the same played chose Ordos, then you will get 3 Ordos Combat tanks and 2 Raiders instead. <--- 3 reinforcements are scripted, player will get only one of them based on which version of the CY you started playing as. As an extra note: Ordos always get a slighly early advantage over the other 2 houses. It could be some extra initial units, or a few raiders instead light infantry, or even 500 more initial credits. Nothing crazy, just a small early advantage. OTHER OPTIONS TO SET UP: things like "tech - credits - units" it doesn't matter, the .ini will give every player their thing; sometimes the first player will start with 6000 credits while the second player with 4500 (because it has some structures already there). You need to activate sandworms or else it won't appear even if I tried to forced them into the game. there is only 1 sandworm per map, so nothing crazy. I suggest to keep active the turrets, even if for challenge purposes you don't want to use them; at least gave the AI the option to rebuild them. EASY AND HARD DIFFERENCES: Two difficulties have been added, one intended for people that simply want to play this coop campaign with a friend for fun, and the other for more skilled players. Easy: The missions are pretty much the same as the originals. The enemy Ai values are roughly the same as they had (or a bit slower-faster); after all the enemy carryalls have stopped dropping units, these ais will increase their speed production. Anything else is the same. Hard: Enemy Ai has be altered to build really fast on most of the situations. Enemy reinforcements or deliveries may be bigger, or may have extra units and/or turrets around the base even for maps where the tech is not enough to build turrets. Sometimes the ais have more factories or an extra CY; it depends on the map itself FINAL NOTE: I didn't play this on coop with anybody, although I checked as much as I could, and I ran small personal tests checking if the player gets the proper version of the combat tank based on the CY/starport or whatever script. So if there is any big error send me the report; I check every mission like 10 times (and everytime I fixed something that it was wrong). However, I don't fully understand how the online-thing goes; so I don't know exactly what will happen with the smugglers, although for the most part they are only a small ally but they still get use of the "enemy build faster on the hard version" and things like that. FILES: Coop Campaign Ixian Invasion Easy & Hard.rar Both difficulties are added to the zip. All share the same name but "easy/hard"
  9. It is possible to change the sandworm sleeping times from that value into ticks? or, at least, some knowledge on which kind of values are. So instead 50 initial sleep which is aroudn 3 minutes and 10-20 seconds (which I know because I used a timer myself) maybe could be translated into 5000 ticks or whatever exact value is, but in ticks. Also there is another thing I just found recently. The moving up and down Condition types is somewhat recent, but it is not working properly. For example, I ahve this set up with this conditions to trigger a message when those buildings are no more (ignore the fact that will trigger the whole game). Then I add a "timer = 1" because I need enemy Ai spawns and since I usually place the "timer = 1" at the very beggining, at the very first slot (so I got used to know that the first condition type is always that one), I proceed to move it all the way to top. It move it, but the event type doesn't register the original values assigned, so what happens is that instead using the 6 "buildings don't exist" now it changes. If a mission is already done for the most part, with Condition and eventsa l ready set up, creating a new condition type and moving it just to recolocate it in a better position will affect most of the events if not all (like the example set up, but imagine having 40 condition types). So this is something that could be implemented, because as it is now, unless you have the event list empty it is not worthy moving up and down the conditions as can affect too many things.
  10. I played the last mission. I want to say that I think I understood the concept. You start as ally with every side, and I think (I think) the point is, when one of those sides become enemy, you use your units to fight and kill as many enemies as possible (but not really the base, as there is not enough time). Then that side turn ally, you retreat, do some reparations and gather more units in preparation for the next side to become enemy. When that happens, you repeat the same procces so, at the very end, when every side become enemy, you have weakened all of them enough so it is more easy to surive as won't be attacked by big armies coming from 5 sides. Now, there are a few problems I want to point that need fixing: - When the Atreides become enemy there is no warning <-- they just turn enemy withouth any indications, with the Harkonnen and Ordos there is one. - Then, the Atreides suddenly become ally with no indications either <--- there is a "The Atreaides have been redeemed, now they are your allies again", but this happens at 27.000 ticks, where the Atreides become allies 4 minutes before this, at 23.000 ticks, so it is confusing where the messages and what happens it doesn't match. - Finally, when the "All vs You" happens, there are a few change of alliances. The Smugglers don't turn enemies, this means that the player can destroy anything they want with no opposition, as you can see on this screenshot: It sais it is an enemy structure but the turret is ignoring me, as the smugglers are ally with me. PD: pointing how you need a only once-flag to avoid the message to appear 5 times on screen before the "mission accomplished"
  11. All right. Just don't forget the alliance fix, that's the most important. being ally with a side that is enemy with you call for disaster, as if that faction attack you you cannot defend yourself because your units thinks "that's an ally".
  12. This Briefing on mission 5 was a bit confusing. I suggest to write every line of dialogue in separated lines, it was hard to track which character was talking. Also, I wasn't sure what the "20.000" and "35.000" spice means, it seems that you need that amount as it even confirms "agree to 20.000" spice, but it seems you don't need that amount but it is just plot-wise. I wish a "Objetive: defeat X" was at the bottom just to make clear which is the final objetive. But I am glad that there is a bit more on story; it just needs separated lines everytime a character talk. Also; I think you did a mistake here: Considering the way the mission is done, it seems unlikely that the Atreides are mean to get this, but on top of that, the drops are devas an harkonnen tanks, so to me it seems that you were intending to make the emperor to get these instead. Only 1 mission more to go. I also wanted to give a look on the last mission, mission 6, I think there is also a mistake around here: You made Mercenaries ally with the Atreides at the same time the Atreides become your enemies, I bet both are mean to be "enemy" each other because what it happens in bewteen; I doub you wanted this as it will be dumb having an enemy destroying you stuff while you cannoy destroy them. I don't know how this mission will play, it feels a bit weird. because at 20.000 the game triggers at "destroy the Atreides base" but 2 minutes later they turn ally with you. Considering that the "Harkonnen are redeemed" happen much early, it seems that when the Harkonnen "paid" you or whatever the Atreides were mean to be enemy from that moment. I don't know. By the way, on a message happening in a timer it doesn't need any flag, a message appearing at "40.000" it doesn't need any flag, it will only trigger once. Like, these ones; if it is only to trigger at mesagge at X amount of ticks, flags are not needed. I like the concept of the map, I will play to get the full taste of it. Pd: as an extra note; I just want to warn you that the limit of blooms are 30, but you have 35 on the last 2 levels; this means that 5 blooms (I cannot remember if the ones at top or bottom) don't appears in the game, so is like they don't ever exist.
  13. A typo on mission 3. I also played mission 4. I like the mission, although it is a bit sad that you fully reused a mission, but well, it could be on the same timeline on your general sardukar campaign so it makes sense that it is the same terrain as it is the same territory on both campaigns. Only 2 missions left to play for me. I assume you won't mind this one on the index too, which I will add shorly after I finish the campaign.
  14. Cool. I played the first 2 and so far is good. There is something to point out. On mission 2, if you destroy the smugglers and then destroy the Atreides, the game still trigger a "now, destroy all the smuggler units and building" or something similar just as the "mission accomplished" appears on screen. It is only needed to add a check on that message if base-smuggler and base-units still exist, just for consistency; game finish just fine and there is no problem. In fact, I like the mission, I though the mission would end just with the ATreides but I got that surprise, I like that.
  15. I just though on something to add into the editor itself for a future launch: Multiplayer options. Although it is not the norm, it is true that exist a good amount of missions which contain specific set ups. Like missions with the players having certain structures (as I saw some files named as "<name well know skirmish map> but with buildings.map" or something similar). But also, coop missions. Right now, as far as I know, there is no way to set up any multiplayer mission (that's it, to play online with other players) besides placing the 8 "player start", requirement to do a multiplayer version. But, there are several options added into the ini with the "[multiplayer]" section that I think it would be a great help from anybody that it is doing a multiplayer mission, as things like the tech, the initial credits and other values can be forced to load the map withouth having to add extra info to tell players to manually start the mission with X tech and X credits. I don't ever know every option that it can be used, so It would great to have the options appearing on the editor and knowning that all of them are there accesible. Plus that's something you cannot add nor remove on the editor right now, it has to be done manually. So, I was thinking on having a second check somewhere this area with the "for multiplayer" <-- For example, 2 small tabs on top of "Rule", one with "general" other "multi". General being used to either kind of mission, and multi designed for multiplayer maps. This is a list that I know for sure, but I can check every map searching for something more if needed (or asking multiplayer map creators). [MultiPlayer] Worms=0 Crates=No UnitCount=0 Credits=10000 StartWithMCV=No TechLevel=3 UseDefaultWinLoseEvents=Yes So lines like this could be placed. Although maybe as a suggestion, since you can use only 1 of them, it shouldn't be needed to inject the .ini with 10 lines or whatever amount it's the total of options. So maybe it can be done that this values appears as "blank", and if given any proper value, they will appear on the .ini, but if I remove the value and leave it empy, then it won't appear later on the .ini when saving. Things like "credits" or "unit count" can be free, but the "yes" and "no" options maybe a small deploy with those two words just to tell people that it is not about a number. I know online has the "enable engineers/turrets", but not sure if that's something that can be forced or not; so it would be good for any multiplayer creator just having, at least, the info on the editor and knowning which things you can force into your mission regarless of what the player seting up the lobby chose.
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