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  1. Cm_blast

    Black borders, small screen

    Did you try the enable "DxWnd" (and the rest of the options than become available with that)? If still, maybe you didn't have the most recent version, which I assumed you had. Here you can download it. https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/26661-dune-2000-106p-game-patching-bug-fixes-new-features/ I don't feel like opening again because messed a bit the visual, but I remember the first menu had the options "windown - fullscreen - extended" and a 4º one that said "no-borders" (I think). If you didn't have that one version you may try it.
  2. Cm_blast

    [WIP] Heighliner Tileset

    So, if I am not mistaken things; this is your grid, more or less: https://prnt.sc/m92isi Did you try to place the borders together with the columns instead? Dunno if that will mess with another graphics, but for example, look at this. https://prnt.sc/m92iuw The black part is suppose to be normal floor, like the other tiles the vehicles are in; the borders here are tied with the colums so the top-left corner (the one that have a line of blue and half part of a column pointing to up) it's blocked either way (either you use borders on the floor or you set another type of floor without the border. Also the missile tanks and the rest of the vehicles graphic won't step up on those borders. Or maybe something in between, like half the border being part of the floor and the other part being on the column tile, but maybe this will refrain too much and then you are forced to do 2 tiles together without any freedom. Keep in mind that I have no idea what it is better, visually or tecnically; I am not saying this as a "you should do it this way" but as a "did you ever through of this?" Also maybe at this point you have all the tiles on your tileset covered and this require a few new tiles from other situations with no borders or this will simply mess you overall visual graphics. so don't ever take this as an advice. For Fey not the final draft.rar
  3. Cm_blast

    Questions about AI

    I know this question was answered already, but in case somebody enter on this post, I will link here the post to another with more info: https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27803-d2k-ai-manual/?tab=comments#comment-395793
  4. Cm_blast

    Black borders, small screen

    Something similar happens to me on Dune 2000 (not small frame, but the black borders). Try every single option and/or combination using the "Dune2000Config" that I assume you have on the game's main folder; if nothing seems to work you may try this older version: Dune2000Config.rar <-- this is the 2016 version. It's the one I am currently using. Before moving my file into your folder, you may rename the one you have there, so you can keep both. Has a few different options, but at least on my case after executing this one I can play the game at 640x400 filling the whole monitor with no black borders.
  5. Cm_blast

    [WIP] Heighliner Tileset

    Ordos Saboteur don't work too well if you do this; maybe something similar happens with the St.Fremen, so be carefull with that. The Ordos may keep spawning saboteurs but don't use them, or they may join as part as a "defensive" unit wandering around. Let's see if I can explain better On that image I don't know exactly how big-smalls are the individual tile, so I cannot see clearly what each tile contain individually. What I mean, your original tile (only 1 tile) it's my red rectangle: A tile that contain half green columns and half floor. Or if that tile it's my yellow (on the second image); A tile that contain half green columns, half floor and the "brown wall" to the left, suppose to block the path. I only refer to that single tile, forget the rest; if the "brown-wall" part to the very left it's part of the green-colum tile or it's just a part of a different tile. If at this point I didn't explain what I mean then tell me where it is the very last version of the tileset and I will try to search it on the whole tileset.
  6. Oh, right; if the .ini doesn't exist the editor create a new one. I did it once but since the program had the wrong paths I forgot about this "solution". Maybe while you were editing to write the correct path you place any letter/number somewhere "breaking" any of the .ini lines. Anyway; I am glad that after letting the editor to create a new fresh file fixed the problem (even if the path was wrong). Have fun doing stuff!
  7. When that happen? And just in case, try to save your map; just any name and then try the test option; maybe that trigger another error with more info.
  8. Cm_blast

    [WIP] Smugglers Campaign 2!

    I guess you have the game with 8 bit graphics, Fey only uploaded the file for the 16 graphics. You can set the game to 16 by entering the main menu executing dune2000 (not the launcher or mid game), in the options appears the 8 or 16 graphics. Or that or you can wait until Fey upload the file to 8 bits too.
  9. Cm_blast

    [WIP] Heighliner Tileset

    That's something good. This will let people (and myself) to make wonders. Yes; I can't tell if it's based on the overall rectangle formed by the base, counting the center of that such area or the corners, of it is based on the point of 1 specific factory or building (or how distance is measured), but that works and you already played a map with this set up. That one on my Mercenary campaign; that map you said the AI recieve deliveries too abundant and quickly; that one. On this map there are 3 enemy Ai's and 1 neutral toward you. Only the 2 weakest Ai's will send attacks against you, while the other just build and keep attacking the other guy, leaving the player alone unless you go too close for them. This is the proof. https://prnt.sc/m85yy6 As you can see, the human player (smuggler) have a insane amount of buildings and units at the front, but the Harkonenn are marching against another AI much more smaller and weaker. No alliances at all. Maybe diagonal tiles count as 2 or at 1.5 per tile, I don't know for sure, but yes, AI with no priority will go against the closest building or units possible (if I place units more at the bottom then those units will go after me). The AI just behave as when you create a drop, attacking the nearest enemy they find). I made this feature as the main theme for that campaign. I was trying to tell the player "you are not a main faction, so you shouldn't be the focus of all your enemies"; almost every map have enemies with no priorities whatsoever. Tell me something. I pointed that the corner looked too transitable (although it wasn't); you added there a brown like-a-wall, right? just like "you cannot cross from this tile into that other tile because this small wall it's blocking your path", I got that right? Because I can deal with that change. I like that walaround to make the corner non transitable although it looked that you could go there. There is something I want to question here: I don't have the tileset in front on me right now, so I cannot see clearly what of the two options you made on the tilesets I mean, if ouy made the tiles like this: https://prnt.sc/m86avo Red tile: Columns only Green tile, Floor + wall Or this other way: https://prnt.sc/m86axm Yellow tile: Column + Wall Blue tile: Floor only I didn't ever did squares there, so don't look at that too seriosly; I hope you understand what I am trying to question here; just to know if your 2 tiles are created into my red+green combination or the yellow+blue one.
  10. Cm_blast

    [WIP] Heighliner Tileset

    Looks promising. When that campaign it's finished I want to play it at full experience. By the way, on the sample map that trigger the error; did you try to make the AI to not have any kind of priority on buildings? so he will attack the closest enemy; maybe this way, if the player it's blocking the bridge that AI try to first go against the units in the bridge instead trying to focus on the player's windtrap (or whatever other building) and avoiding the game to crash for trying to reach a building too blocked to reach. Later you can play it on easy and cheat (more money, more income or whatever) just to bumb dozen of units to occupy plenty of room and seeing if the game crash or not (or even removing the AI and doing the same, just to test who it's the one that cause the error, the AI or the player).
  11. Cm_blast

    Updating and rearranging missions/campaigns from D2k+

    I got a new mod from the "moddb.com" website, by the name "changed Dune". The author its MustaphaTR, which has an account on this forum. I tried to contact him a couple of months ago but not response; anyway; I will post this for collection purpose. Changed dune it's a mod that change a lot the Tech of the game. This mod it's suppose to be applied into the game and then playing the original game with those changes, but he added a few small aditions to some maps to be able to win since, for example, you cannot train engineers on the mission about capturing the smuggler outpost, so some of those units are given on reinforcements. However, he create three custom maps that, although copied from the original maps, they are totally new (enemies moved, other enemies or a total new map), so I am going to upload those three here to showcase the tech. On the spoiler it's the info about all the editing in case you are interested. The custom maps don't showcase 100% of the changes done. The Atreides map don't have tech enough to produce sonic tanks, but at least you will see a difference of not having quads or troopers to help you against enemy tanks. First post updated with this mod and three custom maps, 1 per faction. Remember that applying all the files will modify your game, do back ups before overwritting!
  12. Cm_blast

    [WIP] Heighliner Tileset

    Sometimes doesn't happen, so I didn't want to risk loosing everything written. sometimes appears something I wrote 1 month ago (a private message, although I already sended that one). Once the tileset it's 100% done you can open a new threat or edit this one but with the first being concise; just showing the tileset, mid game and maybe a multiplayer 1 vs 1 map; at least an specific 1 vs 1 map to play in multiplayer could do it. Alright, once I start working with those I will learn the pattern better. Oh, yes, frigates or carryalls crashed. The harvester crashed on the rift maybe you can get a use for that too, or the guy dead onthe sand... things like that, all those details can be used one way or another, I guess.
  13. On your editor open the file d2keditor.ini (with wordpad or any text editor); there is a section called "[Paths]". There will appear some lines, if they are wrong you need to write the path where you have the game. In my case I have it this way. GameExecutable=D:\Juegos\Gruntmods Studios\Dune 2000\DUNE2000.EXE That's the route the editor will try to execute the game; probably you have the game in a folder but the editor has a different path. Check the other three lines too. I am going to copy-paste what I have on my .ini for reference. GamePath=D:\Juegos\Gruntmods Studios\Dune 2000\ GameExecutable=D:\Juegos\Gruntmods Studios\Dune 2000\DUNE2000.EXE TextUIBPath=D:\Juegos\Gruntmods Studios\Dune 2000\data\UI_DATA\Text.UIB MissionsPath=D:\Juegos\Gruntmods Studios\Dune 2000\Missions\ Maybe the last line, "missionspath" don't appear on your .ini; but don't worry about that. I think this line appears to me now that I downloaded the .exe provided in this post and after executing the line it's created. In any case, write the correct path for the lines that appear in your .ini
  14. Cm_blast

    [WIP] Heighliner Tileset

    Because Stone Cold said so! Yes, I know this info. But I was wondering if you ever used the "default" sand to do that. The crates (boxes) on your custom tileset would create sand crates, right? that was yellow? damn, I played your map not that time ago and I forgot already! Also; I removed once the crates completely from the r.16 file xD; I know that mod the game, but if necessary can be done just for the "no crates whatsoever", at least was interesting looking at the result. Yes, I have; I ask you because for the most part I am only using the map editor and that's it. I don't know all the details about the atributes that the tiles have; I remember doing a research back in time looking for behaviour (which tile slow which unit, etc); the early versions of that tile attribute tool has several "unknown" that time I saw it. I'll let that stuff for you guys. I will focus on doing campaigns and, if you both create something cool I will use it one way or another. Check the last post; I was editing something in it; for some reason I couldn't use the arrows, the enter (keyboard still working fine). By the way, something you should give a look, the Luminar's Fremen campaign. His night mission has a reconversion of the rock terrain to blue. Maybe you cannot get anything from it but inspire you or something.
  15. Cm_blast

    [WIP] Heighliner Tileset

    Alright, you know better than me. It's just that the corner green one, the way you did it look like "I can step on tile A; I can step on tile B, but I cannot move from A to B", but dune 2000 don't work that way, so you need to make like "I cannot step on tile A; I cannot step on tile B" just by the visual. Indeed, I also like how you made it to not needed to mod the game at all, you take advantage of the curren situation (crates on shoots and all) to create a buildable area. I guess there isn't any traditional sand, right? I don't remember seeing sand crates, I guess you give to them atributes like half-rock/sand, dunes and that kind of stuff. There are three C&C tilesets done. 2 "green grass" and one snowdy. One of the green use the first C&C tiberiun as spice included, the other gold and the snow have gems. Warcraft 2 (at least this one) has also grass and snow, here: Grass: https://www.spriters-resource.com/pc_computer/warcraft2/sheet/29501/ Snow: https://www.spriters-resource.com/pc_computer/warcraft2/sheet/29503/ Wasteland: https://www.spriters-resource.com/pc_computer/warcraft2/sheet/29502/ Maybe from the snow one you can pick up the ice that form on top of the water, thus having "normal snow" (buildable and all) and "thin ice), enough to walk by, but not to build anything on it. But I didn't ever opened anything or compare with dune 2000 grahics/size or whatever; Maybe they don't ever fit. Also maybe the wasteland looks too much alike to the already dune 2000 one. Oh; I realize that warcraft 2 has a editor, nothing better to get any sprite needed xD. I like that planning xD. I only wish more people were aware of this to have some ideas. And if you need help there is people around here that seems to know better about drawning and things like that. Also not only me, I guess more people may will use your tileset as well. The C&C ones are used for multiplayer skirmish games back in time and I didn't ever know they existed. That already gave me a headache. I think I didn't play anything more than I said; I prefer to wait until a full complete campaign it's done to not loose the style. Your maps, Feda maps and my own maps are played different. (different pace, different spice available, etc...). Also I don't want to go to deep in this post about a campaign because this post it's about the tileset. By the way; I suggest to you to upload on the forum directly a image of your current tileset graphic and a screen shot from mid game using your tileset; maybe one of those links contain what I am saying, but for people that are passing by or anybody anonimous that will end on this post for 1 minute, a quick vission of your tileset would be more appealing than a post with 7 links (even if those links are images). You know, "show, don't tell". With a bit of luck you can hook someone! I am pretty bad at looking at your tileset not deployed; I know the day I need to try to use your tileset I'll be a nightmare to me to understand what tile should join with with other tile. Nothing you can really do, the originals tileset took me a while to find anything of them. I hope by that time you figure how to preset keys on specific tiles :P. Yes, maybe you can use the frigate crashed on the sand to reuse the graphic.