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  1. I think I prefer saboteurs to Fremen; on dune 2 where cool looking (well, just like any other trooper, but since they could spammend anywhere that was a suprise factor), but in dune 2000 they are not too strong against buildings as trooper; I still use them on mission 8, I think that there is a only infantry entrance; I remember taking the enemy CY by grouping 10-15 Fremen, finding the CY and taking it before trying to break the main front, so the AI don't rebuild the turrets. In dune 2 the sabo it's sooo fragile... fast true, but too fragile (and no cloak-invisibility); In the dune 2 campaign I made for dune 2000 the saboteur it's really strong, because you can literally take out any building you want (since no rifts, the sabo can roam free whatever he want). Also Saboteur and Fremen have the same building speed, but you need 10 Fremen to take a building (before the Ai react) but only 1 saboteur to do the job; on dune 2000 I usually send 3-4 to the enemy turrets and then going with a frontal attack. In dune 2 the deviator had the same visual in terrain as the missile launcher, only when selecting were different; the interesting part in Dune 2 it's that the Ordos are like 1 tech behind; on mission 6 (I think) you can build the siege tank with Atreides or Harkonnen, but not with the Ordos, for some reason they can't; So, to me, in dune 2000 wasn't surprise for the lack of missile tank... which it's a shame, i really love the visual of that vehicle over the other two tanks. Purple tanks are so good looking. I cannot tell for sure, but I think back in the day my version was the v1.02 too; dunno, the copy we made didn't allow us to play practice so I can't tell; but I remember much later, after messing with the config, overwritting with a crack and dunno what's more (I feel so good when I "hacked" the game, I mean, applying only the crack wasn't enough, plus I even copied the music from the game, until that point the game was only sound effects, no music); so, the time I played, I remember telling to my brother "hey, play this practice map" and I made the AI being playing hard (to make it harder, since my brother player a ton the game) but the AI was really dumb, he send a much bigger group of units my brother had, but the Ai for some reason choose 1 building and simply forget the other units that were on the path, so they keep diending and not trying to react; I feel so dissapointed (I wanted him to loose!"). In my opinion editors increase the lenght or whatever game. Streets of Rage Remake it's a game that I discovered (a bit late, was already shut down by sega, although I still could get it, you simply don't stop internet) and... that's like, 10 years ago? and I still play it, just because the 100 custom games created; And dune 2000 it's the same; I keep rotating from my own campaigns and still playing the very old ones, even if they are simple in terms of terrain design and scripting, but it's something I still enjoy to play. I think I played this one... or another prequel; today I look at videos and have no idea what the game it's about. I don't ever know if I played correctly back in time; It's like The Heroes of might and magic 2; I remember launching my hero to an neutral enemy, die, recruiting another hero, launching it against another neutral enemy and so on until no money left and still never win XD. Well, back in time you have your brother copying the game from a friend which copied from another friend... on a disquete (or 3, I think used to take dune 2); so... we have the manual (photocopied) with us; all except the first pages were talks about the mentats, the planets and that's part, there is only 1 part of the Harkonnen one because the info about some units were next (and saving money to not do unnecesary copy). I still have a folder... a LITERAL FOLDER full with passwords and anty-copy answerd; like the Budokan one, which we made by drawing the weird characters and then trying, whatever let us in, that's the correct, if not, a cross, and loading the game again and again and again until you had covered 90% at least, so you won't fail that much. Sometimes my brother had the anty-stuff hand-written, but that was those darkness times (still happy times though). I know, on Dune 2 once took me 8 hours to finish the last map. No spice to harvest and only 1 palace to use the saboteur, and praying the enemy turret didn't full-land (so the unit explode); when I saw "finish time: 8 hours" I was "whaaat?". Today I will restart the game, that's for sure XD. Or in Red alert 2; today I will beat both campaigns in normal and, unless still recent, maybe the yuri's expansion... but back in time (no expansion at all) I remember beating the game on normal, then on hard, then on easy and then on normal, all withouth desistalling the game, or passing months or anything. I remember looking for differences on some levels on different difficulties, and in red alert 2 on easy you start with more units and on hard the enemy produce more or at least other units as well; like mission 2 ally I think, the one with Tania and capturing a base with the 4 planes that go in auto-mode near the enemy soviet base. On normal they only build infantry, on hard they also build tanks, and on easy they don't do anything at all (or if he does, do it really slowly). On tiberian sun, at least, enemies shoot faster on hard; but took me lots of time to finish this other game due the train mission; I hate that map.
  2. You know, once using emule I downloaded the game in german. "bah, it's fine, I don't need to be on spanish" I said "I played the game plenty of times, the main goal it's always the same" I said... and then I lost 20-25 min of progress because I destroy that barracks. I wish I could remember my first time playing those mission; I think I played the Atreides first because I always like the design of the Sonic tank on Dune 2 and found interesting the Fremen as an ally (even although the Harkonnen are much stronger not just the palace, but with the troopers in general compared to the infantry). But I think I loose that mission (protecting the fremen) a few times because I didn't reach them in time; took me a while to know you can rush the enemy and win withouth building a base (although today I don't do it; I send half my units around the sietch but I just build like usually just to drag a bit more the map. Again, I cannot remember my first time; But I feel I would look at the starport dissapointed; On dune 2 sometimes a quad, that cost 200 credits, would be available for less than 100 (a 50% discount); But you could order 10 in the same delivery, more of other units if you had available even more money (buying tanks for 180 credits when they usually cost 300 it's also a good deal). I was freaked when, in dune 2, the game pop-up a message "Misil approaching" and looking at a missile appearing from nowhere taking out 3 buildings while you cannot do anything to stop it. To be worse, Imperials use a Harkonnen Palace in Dune 2 too so... that's 2 DH making you saving the game every 5 minutes, just in case. I can tell at least that the mission 9 for the Atreides, at least the first version (the one with a CY and a few windtraps separated from your light factory and barracks); I remember that I though you were suppose to lost that of the map, so my strategy was rushing the heavy factory and the repair pad, getting an VCM and moving it to the bottom area, after that I simply abandon the top part to group all together and the bottom and loose; Even my brother did something similar but selling the buildings instead. I played other RTS where you are suppose to loose a part of your base and you cannot do anything to stop it, so I though the same here. Of course today I will refuse to let the AI to do that, even if that means making the map harder than it needs.
  3. As much as much people trash talk at translations or dubs; I am glad that here, in spain, they took the time and efford to actually release the game in spanish. They even tried to keep the similar type of voice for the mentats, and (in my opinion), enhanced it the best they could (Hark mission 8 intro, were the voice said "Soon Ordos will be extinct"; on the spanish it is say with like a kind of joy, you know, they Joy a Harkonnen may feel for annihilate his enemies). But; I totally understood you; change Dune 2000 for Civilization 1 (much more complex) and that's it, you have no idea what are you doing; but you end learning how the "bronce working" gives you the "Phalanx", the "wheel" gives you the "Chariot" and the "gunpower" gives you the "musketeer"; If I ever played Civ 1 in spanish I would feel a bit lost XD (but I'll probably would read much more the civilopedia menu). Same with Dune 2; but again, spanish release, even if the game hasn't voice effects whatsoever, just some texts in mid-game to warm about sandworms, harversterse release or enemies approaching. Although we had the "manual" (fotocopy from, who knows who had the game originally); but in this case because the anti-piracy system; a question on missions 2 and 8. I eventually learn what armor have the vehicles or that the MCV had 15 units driving it; but when the game asked how far, in KM, the DH can reach... well... time to search the manual. Although not Dune 2000, but on Tiberian sun, the first time I used the concrete for... you know, place buildings on top of it XD; took me a while to understand it's just to block those digging vehicels and force them to deploy elsewhere. But now that you mention; I would like to have the Dune 2 behaviour for Dune 2000; not the decaying HP (which happens in Dune 2 whatever you do, concrete or not, but I think it's a bug, and buildings on concrete weren't suppose to have any decay), but, in dune 2, buildings loose efficiency the more it's damage. A 50% factory produce units slower (I don't know values, but saying that a tank takes twice as much it's not too insane); heh, a red-HP CY takes forever to produce concretes... Outpost doesn't give 100% accuracy information (number of enemy and allies on the radar), repair pad repairs slower, and even the refinery transfer the spice into credits slower. Again, not dune 2000, but on the KKND game I didn't know you could do upgrades on buildings; same as you "wow, the enemy it's using much more variety than me". That's funny man, a very expensive vehicle but you actually produced 9 xD. Luckily in Dune 2, with the manual commands per unit the MCV had a "deploy" command. Play Dune 2 then; enemy AI barely have windtraps to sustain their bases (at least in mission 9), but that's more about the item limit of the game itself. That's something I would like to have today, a limitless dune 2 version with Ai's having the correct amount of windtraps required (and the IX, feels so wrong not seeing enemy special tanks used against the player, except for the early enemy reinforcements). Oh; and recovering from the previous quote; I cannot imagine the amount of time you took to actually build 9 MCV with low power... 20 min at least of gameplay there XD.
  4. I almost forgot to add the final Butlerian Jihad: Zone Zero on this main list. Now added.
  5. Well, saboteur can take any building down with a unit, and the DH, when accurate, can take out 4-5 buildings in 1 launch. Fremen are not even under player control, so to me them being a mix of a Trooper and a tank seems pretty fair. On the genesis they are not op or anything like that; they are about defeating (in groups) a couple of siege tanks, but they are not match for a turret, for example. Under played control you could group 10-15 of them and using them as a meat shield so your siege tanks can destroy whatever enemy base while the turrets waste time to kill them (and since in Dune 2 you can use multiple palace imagine that).
  6. Maybe they were planning to do that but they didn't; on the genesis versions they have indeed much more HP, getting shots by turrets don't drop their health for a few shoots. Same as the team bug for a "tiny" mistake, or the thopters that could be buy with the starport, or the lack of enemy IX centre so they don't send special tanks... or the mercenaries, available but they don't appear on the game. Loops that doesn't work, and so on.
  7. I feel like they were planning to make the spice not as infinite as was suppose to be. The blooms with the 41 numbers only last 9 explosions, so if the map last for 10-20 min (assuming you are harvesting often that area) the spice will be gone for good. However, there are blooms 42, 43 and 44 that last simply too much (I think the 42 last for 19 explosions, which it's tons of time even if you pop them as soon as they appear) and don't ever know the other two (but last even longer). Dune 2000 it's a pretty fair AI. Dune 2 and the other C&C the AI cheats a lot doing things that not a human can do; heh, even in Dune Emperor the AI cheats with the amount of money they get per harv (maybe not in normal, but he does on hard), but Dune 2000 Ai it's a really fair enemy. No unlimited money, no buildings out of nowhere, nothing fishy, they just behave as another human player with the same limitations. Ps: I did that on the original C&C game, which I played like 1 year ago and beat it for the first time just simply doing that, making the enemy to gave up (since just 1 harv it's enough to replenish the whole refs/silos storage). In my case, I made compact bases... until the Death Hand from Dune 2 took out my 2 refs and my CY in a single strike and was forced to start the map over; since then, I spread those buildings and rush the heavy fact, even if I don't do the upgrades (which have 4 in total) just in case a MCV was needed (in fact, I recorded recently that game for a youtube channel and that happened to me on that run). But yes, visuals more than being practical XD; I still refuse to not build concretes unless I am playing a custom campaign in which the maps are really long with tons of enemies, there I may build multiple facts withouth even the concrete. I feel like a few of those things are because they rushed the game a bit; dunno, the game has nothing new to show and if you release the game too late won't sell that good; you can even see that on the Atreides, I think, mission 2, in 1 version of the 2 if you build either barracks or the light fact the "do upgrades to build other stuff" appears, but on the other version it's missing from the light fact. Or even at the very last mission on ATreides, the enemy it's actually on 97% energy; I doub if that was totally intentional (there are 4 AIs, but I always find this version like 7/10 in a difficulty scale compared to the 10/10 of the other). And about the HTF; that's probably because they wanted to keep the same Dune 2 path; In dune 2 the HTF it's as useless if you build the starport, which there you can buy units for even a 50% discount of more (Quads are useless on the last level but buying 10 for only 900 credits (when they should cost 2000) it's a amazing deal). In Dune 2 half of the buildings are not even necesary; the light fact it's needed to produce the heavy one, but besides that it has no purpose; for any trike/quad you may use for explore you can use the starport to get a discount, buy a bunch of them, explore the map and just use your money on siege tanks, missile tanks and special tanks (and barracks/Wor the same, the heavy fact it's the only that matters). But hey, at least they bring the mercs! They are "present" (you can make them appear without any editor at all) on the dune 2 game, but don't appear on the actual vanilla campaign due limitations I guess (but if you edit the file and change "atreides" for "Mercenary" they will appear on game). I think somebody told me that the deviators on dune 2 turning everything in green (even if the Harkonnen make use of them) was another reason to not make the mercs to not appear, they may be using the deviator too, maybe. Ps: On dune 2 for the megadrive the HTF it's a must have (well... not exactly); but on that game they cramped together both light and heavy fact (you can produce from quads to devas with the same building) and they did the same with the Ix centre and the HTF, so if you want to have the special tank you need the HTF.
  8. You know, before I started doing my own missions and campaigns I though similar as you, but the opposite; I always feel that Harkonnen having 3 different bases (last map from Atr map) was pointless, since although they build faster they are still restricted to a single queue, how wrong I was. Same, usually on my +4º play through the game or so. Controlling Sardaukar were so unique. Yep, I did too, but not exactly as a kid (since back then I copy the game for a cousing and the practice didn't work at all, even although the campaigns worked fine with that CD). I cannot say this at all since when I was Kidd internet barely was a thing, so no editors or anything. But I totally remember my brother filling the map with like 12 big groups of units. he send one almost with no strategy, being killed and then waiting 15-20 minutes just building more units and I was saying "but... you already have more than enough" and he responded "not enough". I did the opposite, producing 5 light vehicles and 5 heavy vehicles on the factories (so they don't spread that much outside the entry of the factory) and sending to attack. Building more in the meanwhile but still, never more than those 5-5. Also something else I totally remember it's having a "practical" base. Even although the campaign's room to build it's so low (the Ordos map to gather 15.000 credits it's rough) but remember leaving enough room to the units to move freely and, of course, being a good looking base, complemented with walls that I didn't ever needed, including filling all with concretes for no reason (sometimes I couldn't even build the Ix or the High tech due the misuse of available rock area xD). Also, The Harkonnen map with the modified outpost... no building the traditional outpost "because it's pointless having 2" and then wondering why I couldn't build the traditional tech: The High-tech factory and the Ixian centre. Took me a while to realize that I still need the normal outpost. Oh, and once... I downloaded the game in german... and lost 25 minutes of progress because I was suppose to capture an enemy barracks but I destroyed instead =(. Pd: you won't understand, but as a Kid I laughed at the "misión complida" typo in the spanish version. Oh, and although this is not "as a kid" times (because my kid times were with Dune 2, which I also have interesting weird things I did, like winning a map only using saboteurs because the spice of the whole map was depleted; took me 8 hours to win the map); but yeah, dune 2 was my very first RTS game, and blow my mind with the visuals, not just the graphics but the set up of a desert planet, the spice and those gigan worms.
  9. Again, I am here to present a new campaign. Yet another Butlerian Jihad related campaign that form a trilogy and goes the final chapter of the whole story... or maybe not. As the last time, it's highly recommended to play both the Original Butlerian Jihad and the sequel BJ: War Machines to fully understand all the events of the game. Like those two campaigns, here you will play as the main trio of houses depending of the maps, indicated on the top of the briefing, so you will always know which faction you are playing. Backstory (spoilers from the two first campaigns). On the original Butlerian Jihad Campaign, the three main houses were using an artificial intelligence to help them to manage a big scale war. The Emperor used his power to turn all those units controled by an A.I. against their masters. Atreides, Ordos and Harkonnen joined forces to defeat the Emperor, making the A.I. to not have an owner anymore. Even withouth an onwer, the A.I. still follow a basic programming code: Defeat all the houses. They were much more predictable and easy to defeat, but each day their numbers grown, and not even the superior human tactics could deal with a such disadvantage in numbers. Atreides, Ordos and Harkonnen join once again to disable once for all the A.I. by shuting down the main sever where the code it's stored. Story The A.I. are no longer a threat. Unmanned vehicles/Cyborgs have a "auto-target" lock on to target any enemy vehicle that approach, but their factories are disabled, they cannot expand, build or attack anybody. Are easy prey for the three factions that simply conquer as many land as they can before restarting the war for Arrakis once again. However, the Ordos take advantage of no interventions from the other houses to try to develop a new an improved A.I. one that requires much more testing to be sure that the story doesn't repeat again. To make things worse. Ixians and Mercenaries are interested on the adquisition of those kind of vehicles. They want to make use of any sort of an A.I., they want to simply sell as scrap those Unmanned vehicles or they have other intentions? Atreides and Harkonnen, after the two wars, are totally against any kind of A.I. Can these two discover what the Ordos are planning and what it's the reason about Ixian and Mercenaries having those kind of vehicles in their armies? GameplayFor this final campaign I tried to present the A.I. as it is: a finished "enemy". Because of that, some maps will show Machines buildings that are that "for show", withouth producing units or anything. Of course, other factions may want those building for themselves. But, at the same time, vechiles both unmanned and with an A.I. will strengh the attacks of defenses of whatever faction tries to use them, being enemy or ally. Screenshots Mercenaries reinforce their defenses thanks to unmanned vehicles Ixians protect a Machines base to avoid the Atreides to raze it. The Ordos activate one A.I. To help them against an enemy ambush. FILE Butlerian Jihad Zone Zero.zip How to install: Extract the files and move it into the mission folder, then using the mission launcher on the "Harkonnen" section of the menu. Not needed other extra files, the ones provided doesn't mod the game and, if you already played any other campaign of mine, you probably will have those files already into your game, if not, just overwrite them just in case. Like the previous 2 campaigns, this is a hard campaign, so if you are not used to play this game, it's recommended to play it on easy. Also, although I recommend playing the other 2 campaigns first, there is some kind of "almost loop" feeling that, by the time you finish the final map, playing the first map on the first campaign still would make sense.
  10. Added the three original and unaltered campaigns (.ini files included) made by Westwood Studios (upload and entry added by request).
  11. By request, I am uploading here, in this post, the 3 original campaigns made by Westwood for Dune 2000. These are the unedited version (original size for the maps). The ".ini" files are also added to make those maps to appear on the Mission Launcher menu. Screenshot from A1V1 File: Westwood original campaigns.rar
  12. Alright, only 12 maps to go... or not, how many you joke me about? XD This is near the end, I want to give a try to all, dunno if I will play both version even on the early campaign or just 1 version since I know your maps takes tons of clicking; but since I won't do any more campaigns during that time maybe I just play all at once and see the new units and the new designs once for all.
  13. I guess I'll go with 1.1 since I think there are a couple with 1.1 on his name too, unless one it's already 1.1 or something like that.
  14. Good, now 5 more to go (I don't remember how many I uploaded XD). I will also download the campaigns I had uploaded there to check which ones are outdated or not so I can send into the page the update ones. I won't called v1.1 or anything like that, if that's fine to you. I don't ever remember if I did small or big updates so I prefer no using .X numbers.
  15. Alright; I will proceed to submit the rest of my campaigns and single maps, you may expect several submissions in a few minutes.
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