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  1. Oh, right; I was looking at the file and didn't see it, I am dumb. So it's like exclusion. I guess in some moments, if I set only $4000 will affect a group of tiles I want to color but others I don't want too, while making the 2 times rules will affect less specific tiles. Alright; I will just use normal rules or combining attributes then; I'll work on my stuff and see if I can do it; thanks for the info. I may add this post into the main index to find easily this tutorial/manual.
  2. oooh, I got it. Buildable will be everysingle buildable tile, not just the ones that you can click+drag (which are only 3-4 different tiles) but by marking "buildable" this sill consider the tile with grass, tile with the red thing and so on, so the rule it's less detailed. I guess the spice cannot be recolored. You are alright. I know Fey did some recolor to his tileset by trial and error, so I am going to try to do the minimap color for my retro Dune 2 tileset, and if I have any doub I will come back to ask you. Just confirm me something; vanilla .inis have this: ;Rough rocks (Infantry-only) $375582=$6000;$4000 The template sais is "color=and_value;check_value" I guess this means that will search for any tile that have "infantry can pass" but also the ones with "vehicle can pass AND infantry can pass" to use the same color to two different tiles, right?
  3. Thanks for the info. Alright, I think I get part of the point, but I don't get the rules to use one of another. So, based on the values you wrote there for the .ini, these are the meaning the tileattribute program show me: *Snow = "Buildings can be placed". *Pieces = "Vehicles - infantry - Dunes". *Dark snow = "Vehicle - infantry". *Thin Ice = "Infantry - Rough". *Thick Ice = "Infantry". *deep Water = "Paint Type 4". *Water = nothing. I don't get why in Snow you write the value only for "buildings" and no any of the other 3 or any combination of them, while for pieces it make use of the 3 attributes together (assuming that my list it's correct). If for Snow instead 8000 I write "2000E002" that would be correct too or would interfere with the others? (4 attributes + 1 paint type editor attribute). I may get that Snow it's the only tile that is buildable, so with that "alone" it's enough, and maybe because of that Pieces go first because require 3 while dark snow only 2 that's why goes later (adding "rock" would affect anything? I mean, 20006001 which it's vehicle - infantry - Rock - paint type 1). And another question. Pieces go first because it has 3 attributes, Dark snow has 2, Thick ice has only 1. what if I swap Dark snow and Thin Ice position= both have 2 , but I guess dark snow shares 2 attributes with "pieces" while Thin only 1, so that is why the order. or... maybe I just made up everything.
  4. Alright, that's interesting. The second option of combining attributes with no impact it's the best, like you say, the area type impact the game, even on unwalkable areas like revealing your St.Fremen and I was told the pointer in-game change as the one when you have it on top of a unit, like if the game recognize a "unit" there. Thanks. people will benefic of this info, Fey pass me a web with some hex values on colors that I think it has something to do, but not sure about all the inners so I will wait until you explain me.
  5. I am letting you know, that on my lastest mission I made a small tribute to your work by adding a secret location. When the player reach the area, it spawn a group of units. I totally remember your work and wanted to make use of that feature so present during most of your maps.
  6. I didn't fully understand this part; the colors are based on the kind of attributes AND the area type? I mean: Snow: buildable - you can use white color darksnow: non-buildable - you can use grey color ice: infantry only - you can use blue color Water and trees: non-walkable - you can use red color BUT Water non-walkable AND area type 1 - you can use red color Trees non-walkable AND area type 2 - you can use GREEN color. I am right about this? Also; What if I use attributes that will have no impact on the game? For example, trees are non-walkable, but light vehicles goes 10% faster. water it's non-walkable, but all units goes 20% slower. In game you won't see a difference, you cannot go there anyway but... later I can use the editor to have 2 separated colors? Because if so, just with "sandworm can pass", "wheled", "dunes" and "rough rock" I have plenty of combinations to have 16 different colors... and in game nobody will notice! Although I plan to do a couple of single missions on arrakis and 1 campaign mixing a bit the heigliner tilest to Fey (but still, based on arrakis) I have in mind doing a big campaign with tons of levels traveling the world, visiting all the tilesets ever done AND mixing with Tibed to give the enemy weird or overpowered weapons, just to make a "Arrakis tecnology" vs "unknown X planet tecnology". In fact, while doing this map and all the script I was doing I was already thinking on maybe reusing this map for that campaign <-- but, it is too early, I may burn out of dune2k much before that xD, so, having an idea and doing it are two separated things (as you know really well)
  7. Wow, That was quick. Yeap, map a bit hard, but as a only tech 2 and already with a few buildings map would last 5-10 minutes at best; My first idea was to do only the map, and then a few triggers here and there, by the time I was aware, I was already thinking on a "lunatic mode" and fill the game with tons of script; I cannot do simple things anymore. On the other hand, a bunch of siege tanks falls quickly against quads, so it's a bit of mixing the enemy army and giving a reason to the player to use quads over troopers (and the terrain split the enemy units). Once I played a bit worse on purpose: like sending smaller waves or using troopers to try to kill some siege tanks instead waiting for something better, or doing weird exchanges; the map lasted 25 minutes at the end, my money was on 8000 credits more or less and there were still some tiles on the top area to harvest. I have no idea how to do that, so the way the minimap looked was to me a "if it looks good, good, if not, whatever". So far I am only scracthing the surface on the rule from the .ini. Well, I can see "SpiceRestrictionRule=$10040;$10000". You may be surprise that we barely know nothing about .ini; Fey needed to explain me like 4 times how to do the custom presets (a 2x2 tile formed by 4 tiles separated from each other). Oh, thanks for this, it works. Ooooh, so, this thing it's what those numbers are, right? At least the restriction one; I still have no idea about the color ones. Much appreciated; It totally looks much better now with the snow, the water and all; now totally looks like the editor "knows" the correct colors. Can I get some help on some other .ini from other tilesets? https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/28367-release-ini-files-for-editor-modding-purposes/ BLOXSNOW, BLOXTEM, BLOXTD and BLOXINT would heavily benefict for, at least, the spice restriction, which by now I can do my own, but then it's the color thing that I have no idea about. Those tilesets are not mine, but I did the .ini; in this case I have no access (tecnically I have, but it's not my thing to interfere or edit other's people work) to change attributes, but those didn't have a .ini, I made them because It is 500% easier and faster to work with presets and all the stuff. So, explain me a bit how the color thing works: $A59494=$8000 And see if I can learn to do it myself.
  8. This is a new tileset I did based on the snowdy tileset from Warcraft 2; It is included a single mission with 2 difficulty to play; the normal way, intented to everybody to be able to learn how to move on the tiles, which ones you can build, walk, etc... and a "Lunatic Mode", activated if the player does an specific task during the map: intented for people who really looks for a challenge. Main tilesets: White Snow: You units can move and you can build structures. Dark Snow: You units can move. Thick Ice: Only you infantry can move. Thin Ice: Only you infantry can move (slower speed). Water: Unreachable. Chopped trees: The "spice" of this planet. BLOXCRFT tileset: Snow/Ice transition tiles. White Snow/Dark snow transition. Thick Ice / Water transition Thin ice /Thick Ice transition Trees Mountains. Other speciales: all the details from the Snow, Ice, Water... Pieces of broken wall from Warcraft 2 The tile "spice here" will allow moders to place spice directly on the map withouth switching to a different tileset, painting sand, painting spice and returning to the original tileset. That tile has a 1x1, 3x3 and 5x5 groups, so you can set big areas of this tile and later with the original spice double click on top of the group and the whole area it's going to be filled. Thick and Thin Spice: <-- the chopped trees from the original game here it's going to be the spice to collect. BONUS: SINGLE MISSION This is a single mission I made to showcase the tileset. It is a very small map with only a technology of 2 (infantry and light vehicles); won't last for too long, but the enemies have a few of advance units to counter the player. It has a bonus spot, discovering this area will give the player a reward. Doesn't have a plot, just general objetive: Destroy the Harkonnen structures. The mission has an initial task of capturing the enemy Construction Yard so you can start placing more refineries and other buildings you may need. The game present two difficulty: normal and lunatic: Lunatic Mode can be activated by destroying the enemy Construction yard instead capturing it (the player still gets a MCV to deploy a new one). This will make the enemy to build faster and add other units into the mission. Note: this lunatic mode it's intented for very skilled players. I cannot beat the map myself, so there is a possibility that I made the map virtually impossible to beat, if that's the case I will reduce the AI advantages, but again, it is suppose to be a challenge. Imagen: (this imagen don't cover the whole map, just a part of it) The colors on the imagen (taken from the editor) will change in-game due dune2k limitations with the colors. FILE Tileset BLOXCRFT and a mission.rar(Both Tileset and mission included): File includes: Tileset, the single mission and all needed to use the editor. "Data.r16" will remove the crates that generate when shooting the floor; you need to overwrite the original, but this is not needed to have the full experience, it's only merely visual. TILEATRC.BIN, BLOXCRFT.R16 are needed and won't overwrite anything. Update: Removed the "spice here" tile; some parts rename ("Water" instead "Deep Water") and also colors for the mini map; as Kofkack show, but a few more rules added (tress are show as green, Mountains as dark brown and the chopped trees with a light brown color).
  9. "Unknown Base Defense", simply great. Finally the campaign it's done; I already played earlier versions, but I want to see the new stuff you added and the adjustments from those maps; this campaign will keep me busy for a while, but at least I will come back to play more dune 2000. I am really curious what will happen half-way the campaign, but I will play all the missions done.
  10. Then yes, gruntlords probably made a mistake while doing the script (reinforcements, messages on screen, etc...), so instead giving a new harverster to the AI, the game try to give them unlimited of them, so the game crash. You can either try to play the map on easy, or I can try to send you a small fix that will prevent the game to crash; however; looking at the script the AI it's suppose to get 3 harverters when all are destroyed; so even if the game worked as intented the enemies still will get 3 more harverters, so you won't get the game any easier. To make this map more beatable, I suggest you to sell buildings not that "strong" and build other instead, for example, sell the barracks or the light factory and build instead a heavy factory. If you can build a MCV and deploy it on the top area, then sell the Construction Yard and place a refinery or more windtraps or whatever you need/want + a few turrets, since some enemies will drop near that area. With the heavy factory, the starport and all the reinforcements you get map should be more beatable, you can also try to destroy enemy harversters, but only 1 or 2 from while to while, enough to slow down the enemy but not too many to make it crash (or to give to them 3 harversters for free if I ever send you the fixed version). I hope that help you.
  11. Which campaign? The Rise of the mercenaries one? If so, then don't destroy the enemy harvesters, the script may be wrong and will try to deliver multiples times more harversters instead 1. So just try to avoid attacking the harvesters for now.
  12. In this post there is a big list of editors, I can't really tell you which one it's good or bad; the last time I edited a bit (only buildings, units and scripts, not the map itself) was using Dune Legacy, which it's a full game, but once a map was done the file could be played by the vanilla game. https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/19752-list-of-dune-ii-editing-tools/ I am aware at the presence of "superdune" which it's an altered dune in terms thatyou will play as Emperor, Fremen and Mercenaries instead, new maps, new missions, even you may start with a prebuilded base instead just the Construction Yard... and new units or something, I didn't play it too much, but the Sardaukar had better range and etc. Also dune 2 extended, which I think is still dune 2 but other campaigns, I think. I know there is at least 1 new Atreides campaign on the net, which I played, just using vanilla dune 2 and not altering units, but new maps or, at least, new composition of enemy bases. You may look on the net or even the forum to find it, but Atreides totally have a new campaign. Or, you can also try this one: https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27867-dune-2_2019_new-missions/ I played some maps, it has some .bat file to make the game to be played like more moderm games: multiunit selection and right/left click for commands, but that didn't worked too well to me (Sometimes it worked, sometimes not); You can still playing the traditional way, but can be a bit hard since the enemy keep sending units non-stop, sometimes you only have quads and the enemy have a couple of siege tanks covering a light factory (and Ais having lots of money, so they don't run out of money as easily).
  13. Alright; I decided to play this campaign once again; this time playing at normal. Well, I need to say: good work. It is really a fun campaign; your best work so far. It's hard, and some map are really fustrating, not the kind of fustration that makes you give up, but the one that make me to try again and again until beating the map. I used lots of cheap tactics like crushing infantry, blocking the enemy barracks placing a tank... things like that (but I didn't cheat; didn't even used the editor to look how the map looked before playing), and I totally defeat the whole campaign the legal way. Some maps were really hard, some require to try multiple times; but overall it was a really fun experience and you did very well with this campaign. I really really like the idea of the mower. And the mission to deviate enemies was also really fun, trying to hunt the enemy vehicles. The briefing needs a better explanation of the bug, I didn't know what was the "vertexes" on a circular figure; also, the shift+click to attack your ally it's something that not all people know (I do, but I know others not). But still a fun map to play, not too hard once you know how to keep the vehicles deviated all the time.
  14. Updated the first post. It contains a link into both my 4share and onedrive that, among other stuff, it is stored a pack of tilesets done by me and others, in order to make more easy to pick quickly the whole pack withouth requiring to search into multiple posts. Includes .r16, .bin .ini and .png; the .png are just as a visual thing, you don't need those, but looking at them you may know what it is the tileset about. Also I fixed the grey stuff that appeared on the Luminar's night mission, so now the spice will be blue as it was suppose to be; I didn't modded anything else from the tileset, just the spice. The first post have more info.
  15. Usually my "defense" ratio it's lower than the ofensive one, but still, you can set a 10 defense and the AI still will rage and send whatever available at any moment. like creating defense areas that make the Ai to send ALL units for no reason but "somebody attacked me".
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