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  1. Here it's the list you were searching:

    Any index that it's not black can deploy a MCV.

  2. Colours.bin RESEARCH

    Dark brown, If I remember well, at least when I played. I need to reload your campaign again. The Spacing Guild from the Feda's Ix campaign looks different too, now it's like a cyan one. He is using Index 9. In the Index allocation.txt I have said that Index 8 and 9 colours are not the same.
  3. Colours.bin RESEARCH

    I am not sure about that. For example; the index I used for my Tleilaxu Campaign alwais looked like this screenshot. https://d2kplus.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Tleilaxu-2.png However, right now I have windows 7, and out of curiosity I looked at my own campaign and now the colours are others. Hard to know what colours will be in other computers or operating systems. This is what we get for messing too much with the game xD. But so far the brown-Emperor side (index 35 I used in another campaign) still looks the same.
  4. Colours.bin RESEARCH

    Not for now. When you use the index that have weird colours, probably the game takes values from at random place, mixing Atreides and Harkonnen lines, for example. And for the index that looks black, who know what lines the game takes. I remember once adding FF FF as value to a bunch of newer lines, and trying index from 10 to 30, but they were still black. So far we only manage to change colours from existed index.
  5. Colours.bin RESEARCH

    In the first post I added an screenshot of the page (but if you open the file with other hex editor will look different, I guess). I marked there the two first lines, with a light blue. Those 2 lines of values are for Atreides, grouped in 4 values "86 04 - A8 04 - EA 0C - etc..." For example, 86 04 its a layer of the units and buildings, but A8 04 it's another layer from units/buildings, and EA 0C another layer... so if for example you want to convert the Atreides in white, all should be "FF FF - FF FF - FF FF". Of course, this will look very bad, but you can use some greys in between to make it look better. I don't know exactly what layers changes what values, so I'm just a noob about this. I only know that the first 4 values from the second line (D2 2D, in the imagen) will affect the colour you see in the radar from the outpost. So if You change that value to green, the Atreides will continue to look blue (except for a very small part of buildings or units) and in the radar they will show green. At the end, if you want a new colour you need to change all the values from those two lines, but a color gradient is required to make it look good. Has been soem time I research this, and besides an orange (reusing original harkonnen but change it a bit) I can't really tell the shades that the values represents, because I am not really doing too much with the colours. But, if you want to try to convert Atreides to red, copy the values from lines 3 and 4 and paste into lines 1 and 2. Just every 2 lines are a side to the game: first 2 lines, ATreides, next 2: Harkonnen, next 2: Ordos, Emperor, Fremen....
  6. [WIP] Harkonnen Campaign progress thread

    Well, I'm blank. I created a small test map with the same idea as one of my maps: A Harkonnen base (just a couple of windtraps and a barracks), Imperial walls around that base and several imperial units being spawned. Then I add an ordos reinforcements in loops every 40 seconds or so with raiders (and later I change to troopers), trying to simulate weaks attacks... but not Harkonnen or imperial left the base/walls. So I don't know why sometimes after just one or two weak attacks the defending units go all in against the player in the "good" map but not here.
  7. [WIP] Harkonnen Campaign progress thread

    I know, but for example the editor allows to change the cash of the player and/or enemy, increasing the Tech, changing the attack build rate... Westwood didn't use any of this features in the original maps (only the unit build rate); or the voice line "Enemy units approaching" it's in the game but it's not being used (there are others, but this one was a core in Dune 2), so it's possible that one of the numbers in the AI tab can change that behaviour. I am going to try numbers here and there, maybe one can make an AI to never attack: useless in a regular map, but usefull if you want an AI (enemy or ally) to not suicide trying to go all in for no reason. And like I said, maybe the creators were aware about this. I mean. I've playing this game for years, plus some more campaigns and never found this behaviour (of maybe happens but I wasn't aware either).
  8. [WIP] Harkonnen Campaign progress thread

    I feel it's just the way the game works. I have a map where there are a weak enemy between you and the main enemy. I saw a couple of combat tanks in the front area and the siege tanks in back, so I just send 3 troopers to kill the combat tank. I kill the tank, they kill my troopers and proceed to send all the units against me for no reason. Probably this is why the neutral enemies in the original maps were manually placed instead a unit spawn like the rest of players. Maybe Westwood didn't know about it or didn't have time to fix it. I am going to try some numbers in the IA tab, just in case some of them really fix that problem.
  9. [WIP] Harkonnen Campaign progress thread

    I mean, like happen in that map of yours with the Fremen wandering around some walls. After you attack, they, for some reason, stop defending and just go against the player until all of them are dead. This is being happening to me in several maps right now, more prone to happen if you have an ally, which will usually send small-medium attacks: not enough to defeat the enemy, but enough to, sooner or later, make the defending AI to send every unit available (and for a few of minutes every new unit builded too) to attack the player.
  10. [WIP] Harkonnen Campaign progress thread

    Totally. I hope someday we found way to avoid the AI to go all-in, like with the defence area. I have a map and sometimes, because my ally attacks they stop defending and just "suicide" in a attack. I am going to use this behaviour as a feature like "The enemy will defend, but if they see they can't win, they may try to all-in in you".
  11. [WIP] Harkonnen Campaign progress thread

    Thanks. I think I get it. Usually using the default/gerenic the AI has no trouble with power. In fact, I think sometimes he can loose 2 windtraps and still has enough power, but builds another windtrap more instead the next big building. But since my map was a 1 vs 1 duel where both players starts the same way (units, CY, no reinforcements) that was too slow against a human, so I changed it. I don't remember the numbers, but was something like "windtrap ratio 6.000= 4 windtraps more that needed; too slow" and then "windtraps ratio 5.5000 = low power" and I was "Why!?" I won't change that AI because it's a old campaign, and besides that AI "Cheat" so I just turned it in a aggresive type of AI which focus on build and attack more than harverst, so in the mid run the AI will be low of energy for a while and won't have enough money to continue to build non-stop, so the player can recover and finish the map already.
  12. [WIP] Harkonnen Campaign progress thread

    How you calculate those ratios to know the order? The last time I try to change one AI to do an specific order he went out of energy when the starport (or Ix, don't remember wich one) is placed (I let the AI to do that "mistake", so works as a slowdown for that Ai at that moment to give the player some time to recover).
  13. [WIP] Harkonnen Campaign progress thread

    I give a quick look to the spoiler, but not too much. Answering you: the AI plays the same whatever it's normal or hard. Only the player it's the one handicapped, increasing the cost and delay to build units. In easy the AI have all the reinforcements (and deliveries) cut in half. I think in easy the AI don't use the starport, since those are cutted in half too. So, a map where the player don't build anything (Like my Fremen campaign) will be played the same in normal or hard.
  14. [WIP] Harkonnen Campaign progress thread

    Sometimes I like to try new ideas. For example that mercenary map where it's the player who choose the side to ally, not the game or the briefing; and based on that the player start with different initial money, specific reinforcements at bigger/smaller loops... things like that. I remember thinking a map where the player harverst X credits to recieve extra harverters, then X credits for increasing your tech, recieving MCV, revealing the map, etc... but at the end I didn't like this. well, with 99.999.99 credits the AI it's infinite anyway. The game should last for like 20 hours just to spend all that.
  15. [WIP] Harkonnen Campaign progress thread

    Yes, hopefully. Maybe one day we can have custom crates, for now seeing how the thing works I am focusing in regular maps. In fact, I have that map where the player recieves X credits every few minutes, without any spice to harverst. I have this idea for a Draconis IV map, but I just turned it into a regular "no spice here". If all goes well, I'll start with a general test with all my campaign (some of them are already in a good spot, others still need a bit of balance) and creating the unfinished missions, so I can start playing yours and the other campaign over there.