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New Heavy Machinegun Trooper sprite


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Since I am basically finished with this sprite mod, I felt it should have its own thread so Fey's wonderful Turret mod thread doesn't get sidetracked. Basically I redone the Weapons using the Trooper Sprites to make them heavy Machinegun units. I did this for my own infantry mod which uses only Troopers for Harkonnen. I think other may find a use for this unit in any way they want. I am uploading the Original Edited Sprites as well as DATA.R16 file that has the images already loaded in it. But this version also has the turret Mod made by Fey. There is also a new UI card for Sardaukar troops.


Here is some Pictures of the units in action and the UI cards as well as the download file and complete sprites.





New Trooper.zip

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This is not in the index, I will add it.
If I am not wrong, this is a graphical change on the trooper to use a machine gun.

Now the index contains this graphical change into the units/structures section, unless firefly101 it's against it, if that's it, I will remove the line.

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