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[Release] - EBFD - Final Assault (final Emperor mission for Dune 2000)


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Yes, I did it. I am soooo crazy that I translated the very last mission from the Dune Emperor into Dune 2000.

This single mission (one per house) it's heavily based on the original Dune Emperor game in terms of terrain and scripts (but not all of them due limitations). The beggining of the game will show the Fremen attacking the "emperor worm". I know the player can just start deploying the base meanwhile the ally Fremen die attacking (but barely damaging) the worm, but here there isn't any special camera, so I just forced the player to watch the Fremen doind that stuff.

This also means being looking at the game for a while, but this initial "cutscene" will tell you how 4 Fremen barely do any damage to the Emperor-Worm (which it's a Construction Yard) and also you can see 1 contaminator taking out the Fremen 1 by 1.

Tibed was indeed used, and sooo heavily that the game almos broke a couple of times. The changes done in tibed are too much to list here, but a notes.txt it's added on the file, but I can tell some changes now:

Some changes done with Tibed:
-Fremen: 120 credits, no changes done from the originals. They take slightly more time to be trained than troopers. Requires Outpost.
-Sardaukar: 150 credits, no changes besides the self-regeneration. Sardaukar are expensive, slower and takes longer to train, but they are better than Fremen in power, health (+ self regen). Requires Starport.
-St. Raider: 550 credits: No weapons but self destruct like the Devastators. A bit more slower than the originals in speed and in building. Requires the Ix centre.

Check the txt to see the full notes, since for example the starport requires the high-tech factory first.

Here it's where I went crazy in order to create tons of stuff to use by both Tleilaxu and the Guild.

The Tleilaxu it's going to have:
- Contaminator: A close combat unit (grenadier graphic) with enough power to kill any soldier in one hit by just using his own hand.
- Leecher: A very fast, high damage unit with good damage to vehicles and infantry. However it's really fragile and his attack it's slow, being easy to dodge.
- Sietch: The structure where those two units are spawned.
- Living turret: A Tleilaxu Turret with big range and anti-aircraft but have too little damage (for everyone) and lower health than the rest of the turrets.

Here a image just to show the loking of the three Tleilaxu units/building. Sietch it's the same.

About the spacing guild... well. during the game you face the Tleilaxu from time to time, so the player is given that information. The spacing guild it's a mistery, so find they two new weapons by yourself.

Scouting players, be warned: 
I know a couple of guys that like to explore the map a lot. Just take in consideration that reaching some specific spots can drag attention to the player, maybe too much attention and too early (but you probably will fine anway).

Unlimited spice:
The areas with the "double spice" it's unlimited (just like the original map). So harverst all you want, but take care of harversters pushing each other just to reach the tile with the spice.

Overall this is not a "hard-challenging" type of map, since the AI in Dune 2000 has lots of trouble going here and there. Even when the enemy has several units just the path finding will split fast units from slow units. Any experienced player should start directly in hard if want to makes things more interesting, or you can do the "destroy everyone" type of route instead just killing the Emperor worm.


EBFD Final Assault.rar

Unzip the file and copy every folder into the root of the game.
Any folders included will go to the path that it is suppose to go.
Do not copy any pgn (screenshots) nor the readme.txt (instructions).

Mission launcher 1.2 is required.

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19 hours ago, Fey said:

Cm, I love every single amazing thing you put out and hope to one day be half as talented at d2k mapping. Imma play this. :D

Thanks man. Good luck, although It's not a hard map. I was tempted to make the Starport more alike dune Emperor, which you can order lots of stuff and never running out of stock (although In Emperor the units sometimes costs more than the original value).

At the end decided to "under dune 2000 original rules"; but it's true that being able to buy more stuff could make the AI with the starport to be stronger.

One thing it's true, I refuse to use Tibed again in the near future xD. There are some things a bit weird, like the "armour" value that it's not always what Tibed said. But anyway; pushing the limits with this one.

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I did a small update. Small but enough to affect the gameplay.

First: The briefing it's more detailed. Now tells to the player how to be able to train Fremen and Sardaukar, the new requirement for the Starport...
Second: Now the starport stock units twice as fast; this means that after doing a 5 combat tanks order, the player only need to waits a couple of minutes to be able to order 3-4 more. It's suggested to buy units with a discount to save some money for future orders.

The AI it's affected too, so he will send more units into attacks too, making this map harder (but not too much, the AI still will split their units when attacking). Overall the player can continue to buy stuff regularly.

In fact; during my final play; I manage to destroy all the enemies present on the game (except some Tleilaxu turrets) which took me 1 hour of gameplay.

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