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[RELEASE] Dune 2000 Mission Launcher 1.2


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Hello everyone.

As you should know already, the current Mission Launcher was created by Funky, and he was kind enough to give me the source code so I can work on it and improve it. And that is what I did. 

The new version of the launcher allows modded files PER MISSION, that get installed and reverted automatically by the launcher, so the player doesn't need to copy any mod files anywhere. Besides, there is also a new briefing screen, which has support for a bunch of Intel entries displayed in a popup window and a tactical map, both being possibilities to either enhance the storytelling of your campaigns or to provide tips & tricks regarding your mission.

This is the release of version 1.2.0, which includes the following new features and bugfixes


Automated mod file installation per mission, mods get reverted once the game is closed

Same for colours.uib: now you can have custom colors per mission as well

New UI elements for the briefing: Show Intel button and Show Tactical Map button

Ability to add intel entries and images for these entries to your mission (see screenshots below)

Full Changelog

Added support for automated mod file installation per mission

Added new UI elements to the briefing view: Show Intel button and Show Tactical Map button

Partially fixed flickering when scrolling long briefings

Added a new campaign, with a corresponding custom campaign window: War of the Landsraad, by Feda, with 50 new missions in total

Added a manual describing how to use the new features

It is ALWAYS advised to create a backup of your game before working with any mods, so please do that, just in case. The launcher will also back up anything you had inside the dune data folder when you run a modded mission. You can find the backups in your <Dune2000Root>/MissionLauncherBackups.

Dune 2000: GruntMods edition is recommended for this, but it should work for the DuneMaster version as well, although I haven't tested this.


There is a manual included with the package, please read that for more in-depth instructions on how to use this and how to create missions that can take advantage of the new features.

The Launcher comes with a brand new Campaign as well, featuring 50 new missions, 5 for the Sardaukar and 15 for each of the three main Houses. The campaign is called War of the Landsraad, and it created taking advantage of the new features. This means you can use this as an example of how to use the automated mod file support and the intel feature. As I said, all this info is in the manual as well, so read that.


Download it from HERE (current version is: 1.2)


For information, screenshots and other details about the new campaign, War of the Landsraad, please read THIS TOPIC


For a video demonstration of the new launcher, have a look at this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHQr87vC3j8&t

If you have further questions, you can talk to me directly on Discord by joining our Dune 2000 Singleplayer modding server: https://discord.gg/Adwfxxe


Special thanks to Cm_blast, for testing it, and FunkyFr3sh, for giving me the source code of the Mission Launcher to work on it.


Here are a few screenshots.







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New hotfix

- fixed the game crashing when loading Harkonnen Mission 10 on War of the Landsraad
- fixed small inconsistencies with the War of the Landsraad Sardaukar Missions

While the Sardaukar fixes are minor and might have even went unnoticed, the crash on Harkonnen Mission 10 is a real bug. Please re-download the pack in order to play that mission properly.

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Based on community tests & feedback, I have to launch a new hotfix:

Bugfix: allied units no longer attack the Refinery you are supposed to reactivate on WOL Atreides Mission 2
Bugfix: Atreides Mission 7 does no longer crash

Please re-download from the same link in the main post.

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I can tell that I played all the campaigns, and it is interesting, not as hard as some of the previous campaigns from the same theme, but now at least have more variety with all those extra planets and new factions to fight.

I won't write too much to let people know themselves, but there is an interesting plot to discover, much bigger than the previous, and if I am not wrong now there are even more main characters (with extra info on those intels writtens).

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Alright, I have been using the features this new version of the launcher has provide to do a massive update to all my old mods. the ones that have any kind of custom file (that require overwritting, if not I am just simply skip them). I updated all my posts with the new files required, but instead raising a dozen of posts, I have Feda's permision to post the list in this post.

*Butlerian Jihad saga (3 campaigns + solo mission): Uses new intel and images:
*Dune 2 Retro campaign (only version retro): It uses intel and images (Extracted from the original game). Includes the tileset (if you didn't have it) and the custom crates. Contain custom colors for units/buildings.
*Changed Dune: uses modded files to alter the tech.
*Dune 2 Genesis: Uses modded files to alter the tech.
*EMBD final assault: Uses modded files to alter the tech.
*Emperor reign: Uses modded files to alter the tech.
*Hammerfest: Uses modded files to alter the tech.
*Frank Herbert: Uses new intel for the characters.
*IX - Master of tecnollogy: Uses modded files to alter the tech.
*IX - The tech it's ours: Uses modded files to alter the tech.
*Luminars Fremen - Uses modded files to alter the tech; it contains the fixed version of the luminar's tileset (grey spice).
*Warcraft 2 map - Contains the tileset and custom crates (no visible crates).
*Christmas tale - Contains the tileset and custom crates (no visible crates).
*Return of the emperor:  Uses modded files to alter the tech.
*Jorney to the past: Contains the tileset,custom crates and custom colors for units/buildings.
*Special Skirmish: Contains custom colors for units/buildings.

To add an extra note: some of these mods contains their own custom text uib, and other stuff that I even forgot. With the exception of the Dune 2 retro and the butlerian saga, all the rest will be merged into a single folder (if all of them are downloaded) called "CmBlastMisiones", and every one of them will be part of their own subfolder which will be in spanish, but whatever file it contains it's not affected and the intel it's still written in english. I have all together for convenience, but unless I did a mistake with the ".ini" files, nobody would be able to see any spanish in their game (or intel) at all.

Report to me if something doesn't work as intended, as I had to split to separate (all together it's simply to big for this forum).

On my onedrive and 4share, with the name of "CustomCampaignData 2020" I have a package that contain all together (but not the .inis updated, those still require to be downloaded per campaign/mission) for convenience, it is 50 Mb zipped, but can save for the trouble of downloading and then merging multiple files, as most of my campaigns will go into the same sub-folder.

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1 hour ago, Szwagier said:

I got error for Sardaukar "no map 53"

also  diffrent titlest are not working

What version of dune are you using? gruntmods or another one?

Check if the missions on your game are on "data\missions" and I don't mean the ones of this launcher (although it could also aply) but if the other missions you have are also in that path. I have everything in "root\missions" (outside data) and that makes trigger the same error so I had to move all the missions into the path the game it's actually loading and not the generic one feda had (today every version should have the dune2000/data/missions path, but if you have the game installed from long time ago maybe you current path it's "dune2000/missions").

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11 hours ago, Feda said:

Yeah, the issue sounds like what Cm said above. This is why GruntMods is recommended, I emphasized that in both the main forum post and the pdf manual :)

Dunemaster doesn't work? I think all my installations are Dunemaster and your new launcher worked...

Dunemaster has a smaller file footprint and a faster install speed, and I have a bunch of installs of D2k for various testing purposes. :P

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On 7/29/2020 at 12:32 PM, Fey said:

Dunemaster doesn't work? I think all my installations are Dunemaster and your new launcher worked...

Dunemaster has a smaller file footprint and a faster install speed, and I have a bunch of installs of D2k for various testing purposes. :P

It should work too, but I tested it on GruntMods and gruntmods has the missions in the right place for sure.

On 7/31/2020 at 9:18 PM, Szwagier said:

Yes i got gruntmods 1.6?, i copied and pasted your all missions (OAH works fine)

If the A O and H missions work fine, then the Sardaukar missions should work as well. There is absolutely no reason for them not working, you should double check that everything is copied properly and in the right place. If you can't get it to work still, maybe giving more information about the error can help, just saying "no map 53" and "tilesets arent working" is not really something I can use to figure out what's wrong. Maybe post some screenshots with the errors.

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  • 1 month later...

Cool update to the original client and inclusion of the War of the Landsraad missions.

Whatever the underpining mission sort function is though doesn't seem to lend itself gently to campaigns > 9 missions

Is there a quick fix to get these in correct order perhaps?


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Nvm! see that the general convention is for authors to use 01 02 10 11 naming style convention! And this specific campaign has its own separate sorted mission names so alls good! Great work on the client cool to see the improvements :) maybe get onto dunemaster about upgrading their default client, I was running the old one because I just used the default download there!

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On 9/28/2021 at 6:33 PM, ybc said:

[img]https://i.imgur.com/cNjinTi.jpg[/img]Hi, anyone got solution for this error message?



It's saying that you are missing the missions, so you probably did not copy or extract everything the archive contains to your dune 2000 folder. You'll have to copy or extract everything for it to work, the missions for War of the Landsraad are included in this download too, besides the launcher.

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