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[Release] Single Mission Dune 2000 - Aerial Nightmare


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I created a new mission with a crazy idea: enemy abusing the airstrike. But there is a balance to avoid being wiped out by the ornithopters so the map it's fair to play and not too hard.

This mission it’s about some Harkonnen Carryalls moving among Imperial Frigates, but then they encounter an Atreides heavy aerial assault. All the Imperial Frigates and most of the Harkonnen carryalls were taken down, now a small group of Harkonnen only can land in a zone surrounded by mountains and the exit being covered by one Atreides Base.

The Atreides will use a huge amount of ornithopters against the player; but the player have plenty of time to prepare before the airstrike arrives plus lots of room to spread the buildings.

The spice it’s near and the enemy doesn’t attack early, so the player needs to set both ground and aerial defenses before it’s too late. Defeat enough Atreides air’s power and the Emperor will aid you to win.

Name:  Aerial Nightmare.
Tech level: 4.
Player: Harkonnen.
Ally: Emperor.
Enemy: Atreides, Ornithopters.


Aerial Nightmare.rar

This is just a single map; not other special files are required.

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18 hours ago, Dark Wesker said:

I played, beat this mission and had fun. You could leave Ornithopters. Because becomes easy. But I liked it. This time your mission is not very hard and that's fine.


If the player it's not expecting that big attack (which couldn't ever be done without the current editor) may underestimate the damage the thopters can do, so I wanted to be sure that knocking down a few of them gives the player some rest even if he is having problems to repair or rebuild things due to a low economy.


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