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    Alright, I was about to answerd this but Fey caught me. Overall it's just this part. the AI just draw an imaginarie rectangle around all the buildings owner of that AI; I am talking only about the Harkonnen ones, here the smuggler and Atreides doesn't count. As you can see, the player it's inside the area the AI it's about to defend, it believes that you are attacking it because you are "near" his base; that's the logic the AI uses and, because of that, he will try to fight you with any units available. The best you can do it's what suggest Fey: 1 of those two bases, instead using the "harkonnen" side; change it into other side; Imperial, for example. Then, on the missions settings change the alloc. index of the Emperor to be Harkonnen and that's it: of course later you need to update the Imperial AI tab, but at this point I guess you know how to do that (or you can just simply export/import the one the Harkonnen are using to have those two Ais to behave the same). With that it's enough; with the "first attack building delay" you can control the time the AI waits until attacking for the first time. The bigger the number it's, the more time the wait to attack the first time. Remember that 1500 ticks = 1 minute (in game time); so if you want that AI to wait 15 minutes before attacking the first time, his first attack building delay needs to be 15*1500 = 22500 ticks.
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    Hallo! The H7V1 AI is kinda weird in how it's set up. The player's own rock island is actually within the AI's defense zone, so if the player builds far enough to the right (or moves units on the right side of the island), it triggers the AI's "emergency" mode. This forces it to ignore its cashstash and switch from a 1250 tic buildrate to a 1 tic buildrate, and it'll send defense forces to your base since it thinks you're in its base. The AI you've got there has a build rate of 1000 tics, which is one unit every 40 seconds. And this could be a tank or just a Light Infantry. Since it attacks every 9000 tics (6 minutes), it'll send very few units along with whatever it's ordered at the starport. To make the AI build up more stuff for a stronger attack, change the BuildRate parameter to something faster, like 250-500 (new unit every 10-20 seconds). You could also boost the AttackBuildingStrength to something like 50-70 so the AI dedicates more of its standing forces to an attack. You could also spawn some free units in at the start so the AI gets a little something to buff up its first attack, and fill in the blanks with some reinforcements. Not too many reinforcements though, just a couple of Carryall drops near the start will do to keep the player on his toes. If the AI is attacking constantly, it seems you've got two side 1 bases there in a formation where the AI's defense area will be in the player's base. That's probably the issue. Try making the bottom-left or top-right bases belong to a different allocation index, so the defense boxes are drawn like this: https://prnt.sc/ml0ww6 Instead of like this: https://prnt.sc/ml0x5t Hope that helps.
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    Hello all! It's been almost 3 years since I released the last version of the Map and Mission editor without any update. Once I made a topic (https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27429-reviewing-map-and-mission-editor/) where I asked you for some ideas what to add to the editor. I was planning to do some updates based on your suggestions, but then unfortunately got disinderedted in development and never implemented the ideas... until now. Finally I kicked myself to finish off some missing and useful features to the editor, which I think should really be there, and the editor will feel more complete with them. It's just a small update (not having so many additions like previous releases) and it's not an official release, but just a preview. I wanted to make sure all the new features work correctly and there's not any serious bug. So I'd like to ask you to test it and give me some feedback and ideas. But I want to say that I'm not going to implement anything big, just probably some minor additions like I made in this version and bug fixes. Download (EDIT: new version from 2018-12-02): https://forum.dune2k.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=3885 Changelog: Fixed: Size preset buttons in Tileset window were off by one position Added: Find object feature Changed: Some options (i.e. Show grid) are now toggle buttons below minimap instead of Settings menu items Removed: Draw concrete option (now is always on) Added: Play Sound event: now provides dropdown list of sound names (loaded from samples.uib) Added: Play Music event: now provides dropdown list of music names (list of existing .AUD files in Data\Music folder) Fixed: Set Attack Building Rate event: value is named "Arrack rate" instead of "Unknown" Fixed: Casualties condition: "Flags?" value renamed to "Proportion" and changed to floating-point number type Added: When temporary TESTMAP.MAP file is saved, the map name in ini file is renamed to "TESTMAP" in order to avoid duplicate entry in mission launcher Added: Open recent files feature Fixed: Editing marker (i.e. building marker, current block) not showing when Mission settings or Events/Conditions window is open and is on background or minimized Added: "MissionsPath" setting in .ini file. It can be changed in case game loads maps/mission files from different location Fixed: The UI components now should not be messed up on systems where scaling is set to different value than 100% Here are come comments to the ideas you gave me previously: Cannot reproduce, need more information Not feasible to easily implement. Would require very significant changes in code, or some hacks. Also writing text to map (i.e. event markers) would not work. Theoretically possible, but I think drawing a shape od placed building is enough and not feeling for spending time implementing this. I'm rendering the structures how exactly they are rendered in game, and in game they are not differentiated. The structures graphics file (shipped with the editor) was made by taking screenshots from game. So if anyone from you would want to help, you could somehow modify the graphics file, like adding colored tint to walls or marking somehow modified outpost. I'm not a graphician. Theoretically possible, but probably I would need to fiddle with CIRCLES.BIN file to load what the revealed areas should be. I don't even know if format of this file was ever reverse-engineered. So not feeling for adding this feature. Uh, yes, that's a problem. For some reason (don't remember if it was originally me or Mission launcher creator) we chose "_" as line break in ini files. So this character cannot be used itself in ini file. It could be worked-around by replacing "_" to some other character before saving into ini, but we would need to choose a character to sacrifice. Also changes in Mission launcher would need to be done. So enjoy the new preview release and once again, thank you all for your support! PS: Looking forward to see what you will come up with the Play Sound feature
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    I just added this feature! I hopefully fixed that too. Hmm, I just wonder, whether this option is available in mission ini file (where mission name, author, briefing etc. is stored). What I mean, if the game will use the given TEXT.UIB file, when that mission is started from mission launcher. If the game doesn't support this option, then it would be useless, as this could be used only if map is launched from the editor, not from mission launcher. Maybe @FunkyFr3sh could answer that. Yeah, those are the commandline parameters passed to game executable (Dune2000.exe) when running it to launch a mission. I cannot recall if there are any useful parameters, I just added this for potential future use. Anyway, I added one more small thing into the editor: Now you can directly see and edit the tileset and attributes name in Mission file: Those fields are automatically updated when you change a tileset using Tileset menu. Otherwise, when you for example load a map with unknown tileset, the editor loads graphics for default tileset (BLOXBGBS) but those fields as well as tileset information in .MIS file will remain unchanged when you save the map. And tileset name is now case insensitive when opening a map. So, those are basically the last changes I made before I officially release a new version of the editor. You still have opportunity to spot any bugs or give some ideas for (not very difficult or complicated, rather simple) new features! I also have an idea to put the AI values manual (this: https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27803-d2k-ai-manual/ ) into the editor .zip file which will get released, so that anyone who download and uses the editor have it easily on hand. What you think?
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    I wrote this FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) to help people that are getting problems by using The Map and Mission Editor by Klofkac; I pick up the questions that are usually asked; I hope this info will help fixing any future problems people may encounter. *What is it Dune 2000 Map and Mission Editor? It’s a tool that allows creating and editing custom maps for both Campaign and Multiplayer maps through designing the terrain, placing units/buildings for any factions, setting specific behaviors to the different CPU controlled enemy and scripting events that will trigger when specific cases happens during the game. Current version it's v1.2, but soon v1.3 will be release with new features. *It works for the original Dune 2000 or only with Gruntmods Dune 2000? It’s compatible with either of the two. *Where I can download it? From the d2kplus site here or from the forum here. *Error: “cannot find game executable”. Open the file D2kEditor.ini with any text editor and check at the “[paths]” section. Change the path on the “GameExecutable” line to match the current path that you have Dune 2000 installed. *Error: “cannot find “Testmap.map”. Same as above, but modifying the “MissionsPath” line to match the current path of your game. *Error: “Invalid filename.”. Try deleting the D2kEditor.ini file and then open the editor. That will create a new fresh D2kEditor.ini that may fix the problem. *Error: “Trying to access side out of range (127)”. This may happen if you have too many buildings and units on your map. Remove some buildings/units. *Error: “Invalid blockTo, since already occupied by X of same side”. One side has the wrong diplomacy by being enemy of himself. Change the diplomacy on the Mission Setting (F10). *Error: “AI not initialized correctly for side X. Tech X. Cash X”. Any active CPU controlled side need to have a “tech level” and “starting money” of 1 or more even if it is not present on the map. Change this on the Mission Settings (F10). *Adding music to play on my map. On the Mission Setting window (F10) write the name of the file on the “music” box, including the extension of the file (.aud) or write a “*” to play one track randomly. Version 1.3 of the editor allow to select a music with a deployable menu. *CPU controlled enemies don’t build or attack. The AI for that faction it’s disabled. On the Mission Settings (F10), at the top right check the tab for the faction desired to be controlled by the CPU and change the value of the “AI enable” line to 1 or import a preexisted AI using the “import” button and load any “*.misai” file. Se of AI’s to import here. *My own units are controlled by the CPU. That faction has an AI enabled. On the Mission Settings (F10), at the top right check the tab for the faction you want to play, change the value of the “AI enable” line to 0. *I can’t write a briefing. On the mission settings window (F10) mark the option “Use .ini file for additional mission settings”. Map name, Map author, briefing... will be available. *Can be placed units, buildings and trigger events for multiplayer maps? Yes, you can, including new conditions for both victory and defeat instead the default ones. *Can I set on my multiplayer map to spawn the initial MCVs in a prefixed position? No, but you can preset the MCV using the editor and then editing the “.ini” file that it’s created when saving the map and add the line “StartWithMCV=No” and "UnitCount=0". *My multiplayer map has some specific options, but has no effect while playing it. The options selected on the skirmish menu have priority over the ones you set on the editor, but it’s possible to add a few lines on the “.ini” file that it’s created when saving the map to create some limitations like, for example: StartWithMCV=No; UnitCount=X; TechLevel=X; Credits=X or Worms=X. *I must play with a Sandworm present? Yes, the game needs at least one of them of the map. However, if you don’t want to show any sandworm on your map, place it on top of any rock area. *How I play my map when I am done with it? Use the mission Launcher. Download it from the forum here. The Launcher will show all the maps that are on the "Missions" Folder. *What to do with the Events and Conditions window (F11). Check these video tutorials by aKaFeda to get more info. Tutorial: Terrain & Buildings showcase Tutorial: Mission Settings & Scripting Tutorial: Main overview of the AI functions *I don’t know what all the values on the faction tabs do. Those control the behaviour of the CPU controlled enemies like setting how fast/slow builds, how often attacks, what units/buildings the AI will produce... More in deep info on the manual here. Or you can import a preexisted AI from here. *Why I can’t place a Deviator for the Atreides or a Raider for the Harkonnen? You are using an old version of the editor; download the newer version here. *Placing a Deviator for Atreides or a Raider for Harkonnen and playing my map those units don’t appear. You need to copy the file “TILEDATA.BIN” that it’s in the editor’s “config” folder and overwrite the original on your game’s path “Dune 2000\data\bin”. This won’t mod your game. *I copied the TILEDATA.BIN but grenadiers, St.Raiders or Sardaukar still don’t appear on the map when I play it. Probably you are playing the Dune 2000 version 1.02; which those units don’t exist. Download and apply the official Westwood 1.06 patch from the forum here. *Error: “My Version Of Unit didn’t find a unit”. On Dune 2000 version 1.02 the grenadiers, St.Raider and MP Sardaukar don’t exist. Download and apply the official Westwood 1.06 patch from here. *Deploying a MCV show the error: “Cannot find correct construction yard”. Sandworm side (and others higher index) will always trigger that error. You still can add a Construction Yard directly with the editor without any problem. Another option will be modding the game directly using TibEd to give the Sandworm side the ownership of any Construction Yard. *Adding a new custom tileset on the editor (only on v1.2) Place your tileset with “.bmp“ format and your custom “.bin“ file (if you have any) into the path: “D2kEditorv12\tilesets”. Then edit the “tilesets.ini” from the “D2kEditorv12\config” path and add a new entry. You can create a new “.bin” file with the Tile Atribute editor here. The Map and mission editor 1.3 version will load the graphics directly from the .R8 and .R16 files (see below). Note: your “.bin” file must be 8 letters or less long. *Making a new custom tileset to appear in the game. Place your custom “.bin” (if you have any) on the path: “Dune 2000\data\bin” Place your “.R8” and “.R16” files on the path “Dune 2000\data”. You can create both “.R8” and “.R16” files with the tile set editor here. Note: your “.bin” file must be 8 letters or less long. *Tools to complement with the Map and Mission Editor. Tileset editor: Creates “.R8” and “.r16” files, needed for load the graphics from a custom tileset into the game. Tile Atribute editor: Creates “.bin” files, needed to set on which tiles can be builded or can't be crossed by vehicles, among others. Random map generator: Creates new maps at random (only terrain). Note: Faq done based on the version 1.2 of the editor. Once the 1.3 version it's fully release links and info will be updated. Faq attached here - FAQ Map and Mission Editor.docx I admit suggestions, adding or removing any (un)necessary parts or correcting any wrong info.
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    No prob, mate! If ya need anything else, there's the AI manual: https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27803-d2k-ai-manual/ Or ya could always ask me. I helped Cm_blast write it.
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    Hey there! The value to prevent the AI from making Engineers is in the UnitBuildPriority. Set this to 0.000: https://prnt.sc/mj8pw2 That will make the AI never train Engineers. The UBPs can be customized to make the AI use a specific combination of units. In that AI, the Missile Tank is set to 0.010, so the AI will make sure to have at most one Missile Tank among its forces at any time - and that's all. It's impossible to prevent the AI from attacking buildings unless you make those buildings belong to a side friendly to that AI, but setting all "AttackBuildingPriority" entries to 0.000 will cause the AI to attack the nearest target, not specific buildings (note: this will break special weapons like Saboteurs). You can also set their Morale AttackBuilding and MinMorale to 0, though they may send at least one attack before never doing it again. Also, make sure EnablePractice is set to 0 unless you want the AI to build new structures beyond what you place on the map for them. Among other weird things "practice AIs" tend to do, like build MCVs. Hope that helps!
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    MO8v1 it's a Mercenaries map. It's just the original O8v1 map but the authoer changed the ownership to be played as Mercenaries instead Ordos, and the Ordos were given a practice type of AI. any other scripting it's untouched. So in this case there is nothing wrong, that map it's played the way it's suppose to be. There is other called "Co-Op 2P 3AI Ordos Mission 8 ported by Feda" on the "maps" folder mean to be played on multiplayer; it's the original O8v1 map but here both Ordos and Merc (swapped as Atr/Hark) are playable by humans (you will reconize because the MCV spawns are all together and surrounded by a few turrets to kill them at the beggining). In shor. MO8v1 it's mean to play in single player mode (campaign style, not initial MCV spawns), while the "Co-op [...] ported by Feda" it's mean to play it in multiplayer game. Player 1 will be at the Ordos position and player 2 at the merc one (but you can play it as whatever house you want).
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    Hey there, another update! Download: D2kEditorv13pre3.zip Changelog: Added: Highlighting events having selected condition feature Fixed: Program now checks, if window would appear off-screen (i.e. previously opened on second monitor which is now unplugged) and resets its position Changed: Program now automatically loads all all .ini files placed into "tilesets" folder, instead of loading tileset list from "config\tilesets.ini". All tileset .ini files must now contain name of attributes file. Added: Loading tileset images directly from game's internal .R8 and .r16 files Removed: Editor is no longer distributed with tileset .bmp files Fixed: Improved auto-detection of game folder, detection of missions stored under "Data\Missions" folder The major improvement in this update is much easier work with custom tilesets. First, it is no longer needed to specify all your tilesets in editor's tileset.ini file, but instead you can just place your tileset's .ini file into tilesets folder and editor will automatically load them. Second, the editor can now directly load the tilesets in game's internal formats (.R8 and .R16)! That means no longer need to distribute those heavy .bmp files along with the editor and your custom tileset packs. (Do you remember Shai Hulud and its "Tileset extractor" thing which actually did not work properly? D2kEditor can load .R8 and .R16 files fast on the fly, and it's written in just about 30 lines od source code!). The editor first looks into game's Data folder and attempts to load .R16 first, then tries .R8 if .R16 is not present. If not found in game's folder, looks into editor's tilesets folder for .R16 or .R8, and finally tries to load for a .bmp file (i.e. BLOXBGBS.BMP, without "d2k_" prefix). As of the attribute file (TILEATR*.BIN), editor first attempts to load it from editor's tilesets folder, then looks for it in game's Data\bin folder. Note that you still need to create special TILEATR file with editor's additional attributes, otherwise editing will not work properly (i.e. it won't bo possible to draw sand, rock, dunes etc.). If you want to use a new custom tileset with the editor right away, all you must do is to copy all files into game folder, and copy tileset's ini and TILEATR file into editor's tilesets folder (if the author didn't provide those, just copy template.BIN, name it according to tileset name, and edit attribute file name on the second line). Another improvement is easier use of the editor for the first-time users. That means just download the editor, unpack it into any location on your computer, load a map from the game's maps or Missions folder, and everything will be ready and configured! And the editor should also support the case when missions are stored in Data\Missions folder. No longer need to edit or fix anything in D2kEditor.ini file manually. I would really like to ask you for thorough testing of everything what I described here, if it really works and there isn't any bug, a flaw, or an overlook. I tried hard to tune up the program and address most of the problems people complained of here on the forum. Also I do not have multiple monitors on my computer, so I could not really properly test the check for window being displayed off-screen, so please somebody who has multiple monitors, test this and let me know if program works well on multi-monitor setup. Also this is going to be the last pre-release version, as I'm going to publish official 1.3 release soon and ask for putting it on D2K+ site for download. So this is the last chance for any bug reports or feature/improvement suggestions! Heh, that's really nice analysis, I was never actually thinking of that. Althrough it's quite interesting suggestion, unfortunately I did not implement this, because I just didn't find it beneficial enough to be worth implementing it (in other words I didn't feel like doing it). For me the random tile placement editor uses is just good enough, but I'm not against adding this feature at some point.
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    I forgot something. From the moddb.com webpage somebody uploaded "Changed dune", modding the game: the list on the spoiler contain the changes he did; just in case you want new ideas or something. Those modifications are suppose to be as part of the main game, but on top of a slighly edited original maps he also included a few new maps. I arrange those maps to work with the mission launcher without needing to overwrite the original game; in case you would like to have a try of that specific mod (or just seeing how the changes behave in game) you can test it on the three new maps the guy added or just any other map; from here: https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27422-updating-and-rearranging-missionscampaigns-from-d2k/ It's at the botton as stand alone file. It's always interesting seeing stuff like a quad using a machine gun or the Devastator having an insane splash damage and things like that. Also there is the Luminar Fremen campaign that add Fremen, grenadiers and building sietchs; I don't remember right now if there were more changes done into the game. Keep in mind that post it's just a recopilation of other people creation. I did some fixes and the update to work with mission launcher, but none of those maps and campaigns posted there are mine in any way.
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    Sweet! Take your time, my dude. Well, we can fight on a Heighliner at least. And maybe Caladan too, but that's still rough around the edges. Here's some more background on the whole tileset development process, if you want more context: That said, if you've got any ideas, requests, or contributions for one of the homeworld tilesets, please do let me know. Aye, that's a great idea and I'm glad it worked! I look forward to seeing more of this stuff. If you're having trouble affecting a certain thing, I'm sure Cm or I would be able to help. I'm in the process of fixing up my OG smugglers campaign with the modern changes to the mod, and finishing the second half of the campaign (four more levels to do and the whole 30-map thing is done), so... once that's 100% done I can turn my full attention to actually working up some more tilesets. If possible. I'm not confident about doing anything artistic until it's actually done. And I can always chat in the meantime. Maps and stuff take a while to do, but messaging is quick and easy. Edit: Hey man, I really liked that idea of making the Saboteurs able to detonate on units. So I added it to my mod, too! I also got a little more work done on the Combat Tank sprites. The entire set of sprites facing towards the right is complete. Here are a couple of demonstrations with details under the spoilers. Saboteur detonation demonstration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qf4aT3TYf_8 Combat Tank stripes, expanded: https://prnt.sc/me3uzr See you soon, I hope.
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    Oh hey dude! Yeah man, I gotchu. On some of that stuff, anyway. D2k's an old game, it can be limited in places, but we can still make some really cool shit. You seem to want to change the behavior of certain special units, so to affect that, there's a section in TibEd for it, but it will unfortunately demand sacrifices to implement certain changes. That's just how it works. Although I did see that Dune 5000 thread... I'm curious about that, too. Anyway, I'll answer with what I do know in the meantime: About Ornithopters: About Deviators: About Saboteurs: Those are some tough milestones to reach, and maybe you can't after all, but I still wish you the best of luck and hope you keep trying. As Cm said, I've been working on my own mod with some crazy milestones passed as well! Perhaps that's motivating. As he said, I did in fact create a new tileset for the game allowing it to take place on a Heighliner. I also added a new structure to the game. I'll go over the specs of the mega-turret since you're also a modder; maybe it'll answer some other questions about turret projectiles for you. First, if you want to check out the tileset, here's the thread. Please note, they are overtuned! So, no worries about playing on easy or something, I'll re-tune them for the final release thread. Which is the only thing not really made yet, the latest version of the tileset is 100% done and is ready to be mapped with. https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27842-wip-heighliner-tileset/ There's also a video of me playing through the second test map linked in the OP. It's very short, only like eight minutes, and you can get a good look at it without installing anything. The tileset is built for maximum compatability, so unlike another idea to get rid of the rock / sand craters (which would require .r16 editing and affect an entire campaign), a Heighliner map can be placed in the middle of normal desert maps without any editing at all. The only downside is that there are no shortcuts in the editor for, like, auto-fill or specific setpieces, so that needs to be found in the tileset until I can figure out how to make those quick-fills work and stuff. Or maybe Klofkac could help with it... Anyway, you're also welcome to use the mega-turret sprites I did, if you wish. It doesn't even have to be a mega-turret - maybe it's a power plant or something. Here are some images of that: Storm Lasher w/ attack: https://prnt.sc/l44lv2 Storm Lasher damaged: https://prnt.sc/l44x62 Storm Lasher attack range: https://i.imgur.com/zlamRyn.png Storm Lasher blast radius: https://i.imgur.com/17PyVv1.png Storm Lasher in blue: https://prnt.sc/l4043n Storm Lasher prototype: https://i.imgur.com/Lxlqpj3.png The attack range is 14 tiles from the top-left Silo. It instantly strikes targets over long distance with a powerful area-effect blast. If you want to see one in action, here's the unlisted prototype test which I integrated into S15: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvXPULNk6hE If you want a more intimate look, the now-complete 15th level (24th mission) in the smugglers campaign has a special introduction for it. Here's a link to the post for the latest version of that map in the WIP thread: https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27783-wip-smugglers-campaign-2/?do=findComment&comment=395913 Under the strategy section in the map details is an outline of how its introduction begins: Regarding the technical process behind its design: If you're interested in more spritework, I've also been editing Combat Tank bodies and trying to come up with a better alternative than the Shock Raider as a miniature version of the Storm Lasher. Here's some other random spritework: Combat Tanks / Spark Darters, black & red: https://prnt.sc/l6jm6y Combat Tanks, 8 directions: https://prnt.sc/l6197k Duelist Tank sidebar icon: https://prnt.sc/l3d672 The Duelist Tank is another unit added for the Ordos and smugglers exclusively in my mod. They appear on S14V1 and V2 if I remember correctly, but their purpose as a damage soaker is already fulfilled by the strong merc Combat Tanks. Which Summers begins using in the second half of the campaign. So, I only gave them to the Ordos on those maps. You can at least see them on the map! They have tough armor and can win a 1v1 against almost any other unit, but they are slow and have a short range. The other new units, the RPG Quad and Shock Raider, appear on S14V1 and S15 respectively. I'll give you a list of some other stuff I changed for my mod since Cm summoned me for that. Pretty minor stuff after the above, but it all comes together to make the whole thing: And some more stuff aside from all that. Ya know, little tweaks here and there, slowly balancing it better... It's really nice to see other modders around. I hope to see some of your work sometime soon, and I hope my rambling has given you some ideas for your own mod!
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    I used TibEd to do stuff for my campaigns, never editing too much the original values, but at some point I started to create "new units". My campaign called "The Emperor Return" make use of a few editions, like the sardaukar being the only unit the player (as imperial) can be trained from your barracks. Later, on the last stage, building the Imperial Palace give you access to both the Devastator and the Saboteur (this will spawn from a barracks). A simple imagen here: https://forum.dune2k.com/uploads/monthly_2016_04/571b69522ab60_EmperorReturn0.PNG.d02394d9193b55fabaaf0027922b8ae1.PNG Sardaukar available, but not infantry or trooper. My single map "IX: The technology is ours" present 1 "new" combat tank for the Ixian faction. This "new" combat tank it's a mix between the other three, both in stats and visually, while the three main factions (present on the map) still make use of his original tanks. You can look the tank here: https://forum.dune2k.com/uploads/monthly_2016_10/57f3b6a8c1207_Ix1.PNG.8af03563aa01729961bc1995be35ad21.PNG On a plus note: the St.Raider now it's more expensive, slower to build but make use of the Fremen weapons. Later, taking from that previous single map I created the campaign "IX: Master of Tecnology"; besides several changes (like showcasing the tank and St.Raider I said before), the most stronger changes was removing the light factory from the build tech and instead adding a second heavy factory, like this: https://forum.dune2k.com/uploads/monthly_2017_04/58eaabbcbf2fe_IxTechnology3.PNG.6bf63776ac1dea758ee0e7493626a342.PNG The second heavy factory let the player to produce the three special vehicles, but not only that, but doing it into a separated queue, allowing the production of a missile tank and a Devastator at the same time. And of course, it's illegal to crush people during this campaign, so Siege tanks has their purpose here. And finally, my stronger edition ever done with Tibed was on my trio of single maps based on the final map from the Dune Emperor game. The player has the traditional tecnology plus Fremen and Sardaukar (just as the original game), but here the St.Raider, besides being more expensive and much more slower movement, now has no weapons and instead self destruct, just like the original Ix vehicle. For enemies the changes are much more bigger: The grenadier now it's a close combat unit with the ability to insta kill any infantry and the Raider transformed into a more fragile but very strong unit (with very slow bullet); those two are being trained from a Sietch (since I made the sietch to be able to train units without requiring something more). Also a "tleilaxu Turret" that it's only a normal turret with no cannon, different bullet; imagen here: https://forum.dune2k.com/uploads/monthly_2018_04/Tleilaxu.png.a251010d813480bb24d57f08887af188.png There is other 2 new spacing guild units, but those are "secret" for the good of surprising people; they are combination of other vehicles and other weapons. On top of that, Fey gave instructions how to make a building to no present concrete under the building while still having 100% HP that not decay; with this, the Tleilaxu turrets I made are on the pure rock withouth concrete, thus now they are truly a "living creature" (same for the Emperor Worm). And then, we have Fey, which it's creating plenty of stuff like new units and toons of balanced for his smuggler campaigns, but I will let him to tell you about all the crazyness he is doing, including a totally new tileset: Calling for @Fey to report with the full info. Yes, we have been busy these years xD. In case you are interested to check any of those works, just search on the index. https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27756-all-completed-mods-and-tools-index-dune-2000/ At the very bottom there is a link to the edited raw files so at any moment you can load on Tibed any of my editions and check for yourself what I did. From the last time I tried; it's not possible. Tanks and infantry has like 2 propierties: "I am a vehicle" or "I am an infantry"; you can make a infantry to change to "vehicle", but then the game won't use the 12 animations (or whatever number) of that unit walking, instead, it will move on the ground withouth moving the feet (and crashing if you try to attack, I think); so no, you can't do that.
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    When that happen? And just in case, try to save your map; just any name and then try the test option; maybe that trigger another error with more info.
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    On your editor open the file d2keditor.ini (with wordpad or any text editor); there is a section called "[Paths]". There will appear some lines, if they are wrong you need to write the path where you have the game. In my case I have it this way. GameExecutable=D:\Juegos\Gruntmods Studios\Dune 2000\DUNE2000.EXE That's the route the editor will try to execute the game; probably you have the game in a folder but the editor has a different path. Check the other three lines too. I am going to copy-paste what I have on my .ini for reference. GamePath=D:\Juegos\Gruntmods Studios\Dune 2000\ GameExecutable=D:\Juegos\Gruntmods Studios\Dune 2000\DUNE2000.EXE TextUIBPath=D:\Juegos\Gruntmods Studios\Dune 2000\data\UI_DATA\Text.UIB MissionsPath=D:\Juegos\Gruntmods Studios\Dune 2000\Missions\ Maybe the last line, "missionspath" don't appear on your .ini; but don't worry about that. I think this line appears to me now that I downloaded the .exe provided in this post and after executing the line it's created. In any case, write the correct path for the lines that appear in your .ini
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    OpenRA was never an alternative to C&C. It's just a different game that happens to use C&C's graphics.
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    https://d2kplus.com/ normally has all the tools to edit Dune 2000, but I cannot find the Resource Editor that can extract the images from .R8 and .R16 files. I attached the program below so you can get the images from Dune 2000. For example open "data.r16" (from the folder Dune 2000\data\ ) with this program and you export all the images in that .r16 file (warning, that are a lot of images!). Program was made by mvi who made more amazing modding tools. Download: Dune 2000 Resource Editor.zip
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    Try my AI. :D http://www.mediafire.com/download/v74eyhqe6pn5t1e/_PRAC.MIS