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    It's done. The smugglers campaign is complete at last! Features: - Fourteen missions, drawn up from scratch - Engaging story and character interaction - Multiple versions of some levels - Choice-based difficulty levels - Highly varied missions - Challenging campaign - Re-balanced tech Some images: I originally just started with modding the original campaign, but thanks to help from the community, I learned a lot more about D2k modding and this was made possible. Special thanks to @FedaYkin and @Cm_blast for extensive testing and conversation. Couldn't have done it without you! Here are map details. If you don't want spoilers, all of the below is shown in-game, so don't bother looking! Details: Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/z2x6lnvbch9q2jq/05.+Smugglers.zip Installation Instructions: 1. Extract the zip file. 2. Make backup copies of ARMOUR.BIN, BUILEXP.BIN, SPEED.BIN, Templates.bin, and TILEDATA.BIN, located in "data\bin\" in your Dune 2000 directory. 3. Move ARMOUR.BIN, BUILEXP.BIN, SPEED.BIN, Templates.bin, and TILEDATA.BIN to "data\bin\" in your Dune 2000 directory. 4. Move all other files to "data\missions\" in your Dune 2000 directory. 5. Use the Mission Launcher application to launch the maps! I would appreciate any feedback anyone cares to leave. Thank you very much for trying my campaign. I hope you have fun.
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    so my question is can we have higher map size? afaik maximum is 128x128 i managed to hack the map editor and create 200x200 map but it was crashing game map editor was spewing out random buldings/units at edge of th hacked map but what i could remove i did but game was still crashing so i guess dune 2000 dont have support for higher size maps? or maybe we didnt find way yet to make bigger maps? im just curious because on other WW game "red alert 2" we could do enormous maps. even red alert 1 after some "hacking" was able to play on bigger maps,...i know that red alert 1 shares some code elements with dune2k but dune2k doesnt seem to work if you make bigger map.
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    I am about to release a new Campaign for Dune 2000. This one is based on the Ixian Faction, fighting in a traditional type of Campaign (starting low tech, conquering Dune... the usual stuff), although in terms of missions I tried some new ideas for maps. The main plot is just the Ixian fighting to control Dune against the usuall trio of Atreides, Harkonnen and Ordos, although the Tleilaxu, Fremen and Mercenaries will appear at some point. First, need to say that I touched a lot the Tech tree of the game. In general the player always will have the advantage of the tech, so when the Atreides are building the Trike/Quad thing, the player is already building Combat Tanks, so the Tech of lots of buildings/units have been reduced, while a couple of them increased. In terms of Raw power/armor/weapons I only change 2 things: The Combat tank, being a mix among the Atreides, Ordos and Harkonnen Tank (stats and visually). This unit was already introduced in my single mission "Ix - The Technology is ours", being the same. Also, the Stealth Raider use the Fremen type of weapon (also presented in that single mission). All the detalied info about the modified Tech tree is on a .txt note, but as a summary, I can tell you a couple of things: - The player can't build the Light Factory, but in his place now you will build a "new" building called "Ixian Factory". This new factory is necessary to build Deviator, Sonic Tank and Devastator (only the player can build this) and using a separated queue (you can build a combat tank and a Sonic Tank at the same time). - Player will build the High Tech Factory, although looks like the ATreides one. Both Carryall and airstrike are available. - MCV can't be builded, but the Starport offers the regular stuff (trikes, MCV, carryall, etc) more CY can be deployed. - Not for the player, but the Sietchs now actually can spawn units like the barracks (the sietch stands of his own). - FOOT UNITS CAN'T BE CRUSHED BY TANKS. Yes, now you actually need to use the light infantry, the Siege tank and the Sonic tank as the main source to kill Troopers. <-- of course, the player should abuse this and train lots of troopers in early-mid levels to protect against any vehicle the enemy want to send you. And of course, the Siege Tank become much more valuable, even more with all those Tleilaxu-Fremen enemies. - The Atreides still have the regular Light factory and original Atreides Combat Tank, so they behave like normal. In the zip I added a Text.uib called "TextIxENG.uib", don't forget to apply this file so in the game appears "Ixian Factory" instead "Light Factory". This will affect the enemy, but since the game called "enemy building" doesn't matter. Now, if you capture a Light factory will be called "Ixian Factory" too, but don't get it wrong, Trikes and Quads will share the same queue as your Deviator/Devastators, so don't really worth it. Finally, a couple of images: The rar include plenty of instructions. Don't forget to apply all of them to have the full experience on the game. Copy Tiledata.bin if you've never done it before (Doesn't affect the original game). Copy TextIxENG.uib or the game will crash (No need to overwrite anything). Copy templates.bin to change all the rules, or else the game may crash or being incomplete (and one level almost unbeatable). Remember to do a back_up of the original in this case so you can revert to the original state. And of course, copy mis/map/ini files. I think all is done. I did a small test and the game works ok in my vanilla dune 2000 version (of course, you still need the lastest dune2000.exe and missionlauncher.exe, you can get those for this very forum. My readme have the direct link to that). If I am missing a file report me. Download: IX Masters of Technology.rar
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    Any maps for us to test? Looks interesting!
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    Well, since the new editor allow to place 7 Atr/Har/Ord Palace (and Atr.high tech) I've been thinking on ideas to use that feature. For now I already used the Atr.High Factory on Harkonnen plus Harkonnen palace on Emperor to have both weapons striking the player at the same time, a triple Atr.Palace in my Tleilaxu Campaign, and a Triple Ord.Palace in my Spacing guild one. Looking at your premise a fatal 4 way with those sub-factions launching DH each other seems factible :P.
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    Cool. I can imagine a Fatal 4 Way with all the players throwing Dead Hands to each other.
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    Another modder, yay! Just in case. Keep in mind that some indexes uses Emperor type of buildings, so the Heavy Factory can't build the Devastator.
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    Never looked into that, maybe it's possible Can you upload that 200x200 map?
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    Recently I uploaded a new campaign based on Ix in this forum. For this campaign I changed the tech tree and a good amount of units/buildings and other stuff. This is applied into the game as 1 (or more) .bin files. However, if someone wanted to check in TibEd all the changes or just reusing for other purposes, that's not possible with only that/those .bin files. For this reason I want to share the raw .tib files generated directly by the program with the "save as..." option, so anyone can look, change and do whatever he wants. I include the .tib files and a small screenshot (enlarge the image by clicking on it) showing exactly all the weapons the player will have and from they spawn. I didn't include what the enemies can/can't build, so is recommended to use this to compared and copy some values, but knowing that maybe now other houses may build something you don't want to. IX Campaign full - 100% operational with the player being IX (presented in "Ixian Campaign - Masters of Technology"). Download: IX Campaign full.tib Preview: Emperor Campaign full - 100% operational with the player being the Emperor (presented in "Emperor Campaign - The Emperor Returns"). Download: Emperor Full campaign.tib Preview: Ix single mission - 100% operational with the player being IX (presented in the single mission "IX - The Techonoly is ours"). Download: IX single mission.tib Preview: Fremen Generic - only for testing purposes. Download: Those Fremen are wild.tib Preview: (Sietchs can spawn units without crashing the game). Ix Generic - only for testing purposes. Download: 3 heavy factory ix.tib Preview: (3 factories: separated queues: visuals and colision doesn't match at 100%, but the building require 9+1 square of room). Again, the "only for testing purposes" can't be used just as they are now. Both Fremen and the heavy factories/units builds in a couple of seconds, just to speed my tests. I will add more in the future If I do something new.
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    I've attached the missing map Gwizz mentions in the first post.