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    I created a new mission with a crazy idea: enemy abusing the airstrike. But there is a balance to avoid being wiped out by the ornithopters so the map it's fair to play and not too hard. This mission it’s about some Harkonnen Carryalls moving among Imperial Frigates, but then they encounter an Atreides heavy aerial assault. All the Imperial Frigates and most of the Harkonnen carryalls were taken down, now a small group of Harkonnen only can land in a zone surrounded by mountains and the exit being covered by one Atreides Base. The Atreides will use a huge amount of ornithopters against the player; but the player have plenty of time to prepare before the airstrike arrives plus lots of room to spread the buildings. The spice it’s near and the enemy doesn’t attack early, so the player needs to set both ground and aerial defenses before it’s too late. Defeat enough Atreides air’s power and the Emperor will aid you to win. Summary: Name: Aerial Nightmare. Tech level: 4. Player: Harkonnen. Ally: Emperor. Enemy: Atreides, Ornithopters. Screenshots: Download file: Aerial Nightmare.zip This is just a single map; not other special files are required.
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    I just found this video on YouTube. I think the real MT-32 music sounds pretty awesome. And nope, I have tried several ways of embedding the video but they don't work. Embedded videos were a big thing here a while ago, but the recent forum updates must have done away with 'em. UPD: Here's the entire soundtrack recorded with an MT-32.
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    Has anyone tried to play without massive reinforcemens (missions 6a and 6b) and Mercenaries (7, 8, 9a and 9b)? If no one has tried, now you can. Ordos without massive reinforcemens & Mercenaries.zip
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    we did a FED2k sessions in Vienna with Egeides last year, I've just heard his flock is doing well I can't wait for the new movie
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    How many time took you to beat mission 9 using only quads/trikes?
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    Turns out that LZW was not the reason for the update. The real change is a tiny upgrade of the file headers, which got one byte bigger. Oh right. I got a tool that can convert Dune II v1.0 WSA now http://nyerguds.arsaneus-design.com/project_stuff/2017/CnC64FileConverter/release/
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    After 20 years, finally, someone got the right idea. Keep up the good work.
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    I've been working on a set of alternative missions for the Original Ordos campaign. The idea was to create additional options playing through. I've tried to remain loyal to the original mission concepts. This isn't meant to be an entirely original or new campaign, just a re-imagining of the original. - New versions of missions 1 - 9 - 2 new options for all missions from 4 onwards - Original mission briefings attached: Can be accessed in game from the in-game menu, or read on the briefing page from the mission launcher - Bonus mission: 'How to Build a Deviator' - set between missions 6 and 7 - Additional folder 'Subs' containing the same missions playable as allied sub-houses. I'm also planning remakes of the Harkonnen and Atreides campaigns eventually, but for now, I look forward to hearing what people think of this one. EDIT: Now updated with version 2.00, AI's will now berserk when their bases are destroyed, small bugs fixed, sub-houses and bonus missions now all included in same zip file. DOWNLOAD: OrdosCampaign200.7z DOWNLOAD SUB-HOUSES ONLY: Subs.7z