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    Been a few years since I last tested the Dune 2 classic mod for OpenRA so I've done a new video.. nothing exciting match wise.. just a 1 on 1 test game. They've been busy as its way more feature packed compared to 2017.
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    It was released last week: https://turboknight.bandcamp.com/album/navigators
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    If you need assistance in image (For Tanks, Infantry and Structures), voice (For Machines, Mentats and Units) or conjunction (For Coding, Tests and Advice) then you can hire me for a non-currency price like favors or IOU tickets or free (Offer what you have or don't have or simply assume that it's for free because it's higher than 80% chance free).
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    I can't really describe it more than I can say it's good. When I make 100 units I'll send it to you. And I don't see why Harkonnen would have a medium tank instead of a heavy one. The only ones that might have one are house Atreides because and because Ordos doesn't spend a lot.
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    This is an option I will make to an degree, if you wish to assist in this project then you will gain participation credits according to your percentages. If you have assisted atleast 0.01%-0.19% then you will get 500 credits and if you've supported 0.20-more% percentage then you will receive 1000 credits and feel free to share the file password to anyone. NOTE; 1 percentage is worth atleast 100 different units. Simply make random original infantry, vehicle components or structures, they will be added to the bonus 1000. If you have 0% then 100 for each structure option will be available to you. You can use this color pallet made with colors found in Dune 2000 structures and units.
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    Harkonnen Medium Tank Model What's your view on this @FembotESMP?
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    File Name : Datar8sprites.zip File Size : 6.89 Mb File Format : Zip Uploaded On : 11-3-2013 5:30pm @ All : This Sprite Pack contains all of data.r8 contents.... I still haven't found out what does the pics in unknown folder do.... Have fun people..... @ MVI : Add this pack into your D2k Plus website..... Darar8sprites.zip
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    Define/Specify the components for your sonic tank or state your fan based response for any dune franchise sonic tanks.
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    My Sonic Tank would be either like the original. Weak when alone. Indeed defeated by 3 Quads. But strong when in a massive group. But I also like the one shot, kill version of EbfD. Long range is a pre. A lot of splash is a pre. PS. Atreides have a little bit of stealth in EbfD. And I guess, you could count the Fremen (dune2000)? Even if they are not really a part of the Atreides. Atreides have more stealth than the Harkonnen for sure.
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    Make the best Mercenary Combat tank or Mercenary Special tank. All entries are sent to me after you've stated that you'll be entering. Two competitions are available. Enter the first competition and you'll accept defeat and if you enter the second competition and I'll make you the rotation for the full tank if you make it in first, second or third place at the end per month for the year.
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    It should be a year before someone makes one and mercenaries should get all their equipment in nearby planet black markets and the Ordos should be their top seller.
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    Well, I guess I'd better join the party. Remember guys, adding new units / structures / weapons to the game is impossible at this time. You can, however, add new warheads! And you can overwrite existing units too. There are three units you could really get away with: The duplicate Carryall, the duplicate Sardaukar, and the Thumper Infantry. Overwriting duplicates means you need to work around certain limitations with how the units can be built, so only the Thumper Infantry will work flawlessly. The below entries are not theoretical; they are implmented already in my mod. All relevant measurements, such as build speed or cost, are for normal difficulty. Exclusive factions lists may have odd entries due to D2k's limitations, but just because something is available for a faction doesn't mean the AI will be allowed to build or train that unit. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INFANTRY Infantry are slow and very easy to kill, but they are inexpensive, have respectable range and firepower, and self-heal. They can: - Garrison infantry rock to fortify a position or provide cover for mobile forces. - Deter enemy LAVs or stealth units from surgical strikes (when spread out). - Deal the most damage per second of any unit (when stacked up tight). Light Infantry Intel Entry - Light Infantry are the most basic armed unit and have a combat life expectancy of only a few seconds. They are cheap and simple to train, making them very easy to recruit in droves. They pose a threat mostly to enemy infantry, but they can effectively fight enemy LAVs if in enough numbers. Tech Level - 0 (Basic) Requires - Barracks Strength - Anti-infantry HitPoints - 600 BuildSpeed - ~5 secs (922 / the number you put in TibEd, in this case 185, to get the build speed in in-game seconds. Build speed improves with 2-3 factories!) Cost - 50 Solaris Range - 2 tiles (Weapon range in tiles is the value in TibEd divided by 32. Non-integer results means the weapon range is rounded out a tad.) ROF - 1.2 secs (Rate of fire is measured in tics. 25 tics=1 second.) DPS - ~104 (Damage per second is a more reliable measurement to balance units around than damage per strike. The value is affected by a target's armor type.) Trooper Intel Entry - Rocket launcher-armed infantry trained to effectively destroy vehicles and structures. Troopers are an excellent deterrent against LAVs when scattered among rock formations, but Combat Tanks and LRA can outrange them. Tech Level - 1 (Light) Requires - Barracks (upgraded) Strength - Anti-vehicle / structure HitPoints - 700 BuildSpeed - ~8.5 secs Cost - 80 Solaris Range - 3 tiles ROF - 1.6 secs DPS - ~188 Grenadier Intel Entry - Grenadiers are quick infantry ideal for supporting LAVs, armor, or fortifications. Being extremely dangerous to other infantry and capable of hitting targets atop cliffs and over walls, they are best deployed in small numbers and used with caution. Tech Level - 2 (Light II) Requires - Barracks (upgraded), Outpost Strength - Anti-infantry / structure HitPoints - 700 BuildSpeed - ~9.5 secs Cost - 100 Solaris Range - 4 tiles ROF - 2 secs DPS - ~63 (area-effect) / 75 (area-effect, on death) Engineer Intel Entry - Engineers are responsible for organizing construction, keeping data secure, and diagnosing and fixing problems within your base. They can be deployed to the battlefield to disrupt enemy operations and they can even provide you direct control over enemy structures. However, due to their lack of armament and combat experience, they must be escorted to the enemy base to have any chance of capturing anything. Tech Level - 4 (Utility) Requires - Barracks (upgraded), Outpost Special - Permanently capture structure HitPoints - 500 BuildSpeed - ~26.5 secs Cost - 400 Solaris Fremen Warrior Intel Entry - Native desert inhabitants of Dune. Fremen Warriors are vastly superior to other infantry and can even match Sardaukar Elites in combat. They are extremely distrustful of outsiders and tend to be openly hostile, though this attitude varies between Sietches. Tech Level - 6 (Advanced II) Requires - Barracks, High Tech Factory Exclusive - Atreides, Fremen, Ix Strength - Anti-infantry / vehicle / structure HitPoints - 900 BuildSpeed - ~14 secs Cost - 200 Solaris Range - 3 tiles ROF - 1.6 secs DPS - ~94 (anti-infantry) / ~141 (anti-vehicle / structure) Fremen Fedaykin Intel Entry - Fedaykin are Fremen guerrilla fighters. While rarely seen on the battlefield, in part due to their excellent skills in camouflage, they are a considerable threat. In addition to invisibility, Fremen Fedaykin are just as tough and dangerous as Fremen Warriors. Fedaykin are deployed from the Palace of Diplomacy three at a time. Tech Level - 7 (Ultimate) Requires - Palace of Diplomacy Exclusive - Atreides, Fremen, Ix Special - Permanent out-of-combat invisibility Strength - Anti-infantry / vehicle / structure HitPoints - 900 BuildSpeed - ~184.5 secs (3x) Range - 3 tiles ROF - 1.6 secs DPS - ~94 (anti-infantry) / ~141 (anti-vehicle / structure) Sardaukar Elite Intel Entry - Emperor Corrino's fearsome soldier-fanatics. Sardaukar Elites are armed with powerful weapons equally effective against infantry, vehicles, and structures, and can take the most punishment of any infantry on Dune. Tech Level - 6 (Advanced II) Requires - Barracks, High Tech Factory Exclusive - Imperials Strength - Anti-infantry / vehicle / structure HitPoints - 1000 BuildSpeed - ~14 secs Cost - 200 Solaris Range - 3 tiles ROF - 2 secs DPS - ~88 (anti-infantry) / 125 (anti-vehicle / structure) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LIGHT ARMORED VEHICLES LAVs, or Light Armored Vehicles, are fragile but fast and hard-hitting. They can: - Intercept or flank any other ground units in the game. - Effectively bypass sparse enemy defenses with their speed. - Provide excellent mobile support for slower units, like infantry. Trike Intel Entry - Trikes are fast light vehicles armed with machine guns. While unable to be fitted with special modules, and less effective than the Raiders deployed by certain parties on Arrakis, their inexpensive simplicity makes them popular with most factions. Tech Level - 1 (Light) Requires - Light Factory Exclusive - Atreides, Harkonnen, Imperials, Fremen, Ix Strength - Anti-infantry HitPoints - 900 BuildSpeed - ~19 secs Cost - 300 Solaris Range - 3 tiles ROF - 0.8 secs DPS - ~219 Raider Intel Entry - Raiders are interceptors suitable for catching and killing infantry or Missile Tanks with their mounted machine guns. They're considerably more expensive than their Atreides or Harkonnen counterparts, but they're also much more effective. Tech Level - 1 (Light) Requires - Light Factory Exclusive - Ordos, Smugglers, Mercenaries Strength - Anti-infantry HitPoints - 1000 BuildSpeed - ~19 secs Cost - 350 Solaris Range - 3 tiles ROF - 0.72 secs DPS - ~243 Stealth Raider Intel Entry - The Stealth Raider is the ultimate scouting and ambush vehicle. A swarm of Stealth Raiders can eat tanks in seconds and escape to repair before the enemy knows what hit them. Its cloaking system requires a High Tech Factory to manufacture. Tech Level - 6 (Advanced II) Requires - Light Factory, High Tech Factory Exclusive - Ordos, Smugglers, Mercenaries Special - Permanent out-of-combat invisibility Strength - Anti-infantry HitPoints - 1000 BuildSpeed - ~22 secs Cost - 400 Solaris Range - 3 tiles ROF - 0.72 secs DPS - ~243 Shock Raider Intel Entry - Raiders outfitted with plasma weaponry similar to Devastators' cannons. The Shock Raider is an expensive light vehicle with precise attacks effective against all targets. In addition, their attacks can arc over Concrete Walls. Despite these advantages, Shock Raiders are no tougher than standard Raiders, and have an even shorter range. Tech Level - 8 (Boss) Requires - Light Factory, Research Centre Exclusive - Atreides, Ordos, Imperials, Fremen, Smugglers, Mercenaries, Ix Strength - Anti-infantry / vehicle / structure HitPoints - 1000 BuildSpeed - ~33 secs Cost - 500 Solaris Range - 2 tiles ROF - 1.12 secs DPS - ~161 Quad Intel Entry - Quads are rocket-toting LAVs ideal for surgical strikes against vehicles or structures. Despite their fragility, their firepower is an essential component of your military strength. They're cheap enough to be easily mass-produced. Tech Level - 2 (Light II) Requires - Light Factory (upgraded) Strength - Anti-vehicle / structure HitPoints - 1100 BuildSpeed - ~26.5 secs Cost - 400 Solaris Range - 3 tiles ROF - 1.2 secs DPS - ~313 RPG Quad Intel Entry - RPG Quads are an uncommon hybrid seen only in the early stages of conflict, if at all. Although rare and expensive, and no tougher than typical Quads, RPG Quads are remarkably versatile. Not only can they engage enemies both in close range and from afar, even over walls, but they also make excellent scouts. Their good range and speed make them especially effective rapid response units. Tech Level - 4 (Utility) Requires - Light Factory, Outpost, High Tech Factory Exclusive - Ix Strength - Anti-infantry / vehicle / structure HitPoints - 1100 BuildSpeed - ~33 secs Cost - 500 Solaris Range - 3 / 5 tiles ROF - 1.6 secs DPS - ~78 (area-effect, anti-infantry / structure) / ~234 (anti-vehicle / structure) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ARMOR Units designated "Armor" excel at damage absorption. They can: - Effectively assault fortified positions given their excellent HP. - Win extended battles of attrition against weaker enemy units. - Safeguard weaker friendly units while they perform their roles. Light Combat Tank Intel Entry - Light Combat Tanks sacrifice armor for speed in both motion and firing. Although they cannot soak so much damage, they can escape any other tank and occupy territory without giving the enemy much time to react. And, they remain suitable for frontal assault. Tech Level - 3 (Armor) Requires - Heavy Factory Exclusive - Ordos, Fremen, Smugglers Strength - Anti-vehicle HitPoints - 1800 BuildSpeed - ~35.5 secs Cost - 700 Solaris Range - 4 tiles ROF - 1.6 secs DPS - ~188 Medium Combat Tank Intel Entry - Medium Combat Tanks are well-rounded units in motion, firepower, and armor. They are perfectly suited to assaulting fortified enemy positions, covering friendly units, and quickly responding to attacks. However, they do not stand out in any one area. Like against any other Combat Tank, Troopers are an effective counter. Tech Level - 3 (Armor) Requires - Heavy Factory Exclusive - Atreides, Imperials, Ix Strength - Anti-vehicle HitPoints - 2200 BuildSpeed - ~35.5 secs Cost - 700 Solaris Range - 4 tiles ROF - 2 secs DPS - 150 Heavy Combat Tank Intel Entry - Heavy Combat Tanks sacrifice speed in both motion and firing for superior armor. Despite inferior firepower to other tanks, their sturdiness is unmatched. Gunfire and grenades won't so much as dent them, and they can flatten squads of Troopers long before their rockets penetrate the tanks' armor. Tech Level - 3 (Armor) Requires - Heavy Factory Exclusive - Harkonnen, Mercenaries Strength - Anti-vehicle HitPoints - 2800 BuildSpeed - ~35.5 secs Cost - 700 Solaris Range - 4 tiles ROF - 2.4 secs DPS - 125 Duelist Tank Intel Entry - Durable weapons of Ixian design used primarily by the Ordos and smugglers. Duelist Tanks are meant to draw fire to cover other units. Although the Duelist Tank is good against any one unit with few exceptions, true to its name, it performs poorly against quick or long-ranged enemy targets. A pair of Quads can catch and destroy Duelist Tanks with ease. And, unlike Combat Tanks, Duelist Tanks cannot out-range Troopers with their cannons. Tech Level - 5 (Advanced) Requires - Heavy Factory, Research Centre Exclusive - Ordos, Smugglers Strength - Anti-infantry / vehicle / structure HitPoints - 2500 BuildSpeed - ~38.5 secs Cost - 800 Solaris Range - 3 tiles ROF - 2.2 secs DPS - ~136 Devastator Intel Entry - The toughest tank on Dune. Devastators are energy weapons of Ixian design commissioned by House Harkonnen. Their dual plasma cannons are extremely effective at close range. Although very slow, they are more heavily armored than any other vehicle and can automatically self-repair to a point. Thus, they provide excellent cover for any weaker unit. As a last resort, a Devastator can detonate its internal reactor to annihilate all nearby targets. Tech Level - 6 (Advanced II) Requires - Heavy Factory (upgraded), Research Centre Exclusive - Harkonnen Special - Self-destruct Strength - Anti-infantry / vehicle / structure HitPoints - 5000 BuildSpeed - ~51 secs Cost - 1100 Solaris Range - 3 tiles ROF - 2.6 secs DPS - ~346 (anti-infantry / vehicle / structure) / 4800 (self-destruct) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LONG-RANGE ARTILLERY Long-Range Artillery do as their name implies. They're the most expensive units and tend to move slowly, but their range and damage output are excellent! - All LRA can attack over walls. - They have the longest range of any unit in the game. - They excel at burst damage. Each attack deals high damage. Siege Tank Intel Entry - The Siege Tank is a cannon on treads capable of annihilating huge packs of infantry or most enemy structures in very few blasts. They're fairly cumbersome and can be destroyed easily by Quads and Combat Tanks, but they excel at razing a base after its defenses have been penetrated, or at defending your base from incoming enemy forces. They are also the best weapon for blowing through Concrete Walls. An upgraded Heavy Factory and a High Tech Factory are both required to manufacture these weapons. Tech Level - 5 (Advanced) Requires - Heavy Factory (upgraded), High Tech Factory Strength - Anti-infantry / structure HitPoints - 1800 BuildSpeed - ~42 secs Cost - 900 Solaris Range - 5 tiles ROF - 3.2 secs DPS - ~156 Missile Tank Intel Entry - The Missile Tank is a mobile rocket launcher with impressive range and firepower. Though vulnerable to fire from Light Infantry or Raiders, their armor is built to withstand attacks from Combat Tanks or Quads. They can fire over walls, at air units, and provide long-range support for turrets. Tech Level - 5 (Advanced) Requires - Heavy Factory, Research Centre Exclusive - Atreides, Harkonnen, Imperials, Fremen, Mercenaries, Ix Strength - Anti-vehicle / air / structure HitPoints - 1400 BuildSpeed - ~42 secs Cost - 900 Solaris Range - 6 tiles ROF - 5 secs DPS - 120 Sonic Tank Intel Entry - The ultimate siege weapon. Sonic Tanks are weapons of Ixian design based on Weirding Modules and commissioned by House Atreides. They are extremely effective against any ground target, but may require alignment to be used to maximum effectiveness as they annihilate targets in a straight line from their location. They can be overwhelmed if surrounded, and their tall cannons cannot rotate downwards to damage targets very nearby the treads. Tech Level - 6 (Advanced II) Requires - Heavy Factory (upgraded), Research Centre Exclusive - Atreides, Fremen, Ix Special - Path damage Strength - Anti-infantry / vehicle / structure HitPoints - 2800 BuildSpeed - ~51 secs Cost - 1100 Solaris Range - 5 tiles ROF - 3.4 Deviator Intel Entry - A unique support unit. Deviators are fast, lightly armored missile platforms of Ixian design commissioned by House Ordos. Contrary to widely-disseminated lies, Deviators' attacks do in fact release a poison that affects the drivers of vehicles, not the vehicles themselves. Since the gas works only in the closed space of vehicle cockpits, its pressurized canisters toss infantry with concussive force, and nothing more. Deviators also have the longest range of any Ixian tech on the field and can wreak havoc on enemy forces like no other unit. Tech Level - 6 (Advanced II) Requires - Heavy Factory (upgraded), Research Centre Exclusive - Ordos, Smugglers Special - Temporarily capture vehicle Strength - Anti-infantry / vehicle HitPoints - 1400 BuildSpeed - ~51 secs Cost - 1100 Solaris Range - 6 tiles ROF - 5 secs DPS - 100 (anti-infantry) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SPECIAL FORCES Superweapons, pretty much. Ornithopter Intel Entry - House Atreides' magnificent air fleet dominates the skies of Dune. The cornerstone of their fleet is the Ornithopter, a fast winged aircraft sortied from the Atreides' High Tech Factory and coordinated from the Outpost. Their bombs are effective against all targets, and they can attack with near-impunity from the air. The presence of Ornithopters on the field demands the use of Missile Tanks and Rocket Turrets, their only deterrents. Tech Level - 6 (Advanced II) Requires - Outpost, High Tech Factory (upgraded) Exclusive - Atreides, Fremen, Ix Strength - Anti-infantry / vehicle / structure HitPoints - 900 BuildSpeed - 461 secs (3x) Damage - 400 (per bomb, area-effect) Saboteur Intel Entry - Saboteurs are fearless, quick, and stealthy infantry deployed from the Palace of Deceit. Armed only with explosives and utter apathy for their own lives, courtesy of mental tampering, they desire only to destroy whichever structure they're tasked with infiltrating. Should infiltration be impossible, Saboteurs may detonate their explosives in close proximity to enemy units to deal heavy damage to them. While fragile, they can sneak past enemy defenses with their personal cloaking devices. Turrets and infantry in close proximity can reveal cloaked Saboteurs. Tech Level - 7 (Ultimate) Requires - Palace of Deceit Exclusive - Ordos, Smugglers, Mercenaries Special - Temporary out-of-combat invisibility Strength - Anti-infantry / vehicle / structure HitPoints - 500 BuildSpeed - ~184.5 secs Range - 1 tile Damage - 1800 (self-destruct) Death Hand Missile Intel Entry - The ultimate superweapon. The Death Hand is a fairly precise warhead launched from the Palace of Destruction that annihilates all but the toughest targets. When a Death Hand is launched, you will be alerted. It's recommended you evacuate forces from the missile's suspected destination, if possible. This weapon is most often used by the Harkonnen and can only be stopped by destroying the palace. Tech Level - 7 (Ultimate) Requires - Palace of Destruction Exclusive - Harkonnen, Imperials Strength - Anti-infantry / vehicle / structure BuildSpeed - 461 secs Damage - 300 (per fragment, area-effect) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BASE DEFENSES Your durable, but totally immobile fortifications. Concrete Wall Intel Entry - Crude barriers capable of blocking most attacks and impeding the movement of enemy troops. They're effective protection for turrets or LRA, but cannot last against focused fire. Grenadiers can break them with ease. Tech Level - 2 (Light II) Requires - Construction Yard HitPoints - 700 BuildSpeed - 5 secs Cost - 25 Solaris Gun Turret Intel Entry - Long-range rotating cannons best fortified behind Concrete Walls and supported by LRA. While sturdy and effective against all targets, their utter immobility leaves them vulnerable to a concentrated attack. In addition, their power can be cut by destroying enough Wind Traps. Tech Level - 4 (Utility) Requires - Construction Yard (upgraded) Strength - Anti-infantry / vehicle HitPoints - 2800 BuildSpeed - ~26.5 secs Cost - 700 Solaris Range - 6 tiles ROF - 2.2 secs DPS - ~136 Rocket Turret Intel Entry - Long-range rotating missile platforms best fortified behind Concrete Walls and supported by LRA. While sturdy and effective against all targets, their utter immobility leaves them vulnerable to a concentrated attack. In addition, their power can be cut by destroying enough Wind Traps. Tech Level - 6 (Advanced II) Requires - Construction Yard (upgraded), Research Centre Strength - Anti-vehicle / air HitPoints - 3500 BuildSpeed - ~33 secs Cost - 1100 Solaris Range - 7 tiles ROF - 3.8 secs DPS - ~158 Storm Lasher Intel Entry - The most advanced stationary defense structure. Its capacitors keep a fully-charged shot ready to instantly strike targets at twice the range of Rocket Turrets with enough power to destroy weak units in one attack. Its only fault is its rate of fire. And, it predictably re-acquires targets nearer to it once its first target has moved out of range or been destroyed. Like other base defenses, the Storm Lasher requires power to function. Tech Level - 8 (Boss) Requires - Construction Yard (upgraded), Research Centre Strength - Anti-infantry / vehicle HitPoints - 4200 BuildSpeed - ~44 secs Cost - 2000 Solaris Range - 14 tiles ROF - 10 secs DPS - 180 (area-effect) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- COMMANDERS While technically not part of the game mechanics, there are several prominent commanders appearing in my maps so far. At the very least, they've inspired me to go certain directions with faction identity and unit composition because of the way they act. And, they do have additional intel entries I could list here. Cyril Vasiliou The honorable Atreides commander. Atreides infantry are fiercely loyal to their duke, and the commander is no exception. Only these suave diplomats could manage an alliance with the distrustful native Fremen, but that sort of relationship takes time to cultivate. The Atreides must rely on their own forces in the meantime. While respectable, don't mistake honor for kindness. The Atreides fiercely and violently oppose their enemies. Radnor Krillys The ruthless Harkonnen commander. The war-mongering Harkonnen are industrious and tough. While it's impossible to find love for them, their malevolence and brutality are nevertheless admirable. They are a force to be reckoned with even without any allies. Although those who don't oppose them - and therefore aren't destroyed - enjoy considerable security benefits, they are more than likely extorted to no end. Achen Moriaen The enigmatic Ordos commander, or so she seemed. It was thought that House Ordos was wealthy and headed not by a single entity, but a conglomerate of nobility. This is not the case; the strange truth is that a being called the Executrix commands them, and it is four minds sharing one body. Like the House itself, Achen Moriaen is duplicitous, callous, and cunning. And as it turns out, Achen Moriaen's true loyalties lie elsewhere... Kyne Giraud The fanatical Imperial Burseg. He commands the most ruthless army in the known universe in service to Emperor Corrino, but strength is only a footnote in his many qualities. His efforts in espionage and sabotage in battle keeps the Imperials firmly in place at the top on Arrakis. Issam Nehara Naib of Sietch Mushtamal. His Fremen are gladly isolated in the howling crevices of the winding, windswept ridge. Even though they are easily spotted by trespassers, Nehara himself is a master of stealth and can personally ensure their safety. Rowe Summers The resourceful ex-mercenary commander. While she shows weakness in caring for those under her command, she is remarkably obstinate. She can even be belligerent towards dissidents, although this tends to be reactive as her default aims are typically innocuous. She is unusually hands-on and will often personally oversee battles. Ketua Sumadi The stealthy head of the largest smuggling organization on Arrakis. Ketua Sumadi has impressively turned a profit time and time again even as superior forces hunt his men down. He is known to micromanage his subordinates to propagate his modus operandi and ensure profits are made. And if that doesn't work, he will silence the opposition. This has angered some of his even more ambitious underlings, including Rowe Summers, who see potential in dealing with the Great Houses. Sabre Durant The resilient mercenary commander. Through his strong relationship with Ketua Sumadi and Rowe Summers, he's gained much popularity and guaranteed relatively safe work for the many under his command. However, he is largely dependent on Sumadi's smugglers to operate and will do almost anything to maintain business with Sumadi. He is known to put his hefty fees towards the toughest units available. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have a lot of love for the game's original designs, but I did feel that certain things were unfair. Quads and Siege Tanks were really crappy units before, Concrete Walls only blocked Combat Tank shots for some reason, fortifications were overpowered as heck, tech progression was kind of linear, and faction identity was massively blurred. Now, Quads are respectable damage-dealers and Siege Tanks are on par with Missile Tanks. Concrete Walls and other base defenses now block most projectiles, allowing for new plays with units that can fire over walls versus units that cannot. Fortifications are now more confined to a supporting role, requiring the assistance of other units to effectively defend an area. Now, the player has certain choices to make in teching up! Does he drop 1.2k Solaris on the Light Factory upgrade yet, or does he need four more Trikes right now? Does he place a Barracks before his first Wind Trap, or should he nix extra early defense and drop a Refinery as soon as possible? Does he drop 2k on that Heavy Factory upgrade for Siege Tanks and MCVs, or does he drop that 2k total on upgrading the High Tech Factory and placing a Research Centre for Missile Tanks and/or Duelist Tanks, and Rocket Turrets? And now we've got some well-defined commanders and factions. Tough mercs, hit-and-run Fremen, balanced and poised Imperials. My balancing orbited mostly around unit classifications, their roles. What they're supposed to do well, and where they fall short. Categorizing every unit in four specific ways makes gameplay simpler to learn, but more difficult to master. And, more importantly, it places a major emphasis on unit micro. If you've ever played or watched multiplayer matches in D2k, it's pretty heavily tipped towards the macro game. I wanted to push my finger down on the micro part of the scale. Because that's fun and rewarding! Stutter-step with those Grenadiers, move the Combat Tanks up close to the enemy turrets before sending the LAVs past them. Keep your Troopers safe while they heal up after being hit with falling debris, and intercept anything trying to kill them with a bunch of Trikes or Raiders. Move that LRA up with your new MCV and drop that pre-built turret at the new expansion! Or micro that one heavy Combat Tank ahead of your other units to act as a lightning rod so it can soak damage from that Storm Lasher. Despite the extensive rebalancing, all the pre-existing units are still the same unit. It's not like I replaced the Trike with a new Combat Tank or something. There are a few new units, but they're thrown into the mix with great consideration. Everything to this point has been very meticulously crafted. Anyway, there's my unit compendium. Hope that helps y'all figure out watcha wanna do with yours, or something.
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    Dune 2000; Fight for spice Non-house Trike Quad Light Tank Medium Tank Missile Tank Atreides the Noble Siege Tank (Special Unit) Sonic Tank (Special Unit) Ordos the Manipulators Winter Tank (Special Unit) Raider (Ordos Trike) Chaos Venom (Special Unit / Ordos Palice Unit) Deviator (Special Unit) Harkonnen the Pollutors Flamethrower Infantry Flamethrower Tank Devastator Tank EDITING
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    No sorry, I don't speak on forums (This is not a practical term.). It's just a tank that has a weak sonic cannon with really light equipment for strain control and better mobility.
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    That would be very nice, I'll mail you about my sonic tank's look but I feel like making it myself though.
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    The purpose for the sonic tank is to destroy or raid, not defend and they do very bad at it already against 3 quads which could destroy them for it's price. and nothing more, if it was made lighter then it My sonic tank doesn't carry a lot and does damage low at a fast fire rate and is designed to move as quick as a regular tank because it only carries iron components and doesn't cargo ammo which makes it faster looking than regular tanks.
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    Fremen should be hard to see in the sunlight and their use for cover in the original dune can be to blend in. Maybe a vehicle with sand camouflage on it would be closer to finding itself in my mod for house Atreides.
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    Mines would generate a sound that prevents others from seeing behind a sound wall for stealth while equipped with a sonic cannon.
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    If I had all those components then it becomes an emitter?
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    Hi, this is the Ordos part of my campaign. If you play through from the first HK part to the final OD part, you may find the improvement of maps It's a pity that I cannot add music to it, because the audio converter (other forms to .aud) doesn't work. Enjoy! Glory_Awaits_OD.zip
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    this shows better By the way, I don't know how to quote one line to reply ...
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    The deviation mission: After you capture one vehicle, you need to send it to repair pad immediately; that's what carryalls use for! When it reaches the repair pad, you can try using hotkey "S" to stop it ON one of the four points of the pad, then it won't transfer, unless you move it or the repair pad is destroyed! the four points are (let's see if I can draw something ):
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    @Cm_blast Yo Cm, you got any good ideas for new units or something? This fellow means business. Check out the sick damaged sprite he worked up for the Golden Lion Barracks! Mostly. I did a little more editing, but Kran adjusted the shadow and positioned the majority of the cracks and stuff.
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    Phase 1; Note to selves ~ that Dune Two Grand is the precise version for it's own specified measurements; this can only mean if or not for the same, similar or unrelated plan, schedule and courses for the same franchise will only be precisely equivalent if matching history is found your personal placement's, content's or foundation's link which might result surveys, questioning and comments for your own version, simulation or composition for the original franchise (Incase you're insufficient on any previous, original or important actors, stunt doubles or replacements it is recommended to make a newer, improved or altered version for the existing franchise revealing history, category or correction links.) and to do this you'll have to compromised with it's history or make a new delta/series phase. If a portion, season or percentage for the original franchise already exist, this doesn't make your version incorrect. Phase 2; Make the title for your original franchise compatible to the history or make an alpha series to be compromised as another historic era with other characters. Phase 3; Give your alpha or scripted franchise categories like fun, original, realistic, dramatic or reconjunctionized. Phase 4; After you've successfully tested all the scenes, tasks and phases with your own terrains, elements and possibilities then you can finally practice in perfecting the franchise's theme, glamor and composition for a player's or guest's appeal, interest and rating. Requirements; Alterations, improvement or representations for object, terrain and task in your franchise. Advise, assistance and utilities for conjunctionization, replacements and qualities. Achievement, equivalence and unity to create prefix, activity and purpose for your guests, players and personnel.
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    I do not wish to update any tools, I only want to know the formula in making utilities so I can make my own. If the Dune 2000 development methods is extinct then I recommend making one through experimentation with every code combination and compare it to original dune to see if you can freshly remake it by copying and pasting the text format with the Notepad++ and paste it into a fresh exe then rearrange, remove and improve it with more codes. The only way to make the perfect .exe file is to be flexible with the old ones at this time as there are no way for me to access the character keys acquired to make everything. With a alliance having 5 people in attempts to the same method will reduce the requirements in making the perfect file. The producer and his or her cooperatives if their goals was purely to achieve success can initiate test runs through finding all the error causes. Each producer and cooperative is supposed to select a percentage in the file and repeat the primitive process in row and column edits and this is how you will achieve success. With each character casing if you can find them will be tested in an exe file in every order until everything is checked complete. For example a cooperative has been divided into the first 25% in codes and has changed all his letters to A and he reported that there was either failure or changes when combining his with the other 75%'s codes. This is my method/personnel in coding. Note that I'm an available producer or cooperative.
  29. 1 point
    The existing tools makes everything so easy, and I'm planning on finding another way to make more features Dune 2000.
  30. 1 point
    I have my methods in successful conjunctionary productions.
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    Like I said, I normally play in 800x600 for fun or 640x400 for testing. I have really cruddy eyesight too. I set it to max because when the game's resolution matches the desktop's resolution, it'll appear to be fullscreen even if it's windowed, and that can help fix some problems with, say, Display Capture in OBS for instance. The reason we use 640x400 for testing purposes is because certain things, like in-game text transmissions, might clip off the side of the screen or onto the sidebar if they're too long. So if we play at the default resolution and there's no problem with the text, that's one more glitch we don't gotta fix! Among some other things, like difficulty scaling for instance. That's tested with a lower resolution because our macro and micro are limited. Anyway, link us a clip when you test the stream out with that idea. I'm really curious to see how that works out!! P.S. - FYI, Fraps works for recording D2k. At least, it does for me. I don't think you could stream with Fraps, but if you were to do YouTube videos or something, it might be handy to know. I use Fraps for some other stuff too, it seems to work nicely for old stuff, but really you've gotta have a lot of hard drive space and compress your footage whenever you record. Fraps' file sizes are ridiculous! But if you run the files through Virtualdub with the Xvid codec, that shaves off like 95% of the file size without any losses in quality, and there ya go. Sorry, I don't mean ramble. If you wanna know more about my process for video editing, compression and stuff, feel free to ask. Otherwise, I'm gonna try to stay on topic.
  32. 1 point
    Nice timing, I just got on. XD I see, that's awfully strange. Hmm, have you tried running the game in windowed mode and using display capture to set it? I believe the way the fullscreen works is it'll put the game window in the top left and set the display to match that resolution. OBS will pick up the rest of the screen while all you're seeing is the resolution you set. Maybe if you tweak your monitor's resolution in the control panel AND the in-game resolution, and run in windowed / borderless / modal style, that should simulate fullscreen without actually being fullscreen. I'll give you an example: In the above screenshot, I had the game set to windowed mode, but it appeared to be fullscreen because it took up the entire resolution of my display - I have an ultrawide for video editing. Say you were to go to the display settings in control panel (https://i.imgur.com/8dVkHaK.png) and bump your monitor's resolution down to where you want the game to run. Would that appear to be fullscreen in the stream output, you suppose? Might be worth testing.
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    There are plenty of options you might wanna tinker with that could help. Disable High DPI Scaling, Force DirectDraw Emulation, Single Processor Affinity, Video Backbuffer... and of course, GDI mode if you enable DxWnd. I dunno if anything will fix the problem, but it's probably the matter with settings. I forgot to mention, you CAN box-select with shift if you do it this way... for example: - Bind a group to 1. - Box select another group of units. - Hit shift + 1. - Then hit ctrl + 1. Ayy, thanks for the link. Imma check 'er out.
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    Aye, always good to keep backups. The backup data folder I included contains the vanilla stuff like it's meant to be since Cm and I take great caution in our uploads, but as he pointed out and as I'll emphasize now, the smugglers campaign is designed to be played with the included mod. And other campaigns might not provide a backup folder, so you'd need to backup manually. We weren't always so thorough! Also, Cm's Emperor maps are awesome. He did NIAB tanks (minus the teleporting), they have a lightningy attack and the Tleilaxu get special turrets. My adaptation differs.
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    Hi, Fey already say it, but I want to clarify. Some of the custom campaigns and/or maps make use of some files that will mod the game. Dunno if you know about the tool "Tibed", which allow to change the tech tree (money cost, speed of the unit, etc...) of several westwood RTS, including dune 2000. This means that if you play Fey's smuggler campaign, it's not the same with or without those modded files. For example, the ref cost 600 more credits, upgrades are also expensive, grenadiers are available to take out the tons of infantry he designed for his campaign, etc... . it requires copy and paste some files; your computer will said something about "those files already exists, overwrite?", so be extra carefull with that. You can create back up of your files or just getting the ones provided on the zip close enough. I usually add a "back up" folder with them, just in case. But not all people may add the vanilla files and, if you forget to do your own back up; your game (even the original westwood-made maps) will change forever, making units to appear where they weren't intended (Harkonnen with Fremen, Ordos with the missile tank, etc...) Take this as a warning. I'll say only 10-15% of the campaigns available have this type of modding, there are plenty of them that don't need anything extra but the core files (the map themselves). But yeah; there are actually 45 different campaigns made. You have enough material to try and play for days. Ps: Just in case you are interested: I recreated the very last map for Dune Emperor here, for Dune 2000. I mod the units to make some kind of contaminator, leecher and the Tleilaxu Living turrets (so yeah, this map mod the files). You can't even play this map withouth the files because the player will win instatly (the building doesn't exist in the vanilla set up; only with my modded files). I will show this image just as proof: https://forum.dune2k.com/uploads/monthly_2018_04/5adbd13292198_Assault2(H).jpg.93fc45739e292dc7aadae7c8ddb23cca.jpg
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    FYI, the smugglers campaign is modded! However, uninstallation is a very simple copy + paste too by using the backup data folder, so hopefully it's not too much of a bother. The Heighliner mini-campaign isn't modded because I designed it explicitly to demonstrate the tileset. Its aesthetics, strengths, weaknesses, and of course to show that no additional modding is actually required at all to get it to work. I'm not really an artist, but I do a little bit of spritework here or there. D2k works in a lot of weird ways, like if you wanted the ground structures could be placed on to not be orange, say you wanted it to be blue, you would need to overwrite a core game file. This would affect all other maps in a campaign, causing blue craters to appear under buildings on Arrakis maps placed on orange rock. XD So, it's that sort of thing the tileset is built to be compatible with. Anyway, I hope you enjoy those campaigns. I'd love to hear back from you if you have comments to make about 'em. Any criticism or compliments help, any mapper would say! It helps us know what we should do more of and what we should avoid doing again, or should do differently. If not, it's cool. Enjoy and stuff. Dude, the Emperor soundtrack is my freakin' jam, man. And some of the ideas in my mod were inspired by Emperor. The Heighliner tileset isn't part of my mod, but I certainly use it! And there's even a Guild mega-turret I did the spritework for. I call it the Storm Lasher. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=me-gH4G_1xA (SPOILER ALERT) Here's a demonstration video for the Storm Lasher, or 'SLasher' for short. D2k has many limitations, so it's not like I could make a teleporting NIAB tank or a genuine Guild megaturret, but Storm Lashers and Shock Raiders are definitely inspired by those Guild units. Oh, damn, I know that feeling. I get insomnia too; if I'm not totally exhausted, I wind up laying down and not getting a wink for hours. Dunno how that works, but yeah. lol
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    Hi, guys! I originally wanted to upload all my missions, but found adding information to the MissionLauncher using D2kEditorv12 took much time. So this is the first part, Atreides missions. Please read ReadMe text first. Enjoy! ***** I found Cm_blast's Smuggler's campaign (the 4 mini ones posted long ago) very difficult. Are my mission too easy? Glory_Awaits_AT_By MattBaker.zip
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    I'm studying the inner working of your maps, I notice that your practice AI works without pre-placing MCV. How? Mine simply sells everything when getting MCV through reinforcement. I see you use Airlift on a few AI. How does it work exactly?
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    Great stuff! Probably only thing which I need is proper Dune2k launcher which can load both singleplayer and multiplayer (not the one which have ads, and admin rights to launch)
  40. 1 point
    Oh! Okay. I wasn't sure it was suitable for this particular campaign, but I'll certainly remember that in the future.
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    Right. Well, I guess the purpose would be more maps to beat. Unlike the original campaign, they vary! I might make a linear campaign next. Please, use it as you'd like. The more we share our knowledge, the better our skills become. You bet I will, man! Fair point. But, uhh... you read the briefing, right? Summers thinks to herself that the Imperial base directly north must be "completely leveled" first. I know, I know, TL;DR lol but hey! It was in there! Oh, well, umm...
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    I think it's still linear the current way, as the outcome is basically the same. Think of it as meaningless choice. Unless you go full force on route system like I proposed. I'd rather make 15 missions campaign since it's easier to be more detailed on the story. If I need to create a choice, I'll try to couple them on the mission. Mission 3 of my campaign presents you a choice on how to take down the target. Mission 4 was actually originally intended to have 2 version, smuggler side and Atreides side. Sure space is a problem. I steal replicate that on one of my upcoming mission! That looks so cool. Well, the thing is if you give out too many names in a short time, reader won't remember them. Especially, if that name shows up just once in the whole story. I understand your intention. I hope you give them more roles in the story though. The problem I had was I didn't know what phase I was in. My logical conclusion was destroy everything. Well, some betrayal on enemy's side perhaps? Or someone questions on the idea of taking Summers down? Poor Summers, the great, being betrayed by almost everyone they meet.
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    I've written before as a hobby! So, I wanted to try and add some flair to my campaign. Yee Not gonna have too many allies in the other campaigns, like Harkonnen for instance lol I'm glad you liked the twists! It was fun working this one up; the smugglers didn't really have any story, so I had some room to work with. Noted. S9V1 was actually the very last map I designed for the smugglers campaign. S9V2 presented a challenge in its construction because of its sheer size! I had to design it piece by piece because I really couldn't envision the entire map. The infantry paths made out of the one-tile thingy was something I saw in Domaithianus' maps, which I really liked! The Harkonnen campaign is built off the original maps, so I'm working with a template. It kinda feels like I could make a linear campaign and no one would bat an eye. Maybe for the sequel? Right. That's the way it was in the original campaign. I guess I could change it so they only get one if they have a Refinery, if I can find the room for that. It would take more space to get so specific, I'm certain. Other players didn't report quite as much trouble, but more clarification couldn't hurt. For either version of S9, I made sure to list all the objectives for all phases of the maps, since they're very long and detailed. I'll probably be coming back to this campaign after I do some more to figure out more about objectives and stuff... the Harkonnen campaign is coming along better and it's more straightforward, so once I have more experience with the straight-forward stuff I can try and adjust the weirder things like the smuggler campaign. I'll probably end up re-using some of these names in the Fremen campaign, or Atreides. Kind of like how Summers appears in H3V1 and you get to see her vengeful and prideful attitude from the enemy's perspective when you extort her for reinforcements. Some one-offs don't hurt, like how H5B1 uses a one-off Atreides low-ranking commander to paint a different picture of the battle and the attitude out there on the field. Aside from that, I want to give the impression that there are people on the field and people are dying out there! Thanks for the recommendation. I'll be sure to have a look at that map again by Cm and see if I can't come up with some more ideas for terrain structure. XD I think I ran out of room in the events at that time. Thanks for the heads-up. Sequel ideas, for sure. Whaddya mean no twists on the enemy side? If you mean like there are only twists for us, and no twists where we do something unexpected to the enemy, S5V1 has you betray the Harkonnen during the conflict. Is that what you mean?
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    Welcome. I think many must have been introduced to Dune by it's by products. I believe for me it was the David Lynch movie first, I was VERY Impressed as a teenager, then I got a hold of the games Dune, then Dune 2, and the rest was history.
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    It's me, TaxOwlbear, long-term fan of the Dune universe and RTS games - Dune II was in fact the game that got me to read the books.
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    !!ATTENTION!! People of dune, I am hosting a tournament that will be broadcasted on twitch. The tournament will be 1v1 or 2v2s depending on how many participate. I will be broadcasting on twitch, link will be below. Of course game is multiplayer on the gruntmods edition. Tech level will be 7 and game speed of 4. Tournament will begin 4/24/16 2:00pm pacific time. Please message for more or to join.
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    Here is my method of recording. Get a hypercam and enter these codes and you may record Du∩Σ 2°°° l► Code ◄l l► 676,420◄l With that code above you will get it recording at full screen INSCRIPTIONS:::Note that I really don't know if it's agiants the rules to post a download of un-dune related things
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    I can think of some people who would beg to differ Spectral Paladin. If you can get the game cheap and you like Dune and got nothing else to do, then get it. You might like it. If you've never played the demo, I would suggest you play the demo before buying. Umm, while looking for the demo, I found this http://files.filefront.com/Dune_demozip/;3816791;/fileinfo.html website. What's with the screenshots? They definitely do not look like FHD, yet too crappy for E:BfD
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    Oh hey, you design tools for D2k? Cool! What new tools did you have in mind, or what existing ones did you intend to update? I dunno how to answer your question (in the thread title), I only use the tools at our disposal, but I wish you luck. Indeed, our existing tools are quite versatile.
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