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    You know how the graphics files in 1.00 are all in a different format than the 1.07 ones? Well, I found out why. Recently, I've been digging into game file formats, to help out some Italians with their efforts in translating old games (the same guys who translated C&C95 to Italian), and pretty quickly I came across compression in graphics formats. The simpler of those, RLE, simply collapses duplicate bytes, but there's a more complex one, namely LZW, which took me quite some time to wrap my head around. To give you some context, LZW is the compression used in GIF images. Now, the people of the RedAlert++ project told me that the older Westwood games used LZW compression, but around the time Dune II was released, the patent owner of LZW was starting to notice that loads of companies used LZW in their applications without paying royalties. Because of this, Westwood developed their own LCW algorithm, which is a variety of LZW (combined with RLE I think) which differs enough from normal LZW to fall outside its patent. So I suspect the v1.00 files are all compressed with LZW, and the files were replaced with LCW-compressed files in v1.07 to avoid any chance of legal troubles As a side note, this means that fairly soon I'll have a reader/converter for the Dune II v1.0 graphics formats
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    Yes, but we also should remember in 90s the 640x480 streached mode was almost the only way to display Dos games. Nowadays we have much more choice and different formats to display on monitors, so a current Windows/Linux porting of an old Dos game should consider these things and get the intended format and display in the best way it. Even without knowing the story of the game, we could noticed the sight-shaped mouse cursor is streached with aspect correction (cut-out taken by your daum screenshot): respect original correct size (cut-out taken by OpenFodder): So sometimes (as C&C example) aspect correction is really corrective when displaying game, sometimes not (Cannon Fodder, Monkey Island 2, etc) looking at mouse cursors... (Monkey Island 2 screenshots by YouTube PC Longplay vs Amiga Longplay): Amiga PC
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    To integrate some info about real Amiga aspect ratio: http://coppershade.org/articles/More!/Topics/Correct_Amiga_Aspect_Ratio/ Best recap could be: I think Cannon Fodder porting from Amiga to Dos shouldn't have Dos correct aspect ratio, since 320/200 (16:10) already maintains correct size of drawing into game.