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    I have setup a Hamachi network for Emperor that can support up to 32 players. To join, the network ID is 113-129-763 and there is no password. You can download Hamachi at vpn.net.
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    for anyone thinking about coming back to dune to play now would be a very good time to do so, currently we have 13 players on hamachi 8 of which are currently active and play mostly everyday. AndreyTV, Neo, Moro, Newlords, Miles, Eastman, youkolord, kingpoker. The hamachi app is great for seeing whos online all the time and setting up games, way better than tungle.
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    At this point I am enjoying creating and tweaking scenarios more than actually playing a new game. I don't care for RRIII so have reverted to RRII only. I will not create a scenario that I haven't won in expert mode while testing. I prefer shorter, especially 10 year, scenarios rather than testing it for hours and hours. I am not a big fan of city or territory connections for a winning condition. I usually strive to make my scenario for good replayability. One way I frequently do this is to eliminate regions and set all cities to 100% available industries. This places the industries at random all over the map and gives the AI players a better chance to haul demanded cargoes. I do as many things as I can to make the AI players competitive but not dominate, which is many times seems impossible. They generally depend on passenger traffic so limiting that and/or disabling relevant managers can help. They do haul cargo but seem to pay no attention whether demanded or not. Having a welcome bonus for the human player can help even the odds with the AI players. If one of the winning conditions is hauling a certain type of cargo then I will almost always also have another winning condition requiring a meaningful quota of lifetime industrial profits. Without the latter anybody can move lots of the required cargo to just any city whether they demand it or not. Another thing I have been doing for quite a while is using distinctive labels on the cities which designate their size which makes it easier for a player to figure out the best place to lay their first station. I use lower case followed by a * for villages, lower case for towns, first letter capital for cities, all caps for metropolises, and all caps with spaces between for the megapolises. I try not to have cities close enough together so that a large station can capture both. On many existing maps this entails moving or removing cities. I am also careful to not put sizable cities next to each other, especially in a string which makes the game too easy, and these tend to become primary AI starting targets. I'm not much into random events or plain news events though I do occasionally use them. I also prefer revising a fictional territory map over a real country one. This makes moving or adding cities easier as needed without messing up an existing country infrastructure. On occasion I have used an existing country map, renaming the map and all of the cities so I can move them around as I see fit. Coming up with new city names is tedious but works.
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    I solved the problem. I had to delete an upload, and then exit the website. Once I returned I was able to upload the zipped file, and that has now given me enough room to delete existing uploads and replace with zips. I'm going to zip them all to gain as much space as possible for future revisions.