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[Release] 30 missions Coop 2 players pack


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Here I come with my lastest and biggest coop set, a total of 30 missions for 2 players done reusing multiple authors from campaigns (so, these missions weren't done specifically for coop). I picked several authors and did a big 30 missions pack for players to enjoy.

There is no story at all. So people are free to play any side it wants; maps don't have connection bewteen them.

I reused 30 missions mean to be into different campaigns but readapted to be played for 2 players. Player 1 will beging with the same amount of buildings, units and resources as the original mission. Player 2 will starts with the Construction Yard and probably the walls and/or turrets that the ally AI originally had, but only if the Ai had a full deployed base. If the ally AI had more limited structures or resources then player 2 will beging with them (and not just the CY).

Since every author had their own vision of the game, it will be a wild mix of traditional games, weird set ups, enemies deploying their own bases, some defensive/survival missions and more, missions will be played differently. There is no proper curve in the difficulty, but I tried to mix a bit and place a few easy missions early and hard missions for later.

Players can play as Atreides, Harkonnen or Ordos as they want. Same for the enemy.
But is still important to read the name of the mission as it appears in the lobby, as the name itself will tell people how many Ais are going to be.
"Pack CmBlast 01 [Coop 2P] (Easy) Vs 3 AIs" <-- you must set 3 enemy Ais after the 2 humans.
"Pack CmBlast 02 [Coop 2P] (Easy) AND 1 AI Vs 3 AIs" <-- you must the 4 total Ais, the first will be ally with both humans.

And so on. Just take in consideration that the "AND" indicate ally ais, so you can choose specific colors for you ally if you want.

On the multiplayer rules on every mission (where the tech, money, number of sandworms... is forced into the game) I wrote the objetives of the game. It is really important to read them before playing, as although the "destroy all the enemy structures" will be the norm, some times there are a secondary main objetive that forces the player to protect certain buildings, so you cannot sell that building to place something else.

The same way, "optional" objetives will tell both players ways to get extra units or how to prevent enemies for getting more reinforcements.

For example, mission 1 has these:
Objetive=Destroy all the enemy structures and their units. Fremen's Sietch must survive.
Optional=Destroy the enemy High Tech Factory to prevent enemy reinforcements.
Note=Fremen are neutral (players only).

And mission 2 has these:
Objetive=Destroy the enemy Starport.
Optional=Player 2: Keep the Atreides High Tech Factory to get ally Fremen reinforcements.

So, read the objetives to have all the info available.

Two difficulties have been added, one intended for people that simply want to play this coop campaign with a friend for fun, and the other for more skilled players.
Easy: The missions are pretty much the same as the originals. The enemy Ai values are roughly the same as they had on the map it was based on.

Hard: Enemy Ai has be altered to have a few more harvesters, carryalls, plenty of initial money. It will build faster and players will beging with 1/3 less money than on the original map, also any turret that players began with has been replaced with pieces of walls.

This is the list of mission I used to bring these 30 mission coop pack:
*Missions: 01 - 02 - 03: Alliance of Atreides 06, 08, 11 - By Dark Wesker
*Missions: 04 - 05: Emperors Reign 5, 7 - By Sandworm
*Missions: 06 - 07 - 08: Smugglers C6v2, C8v1, Imperial E9v1 - By Luisito EB
*Missions: 09 - 10 - 11: General Sardukar 4, 6, 7 - By General Sardukar
*Missions: 12 - 13 - 14 : Ixian We tech-up Arrakis! 3, 8, Mercenary Keep 'em Coming! 4 - By [aKa]FedaYkin
*Missions: 15 - 16 - 17: Glory Awaits A4v1, A6v1, O9v2 - By MattBaker
*Missions: 18 - 19: Fremen campaign mission 4, 9 - By Luminar
*Mission: 20: Fall of Emperor 7 - By Runtowin

*Missions: 21 - 22: NER3V1, NER6V1 - By VengeanceDM
*Missions: 23 - 24 - 25: Time based Smuggler - Protect Mercenaries 4, 5, 8 - By Jbil89
*Missions: 26 - 27: Summer's Solstice (v1.0) S05V1, S14V1 - By Fey
*Missions: 28 - 29 - 30: A Secret Plot  7B, 9, 9B - By Mr Dom

If any author presented on this pack doesn't like his work being reused, tell me so I can remove it (I asked permission to the most actives ones).

30 missions Coop pack.rar

Both difficulties added into the rar. 

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Some people were reporting some of the missions don't even start. I did a clean up of some "flags" and "set flags" that weren't used on missions (originally used to trigger messages in game which I removed). Not 100% sure if all the missions will work now, but I hope that at least most of them are playable.

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