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Vanilla AIs ready to import into a custom mission


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Anyone creating maps for the first time it's going to find a common problem: The AI it's not doing anything. Doesn't matter that you place spice, lots of credits, alliances... that AI is not going to move, build or send attacks for the player; this happen because when a new map it's generated the AI are deactivated by default.

Activating an AI manually it's as simple as changing one value from 0 to 1, but that's not enough to have your desire AI. Maybe you want him to use the starport, or building units faster... Therefore either create your desired AI manually or import an already existing one.

For this reason I upload here a set of AI taken directly from the original campaigns (Mission 9 for the three main houses) on top of an Excel file that contains the core values that can make an AI slow, fast, defensive or agressive depending of your needs.

The values that I have taken into account are:
*Can the AI buy units through the Starport?
*When the AI attacks for the first time.
*How often the AI send every new attack after the first one.
*Size/strength of the units guarding the base.
*How often a new unit it's produced.
*Number of harverster per refinery on the map.
*How cowardly is it if their allies suffer casualties.
(The excel file has some extra notes to understand better).

The Ais included from the original game are varied. The Atreides final mission AIs takes lots of time before attacking for the first time meanwhile the Ordos final mission AIs it's very aggresive, attacking every few minutes. With this you can pick the AI that will be better for your current map.

There are included two AI taken from the original practice mode (the AI deploying a MCV and expanding his own base) and the Cncnet online AI used when you fight against a non-human (also deploy a MCV).

As an extra, I included 3 generic AI I usually import as a placeholder but they are fully functional and can be used withouth any problem:
*Agressive: A fast prodution unit, quick attacker and low guarding = If you need an agresive but easy to defeat enemy.
*Defensive: A slow production unit, takes lots of time to attacks and high guarding = If you need a AI to last long before being defeated.
*Balanced: A medium production unit, average attacks and guardian = AI that it's in the middle.

AI - Set.rar

To use them you only need to choose the AI tab for your current map and pressing the import AI (and choosing your prefered AI-file). Later can be modified or whatever you want, but if you are a newcomer that it's not sure how the AI works, just having access to some variety of Ai's will help you a lot.

There are more values that can control even more the Ais, but knowing how slow/fast any AI attacks/build or the size of the units defending the base it's enough to make the AI easy or harder.

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