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[Release] Axlotl Tank - Building


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This is the release of the Axlotl Tank, used during my Tleilaxu campaign, in case somebody wants to use it.

The axlotl Tank it is an independent building, it doesn't do anything by itself, it won't show up any message unless you add the line into the Text.uib, I used the building on my campaign to spawn buildings, but they are automated, feel free to transform the building into "barracks" owned by smugglers, for example, and act like a barrack you can train your infantry from there (or any side you want).

TANQUE AXLOTL.R16 <-- this is just the basic graphic, it is not alligned.


TANQUE AXLOTL_ANIMATION.R16 <-- this is the animation that appears in the game, can be in loop or when an unit is being produced. Also not alligned.


Building alligned and values set.
TANQUE AXLOTL.d2kbld<--This is the whole building, perfectly alligned and with the animation applied.

You can download the 3 of them, but I think only the last one is needed (if any issue get the 3 of them).

to apply this, be sure to create a Custom Campaign Data folder and make your mission to load from it to avoid messing your original game.

To fully apply:
*open structure editor
*on the buildings tab, "add new"
*import Tanque axlotl.d2kbld
*Save to files (at the very top).

With this, the building is fully applied (with all the allign and all the values such as health, side, tech and so on). So is only just changed for anything needed.

Don't forget that you must use the editor into the "structures" and "Advanced" to deploy the building (even if it appears on the basic one, nothing will show up).

To give your building a name, rename if you want the line "Name" on the Structures editor and be sure to include into a custom text.uib a line (at the bottom, after the credits) like this:

If you change the "name" you must write it too there.

If you change it into "Barracks", yoy don't need this extra step, as it will appear as "barracks" just like the normal ones.

This graphic was done by the user "The Dragon".

Edited by Cm_blast
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