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[Release] Mission - Neme Mercenaries Choose your ally


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I was given permission to post this on other's person name.

These are 2 missions that use the concept of selecting on which side you fight. The plot is about a big war in which two big alliances are figthing each other but none of them get the upperhand, so both sides will try to hire a group of mercenaries in order for them to help them to win the war.

Each alliance will offerd a different set of initial credits, units and position on the map. It's up to the player to decide in which side you are on.

The zip contain 2 versions of the same mission. The main differences are that on version 2 the AI bases are slightly bigger, they have some extra buildings and the special weapons (airstrikes, DH, Saboteur) are present on the map. Version 2 is harder than version 1 but also depending on the side you fight for the difficulty will vary.

Neme - Choose your ally.zip

Player Chose to fight for the Ordos/Atreides alliance.

Player Chose to fight for the Imperial/Harkonnen alliance.

How to install:
unzip the .zip file and move all the files into your "missions" folder". It contain no mods and will work with pretty much any version of the game.

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