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[Release] EBFD - Ancient Rivalries


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I'm here again to show a new single mission; in this ocassion my idea is taking the style directly from the "Emeperor: Battle for Dune" game.

Playing as Harkonnen you face the Atreides but, as that Emperor game, the briefing just focus in the sub-plot of the mission, featuring a fight between the Fremen and Sardaukar, giving the player an optional mission in which, if the player success to protect the Fremen, they will aid you; if not, the Sardaukar will harass the player (as a kind of reward/punish to give the player a reason to interfere, since this is only a single map).

This single mission have 3 different versions (although the map is the same) to present an easy, normal and hard levels; since most enemies are spawned around the map (not affected by choosing "easy") just playing my easy version will make appear less enemies and giving the player more reinforcements while in the hard version it's the opposite.

If you are a begginer player I recommend to choose the easy version while still playing in "normal difficulty", since the player will have the upperhand in terms of the units you will recieve compared to the AI. Better playing the easy version at normal difficulty that playing the normal version while playing on easy difficulty.

Name: EBFD (Emperor: Battle for dune) - Ancient Rivalries
Tech level: 4
Player: Harkonnen.
Ally: Fremen
Enemies: Atreides, Imperial.

Some images here:
Ancient Rivalries 01.PNGAncient Rivalries 02.PNGAncient Rivalries 03.PNG

Mission here:
EBFD Ancient Rivalries.rar

Unzip the file and copy every folder into the root of the game.
Any folders included will go to the path that it is suppose to go.
Do not copy any pgn (screenshots) nor the readme.txt (instructions).

Mission launcher 1.2 is required.

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