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[Release] Campaign - Neme Ordos Campaign by Neme


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I was given permission to post this on other's person name.

So, this is a new Ordos campaign made by Neme: 6 missions long for a campaign in which the main concept is that the player will start playing 1 very small map and it will get expanded for every new mission, making that mission 2 contain the same map from mission 1 and later the third mission contain both missions 2 and 1 map on it. this will continue though the very last mission.

The objetives on these missions are about capturing certain core building/s from the enemy and destroying everything else, so be sure to check the briefing to not destruct the wrong building which will make you fail the mission.

During the whole campaign the player will have a established base already, maybe missing only a few buildings, but as the mission passes player is given new areas to deploy and also more areas from the enemies can attack you.


Mission 5 Fix:




How to install:
unzip the .zip file and move all the files into your "missions" folder". It contain no mods and will work with pretty much any version of the game.

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  • 3 weeks later...
On 1/17/2023 at 9:42 AM, Valera56 said:

Error  invalid spice amount real 0 - drip - 1 | gGameTicks = 15002 4 Mission Neme Ordos

There is a well know issue that can crash the game when somebody change the money and something else is happening (harvester dropping money and building a tank/building, for example).

If you want to avoid this issue to happening (this mission or any other mission where the author scripted cash to change), go to this post and download on the line it sais "download here:" that's a new .exe file to be applied into your game (you can keep a back up if you don't trust it); the main thing is at least you know for sure that you won't get that error.


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The author is aware about it.

It has to do that you ally could destroy those buildings you need to capture, so those buildings were splitted into a different AI that won't be enemy with your ally (but still enemy with you); unfornatelly, that AI will sold the building as soon as the mission start.

Author is working in a fix, so when he shares I will share the fix.

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On 1/29/2023 at 10:25 AM, Valera56 said:

I forgot to say that the 5th mission starts and immediately the mission failed =/

First post updated with the mission fixed. The author doesn't know for sure if other bugs are still present (or new issues) but that mission seems fixed.

Didn't have a chance to test it myself, but a quick check on my own it should be fixed, if you want to give a try, redownload again and, if you manage to play the mission normally, go tell me/us if it all works just to be sure.

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3 hours ago, Valera56 said:

I just don't know what could be causing this error. =/

The map contain Ai's starports that form some kind of bottleneck, that's my guess, I don't know for sure since I played the campaign and didn't have that problem, but I saw my mercenary allies having too much units on the entrance of the starport.

If you still have a save with a few minutes before the crash, try this: Select one of your units and attack your ally harvesters (press control key so you can attack your own ally units); this will make your ally to get "mad" and send all the units he have (use a weak unit like a trike or a light infantry so you don't kill the harv too fast; keep attacking until the ally reacts, since it won't react always). With a bit of luck, you ally will send most of the units he has on the base/starport releasing all the bottleneck and avoiding the crush.

Could happen that it is the enemy AI the issue, which it would be the same, attacking their harv, but since you allies are visible on your map you can at least check if you ally had too many stuff; with a bit of luck you can at least finish the mission an defeat the map.

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