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[Release] Coalition of Nobles: New Enemies - Dune 2000 Campaign


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Proudly I present to all of you a new campaign, sequel from an already existing one: The Coalition of Nobles, which you can download from here:
This new campaign is called “Coalition of Nobles: New enemies” presenting some new sides that will appear on this Campaign such as the Tleilaxu and the Smugglers... and some foes to fight on Dune. To properly apply this mod you will need the latest updated launcher, which you can get here. unless you already have it from playing another campaign with this one.

After the big war in which the 4 nobles of the Lassoki, Iasi, Qaii and Bromeli; fought against the great Houses of Atreides, Harkonnen, Ordos and the Emperor himself. The Nobles, forming a “Coalition of Nobles” won the war and now each one controls 1 big part of Arrakis.

Every side rules their own part, but they still send the clear message that the Coalition is still going on; nobody dares to try to test the power of the Coalition.

But one day, after one of the routine travel from the Lassoki, they spot on the Heighliner from the Spacing guild some Tleilaxus. Despided by everbody including the 4 members of the Coalition, the Lassoki will check what’s the deal with them and why they are there.

Another big campaign of mine, a total of 16 missions + 1 bonus non-canon mission, containing 1 mission that Split into 3 versions. All 3 being the same map but the starting location, room to deploy and resources available are different.

Not all the missions will happens on Arrakis. A couple of non base related missions will happens on the Guild’s heighliner, and some totally new planet to fight: Seneca; home planet of the Lassoki.

Unlike the previous campaign, this time the Tech is not going to be reduced or restricted not even on the mission on the planet. It will contain only a soft reset at core moments, but soon enough the full Tech from the previous campaign will be reached and will be used for most of it, with the inclusion of new technology and units for all the 4 Nobles.

Check the Intel provided to learn about Seneca and their resources, but also to learn about the new units and some reminders on already stablished units to know their strengths and weaknesses.

The Golden rule is still active for this sequel. The Golden rule means that no drops will be present on the map, neither enemy or ally with the exception of cinematic purposes. But besides that, it is going to be a straigh Human vs Ai for the most part of the game where you can predict easily where the enemy attacks will come.

Qaii trying to stop the Tleilaxu Invasion.

Lassoki units checking on the Iasi Base.

Bromeli Saboteurs doing the job they do best.

Lassoki deploying a base and collecting resources (gems) thanks to a new building (Mining Rig).

Lassoki's Deviators being used against some units to target an structure

The Bonus non canon mission is a nod to Dune 2 style, with many rules such as "units on the Starport can be much more cheaper" among other things.

A preview of the Tactical map of the Home planet of the Lassoki: Seneca.


Coalition of Nobles Sequel.rar  And dune2000-sp-patches_2022-06-30.7z

Original campaign not included.
To install, extract the .rar and move both "CustomCampaidnData" and "Data" into the root of your game.
This should work as an standalone sequel. If the computer promtp to "overwrite" just say yes, as I reused some files from the original campaign.
Lastest official .exe is required to work.

Warning: 1 mission on the previous campaign will crash if that exe is applied. A most recent version that fix it is on the Landsraad dune 2000 discord (in case you want to play the first part of the story before tackling the sequel). If only are interested on the sequel, then simply download that exe since that was the one used to create this campaign.

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37 minutes ago, JasperRowan said:

Hey, unfortunately when downloading this, i get an error when launching stating below. would love to play this campaign as i played the previous. can you help 



Be sure to get the lastest exe and using the mission launcher with the files being applied/moved properly.

On the first post, that dune2000-sp-patches is the exe from Klofkack and it is necesary to be able to load this campaign (the previous before one won't properly work on 1 mission, but for this one is 100% necesary). The mission launcher is the same for a while already, but is still necesary as well to load the modded part.

Even if you copied the exe already in the past, do it again; maybe it got updated in the meantime and the new one allow all the new stuff.

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