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[Release] Campaign - VengeanceDM by VengeanceDM


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I was given permision to post this.

This is a Campaign done by VengeanceDM where you play as The Emperor side. It has the traditional fighting although it changes some basic knowledge so instead just figthing "Atreides and Harkonnen" you are facing guild assasins from those groups that not use the vanilla colors. It also have changes done with TibEd, something you will see in the early going, just on the earliest missions some new tech will be used.

Besides that, the campaign plays like the regular way but it has some nice missions with an ally having small but multiple bases and things like that. It contains a total of 7 missions plus a tutorial.

Two set of files uploaded: you only need to download one of them:
File Raw (OPTION 1):

<--- this is the raw set of files provided by the author. It requires to overwritte vanilla files, so keep the back up folder (also included on the download) nearby (or create your own) to revert to the original state.

File Mission Launcher (OPTION 2):
VengeanceDM for Mission Launcher.rar

<-- this is an edited set of files that I modified in order to work with the current mission launcher, so the mods will be loaded when using the mission launcher (1.2 only) and, after finishing the missions, it will revert back to the original files. This set of files will only overwrite the mission files. It shouldn't be required any back ups.

Installation (for Raw file):
this mod contain custom TibEd files, colors and his own text.uib.
The text.uib can be moved freely as I edited the name to not overwrite the original (let me know if any map doesn't load).
All the files into the "bin" folder need to be moved, but do a back up before overwritting any of the originals. He included back ups just in case.

Installation (for mission launcher file):
this mod contain custom TibEd files, colors and his own text.uib.
unzip the rar and move all the files into the root of your game. all the files should go into certain specific folders.
It is possible that it will ask for overwritting, which can happen for the missions files themselves, but nothing more should be affected.

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A 2º option set of files has been added into the main post.

these are some edited versions to work with the mission launcher 1.2, so you no longer need to overwritte any of the original files. The mission launcher will load the mod, and will revert on their own just like every other modded campaign over there.

You can still get a prompt to overwrite, since I didn't renamed the files to avoid duplicates.

Only 1 option is needed, but with the 2º back ups shouldn't be required unless I did a mistake when preparing the pack.

booted myself all the 8 missions and played 3 of them through the end and they work.

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