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Dune 2000 Portuguese


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After a lot of work finaly dune 2000 portuguese finished! translated text and recorded all sounds in game now its completely portuguese version. im glad present this to players who wanted portuguese language in game its popular language in world and good to have it :)
i want say thanks to our team, most of them dune2000 online players.
the probelm was that everyone has different microphone and different quality but i try make it sounds good as possible and everyone trys acting good and make its funny and varied




Sound Editions: dato

Text Translation: Duarte

Fixings: dato

Posting: dato

Files Renaming: Duarte

HOUSE ARTREIDES                                                                                                                   
Narrator: Claudia                                                                                                                              
infantries: Duarte                                                                                                                           
vehicles: Rabbit                                                                                                                                
engineer: dan                                                                                                                                  
freman: babydriver                                                                                                                           

Narrator: Duarte    
infantries : Doomer 
: Doomer 
engineer: Doomer 
sardaukar: dato  

Narrator: Alexandre
infantries : dan
vehicles: dan
engineer: berk
saboteur: dato

Edited by dato 2000
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On 5/17/2018 at 11:16 PM, dato 2000 said:

Wow, haha, nice work! 🙂 It don't understand Portuguese but I like that you used different people (and different voices) for the different units / sides.

My only small comment is that the sound quality could be slightly better (especially for the narrators) and some voices have some kind of echo as if the recordings were done in a hollow room or the reverb/delay effects settings were wrong. For example the Harkonnen narrator fits nicely, but it sounds like he sits in an empty computer room, haha. :)

To remove echo in recordings you can do two things. 1) Do the recording where there is no room (no walls and so no echo) like outside. Might be difficult with sounds from wind, weather, cars etc. 2) Use materials to absorb the reflected sound waves. You could experiment with doing a recording in the clothing closet or under lots of blankets with pillows. :)

What program did you use to record? Audacity (free / open source) can do some nice stuff like remove noise, give a bass boost (for Harkonnen) or make the quality sound more like radio-chat.

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