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[RELEASE] The Rebellion of Atreides - Single mission


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Although the mission wasn't anything special, I though that maybe I could redo several things to the level and create a single map unaffiliated to any campaing at all, and creating a single mission to play. This mission is not especially hard; I played it placing buildings in different orders and the game was still beatable. However, your harverster can be destroyed if you don't pay too much attention.

The plot is all about the Emperor demanding too opresive taxes to the Atreides, which makes them start a war against the Emperor.
The mission have 3 main objetives, with 2 of them being accomplished in the firts 5 minutes or so. Then the tipical Base vs Base fight.

Is recommended to copy all the files in the folders (in case you don't have them before, besides the mission level file), and use the launcher and dune.exe updates from this forum (readme included with links to that files). Of course if you already have everything, then only the .ma/.mis/.ini files are needed.

Name: The Rebellion of Atreides
Tech level: 5
Player: Atreides
Enemy: Emperor

An image:
The rebelion of Atreides.PNG

Download here:
The Rebellion of Atreides.rar

Unzip the file and copy every folder into the root of the game.
Any folders included will go to the path that it is suppose to go.
Do not copy any pgn (screenshots) nor the readme.txt (instructions).

Mission launcher 1.2 is required.

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