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[Release] Rock tileset


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A tileset done by Domger; posted here for preservation purposes:

This is the tileset done as Draconis IV, Domger version.



BLOXROCK.R16 16 bit version

BLOXROCK.R8 8 bit version

BLOXROCK.ini ini to use on the editor (it may be outdated and not working properly).

TILEROCK.bin own attributes.

How to use them:
The .R16 and .R8 files must be into "Dune 2000\data" path.
the ini should go into the folder's editor.
the .bin file goes into "Dune 2000\data\bin" path.

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6 hours ago, Striking Drekavac said:

what are these spice fields on bottom? when placing on map harvesters cant harvest them and they are unpassable terrain

those tiles are used to load the graphics that are attached to the tileset. If you check the red alert based ones, it will have ore/gems instead. Is just the graphics that will be used on the game. All tilesets need those tiles to exist to load the graphics, but you cannot placed manually but with the "paint spice" tool instead.

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