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Flame Tank / Autogun Tank assets (packed into a standalone mod)


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so y'all remember that Autogun Turret I did a while back? well, I got the original sprites to build it on from somewhere.

I dunno if it's even on the web anymore, and the copy I have is 100% broken, won't load any maps, but an apparently ancient mod called "Dune 2000 Hardcore" has some neat assets in it. I dunno who created the artwork for it, or the mod, but like the mod itself (or at least the copy I have), the art assets were kind of broken too. you know, stuff like this:

screwed up colors, shadows in the middle of the vehicle, junk like that.

not wanting these beautiful assets to go to waste, I touched them up, fit them over the Atreides and Ordos Combat Tank palettes, got some sidebar icons sorted (thank you dato and AZ-Stalker), and now they're 100% prettied up and suitable for use elsewhere. so I slapped them in a standalone mod. uhh... here are some details i guess lol

Autogun Tank:


Sidebar icon:

All 32 frames:

Raw frames:
Autogun Tank frames.zip

Intel entry:
Autogun Tank - Armor
     Dual autoguns fixed atop a massive frame. A titanic vehicle by necessity due to the number of rounds it must lug around, the Autogun Tank is cumbersome, but its hulking body can absorb a tremendous amount of damage. They're best used against smaller units, such as infantry or LAVs, but their durability advantage enables them to defeat lone Combat Tanks despite being ineffective against armor. They are no substitute for a Duelist Tank's excellent, well-rounded firepower.

     Autogun Tanks represent a logistical challenge for battlefield commanders. They are complicated and fairly expensive to build and maintain. Your local Heavy Factories must be upgraded twice in order to manufacture Autogun Tanks.

note: the above intel entry pertains specifically to my mod. in this standalone mod, there is no Duelist Tank, and Combat Tanks may actually beat them 1v1. Heavy Factories can only be upgraded once in the vanilla game, so all they require is tech level 6 and an upgraded Heavy Factory. that's it. they remain terrifying weapons against weak units like Trikes, Raiders, or any sort of infantry. they naturally perform their intended role of absorbing damage.

Flame Tank:


Sidebar icon:

All 32 frames:

Raw frames:
Flame Tank frames.zip

Intel entry:
Flame Tank - LAV
     A shock-and-awe weapon deployed by the most brutal of regimes. The Flame Tank is built to quickly seize territory and clear enemy infantry and infrastructure in a blaze of glory. Its mounted flamethrower can project a continuous stream of fire onto specific nearby targets, rapidly incinerating one after another. It's also bulky enough to crush infantry.

     Although the Flame Tank is a major threat in close range, it notably deals extremely low damage to concrete fortifications by nature, and it cannot spew fire over Concrete Walls. It's a big, juicy target for explosive weapons, such as rockets or grenades.

note: the above intel entry pertains specifically to my mod. in this standalone mod, vanilla building armor is untouched, so certain structures like Refineries will be inexplicably resistant to Flame Tanks' damage similarly to how Siege Tanks also have issues with certain structures. Flame Tanks remain really good against most structures, like Wind Traps or ConYards, and absolutely terrible against fortifications like Gun Turrets. oh, yeah, and they kill infantry nicely too. you don't need an upgrade on the HFact to build Flame Tanks, but you do need to place an HTF. also you need to be playing Harkonnen or Imperials, or have captured their related buildings

because these new assets replace the Atreides and Ordos Combat Tank bodies, their Combat Tanks are using the reskinned Harkonnen body. you know, the striped, dark-treaded body. this one right here:



if you want 'em, here are the frames for the reskinned CT:
Combat Tank reskin.zip

so the Combat Tank bodies will all be the same, but they weren't that different to begin with. more importantly, the one body they all share is way more colorful than the old body, so it'll certainly pop out more.

anyway here's a download link

that's all. have fun playing with these / using them in your own maps with Feda's awesome new launcher. feel free to fuck with the stats however you want. the standalone mod touches nothing else, only adds the necessary stuff for the new vehicles and tries to balance them decently according to the original game's balance. oh, yeah, and if you wanna check 'em both out, just load up any Harkonnen mission with a tech level of 6 or higher (level 7 in their original campaign works). the Harkonnen can build Flame Tanks and any faction can build Autogun Tanks. so yeah

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oh hey, you replied here too :P

I responded to your DM about their use in the OpenRA mod Cameo already. I'm sure they'd be able to help with this or since they've already done it, maybe you can simply copy from their work. they're a chill bunch and I know nothing about SHPs, so, hopefully that helps you out!

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