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  1. Has anyone tried out the new Puzzle Quest 3? It is in soft launch so only available on Android at the moment.
  2. We have no relation to Discord. Closing as we can't support you and is not relevant to Dune 2000.
  3. Something to watch while we wait for the movie... 😂
  4. I think the thing for the Dune titles ever being remastered is that they are licensed games unlike C&C where they fully own the IP. There was an article posted in the Dune II section of the forum that mentions the issue:
  5. Dune 2000 and Emperor used different engines and were primarily developed by Intelligent Games out of the UK so unfortunately there isn't going to be much overlap.
  6. What about that animated one? Lower Decks I think it is called? I've caught up on Discovery now, I agree about them wrapping the storyline up in one season. I'm still mixed on the series but I'll probably keep watching.
  7. Are you still watching Discovery Andrew? Think the current season is any better?
  8. Did some digging and found a setting to turn off the sidebar on topics.
  9. @Klofkac do you know what width your browser window is at? It looks like it hides the sidebar if the browser window is 979px or smaller. I agree that could probably be a bit higher but looking for some suggestions before I tweak it.
  10. The latest version of our forum software has been installed which comes with a number of improvements. If you are interested in seeing all of them check out their site: https://invisioncommunity.com/news/product-updates/ If you run into any issues let me know.
  11. I think the floating crates are just the ships coming and going? They seem a little out of place. I do like the ornithopter design. I don't know if the miniseries Sardaukar were all that intimidating either. And yeah that was the Baron. This was Jodorowsky's take on the trailer:
  12. Yeah, fairly certain those are the personal shields, definitely an improvement over the Lynch movie... I can't remember if they had them in the miniseries? What did you think of the sandworm design? I thought the harvester scene looked okay but still not sure what I think of the last one.
  13. Standalone trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9xhJrPXop4
  14. Looks like it is a live stream instead of a typical trailer launch. https://twitter.com/TwitterMovies/status/1303725610666274817
  15. Trailer coming on Wednesday, teaser link if you aren't risking COVID to see it in a theater: https://streamable.com/ayfdvb
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