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  1. I will send you their email addresses @stefanhendriks. Although no guarantee they still use them these days but worth a try.
  2. I've also read, forget where now, that Villeneuve wants to make 3 Dune movies to cover Paul's entire character arc. Which makes me wonder if that would include Children of Dune and not just Dune Messiah.
  3. When you past the link and it converts it to an embed there should be a line that appears at the bottom of the input box that asks you if you want to make it a link instead.
  4. Yeah, I can see how if you didn't know the story beforehand the ending would be unexpected. But the movie has done well at the box office, highest domestic opening weekend of any Villeneuve film so that is a good sign for a part 2.
  5. I don't see that file id in the attachments database any longer so it must have been removed.
  6. I changed his account to a regular one so he should be able to log in again, can you let him know? The authenticator was a requirement for moderators and I thought it was skippable if you weren't using moderator functions but I might have been wrong.
  7. Friend of mine saw the first 10 minutes at IMAX and said it was really good. Will probably be the first movie I see since COVID began.
  8. I think you've got the wrong movie. 😂 Welcome back @DjCiD.
  9. @Mixedfusion I've fixed the link, try again now.
  10. Actually scratch that, it will still be on HBO Max on release day:
  11. I think the latest is that it will only be in theatres and 45 days later it will debut on HBO Max. Not sure how that works outside of the US though.
  12. I've read all the books/novellas and really like the series. The authors have done a great job creating a realistic universe similar to what Andy Weir did with The Martian. The TV show is great but I definitely prefer the books as they have more character development and delve into things in more detail than the show ever could. Unfortunately the current show will end at book 6 (~30 year time gap between book 6 and 7) so hopefully they are successful at finding a way to get the last 3 books on TV.
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