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[Release] The Antifremen campaing


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Hi again guys. I am here to present my newest campaing: "The Antifremen campaing".

I created this campaing based in my "Fremen Warriors" one. In fact, are the same maps but modified to adapt to this new versión.

In this campaing, instead being the Fremen the player will control the Harkonnen/emperor side. So when in the first level in the Fremen Warriors campaing you need to destroy several Harkonnen Harvesters avoiding being crushed by them. Now, in this alternative story, you have the control of those Harversters and you are going to crush all those fremen to win the mission.

Of course, the maps, events and other variables have been modified to help the IA (and the player), so you can expect in some maps better routes to move your units and/or the enemy having it more easily to reach you.

However, this campaing have 10 mission instead 9, splitting the last one in two parts. Contrary to the "original" version, in this campaign most of the levels are about building a base/units. So this levels are longer and resemble more any other regular campaing (I mean, building a refinery, training some soldiers, destroy a fully operational enemy base, etc...)

To play this campaing you need all the files included in the zip (if you already have the ones in the "data" folder from another campaing then aren't needed). A readme also included with all the information needed.

Note: to play the campaing choose "Emperor", although some levels you are the Harkonnen.

Now some Screens:





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On lunes, 01 de febrero de 2016 at 6:32 PM, Adriano said:

It looks interesting.

Now I (very slowly :smile:, sometimes) come through your "Spacing Guild". And I would say, it is good and interesting job!


Thanks. I'm glad you like it. That campaing have a bit of "experiment" by modifying some values. Even this "antifremen" have a bit of experiment on it; always trying something new, at least in term of events and so.


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