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    • That is correct, there are values for sides 0-6 sandworm spawners, freighters, and other random junk. I don't remember what they are, Klof, but I know how to find them again...
    • See? This is whay it is lacking on my own manuals; I didn't ever think on adding images integrated. I am aware at the "moving", when having selected a tile or even a big group of tiles, but by the time I really need it I always forgot. I saw you added the "restriction" for spice painting (and others) that's a good thing to work with those old tilesets, in case the .ini I added later it's not there (or any modder it's using the tileset but are not aware of my .inis); it is a good addition. Small typo here, I think: "In order to transfer a selected block between maps or between multiple instances od editor, press Ctrl+C to copy current block to clipboard. " Just before the 5º point. The spice blooms finited the last time I counted the "2" was around 17 times; but doesn't really matter, unless the game goes really long and/or you have it literally in front of the player (you pop up really early) is still plenty of spice to gather, even if you pop-it before it is fully ready to release the max ammount of spice. "Each type of structure (building, unit, misc object) has a specific Special Value, which is just an internal representation of such object in game’s map format. You do not need to bother about special values." I think Fey found that you can add an Atreides sandworm, or a flying frigate (in circles) on these numbers withouth requiring a spawn. @Fey; clarify this to us; I could be wrong. Although for the regular modder it's not that important, unless it really wants to do crazy stuff, but you cannot cover everything. "Note that you cannot place buildings and units in multiplayer maps. If you place some, the game will ignore them and they will not appear in your map." This is not 100% true; It needs a special .ini with some line commands to remove the starting VCM... or not; the early coop maps I played where the O9V1 and O9V2 and people used to place the 8 starting points surrounded by some turrets, just to kill the MCV as soon as the game started; back in time .inis didn't have anything special like the "NO MCV" or specific amount of money/tech; I played with a friend those coops maps, my friend once ignored my "order a MCV first, don't use money on other vehicles" on the O8V2, where mercs doesn't have a refinery, just the factories and starport; I had to restart the game. I know nowadays it's a bit hard... and have some special rules or bugs or something; I have not much idea on multiplayer/skirmish/online stuff. I think there is something core you are missing, the "assign a .mis file" and "unassign a .mis file"; just to let people know that you need a .mis assigned if planning on a campaign map and unassigning it if it is about a multiplayer map (except multiplayer with events on it). It is because sometimes, dunno if when launching the editor the very first time or withouth loading a previous map, editor will start not using a .mis, so people then will get confused on why the error "no mission file assigned to this map" happens.
    • hahaha I was literally just watching one of their videos on Picard when I arrived here to post my Final Episode 10 rant..
    • Sick, Klof! And right on time, too. @AZ-Stalker You might wanna have a look at this!
    • Hello there, I have always been lazy when it comes to writing any sort of documentations or manuals. For D2kEditor I never wrote any proper manual and rather relied on people figuring things themselves, or letting others advise and explain new users how things are done with the Editor. I myself do not usually read through manuals, since many times I even do not have any at hand, and this way I can miss some really useful information that can change things really lot. Due to the fact a new member came into our community recently and he struggled with missing knowledge of some mapping mechanics, and seeing how he was asking here in forum and you spent so much effort explaining things to him, I finally decided to write up a Mapping manual, which should cover all needed information about how to create maps in D2kEditor. I strongly recommend to read through it, because you could still find some useful information you possibly did not know for all the years. And also, I'd like to see your review and opinion, you can point out something what I forgot about and what I forgot to mention, or possibly, you could find any information that is not right. Here it goes, please read on: D2k Mapping Manual.docx D2k Mapping Manual.docx
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