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    • Hell yeah brother! Great to see another release from you. You've been talking about this one for a while, testing a lot. And it looks damn nice!
    • No I don't mind, I want people to enjoy it. I believe in sharing, its what makes a mod community great
    • Using the full strengh of the new Feda's version of the launcher, I am here releasing my lastest Campaign. Coalition of Nobles. a long campaign with a good mix of many vs many battles, fights on your own, different areas (not just Arrakis), commando style missions that last for a while and so on. To properly apply this mod you will need the lastes updated launcher, which you can get here. STORY: The Emperor challenge that made the three Major Houses to face each other it's already on the run. Nobody but Atreides, Ordos and Harkonnen will participate, but there is a group of four minor Houses, eager to get power, that think that if the four of them join forces they have a chance to defeat the big Houses. Because of this it is born a coalition of 4 Nobles hoping that they can defeat the superior technology of their enemies with they bigger number in units. Featuring: Lassoki: Nobody has proper info about the style of this House (controlled by the player, so their personality come from the player itself). Considered the leader of the Coalition. Iasi: Specialist on infantry, so it will focus on infantry kind of units like the Light Infantry and the Trooper, but it will produce other units as well. Qaii: Specialist on fast vehicles, so it will center their production on Trikes and Quads, but also producing other units too. Bromeli: Specialist on bombing. It lacks a proper army, but it will use their superior bombing skill to damage enemies on the rear. CAMPAIGN: This is a long campaign based on 16 missions, plus one extra mission that it is not canon and has nothing to do with the story. The main idea where it's to have the player fighting alonside other small factions that will often will have lesser tecnology than the enemies. Because of this Tibed was used so this is why you need to use the lastes launcher, as it will change from mission to mission. A couple of missions contain more than 1 version. Those multi-versions are exactly the same but with small alterations. For example, on mission 6 it split on 3 versions. Depending which version you will have as an ally one of the other 3 members of the coalition. Terrain, gameplay, script... it's exactly the same (except the fact that every ally will focus more on some units than in the others). Not the 16 missiosn will happen on Arrakis, so check any intel regarding the planet's resources or which addition or modification certain units have for this version (and some lore attached to those modifications). THE GOLDEN RULE: People that played my campaigns by now will know that I usually gives drops for the enemy, which means that at any point the enemy (or the player) may see a carryall dropping certain units on the side or even behind your base. For this specific campaign, I applied a rule for myself to not even use that. This means that, with the exception of cutscenes, the Ais won't get extra units to attack the player, the same as the player don't get reinforcements. This also applies to deliveries and so on. The Ais will build their own forces and will use them in battle, but the amount of units they may send to attack may change, sometimes it's because I made them to delay/faster the attacks, or because the Ai may use the starport more in the late game. But the things it's, that nobody gets extra units (except some harvester remplacemente and, again, cutscenes related). SCREENSHOTS: Lassoki (player) Paired together with their ally, the Iasi. The Iasi attacking with a bigger amount of infantry kind of units withouth negleting other units. Playing as Iasi on Draconis IV. Playing as Qaii on Caladan. Playing as Bromeli on Giedi Prime. The four Members of the Coalition striking together for a big combined attack. BONUS MISSION: This extra mission, the 17º mission, it is just a bonus mission non related to the story. It is a tribute to those old campaigns and authors that did maps back in then when no much info was there, so the mission itself it's simple in terms of the terrain, and even use a generic AI instead a one well though one. It has pseudorandom bases for the Ais (I clicked almost a random and whatever place the buildings were placed they stayed there). Everybody gets deliveries for free from time to time and your allies will build all the units equally (but those deliveries will give the speciality of each House). The golden Rule it's gone for this map. Also I added a few things that will separated this make from the old works, the briefing will say what I changed. Overall, this is a chaotic mission where at any moment the player or the allies can be the focus, or even the enemy can have problems to hold depending on who attacks who. FILE: Coalition of Nobles.rar SCRAPPED MAP: Coalicion nobles scrapped map.rar  This is a scrapped version from the final mission. I was doing the mission in a way until I realize that I didn't like how it was going. Instead having 4 houses figthing toghether having your 3 allies helping (even if they are not the strongest ally ever), I turned the mission into "who is stronger, the enemy or the player" with the allies being just there, 100% useless. So, this scrapped mission it's harder than the original, but also not the concept I was looking for. The mission it's the same as the mission 16, but you will face a much stronger enemy while the player have access to tons of spice to compensate. I left behind this mission for those who want's to play a harder version of mission 16, but otherwise ignore it.  I name this mission so it will be at the bottom of the campaign, so play it the last.    HOW TO INSTALL: First of all, get the newest version of Feda's Launcher on the post here. It is possible to manually copy files but you may need to do it per every mission, so it is not recommended. Also, if you are not using that version, you won't see the custom colors used (unless, again, you manually copy certain files depending on the missions; so just use the launcher). -CustomCampaignData: move this folder into the main root of your game. You should look at several .exe files (like dune2000.exe, missionlauncher.exe...) in the same place as CustomCampaignData folder is. -Missions: the mission on the inside (.map/.ini/.mis) needs to be placed into the same folder called "missions", it will be in the path "data/missions" but if you have the missions outside "data" then move them; just move them in the same folder you have any other missions stored. -data\Ui_data: move this files into the same path in order to be able to play the game. only one file should be promted to overwritte which you can say "no". Not all the text.uibs are going to be use as I included the spanish version too, so it is possible to left out all the files that contain "ESP" or "SPA" out. -Tilesets included but have to be applied manually too; if you are prompted to overwritte you can do it; these are the most updated versions of those tilesets. If any mission triggers a problem report to me, I could be done a mistake at any point. The custom color on the icon bars (wine color on the top and right sides) will only appear if you are playing in vanilla res, 800x600 or 1024x768; any other resolution bigger than that and the game will use the original color. 
    • This is a board game based on ?the new dune movie?   https://www.direwolfdigital.com/dune-imperium/
    • Worked quite a bit on the sidebar, design and interaction wise. Sneak peek:
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