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    • I know, but since you give this objetive my first option was to try it (If a map has a secondary objetive I try to do it always, even if it is not necesary). Still, you should add the outpost condition on the intervals too, because you briefing said: "You can stop the reinforcement if you destroy the Outpost.", but when I did it and still enemies were coming, that's just a lie.   I just mean to place some details, don't need to add lots of things, but a rock here, a small rift there, or even some spice since there are so many sandworms in the open area placing some spice fit the map. This is like playing the desert of King quest V: all looking the same and full of scorpions that kills you if you are close (yes, I never passed that part of that game =(). Well, hard to protect the harverster with 4 infantry and 1 trike. I use the trike placing him in the other way of the sand to decoy the sandworm. But I don't mind this; I just could get some reveal map when the player is near the base or something. If you remember my first map in my Fremen campaign, the map it's just a road, so it's impossible to get lost, but even with this I add some reveal map to help the player to know what it's next.
    • The mission objectives are the same. Version a is easy/normal and b hard. The version b problem is sandworms and enemy.  Outpost is not necessary to be destroyed. But if you do not destroy it, it can be harder or maybe not. Not always should be easy/simple. That was my idea. Dune must to be Dune. And the harvester needs to be protected.   The mission 12d is very hard. So, I made it a little easier (and I tested).  Maybe for you its will look simple and you can try it. But I recommend playing this: HROE Mission 12d.zip * If the mission will look easy (on normal mode), then try on hard mode. My goal is to be possible to play on hard mode.
    • Ok, played the two versions of the first maps. They are like the day and the night, lol. Mission 1a it's a very big empty area and 1b a small area with narrow corridors. Map 1a you should gives some indications or using the "tile revealed"/"reveal map" combo just to help. Light infantry it's not a fast unit and they barely reveal the area around them; taking the base was easy, but the sandworm was a pain, since no other vehicles were present the sandworm was on my harverster, I lost a couple when they were almost full =(. Now, the other map it's better for me, although you need to totally disable any reinforcement after the outpost it's destroyed, because yes, the final ultimate wave didn't appeared, but the others in interval yes so I was "he lied! more reinforcements are coming". Attacking the outpost it's really hard, so I was wondering if really worth the effort, and more knowing that the enemy still will send reinforecements even if I risk my units.
    • Currently I tested b and c (the finale missions). And you can play them. But you can try the others. I uploaded it again because I needed to fix a little thing. But this is not a problem to play. Download If you do not want to download again. Just change c fremen to 0 (side)  or leave it. I also a bit edited text/message.  
    • Now in the Mercenary sub-section the mission 9 have the same problem xD.
      Ordos - Mission 9v3
      Ordos Mission 9v4 The playable as sub-houses are exactly the same or has some kind of help for the player? (since the AI is not a great player). I see you let the AI building engineers. Maybe you should remove that, or else the maps are going to be nearly impossible. They are already hard with all the enemy waves, and having an AI that waste 500 credits on engineers don't help at all =(.
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