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    • A new 10 year scenario using a revised Industrial Fixer Upper map with one competitor. Plainland.zip
    • Came out with a minor update today after discovering a glitch on S04V1 causing the first Harvester not to appear. I've done more testing across the whole campaign and made a few more changes, some bug-fixing and some re-balancing. Changes are listed below: Going forward with the second smugglers campaign, the changes can be expected to be more fine-tuned than before. Yay!
    • Sorry, I missed your post.   1. In the later version of EXE data included with his US History map, this column isn't called "Rot factor" but rather "Distance Factor." Actually, these numbers don't line up with either set of values you mentioned in the official documentation. For example Mail's Rot Factor in the table is 10, Passengers 8 and Milk 5. The file shows: 0.54, 0.45 and 0.32. Ship data has only two freight values 0.1 or 0.2. The data in the file has a wide range of values across all cargoes. This is confusing to say the least. Some people have said that it appeared that the ship distance criteria was accurate. Those with 0.2 seemed to benefit from longer hauls. My own experience lines up with this. Food is worth hauling long distance, Lumber is not. The only mention of rot in the strategy guide is this: My personal take is that game date has the biggest influence on "rot factor", which is why the list was only put in the appendix.   But it's not that easy, the very next sentence links "days to deliver" with time sensitive, which with a basic understanding and context could be assumed to be "speed of delivery." So my speculation is that both are used to determine rate of revenue loss aboard a loaded train.   I haven't experimented with the EXE file myself, but surely this theory could be tested easily if you control everything else, but just change the "days to deliver" on a specific cargo? If someone doesn't try it sometime, I might even try to poke around in the hex editor to test this idea.   2. This means that there is a station building that affects that cargo. For example the Refrigerated Storage building affects Produce and Milk.
    • A new 10 year scenario using a revised Tanagore Island map. Headwind Island.zip
    • Me and my son wanted to try this old goldie, but i can't get it to work anymore after we changed to Windows 10 Pro 64bit :( Everything seem fine and the menu show up as it is supposed to but when i click anything, it minimizes and i get thrown out to windows. When i click the game to get back in it shows me this picture:  http://sv.tinypic.com/r/2rzz2nb/9 I hope you can see it, :( And whatever i do thereafter i get thrown out in windows again.. Geforce GTX 1070 Any help would be apreciated <3
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