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    • henlo I know everyone hates it that I keep updating this thing, but ya know what? I've been developing that mod throughout making this campaign and its second part! Little fine-tuning over and over until I get it to that point where I'm totally happy with it. Now, I didn't intend to do any major work on this campaign, but having honed my mapping and done up a bunch of maps for the second campaign, I wanted to take the opportunity to shape up these maps. After all, this campaign and the second will be part of the same 30-map campaign when I'm done. I feel the second campaign (or what's done in it so far) consistently has much higher map quality than this campaign. Not anymore! Where the previous update was little more than a patch to get the new Combat Tanks in, that was far from enough. I've since gone through each and every map and brought them up in quality while trying to stay as faithful to the original premises as possible. The mod is better, the maps are better, and now it feels like the final draft I want for when the second campaign is done. That said, unless a game-breaking bug is discovered, I refuse to touch these maps again. Y'all've got my word. I'm excited to say that the changes to the mod are more fun than ever! The Ordos and smugglers have some armor in the form of the Duelist Tank so they can better push on fortified positions. The play between units' ranges and Concrete Walls is much more balanced and rewards better micro. Shock Raiders make a minor appearance in the campaign, a Storm Lasher can be seen on the new Heighliner-based S06V2, and RPG Quads will appear as incidental units in the earlier maps. As for the maps themselves, I'll post the changelog, old / new full map comparisons, par time, and extra comments below. No strategy guides yet, but I've measured my time on hard(+) on every map in tics and real time. Fastest speed, default resolution. The maps are harder in general, but the difficulty curve is better and the changes to the mod, like I said, reward better micro. For instance, my previous par time on S03V2 hard+ was around 24 minutes real-time. Although S03V2 is harder now, I manage it reliably in 20 minutes. If you do happen to be in need of some strategic advice, here are some general tips: If you don't care to look at any of that and instead want to actually jump into the game, here's a download link: S01-09.zip Oh, and one more thing: The new Imperial Barracks doesn't have a damaged sprite yet, so it will appear to be intact even when its health is in the red. I'm going to need to draw that up sometime before I can put the second campaign out. Uhh... if you happen to be skilled with spritework, or just want to try your hand at editing the sprite yourself, be my guest. I'd appreciate it! Just saying.
    • Hey mate! Nah, it's freeware these days. You're good. Don't forget to pick up custom campaigns! Check out this index for a list of many campaigns: https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27756-all-completed-mods-and-tools-index-dune-2000/ Enjoy.
    • Hello, after some recent stuff I have really been on a Dune kick, and I had come across GruntMods Dune2k remake and I was really happy to find it. However I was just curious if it potentially could be regarded as downloading the game illegally. I do not pay for the internet where I live and wouldnt want it turned off for me and my family over a nostalgia kick. And the same question goes for downloading the cutscenes. Thank you to anyone who can help in advance.
    • tnx a lot! (it was when I was try to unzip).
    • Strange, Gruntmods should have an option to install the campaign with movie files. That not working for you? As immersion-breaking as it is, I suppose it's always possible to check out the before-mission cutscenes on YouTube or something. 😅
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