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    • Another trailer at the game awards tonight:
    • -Added campaign: Coalition of Nobles: New Enemies By Cm_Blast -Renamed: Harkonnen Campaign By Fey it is not longer as "WIP". Now it sais it has 9 missions.
    • There was a unit queueing patch, but it no longer worked due to d2k patches and no one who knows how to implement the system again cares to do so. Folks who are interested have asked, to no avail thus far. I personally wouldn't mind it, but I dunno how to make a patch for it. Maybe someday, but nothing at the moment on the queuing front. Ah, that's a bug involving allocation index 3. Feda would know about that one already, I'm sure. The three sound files it uses are:  - MGUN2  - HI_MAP1C  - HI_MAP2A That's a problem with the game itself due to how playing as allocation index 3 works on the back end. It's possible to fix it via modding, but for normal campaigns as imperials, that bug is a thing. We have some new assets. Here's a new Combat Tank skin, in red and from a few angles: It's got stripes along the side and dark treads like the atr CT, but similar in shape to the hark CT. And here's a 'rock dragon' rax intended for the mercs and smugs, in a wine red similar to their usual brown coloration, and in cyan without shadows: Edit: Forgot to mention. If you want more info on implementing the above assets, swing by the Landsraad Discord server pinned here: I frequent the place and can help ya get your own submod set up or something. Aye, that's easy to mod in with the new map editor. Just hit ctrl + X like you would to "cut" something for pasting, and it'll bring up the "structures editor" portion of Klofkac's d2k map and mission editor. Don't forget to pick up the latest exe too, unless you get the vanilla compatible version of the editor. Hope that helps.
    • I've been thinking; why not implement Unit Queuing as a game option? Kind of like how you can enable Crates or Worms? That way the people that want it can have it while the people who don't want it can just ignore selecting that option. Don't know how to implement is for the main campaign or any pre-exisiting campaign but that can be future goal. An actual bug I found was in the WoL missions, especially in Mission 2 for the Sardaukar: sometimes the "Missile Launch Detected" line might get switched with another random line or sound. I've had both gunfire and "the ordos are coming closer!" play when selecting the target for the nuke. Non-code-based suggestions: Would it be possible to give the Smugglers a different colored tank and structures? I get they're Not Ordos but if you have them, Mercenaries and Ordos all on the same map its kind of a mess. The main issue I can see would be if a re-color was applied then it would affect anyone using an Ordos Tank thus making the change to begin with useless. Then there's the Mercenary Tank. I think, haven't tried it yet, that this one suggestion could be done via the new map editor. Anyways I was thinking that it would make more sense for the Merc's to have the Atreides Tank. Both from a statistical perspective, since its the all-rounder combat tank, and from a visual perspective since the Merc Heavy Factory has that sloped roof...  
    • I still do mods. This month I released a new campaign so I never stopped.
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