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    • Oh I don’t know what heavy exploits you are referring to but I did build directly into my Harkonnen Ally base and noticed that some of their units don’t attack the enemy. But It was ok, some of their units did attack the enemy. Yeah, I’m onto the coalition now, and I’ll post in that thread, but yes, the computer allies are awesome considering they cover what the player lacks! I just hope their mission where I have to defend my ally to death won’t give me PTSD like mission 7 of this campaign. 😜  Anyways, chat with you there!
    • Hi CM_Blast. I am playing your Coalition of Nobles campaign and I really like it! Maybe even more than Butlerian Jihad! The campaign design is really unique, there are always Allie’s in each mission, and the player has to make good use of them to complete the mission efficiently. The difficulty is also significantly higher than Butlerian Jihad: Zone Zero. I’m already struggling in mission 5! There are so many sonic tanks!! I thought the level was impossible then after 1 hour of luring them to my ally’s base, and letting them hang out at the bottom of the cliff, all of a sudden the enemy didn’t produce sonic tanks to attack me anymore. It was only then that I was able to counterattack and win. Was there some kind of trigger to stop producing sonic tanks after 1 hour? Oh I also lost in mission 4 the first time I played because I didn’t know I had to escort the Bromeli to the frigates. The objective didn’t mention that, so I was attacking the Atreides base instead of protecting my ally.   All in all, super fun campaign! I’m glad and surprised that I can always find an even more custom Dune 2000 campaign each time I complete one!
    • There was a big change in the executable so thats likely the reason the save isn't working. If you want to finish the save game I would revert back until you complete it.
    • Not that fair considering that the enemy drops are ally with your ally to avoid heavy exploits XD. But anyway. good luck with the coalition. For the most part, unless you lure enemies into their allies the hold well, there is a mission that both sides are equally strong. You ally may hold well, or may fail, or may get the upper-hand on their own. And yes, other levels later you may need to protect them at least a bit. If you hold on your own withouth using your allies as a meat shield they will send units and luckily (depending on random ai behaviours) they may even be calpable of push back. <-- I refer to traditional missions, maybe a mission is more on the "you ally needs help, defend it with your life", but I tried to have some allies that will do good their own.  yeah no, the last mission is just enemies coming from multiple directions, but not as strong, the only hard part is struggling to get enough spice and getting overrun on the long run. Taking out every machine base I gave units and a MCV as a huge reward, just to make worth it to destroy those. As an alternative challenge you can go against the ordos directly, but then those bases will keep sending units into the main ordos first and there are less rewards (and harder to take due the safe harversters and the 4 enemy CY that will rebuild really fast). But yeah, once you take all the machine bases the Ordos are fully done. I revealed the silos on the enemy base just for players to see the enemy spice going down. I don't remember, maybe it takes 15-20 in game minutes for their silos are emptied withouth the option to build units fast again (15-20 mins assuming you do nothing, if you send waves and the AI needs to spend money on rebuilding units, turrets and repairing they will use the money in 10 mins). Either way, they won't get more money again. Yeah, the Ai using deviators is not too much of a big deal, so I went into "you get devas, the enemy send deviators" but the odds are still in your favor. Good luck with the coalition and hope you can defeat them.  
    • Thanks for the suggestion. I played both the Fremen Warriors and Anti-fremen campaigns. There were interesting and unique. I like to build bases and attack so I naturally preferred the Anti-fremen campaign better, especially the last mission where you have to beat the Atreides and Fremen as the Emperor and you have a Harkonnen ally. Even 2v1.5 it was still hard (but fair)! I think I will go with your first suggestion and play Coalition of Nobles as the idea of playing as a bunch of weak houses to take down a strong house sounds challenging, fun and requires lots of teamwork (with computer allies is yet another challenge of its own). Btw, I beat the Final / Ending mission of the Butlerian Jihad! It wasn't as hard as mission 9 like you said, mainly because the enemy bases don't produces that fast and attacks with just a few units at a time, and the spice at the bottom of the base does grow, at least a few spice blooms did appear. I was expecting a full blown 1v5 kind of situation, but it felt more like a 1v2 and the computer enemies don't wait for a Huge force to attack, which is really really a relief when you are on your own. Oh and the extra MCVs + reinforcements every time I destroy a machine base really help a lot! I can build much faster and don't have to worry about sabateurs blowing my my main Con Yard. Also there were a lot of reinforcements like the devastators made the offensive easier (though you do have to watch out for those insidious deviators!)
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