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    • I contacted Phil multiple times, and he couldn't help. I contacted TakeTwo (not Firaxis), and they claimed that Sid Meyer  (Firaxis) bought the whole kit & kaboodle before making Sid Meyer's "Railroads". Firaxis told me that they got only RT3, not RT2. If PopTop didn't keep any source code to RT2, then it has been lost. It may sit on an optical disk in a landfill somewhere, but it's unlikely it will ever be found. To recreate the game, somebody will need to reinvent it from the ground up. I didn't, because lacked the skills. Now I'm working a 7-6 job again, so I don't have the time either.
    • Phil Steinmeyer might have it, but he's retired. The closest thing I could find on him was this reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/tropico/comments/b3oxwy/what_happened_to_phil_steinmeyer/  a reply from his daughter is in the comments, but it's been over 8 months since she posted her comment. We could also try to hit up Firaxis, as PopTop was merged into them, they might have a copy. Of course, the game is only ~646 MBs so maybe if we hire a whole lot of monkeys they could recreate the code. 🤣
    • So, here you go: https://www105.zippyshare.com/v/RV6oYsqt/file.html This is the second preview version, here is list of changes done from the first preview version: - Finished support for editor attributes. Editor attributes are no longer part of TILEATR*.BIN file, but are now part of tileset .ini file. The program will save editor attributes into .ini file when you save changes in tile attribute editor, so be careful to reload the .ini file if you have it open in any text editor. If you still have TILEATR*.BIN file used by older version of editor containing editor attributes in it, click the "Convert" button to convert editor attributes into the new form and save. - I also modified minimap color rules, fill area rules and spice restriction rule in original tileset .ini files to follow the changes in editor. For example editor attributes now use different hexadecimal values. You will need to modify your custom tiliset .ini file to make it work properly with new version of editor. - Added smooth spice rendering feature - Added support for editing tile hint texts - Added better support for custom TEXT.UIB files. Now when you test a map with custom TEXT.UIB file specified, the game will be launched with that custom TEXT.UIB file. The editor will also load and use texts from custom TEXT.UIB file and will display them in "Edit tile hint text" mode. One tip: if you are editing for example minimap color rules and want to immediately see the change, just save changes in your text editor and in Tile Attributes Editor, use Reload Attributes option. The program will reload .ini file and will redraw minimap. This is also useful with "Draw minimap colors" mode. Enjoy!
    • Right. No problem, take your time, it's not like I have the time to go experimenting with this right now, as much as I want to. Very much. 😮 I love adding little flavor everywhere in my projects, so this will REALLY help bring more life to projects. I eagerly await the release of the preview version.
    • Well, I still have some stuff to do. For example the editor should load texts from custom text.uib when loading a mission where it is specified. Right now it loads only the default text.uib (that can be at least defined in D2kEditor.ini file). This is a missing feature, in past it was not much important, as messages triggered by events would be specified in mission's ini file and not usually in custom text.uib anyway. But with this new feature it is more needed. But I want to release a preview version once this is complete, and then eventually finish other minor stuff. Well, I do not really much know all the stuff and story, that was rather a quick simple demo I made. But you know, those hint texts will be really very useful for players without knowledge, including me 😏.
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