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    • Fedaykin is a forum thing, my user name is Cm_Blast but yeah, there are an actual person which uses Fedaykin as his name, both of us have a channel with some dune 2000 stuff on it but you probably are thinking on him since he uses that name. Good luck with that, it is kind of hard and take a while to learn, but once you have done it you can apply your mod; just keep in consideration that not all the files you see on the other guy folder are not necesary, some are just tilesets (so to load the new maps) and stuff like that. I think the "data/bin" and the "ui_data" ones are the most important and basic to keep the new units stuff, "colour" if you don't use new color for your units you don't need neither so, that makes thins more easy to pick up.
    • Thanks for the info Fedaykin! I think these are the templates WOL_S inside D:\Gruntmods Studios\Dune 2000\CustomCampaignData\WarOfTheLandsraad ?? I will take some time to understand and test things out! Also you are on youtube no? I think i have seen some channel by the name Fedaykin so i think its you! :) Have a Great Weekend bro!
    • I think the editor warn you about it the first time you try to do it, and yes, lots of information, there are many steps if you want to have all the stuff: -modded game -being able to revert back to vanilla game while playing other missions -sharing easily with others. The main thing I recommend is starting entering on the Customcampaigndata folder. inside create a folder with the name you want, which will be "your main mod". so: Customcampaigndata/maltebyte02mainmod (the name can be anyone you want) then, inside that folder, create a new folder, this one will be your "submod", since you can create a campaign that uses different mods each time, but even if you will use just 1 single mod, you still need that folder. so: Customcampaigndata/maltebyte02mainmod/maltebyte02submod (also any name you want) and inside you need to create "data" folder (this name) and inside "data" you need to create "bin". so later, when on the editor you tell your mission to load your mod, the game will create multiple files into that specific folders once you save the changes on your new units or whatever, so you mod will be stored there. there are other stuff, but at least that's the most basic thing you need. you can do also on "data" a "ui_data" to store you custom.text uib if you want, but since this file has a different name you can do that later, it won't be any issue. yes, its lot's to tackle at once.  
    • I did not know all of this information, i just open the mission i want to change then change everything for that mission including units! So i dont think those units will be available in other missions then!? Lost of information to digest for now.
    • I don't know if you are using the folder "CustomCampaignData" for all the stuff you are editing, so you don't overwritte anything on the original. if you want to know how, I recommend checking on the root of your dune 2000 folder, on the side of "mission, data , gamesave" and all those folders you probably have one called "CustomCampaignData"; and inside, if you played the war of assasins campaigns you probably have a few folders inside. Check those you can copy the same folder and the same pathing to apply to you. Later, when you have the campaign done, no top of sharing the missions, you also share the Customcampaign data folder (but only your part) so I can apply any change you have done. If you haven't done the CustomcampaignData yet, I suggest to do it as soon as possible and again, use the war of assasin as template since you will see inside multiple folders, you create the folders on your own with the name you want and on the editor, later, you can also tell "load the custom stuff from this CCD folder", which later when you share to other people they will load the custom stuff also from there. the CustomcampaignData means that we don't need to do back ups on anything, the launcher will load the modded stuff and, once you have finished/exit the mission, the launcher will revert the changes back.
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