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    • Wow, really nice. It is a lot of fun to play with it. Just using the + and - keys you can kinda steer the direction of the 'line'. Just pressing shift and seeing a big map part being filled is also cool, however often it's too wiggly (too random?). On smaller maps it seems to generate slightly better rock area's, not sure. Some kind of layer on top of the map where you can paint on that gives higher priority to how the random walk should go could be nice. I'm sure you are aware, but an undoing of the shift-auto-run feature would be useful.
    • Oh yes, that's exactly it! I even did not know it's called like this or did not read any theory before implementing it. I came up with all the ideas myself. And yes, I already saw your attempt for a random map generator. I agree with you. But as I said, I still have plenty of ideas how to improve it, so it will hopefully get much better. This is just the first version I came up with which is creating valid terrain (by valid terrain I mean that all areas - sand, rock - are properly enclosed and there are no tile errors). It just generates the terrain in blind way, not considering anything like size of rock area and other things. This is purely random, only based on fixed probability weight of certain block types (i.e. straight rock cliff block has 10 times more chance to generate than rock-to-sand cliff transition block, but there is no context and surrounding tiles considered). Anyway, I will provide a preview version of the editor, so you can look how exactly it works and better understand the algorithm and possibly give some suggestions: D2kEditor_randomgen_v1.zip Copy BLOXBGBS.ini into Tilesets folder before starting the program. Then create a new empty map and make sure to select BLOXBGBS tileset. Go to terrain editing mode and select any block preset (for example some rock cliff block). Place the block on map. By placing the block you place a "seed" block, which will then extend to more terrain in next steps. You can run manual single step by pressing "Num +" key. You can forcefully undo last step by pressing "Num -", then next step will generate a different block. If you place a block while holding Shift key, it will automatically run until it ends up by generating whole terrain. Press "Num *" to reset internal structures, so that clean map will be rendered without those crosses and marks. Have fun!
    • https://www.reddit.com/r/movies/comments/b2kk8u/hans_zimmer_is_set_to_compose_the_score_for_denis/ Musician hired. https://www.reddit.com/r/movies/comments/b2l5o0/denis_villeneuves_dune_starring_timothée_chalamet/ Filming started.
    • Wow nice work! Please keep us updated. Random path finding walk algorithm thing? I once tried it with Perlin (Noise) and Simplex Noise from Eliot Eshelman to get that more islands effect. https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/21583-r8-and-r16-graphics/?do=findComment&comment=390131 https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/21583-r8-and-r16-graphics/?do=findComment&comment=390146
    • some one try to make 3D variant of SEGA's Dune The Battle For Arrakis. all proccess you can see here: https://vk.com/dune_3d video and conversation... but again - only russian  but video is ok - becouse it without voices  only view.   and creator not planning to make multiplayer. i am disagree that. but he work almost alone. if someone know that system of development and can help with multiplayer organisation - write to him. XP is not support. 7 and higher windows.  
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