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    • I don't have much to add, only that - yeah, try to contact FunkyFr3sh directly - he knowns a lot about the executable and might be able to help. If you do find some new stuff, please share - preferable with images. Edit: You do know about the old modding wiki? Some is still here: https://web.archive.org/web/20141023225803/http://d2kplus.com/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page
    • I have just fixed a small bug with the campaign, please re-download it if you already got it. The link is the same.
    • The new launcher comes up with some useful features, and now you have a campaign that takes full advantage of all these new features. War of the Landsraad is the sequel to my previous campaigns, War of Assassins and its Sandstorm expansion. It features 50 new mission, 5 for the Sardaukar and 15 for all 3 Houses: Atreides, Harkonnen and Ordos. While the Sardaukar campaign follows the very immediate events that occurred after the end of Woa: Sandstorm, the main Houses' campaigns follow up on the end of the Sardaukar campaign, so the Sardaukar missions should be played first. The new campaign features new planets, such as Caladan, Giedi Prime, Draconis IV and Ix, along with small mods that get installed automatically by the mission launcher, such as @Fey's Autogun Turret, or combat tanks having different names (Harkonnen=Heavy Tank, Atreides=Medium Tank, Ordos=Light Tank). There is also a colored sidebar reflecting the House you are currently playing as.   It is recommended you read the Intel and tactical map available for most of the missions in the briefing interface. The intel can contain important story-related information or some secret stuff you won't find anywhere else.   Download the mission launcher from THIS TOPIC in order to play the campaign. It is included in the New Mission Launcher. Special thanks to: @Cm_blast: for testing this whole beast very carefully, along with the new mission launcher, and providing countless great feedback and for his Warcraft 2/Draconis IV tileset @Fey: for his autogun turret mod, the heighliner tileset @dato 2000: for his Giedi Prime tileset @FunkyFr3sh: for sharing the source code of the mission launcher with me   Here are a few screenshots  
    • Hello everyone. As you should know already, the current Mission Launcher was created by Funky, and he was kind enough to give me the source code so I can work on it and improve it. And that is what I did.  The new version of the launcher allows modded files PER MISSION, that get installed and reverted automatically by the launcher, so the player doesn't need to copy any mod files anywhere. Besides, there is also a new briefing screen, which has support for a bunch of Intel entries displayed in a popup window and a tactical map, both being possibilities to either enhance the storytelling of your campaigns or to provide tips & tricks regarding your mission. This is the release of version 1.2.0, which includes the following new features and bugfixes Features Automated mod file installation per mission, mods get reverted once the game is closed Same for colours.uib: now you can have custom colors per mission as well New UI elements for the briefing: Show Intel button and Show Tactical Map button Ability to add intel entries and images for these entries to your mission (see screenshots below) Full Changelog v.1.2.0 ======= Added support for automated mod file installation per mission Added new UI elements to the briefing view: Show Intel button and Show Tactical Map button Partially fixed flickering when scrolling long briefings Added a new campaign, with a corresponding custom campaign window: War of the Landsraad, by Feda, with 50 new missions in total Added a manual describing how to use the new features It is ALWAYS advised to create a backup of your game before working with any mods, so please do that, just in case. The launcher will also back up anything you had inside the dune data folder when you run a modded mission. You can find the backups in your <Dune2000Root>/MissionLauncherBackups. Dune 2000: GruntMods edition is recommended for this, but it should work for the DuneMaster version as well, although I haven't tested this.   There is a manual included with the package, please read that for more in-depth instructions on how to use this and how to create missions that can take advantage of the new features. The Launcher comes with a brand new Campaign as well, featuring 50 new missions, 5 for the Sardaukar and 15 for each of the three main Houses. The campaign is called War of the Landsraad, and it created taking advantage of the new features. This means you can use this as an example of how to use the automated mod file support and the intel feature. As I said, all this info is in the manual as well, so read that.   Download it from HERE (current version is: 1.2)   For information, screenshots and other details about the new campaign, War of the Landsraad, please read THIS TOPIC   For a video demonstration of the new launcher, have a look at this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHQr87vC3j8&t If you have further questions, you can talk to me directly on Discord by joining our Dune 2000 Singleplayer modding server: https://discord.gg/Adwfxxe   Special thanks to Cm_blast, for testing it, and FunkyFr3sh, for giving me the source code of the Mission Launcher to work on it.   Here are a few screenshots.        
    • Hey. Is this fixed? Not sure, but from what I understood it works now, right?
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