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    • Yeah, i just love that soundtrack! The SCDB-3-card-mix is also awesome!
    • I decided to revisit Dune 2 modding and found the HEX editing collection very useful! However, I need to note that in the file 0x047D00 fix loop reinforcements.pdf, the line you're suggesting to find 81 1f 50 16 8d 86 5e ff 50 9a f8 3a 00 00 83 c4 occurs multiple times across the binary, so it's probably more handy to use Segra's original fix where he suggests to look for 16 8D 86 5E FF 50 9A F8 3A 00 00 83 C4 08 8B D8 8E C2 and replace the beginning with 6A 00 6A 00 90 90  
    • How do I download this windows app?  
    • Ha, it supports the new Spice Opera remaster? Awesome
    • Hey Fedaykins, To add fire to the upcoming Dune-craze, i've just released Dune Dynasty v1.6.2. You can get it from the gihub releases page! Here is the changelog (see CHANGES.TXT for full details): "Even vaster armies have arrived." Make enhancement "Raise unit cap" more effective: Dune II has 3 types of unit caps: A unit cap defined per house by the scenario (usually 25 for the player, and 20 for the CPU) A hard-coded overall cap of 102 And a hard-coded cap per unit/group of units (caryalls and ornithopters: 11, saboteurs: 3, all others/ground units: 80) This enhancement sets the scenario unit cap for all houses to 50, raises the overall cap to 322 and allows a total of 300 ground units (incl. saboteurs). This enhancement is disabled by default and always enabled in multiplayer/skirmish. Add enhancement option "Raise structure cap". (thanks @WillSo!): Dune II limits total structures on a map to about 70. This enhancement raises that limit by 100. This enhancement is disabled by default and always enabled in multiplayer/skirmish. NOTE: Games saved with this option enabled will not be able to load, when the option is disabled! An error will be shown in this case. Multiplayer & Skirmish improvements: Add teams and AI to multiplayer and skirmish. You can now setup matches with up to 6 teams with completely custom human/AI player configurations. Enable worms in multiplayer and add worm-count option (0-3) to multiplayer/skirmish options. Add option to choose starting army in skirmish/multiplayer: Small option is: 1 trooper, 1 quad Large option is: 1 trooper, 2 quads, 1 tank, 2 siege tanks Several additional fixes and improvements. Add enhancement to show additional info in Outpost text: Shows active, standby and max units. Standby units are e.g. in production, ordered in factory, outstanding reinforcements, usually 1 backup-harvester. This enhancement is always enabled in multiplayer to provide the actual owned unit count in addition to the default allied count. Music / Soundtrack Improvements: Add new soundtrack support for Dune II PC speaker recording. (download here). Add new soundtrack support for the amazing 3-card mix (AdLib + MT-32 + AdLib Gold) of Cryo's Dune (1992) by the Sound Card database (listen to it on YouTube or download here). Many thanks to Ben from SCDB for providing the files! Many thanks to @Gobalopper from FED2k for hosting these 2 new soundtracks! Support 2024 re-release of the Spice Opera soundtrack of Cryo's Dune (1992) by EXXOS. NOTE: If you are using the old Spice Opera soundtrack, you have to change it's filenames to the ones indicated in /music/dune1992_spiceopera/FILELIST.TXT. The old filenames are no longer supported. Remove support for Dune II - The Maker MT-32 soundtrack, since it is a subset of Shaiwa's (FED2k) MT-32 recordings. NOTE: If you use this sountrack, please download and use Shaiwa's (FED2k) MT-32 package instead. Some additional music related fixes Provide macOS ARM64 (Apple Silicon M1) package. The macOS packages now include a setup script to remove the executable and included libraries from Gatekeeper quarantine. Additional fixes and improvements Have fun, and let me know of any problems you encounter!
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