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    • I think there shouldn't be space in EU for countries that don't use the same currency. Of course some countries are speding like retarded (expecially Italy since they put  on charge godfather Draghi that prints euros like a crazy to cover the fact that every single year Italy makes at least 200 billions more of debt) but it is a flaw of democracy, but if you are outside my family you can't decide how to spend my money while you have a separate wallet that I can't touch.     About immigration I think that very few countries have an even remotely decent plan. USA for example is absorbing a lot of italian university researchers, and they despise italian dishwashers even if they are still allowed to settle there. A person with an ID that is invalid for leave the country (we have many here, expecially among people affiliated with mafia) can't enter in USA. There are 3 ways to reach Europe. Legal, semilegal and illegal. The legal way is very difficult because usually you need a job. The semilegal is the simplest and the cheapest: you come as a tourist and you "disappear" after your permition (spelling?) is expired. The illegal is the hardest and the most expensive, you will use only if you are wealthy (or someone else paid for you) and if you haven't any legal way to leave your country. What to think about someone that pay 10X and risk his life more for leaving the democratic Bangladesh? Or he is a wealthy gangster/terrorist or some european gangster paid for him for some reason that could be merely take money from the state (a tourist get 0 euro, an illegal get 40 euros for truth the illegal will get 5 euros and the rest to the "intermediary") or even make the poor guy an organ donor. Also Nigeria. OMG I am fleeing from Boko Haram. Well the nigerian government won't put you in jail if you are a Boko Hara victim. You can leave Nigeria. You can't if you are in league with Boko Haram and in that case you will surely need to pay a lot of money to leave unseen. And Gambia. My favourite case. Gambian people are true political refugees because gambian government is a real dictatorship. Now how Europe is helping gambians? Gambia is big and populated as Slovenia (little less than 2 millions) but there are 100k refugees! 1/20 of the inhabitants is a refugee! That would be just a tragedy if the country was like Eritrea were the % of armed people is huge. Now how many soldiers are keeping together Gambia's dictatorship? 800! Less than Bahamas army! Just imagine what could achieve 100k gambians if you give them an AK-47 and send them home instead of keeping them in a CAGE for years (I can assure that many immigrants prefer to settle near a river even in Winter rather than spending time in places that are supposed to make them confortable) to fat some politicians!   So we have 1)Brain allergy. Italy is exporting brains. But it is not just this. If an african engineer that knows 10 languages included the italian comes here as a refugee he will be forced to go in special schools suited for kids to be reeducataed. 2)Too simpathy with some dictatorship: you Gambia have a problem with some people? Don't worry we will welcome here....and they will never come back to you. 3)The opposite of 2. Are you quarreling with a country? Support their scum them! That is quite common....this guy is a political refugee and ON THE PAPER he is sadly just like any woman that is trying to avoid to be stoned in Saudi Arabia!
    • hello everyone. iv'e created a app. it's from the Dune2000 game. you can construct and upgrade buildings. do research and unlock units. produce units and attack the enemy. and destroy enemy bases. let me know what you think about it. its free and there is no DATA registration that will be send to others. it is a android app and need atleast version 3.0 or higher. comment me about any bugs you find. - Could not upload it to Google-Play because Trademark issue enjoy
            Dune2000 Game.apk
    • Yes, my pc is 32 bit.
      About the password system, I will assume the codes are the same. Is just in case I want to give a quick try to a advance level (with different units, enemies, carryalls...). Thanks for all.
    • Thanks guys for feedback. I am really glad!
      It was a long way to the top if you wonna Rock-And-Roll  -AC\DC Yeah, i remember those days to. Graphics was extracted from original rom. I was very exited when engine drew _old_ sprites in good quality and colorful Game must works on Windows XP SP2 but i did a 64 bit version of game. Do you have only 32 bit PC? I can make a 32 bit build.  There is only password system.   The game is in early access and some staffs are absent.
    • I've never played Dune 2,    Therefore, I would not be of much help to you.
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