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    • RT3 doesn't seem to like graphics cards with a lot of memory being a game from 2003 - the best resource to search for solutions is probably Hawk's site http://hawkdawg.com/forums/index.php? There are lots of ideas for things you could try there but one is to turn down the graphics details in the settings. I also think there are issues with Nvidia cards which require T&L to be turned off so it will run in the first place. This puts more load on the CPU. There are some workarounds on Hawks site, but I've not tried them.  
    • New update on this custom campaign: Overall mission 2 and 9 are just small changes: Enemy units more closer each other since the standing AI it's just too easy to deal with, but overall the map plays and feel the same. And on mission 9 I added 4 more spice blooms to help the enemy AIs, since when the spice on the map it's close to be depleted the player's side has it more easy to recover than the Ais. Mission 7 it's the one that heavily change in terms of the scripting part: For example, more enemy turrets covering the main rift (they are still easy to take). Also your ally now will warn when under attack, so the player it's not cough off-guard if the map fail because your ally it's down. And the final change; the Fremen, if become hostiles, will spawn more units from the Sietchs, so they can keep up with whatever tech the player and your ally have at that point. They will become more annoying since there attacks are more about reducing effectives on your ally that really taking him down, but to compensate the Ordos has a better production of units in the late game, so if you take care of the Fremens the Ordos will become actually usefull this time.
    • Hi All - First of all, apologies if this is in the wrong forum. Hoping someone can provide me with more information regarding a PC CD Rom copy of Dune I have with the Sandworm Variant Box which pops out. If anyone has information relating to numbers produced, cost etc please let me know   Thanks
    • Does the game suffer even after saving, rebooting and reloading? Is the game actually utilizing your graphics card? Sometimes there are so many years between game and hardware (and drivers) that the CPU ends up doing all of the rendering. When this happens, you need to research things like legacy DirectX support so you can use hardware rendering (freeing up CPU). What graphics settings are you using? Can you give up on anything like shadows or showing trains at all zoom levels? How many CPU cores do you have? Have you tried reserving one core and then launching the game on that core? How much RAM does your game actually use? If less than 2GB, try patching the executable file (after backing up) to access 4GB. Sorry I can't offer anything more specific. I have RT2, not RT3. I've also learned some lessons from SimCity4. Good luck (and thinks for dropping a pebble into this very still pond)!
    • Damn, that doesn't sound like a problem with the game itself. It's gotta be something else, some sort of compatibility issue perhaps? I hope the Mission Launcher works. Again, sorry if that's the only way, but it's better than nothing at all, right? You can also play fanmade content via the Mission Launcher. Here's a link to the index: https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27756-all-completed-mods-and-tools-index-dune-2000/
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