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    • Again, I am here to present a new campaign. Yet another Butlerian Jihad related campaign that form a trilogy and goes the final chapter of the whole story... or maybe not. As the last time, it's highly recommended to play both the Original Butlerian Jihad and the sequel BJ: War Machines to fully understand all the events of the game. Like those two campaigns, here you will play as the main trio of houses depending of the maps, indicated on the top of the briefing, so you will always know which faction you are playing. Backstory (spoilers from the two first campaigns). On the original Butlerian Jihad Campaign, the three main houses were using an artificial intelligence to help them to manage a big scale war. The Emperor used his power to turn all those units controled by an A.I. against their masters. Atreides, Ordos and Harkonnen joined forces to defeat the Emperor, making the A.I. to not have an owner anymore. Even withouth an onwer, the A.I. still follow a basic programming code: Defeat all the houses. They were much more predictable and easy to defeat, but each day their numbers grown, and not even the superior human tactics could deal with a such disadvantage in numbers. Atreides, Ordos and Harkonnen join once again to disable once for all the A.I. by shuting down the main sever where the code it's stored. Story The A.I. are no longer a threat. Unmanned vehicles/Cyborgs have a "auto-target" lock on to target any enemy vehicle that approach, but their factories are disabled, they cannot expand, build or attack anybody. Are easy prey for the three factions that simply conquer as many land as they can before restarting the war for Arrakis once again. However, the Ordos take advantage of no interventions from the other houses to try to develop a new an improved A.I. one that requires much more testing to be sure that the story doesn't repeat again. To make things worse. Ixians and Mercenaries are interested on the adquisition of those kind of vehicles. They want to make use of any sort of an A.I., they want to simply sell as scrap those Unmanned vehicles or they have other intentions? Atreides and Harkonnen, after the two wars, are totally against any kind of A.I. Can these two discover what the Ordos are planning and what it's the reason about Ixian and Mercenaries having those kind of vehicles in their armies? GameplayFor this final campaign I tried to present the A.I. as it is: a finished "enemy". Because of that, some maps will show Machines buildings that are that "for show", withouth producing units or anything. Of course, other factions may want those building for themselves. But, at the same time, vechiles both unmanned and with an A.I. will strengh the attacks of defenses of whatever faction tries to use them, being enemy or ally. Screenshots Mercenaries reinforce their defenses thanks to unmanned vehicles Ixians protect a Machines base to avoid the Atreides to raze it. The Ordos activate one A.I. To help them against an enemy ambush. FILE Butlerian Jihad Zone Zero.zip How to install: Extract the files and move it into the mission folder, then using the mission launcher on the "Harkonnen" section of the menu. Not needed other extra files, the ones provided doesn't mod the game and, if you already played any other campaign of mine, you probably will have those files already into your game, if not, just overwrite them just in case. Like the previous 2 campaigns, this is a hard campaign, so if you are not used to play this game, it's recommended to play it on easy. Also, although I recommend playing the other 2 campaigns first, there is some kind of "almost loop" feeling that, by the time you finish the final map, playing the first map on the first campaign still would make sense.
    • Hey all I installed Gruntmods and the actual game plays great.  The issue I'm having is that all of the cutscenes are in the upper left corner.  I am playing at 1280x800 resolution, but I had thought the videos would have been centered.  They are not for me. Heres an screenshot of what I mean:   Anyone know of a fix?  Or is this a "that's just how it is" situation?     Thanks
    • OH MY GOD!!! :O   Looks like I don't have to worry about this unfinished fan remake anymore as it appears we've got an official Master of Magic sequel or Remake on way (courtesy of Slitherine who've bought the rights from Atari's IP dungeon and just made the announcement on their site)!!! Guess this explains the mysterious Atari activities I noticed recently. Clearly they reacquired MoM so they could sell it to Slitherine for $$$. I'm such a super fan of this 25 year old game that I run a MoM fans facebook group so as you can image I'm SUPER EXCITED about this news lol. I can't can't believe that after all these years a real sequel just might be happening now. Sadly most of the old MoM forums are long dead so if there's any fans here who know of a good old MoM2 wishlist/feature request list out there please let me know and I'll go post it over on the Slitherine forums (which I've just signed up to).   They've probably barely started the project yet so now is the time to get fan feature requests and wish list items in front of their faces. If the remaining fan base doesn't speak up now then god knows what sort of game we'll end up with. So now is the time to act! .
    • ayy lmao, another new map is out here's a zip with every map in the campaign so far, including the new one, S16V1. https://drive.google.com/open?id=16paeY1-WXB_Qg9e4Lgi_r9XYvpTJP0PX this is an Arrakis map. so, it's different from S16V2, but it should be about as hard. you need to head into Grose Valen and protecc the Fremen and Imperials while killing the Tleilaxu. but with a talented commander like Moriaen organizing the enemy, and given that you're surrounded, this is easier said than done even taking into consideration the hardiness of the holdouts you're coming to rescue. here are some details: hopefully it's about as difficult as S16V2 and takes about as long to beat. they're very different maps, one being a Heighliner map, so it's kinda hard to balance them with each-other, but again these are only the first drafts of S16V1 / V2. after some testing, I'll have all the data I need to make the maps properly tuned for their final releases and stuff anyway, good luck, please drop a comment if you give it a run and let me know how it feels. the more data, the better my tuning will be for the final release
    • "There is no escape--we pay for the violence of our ancestors." ― Frank Herbert, Dune     Quest for Arrakis II continues the decade long history and political machinations of the original Quest for Arrakis. It is an intense setting that stays true to the canon as set forth by Frank Herbert and focuses primarily on power politics and grand story telling. Much like the in the novels most anything is possible...if the player is willing to pay the right price. The setting is an alternative universe to the world as designed by Frank Herbert and taking place some twelve centuries before the time of Paul Atreides. The Corrino Empire has suffered through a devastating war which has taken the life of the previous Emperor and plunged the human race into a period of economic collapse and massive social unrest. Old houses have fallen or been reduced in power leaving a vacuum for the ambitious to make a name for themselves. Under the watchful eye of a new sovereign the Empire begins the long road back to prosperity. New houses seek to establish themselves as old ones try to return to glory. We offer an intense gaming atmosphere with motivated players, helpful staff and well detailed game environment. Everything is story driven and the opportunities are endless for writers willing to be active. Will you raise your banner in this brave new age? The perils are daunting and the road will be hard but do you have what it takes to rise to power in the Quest for Arrakis II?   For more information email directorate@questforarrakis.com .  
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