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    • Working on a custom campaign and mod. Mod part is mostly done, now working on the Ordos campaign. This is progressing well; for now I'm not making things super complicated and it's just 1 mission per level. I will need new briefings and Mentat text, however, to reflect the changes in storyline and the tech tree. So, after many, many hours of research I figured out how to find, view, extract, decompress and edit the Mentat strings. What I've learned so far: 1. Choose "Westwood String Table Files (.ENG)" in SST Editor's file picker dialog, as read in a forum post. 2. Open MENTATO.ENG in SST Editor (which I extracted from ENGLISH.PAK using WestPak). 3. Auto Decompression is set to OFF, Use Compression is set to ON, as described in several forum posts. 4. I change one single letter to something else in SST Editor (to test I just changed the Raider Trike's armament description from "Light" to "Lighr". So not even changing string lengths or anything! Just substituting a letter for another one.) 5. Click Apply Changes. 6. Save File and close SSTE. 7. Run WestPak2_0.68a -> set Fix in the top menu bar to Dune 2 (I don't even know if this matters) 8. Using WestPak, Open ENGLISH.PAK 9. Select MENTATO.ENG in the PAK file -> right click -> replace with the one I just edited 10. Close WestPak 11. Start game -> start or load a game. 12. Go to Mentat screen -> click any entry other than mission briefing/advice -> DOSbox completely hangs requiring me to restart it. I'm at my wit's end here, how do I work this absolute hell-beast of a program?. I'm using the RC4 version of SST Editor, Dune 2 1.07 HitSquad version (not cracked) with the extra 1.07 fixes applied.     *edit* Guess we don't use BBcode here anymore ;D oops. fixed.
    • Working on a little project I think I found an issue with the editor that broke my exe. I set the missile tank (Launcher) projectile ("Rocket") to be accurate. Now of course it's extremely OP so I modified the damage values. First I changed it in the Launcher's entry from 75 -> 35. This did not reduce the damage. Then I changed the damage in the Rocket weapon's entry from 75 -> 35. This worked. Then I figured, may as well set damage to 0 in the Launcher's entry since it doesn't do anything. Turns out I had accidentally also set damage to 0 for the weapon while making that change. So, Launcher has 0 damage output, its Rocket weapon also 0 damage output. But it does actually deal about 35 damage in the game. (!!) My problem is that setting the damage values for both the Launcher *and* the Rockets back to their original ones does not work, I am stuck with low-damage launchers. It seems something broke in the exe. I also removed the accuracy from the rockets just to be sure. Still borked. I googled around but can't find anything, and I just can't figure out what happened here. Anyone? *edit* After restoring the values to their originals, it took several restarts of the game for the changes to "stick". No clue how this works or why this happened.
    • Bump. I tried importing the entire dialog.bag into Audacity and all voices (viewed and played as one long track) have static/noise in the payback. One would think the BAG is corrupted on my end, but in-game there is no static/noise that grinds your ears. Any ideas?
    • Hello, it's been a very, very long way for D2kEditor to reach the final release of version 2.0, but now we're almost there! The first release candidate version is finally out. Download: D2kEditorv2.0rc1.7z What does this mean: All features which I wanted to be included in D2kEditor are now implemented. Now you should take and use this version thoroughly and let me know if you find any big or small bug you find. The goal is to make the final release version as stable and bug-free as possible, so please report me anything that seems not to be right, or give me suggestions how things could be improved to make the program better for you. Here is list of changes done since the last release (pre-release 5): Added: When you attempt to save over original game file (map, *.bin etc.) editor will show a warning and let you choose not to save Added: When you have configured Campaign and Mods folder on your mission and attempt to save changes in structures or tileatr editor, editor will automatically save the files into Mods folder (and automatically create Campaign and Mods folder if it did not exist) Added: Structures editor will save only those files (*.bin, data.r16, sound.rs) where any modifications were made. That does not apply to Templates.bin, Armour.bin, Builexp.bin, those will be always saved regardless if modified or not. Changed: Renamed "firing flash" to "muzzle flash" Added: More "Save and test" options in Structures editor (i.e. launching a game without launching any mission) Added: In Structures editor you can view images in raw mode, as well as in player colors of any of 8 players. You can also view image palette. Added: Export and Import images in structures editor. You can import a 256-color paletted bmp image and you can import your custom palette this way. You can import building/unit icon by clicking on that icon. You can edit image's frame size and offsets. Added: You can edit Samples.uib entries in structures editor and rename sounds in Sound.rs. Added: Export and import unit voice data. It will import samples.uib entries as well as .wav files into sound.rs automatically. Added: Manuals (mapping manual, event and condition manual...) are stored in "doc" folder and are accessible from Help in main menu Fixed: Finite spice blooms now have proper names (number of respawns) in misc. object list Added: Mission launcher feature (replacing game files with files from mods folder). If you set the config "CleanUpExtraModFilesAfterLaunch" in D2kEditor.ini to true, it will automatically clean up all extra files after the game ends, so it will leave your Dune2000 folder clean and in same state as before launch. Changed: Simplified "Launch with settings" dialog Fixed: Worm spawner is now treated as a normal unit and is counted in map statistics, which now give the exact proper number of total structures in a map. Added: Crate counter (to be used when static crates are supported) Added: Automatic "Apply changes" in Events and Conditions window. You no longer need to click Apply changes button or press Enter every time you do a change in a mission or event. Your changes are automatically applied when you switch to a different event/condition, on closing window and on saving a map. Enjoy!
    • @GUNWOUNDS hasn't posted for over 10 years so not sure he'll see this. Did you have another account on the forum? This one looks new.
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