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[Release] Jams map packs (missions and minicampaigns)


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This post has been done for preservation purposes.

A group of maps were release at some point in the Dune 2000 Landsraad discord server, anytime in around year 2020, not exactly sure the exactly date (around mid year). The author seems to be gone as I cannot contact him anymore.

So I want to share these groups of maps. The author is called Domger and the group of maps are called "jams". They are a total of 28 missions splitted in several single missions and minicampaigns. The maps are varied, some are really small and quick, others are bigger, and there is a mix of building low-mid tech and only infantry wars.
This packs contain:
-Atreides: 2 missions.
-Ordos: 3 missions (1 with the Ordos homeworld tileset).
-Harkonnen: 2 missions
-Emperor: 1 mission + 1 minicampaign (4 missions).
-Fremen: 3 missions (1 with a new Rock tileset) + 1 minicampaign (4 missions).
-Smugglers: 2 missions + 1 minicampaign (4 missions).
-Mercenaries: 1 mission + 1 minicampaign (3 missions).


File:Jams maps.rar

How to install.

unzip the whole file, and move all the content into the root. The pathing is prepared to send the missions into the mission folder and so will do the rock tileset and a CustomCampaignData for the Ordos homeworld mission.

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