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  1. Fey

    SPEED.BIN research

    Awesome, Klof. Thanks for looking into this. I take it this has to do with the way terrain interacts with unit speed, not necessarily the units' speed itself, judging from the research done. If that's the case, I guess the behavior that lowers units' speed below half HP, but not in the red, may be elsewhere then...
  2. so y'all remember that Autogun Turret I did a while back? well, I got the original sprites to build it on from somewhere. I dunno if it's even on the web anymore, and the copy I have is 100% broken, won't load any maps, but an apparently ancient mod called "Dune 2000 Hardcore" has some neat assets in it. I dunno who created the artwork for it, or the mod, but like the mod itself (or at least the copy I have), the art assets were kind of broken too. you know, stuff like this: screwed up colors, shadows in the middle of the vehicle, junk like that. not wanting these beautiful assets to go to waste, I touched them up, fit them over the Atreides and Ordos Combat Tank palettes, got some sidebar icons sorted (thank you dato and AZ-Stalker), and now they're 100% prettied up and suitable for use elsewhere. so I slapped them in a standalone mod. uhh... here are some details i guess lol Autogun Tank: Flame Tank: because these new assets replace the Atreides and Ordos Combat Tank bodies, their Combat Tanks are using the reskinned Harkonnen body. you know, the striped, dark-treaded body. this one right here: so the Combat Tank bodies will all be the same, but they weren't that different to begin with. more importantly, the one body they all share is way more colorful than the old body, so it'll certainly pop out more. anyway here's a download link FT&AGTa.zip that's all. have fun playing with these / using them in your own maps with Feda's awesome new launcher. feel free to fuck with the stats however you want. the standalone mod touches nothing else, only adds the necessary stuff for the new vehicles and tries to balance them decently according to the original game's balance. oh, yeah, and if you wanna check 'em both out, just load up any Harkonnen mission with a tech level of 6 or higher (level 7 in their original campaign works). the Harkonnen can build Flame Tanks and any faction can build Autogun Tanks. so yeah
  3. OMG YOU'RE AMAZING!! Klof, do you know the hex codes for that shit? Cm wants to know, and I'd love to try that shit out rn lol. Also do you know if it'd be possible to slap a Gun Turret head on a vehicle's chassis without needing to port the spriteset to some other slot?
  4. Marry me Please Seriously though, this is great stuff. XD Awesome, amazing. What's the plan for the other stuff this new, superior TibEd can do? Weapons, warheads, armor, speed parameters? I notice that vehicles with a fixed barrel always turn super fast when firing no matter how bad you make the turn rate, and I tried adjusting the barrel turn rate too. Any idea if there's a way to fix that? We are all eagerly excited to see what comes next. Edit: Oh, and any idea if the art for turrets can be set to use the Harkonnen or Ordos sets of sprites? Right now, even the freaking walls have different art settings that work, but check turrets and you get this crap: Only two types of 32-framed, animated, turning turrets are permitted, even though there's space allocated for six sets of sprites. I mean, it's possible to use stationary turret designs en masse, like the Storm Lasher megaturret or this piece of crap I slapped together: But, muh animations!
  5. My AIs are mostly campaign The practice AIs are specifically tailored for the maps where they appear. So I'm not sure they'd be much contest against your AI, assuming it's general-purpose, but it could be interesting to run some sims.
  6. 卄乇乚乚 丫乇卂卄 乃尺口丅卄乇尺 Imma try this out as soon as I can.
  7. Ah, I'm sorry, I've been busy lately and forgot to reply to this. 😅 Don't you have the v0.2 resource editor? Here ya go: ResourceEditor.exe You'll need a COLOURS.BIN and PALETTE.BIN in the same folder for it to run. This wonderful tool is how I've been implementing graphics adjustments in-game. Besides the little Shotgunner mod, the new Autogun Turret and touched-up Autogun Tank, have you seen the touched-up Flame Tank sprites? No doubt you've seen the Storm Lasher megaturret sprites. That was the first new spritework I did.
  8. No worries mate, you're doing a lot of important stuff I was just wondering. A tank with yellow HP will move slower than a tank in green or red. It appears the speed reduction from low HP applies only to yellow HP bars, and then the game forgets about it in the red. I mean, the color of the health bar. Below half health is yellow, close to death is red, healthy is green.
  9. Almost certainly not the byte itself. Yo @Klofkac, have you looked into speed.bin at all? I'm wondering why units in the red move faster than units in the yellow, and if that can be changed lol
  10. Considering the benefits, I don't mind this change.
  11. This probably has to do with the unit behavior type. Since the editor is reading directly from game files, perhaps this will be the case from now on. Also I love everything going on right here. This is the good stuff. Hell yeah, brother.
  12. Ayy mate. ResourceEditor.exe Here's my resource editor. Just move the colours.bin / palette.bin from your D2k directory's data > bin folder to the same folder as the resource editor, and it'll load everything properly.
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