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  1. OP updated with new download link. more new stuff. details on more new stuff in edited OP as a side note, I'm almost done with the level 7's in the map expansions project. did I mention I was expanding the vanilla maps in a similar style to the O5V1 expand this test mission is built on? is coming along pretty well anyway yeah
  2. this is a great concept that works with the editor and exe in the latest dunemaster full package install variables are still undergoing testing and aren't part of default install yet, but this concept can be further simplified with them: this mooostly works. sometimes light infantry will be queued when a structure is destroyed or sold, but other than that and Carryalls being weird and needing a specific system to have the behavior work for them, yeah
  3. heya variables here's the test map. player is Harkonnen. MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR EXISTING "dune2000.exe" and enjoy the test map, but read on in this thread if you want details on how everything works n stuff EX SAMPLE.zip as usual, unpack the zip to your d2k directory. the subfolders in the zip should have subfolders there to merge with edit: Kipp kindly tested this mission the prior version of this mission. what's new since then? buncha stuff, but the biggest deal for balance is 'repeat queueing.' anyway, here's his run on hard mode: full map image: if you run into any problems starting up, you're probably missing some other file, i guess. make sure you have either the 1.3 mission launcher or dunemaster full package. related threads: I'm told the test map is kinda difficult, so maybe play on easy mode. there's a high eco w/ early defense build order in the mission """briefing.""" don't forget to build Mining Rigs on spots where they're buildable (you'll see Atreides rigs there) and use MCV repacking to build factories or turrets closer to the enemy, keeping your Harvesters safe in an area in front of your initial base location. good luck anyway, why are variables cool? details on some of the new stuff below: we've been discussing this shit around the Landsraad server on Discord, so drop by if you want more whatever that's all for now, go test the map already xD edit: more advancements in manipulating the game behaviors have been achieved. also, i ported some Dune 2 units over to d2k. new details under the final spoiler there, below the dotted line near the bottom. many thanks to those who have already tested! good luck if you give it another go sometime
  4. Hey dude Need more information about the error. If there are events you suspect are the culprit, could you snap a screenshot of them? Alternatively, send the mission files (and mod files if necessary). Feel free to swing by the Landsraad discord server, which is pinned on this forum along with Cm's index. Can communicate faster there, should help troubleshoot.
  5. Update: The patch to majorly reduce the likelihood of the stealth units crash is now included in the Dunemaster full package installation. I'll edit this post when it's in Feda's Mission Launcher 1.3 package too. It's also in Feda's Mission Launcher 1.3 package now. Details about the crash here: This is not an update to gameplay! I am not touching this campaign anymore willy-nilly, I only did an update to fix a high-likelihood crash that could occur on multiple maps, the cause of which was only recently figured out! If you already played, you didn't miss anything, don't worry about it, it's all well and good Thanks so much for playing, and also for helping to test that stealth units crash fix! I hope you had a blast!
  6. Oh, wow! Well, I'm happy that you're able to enjoy the game And glad to hear you didn't run into any crashes! Thank you very much.
  7. Thank you very much for playing! That means a lot to me Do you mean that the patched maps in my prior post have eliminated the glitch for you? If so, that's excellent news! I apologize that that wasn't fixed prior to release, but we had no idea what exactly was causing it due to the nature of the glitch. I'm glad Awii proposed that it was due to the stealth units. I still have more testing to do to make sure that update to the AI behavior doesn't cause any other problems, and actually prevents the crash. Any additional testing though is of great help! Many thanks.
  8. Testing complete. Looks like the patch works. Original post with details on the 'stealth units crash' below: Thanks again for all the feedback and help testing, guys. Much appreciated!
  9. I'm really glad you enjoyed the story ^^ Thank you very much! That greatly narrows it down. I'll see what I can do to confirm the cause and fix the problem when I get the chance! It COULD be advanced repair behavior related. Oddly, stealth units were the first to be tested with this new behavior because I thought it would be funny, but the behavior has evolved since then so maybe in how it functions now it winds up crashing the game... related clip from early on in development below: https://streamable.com/xzxb8v Hehe, I hope SBON3 went well Tower defense maps are games of optimization, so hard was bound to be fairly tight! That also further reinforces the possibility that it is the stealth units' interactions with the repair behavior after all. Thank you so much for playing! It means a lot to me that you enjoyed this campaign And thanks again for reporting this issue. I hope to make it the best I can!
  10. That's an interesting suggestion. It didn't cross my mind that it might have something to do with the amount of stealth units. It may still be one of the new events causing some problem or another, there are lots of new events and their complexity makes it easy to miss something small, but I'll investigate all angles. If it does have something to do with stealth units, it's possible SBON3 (on hard mode, at least) or, more likely, S17V1 might also give you trouble. If that's the case, it could narrow down the problem even further. I'm relieved to hear it works like a charm otherwise, and only those maps so far have presented a problem! Thanks so much for the update. I'll keep looking into those missions when I get the chance, and hopefully can figure out what it is fairly soon.
  11. I feel that I'm not sure why it wouldn't work with the mission launcher for some custom campaigns. some require the new exe, like Flippy's or mine, and some move the old exe into place in the latest mission launcher update, like feda, but surely the average vanilla custom mission shooould be able to work with the exe that has build queues maybe the build queues patch was created back before the mission launcher, so it doesn't have some vital exe functions that were added in a later update? Cm would know better than I on this, and he says it doesn't work, so I'd take his word for it perhaps someday we'll be able to get the build queues available for more maps, but it's nice to at least see a dunemaster install with the build queues patch made available again it's been totally out of commission for a while. not anymore, it would seem!
  12. Hey there! It sounds like you might be running into that weird random crash some folks are getting on modern machines. Near-release, some testers and I went through the whole campaign without running into any bugs, but some others were getting random crashes on occasion, even on some vanilla maps. Even with random debug messages that didn't actually mean anything, or no error messages at all! We're not sure why; all possible causes were investigated quite thoroughly. Any players who ran into this were still able to get through the campaign by saving often (in multiple slots helps too) and just reloading when they hit a random crash, and I'm happy to report it fortunately didn't happen on every map for them. If it's consistent in an area on a certain map, or if a debug message is consistent, any more information would be majorly helpful! A screenshot of that debug message if there is one, what you or the enemy were doing around the time of the crash, all that. It's highly unlikely to be a 'real' bug considering the extensive testing leading up to release, but it's impossible to rule out that we missed something. So, I'll be sure to investigate any more data! In any case, sorry about that. I hope my answer's able to help in some way Edit: Bah, and now I test again and I hit a crash on S07, myself! Dang 1998 game memes... I'm gonna look into this even more thoroughly. Still, any more info you can provide would be helpful in narrowing it down. And thanks for the report! Edit 2: Hard to make the crash consistent, so it's hard to narrow down the cause. I wasn't one of the folks getting random crashes in d2k in general, so I have to imagine it's a genuine bug causing it... I got a crash once after making some progress, after taking the southwest base and moving over to the east, and then again after taking all my starting units to take the eastern area with the Starport. Then, many repeated tests after that yielded no crashes, including without changing anything about the map at all. It's so strange! Will see if I can recruit more help testing this issue. All I can recommend for now is saving often and in multiple slots just in case you run into something similar elsewhere.
  13. naww, it was decided that build queues are detrimental to the game and stuff so the patch was never re-implemented in the modern exe by Klofkac why? iunno, preference i guess, personally i like build queues but it is what it is anyway, we have a lot of other cool new features!
  14. ayy lmao revamp's done OP updated, details there
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