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  1. They work just fine for me. Didja try to download before making an account, make an account to report the issue, and then not try again? Since the files are linked directly to the forum, an account is required to download them. If you're referring to the second link, you'll find the most up-to-date exe in Klofkac's thread, which Cm linked just after the campaign download link. Klofkac designs the new features and stuff, so his thread is the place to go! Hope that helps.
  2. zalu pointed out to me that this existed on H9V1's map expansion, in the bottom left corner that would have made this map expansion unplayable garbage! thanks for the heads up mate, it's fixed now also apparently H9V2 was a duplicate of O9V2's map file. oops. the reuploaded zip in the OP has the proper map file now: yep alright, that's all that's in the update. feel free to reach out some more or post here if any of y'all find any more nonsense, thanks
  3. np <3 if ya got any more questions, feel free to poke me. I frequent the Landsraad server, pinned on this forum which Feda is also in. he's rather busy these days and unfamiliar with the newer features, but I'm sure he'd love to hear your compliments so I'll be sure to pass 'em along ^^ if ya check out the revamped Summers' Solstice sometime, I'd be curious watcha think of that one too
  4. hey there mate ^^ aye, Feda's WotL campaign is cool the Giedi Prime tileset? recolored Arrakis tileset, IIRC done by dato, though I did some minor work on it as well regarding the Combat Tanks, that just requires adjusting their groups. here's how it works: five things are highlighted here: unit group, unit type, group assignment, owner side and prerequisite owner side basically, the Combat Tanks share a single unit group. only one unit type belonging to a group is available, resulting in what you describe - other factions' Combat Tanks cannot be built. all you really have to do is add two new unit groups under the left column for the other two Combat Tanks, adjust prerequisite owner side to match owner side, and that's that. the new unit groups should be called COMBAT_TANK so the name shows up properly if you want to edit the name, that requires text.uib editing. not difficult, just means you need another mod file is all ...oh yeah, and the Starport may only have a maximum of eight units, so you'd need to remove CTs entirely, use v2.1+ events to adjust Starport units, or settle on one sort of CT at the Starport anyway, as for the difference between owner side and prerequisite owner side, AKA owner side needed, those are this: owner side, the section at the top next to the sidebar icon, controls which faction owns which unit type. it's what determines that Atreides get medium Combat Tanks, Harkonnen get heavy and Ordos get light. prerequisite owner side determines that any Heavy Factory can build any Combat Tank, hence being able to build Atreides Combat Tanks from Harkonnen Heavy Factories as long as you're playing a faction that owns medium CTs. if you were to add new unit groups without changing prerequisite owner side, all factions would be able to build all Combat Tanks. in that scenario, even though Atreides and Fremen are the only owners of medium CTs, there's only one unit type assigned to that unit group, so that's the type built by any factions not ticked in the owner side section regardless. then, the unit type can be built from any factory. that said, the downside of this is that you can't build med CTs out of hark heavies anymore, or some other related combination, but at least you can build different kinds of CTs hope that helps!
  5. here ya go MP_EX_Maps.zip what's this, you ask? umm that's all, i guess. have fun
  6. it's not the same, but the closest we've got is OpenRA. there have also been new sprites made for OpenRA's recreation of d2k, and surely artists have more freedom with that platform. OG d2k is more limited in this regard N.N,> is around the Landsraad server on Discord, pinned on this forum, so feel free to drop by and poke him he'd be able to give you much more info about OpenRA stuff
  7. oh hey! I remember this Outpost it's been ported in-game and used in Thel 'Vadam Flippy's campaign we don't have a way to scale big sprites to smaller forms in d2k. real size is real size, but you could draw something in high quality and then maybe most of the details would be maintained when it's converted to small sprite form 128x128 is the largest possible structure size, at 4x4 tiles hope that helps
  8. hey fam! looking good so far but it doesn't appear you've added a download link! just the screenies above xD didja forget to attach the map files? coincidentally, I've been working on some expanded versions of the vanilla maps - redrawn maps that are bigger than the originals, but mostly similar in structure. I started the project because folks keep coming back to the vanilla campaign to edit it, but the original maps don't necessarily have that much room on 'em. so, these would be blank slates sans terrain, blooms, worm spawns, anything but mission settings and base structures, for folks to do as they please with. including modifying the terrain further, if they're so inclined! I'll make a new thread for that when they're totally done, but missions 1-8 for all three campaigns are finished being expanded. if you imagine that might apply to this project of yours, the work-in-progress assets are on the Landsraad server on Discord. you know, the one Feda posted in the pinned thread if not, don't worry about it but yeah, might wanna attach the map files to the OP here either way lol
  9. oh absolutely like, I tried to balance my mod around, like, unit categories n stuff, but one of the results was that formations became even stronger. I guess that's okay when turrets were kinda sorta nerfed and units have some bulky alternatives that can hold the line nicely as turret substitutes, but still, meme balance and speaking of meme balance no lol yeah, it takes a long time to get the snowball rolling there >.> but one of the most satisfying parts of d2k is the snowball, at least after it gets going xD it should be a hurdle to get rolling, but after it does, is yay ayyy yeah! all the little things, like stationing Troopers near Spice fields to handle worms, the Carryall Harvester dynamic, the Starport for dumping funds and stuff, they all add up nicely. and now we have even more options like Mining Rigs to generate funds passively like tib spikes in C&C3 or oil derricks in RA2, cash crates can be placed on maps, other ways to generate funds via special scripted events are possible... lotsa cool ways to spice things up nowadays, but the vast majority of custom campaigns are oldschool due to, uhh, new features being fairly new and all that hahahahahaahahaha if only I were good XD I just took my d2k macro habits back to SC and, uhh... well, when a game you really like doesn't have unit queues at all, you just kinda get used to clicking stuff all the time, even if you never touch multiplayer >.> so SC was like "you have queues and also multiple factories." okay, everything dies i guess lol anyway, SC2 is alright it's just so damn formulaic. I imagine its custom campaigns are more interesting than the original campaigns, but I haven't really checked any out ah, you would have had to have captured a palace belonging to the Emperor. then it would allow you to train Sardaukar. that's kinda bothersome though there are a few imperial campaigns colored purple in Cm's index: but there are accessible Sardaukar, trainable or otherwise, that appear in other campaigns you might not expect. my Summers' Solstice campaign for instance permits Sardaukar, among other things, be trained later on for reasons. and if it counts, the main player commander uses Ixian-modified Sardaukar Elite power armor to do stuff and like Sardaukar Elites is uncrushable, cannot be suppressed, heals to 100% HP over time, but additionally has a minigun that can swap modes related clip from around the time when 'modular unit implementation' first became possible, or at least the first twenty seconds is the aforementioned unit: https://streamable.com/ji7kfi regarding Sardaukar themselves, there was actually a problem with their behavior, originally: https://streamable.com/mf0hhz this is one of lotsa things Klofkac fixed, a fix that's in the latest exes. kinda funny that their on-death damage was limited to position xD but now they do actually pose a threat to vehicles that try to crush them it feels pretty different to me, personally but it's definitely KKND and has the spirit of the game in it. it also has a neat third faction to murder all the humans and mutants and everything in-between with, so that's cool
  10. hehe I was only being hyperbolic; it's entirely fair to critique d2k on its own merits still, it's good to look at it through the lens of the past era and its own history. it being a dune 2 remake, taking obvious inspiration from C&C, what it did differently, and how exactly it succeeded or failed in that regard I replayed SC recently! BW mission design is great, but the original has so many cheesable maps it's just... kinda nuts xD speedran the hell outta original but BW decided to macro up and kill everything on most of the maps cuz the OG left me wanting af. that was fun! I mean, BW still has a lot of cheesable maps, but the mission design and objectives are better in general. like if you wanna meme on the zerg hives on BW terran 03, sure, the hives can easily be hit from certain angles or spots by bunkers or sieges, but at least you have to take out four of them lol yeah! Carryall drops are a classic, just ask Cm how much he loves them and then suffer when that one tile behind your base is actually dangerous because he put a fucking drop there WHY?! no reason, Cm logic lol anyway yeah, and thankfully there were a lot of macro maps! I can certainly do without the no-buildings nonsense maps with the classic design style xD hell, delete the spice-mining maps while we're at it, and hark 6 because you can just yeet into the ord starport and it's over lol I replayed TD / RA recently too and those no-build maps made me suffer 💀 there have been some more modern no-build or limited-build missions that were okay though, more detailed and stuff. I think every mapper does them. even I do, but I tried to make them short or convey something important, or both, like S02V2 introducing a hero unit in a perilous situation and forcing the player to make sacrifices to defend it, or SBON1 being literally only five minutes long xD aye, I'm familiar! KKND is another classic. a janky classic, but lotsa fun. and it had a lot of macro maps too, to my recollection like, exploding scorpions? giant autocannon tanks? the funny briefing text? other fun, over-the-top stuff like that, count me in xD
  11. I'm sure the devs factored in modern esports metagaming when designing their 1998 RTS campaign missions really though, it was still the 90's when this game came out. Starcraft took seven years or so to perfect. if it were after that became a huge e-sports thing, it would be a different story, but you have to remember the history of games in general, let alone RTS games. campaign maps used to be designed in a much more free-format way! it resulted in weird things happening, like A5V1's Harkonnen defensiveness or H7V1's Atreides defense area, things that hinder the player from doing normal things like scouting, but it's kinda hard to polish things for modern tastes and a modern understanding of game mechanics in a weird era for games like the 90's, yeah? if you're looking for a more modern campaign, it sounds like you'll want to check out some custom campaigns
  12. default AI defense area behavior works like they basically draw a box around their structures and if an enemy unit is in that box, they defend their base. the hark base on A5 is shaped in such a way that there's a bit bigger of a box out in front of their structures than usual, which is the most likely culprit. the size of the box also affects guard group size scaling, which is why they're notoriously defensive on that mission FYI, their protect strength is only 10% on A5, so poking their harvs isn't really the thing that bothers them lol anyway, the terrain is very chokey and can be used to your advantage, especially around the Starport where Harkonnen units have to trickle in. get some Gun Turrets there, put some Siege Tanks and Troopers nearby, and see if you can't poke the enemy on purpose to lure them in that direction with a fast unit like a Trike
  13. rapid, repeated move + guard or move + stop commands can be pretty good with some units, like Combat Tanks if you have an ally on the map, you can capture one of their structures as if it were an enemy structure by selecting an Engineer, holding ctrl and clicking on it, similar to ordering another unit to force-fire they're not weird cyborg people the mentat who advises you in d2k may be illegal technology, something the Ordos make a lot of use of between a thing like that and stuff like Deviators. they could still be a mercantile faction, what with buying pricey weird stuff and hiring mercs here's some info about Edric O: https://dune.fandom.com/wiki/Edric_O Emperor nailed the aesthetics what with all the different factions and their homeworlds and different soundtracks and stuff, but fell short in the gameplay department. at least, that appears to be the general consensus around these parts. maybe the multiplayer boys see more to it, but the campaign being structured the way it was didn't help the single-player experience people still take inspiration from it to this day for stuff elsewhere, like some new tilesets we have in d2k as for d2k, it'll always be the underdog, but its dynamics, atmosphere and macro game remain quite enjoyable and in some ways unique ^^
  14. ah, typical vanilla AI protect behavior my only advice for that is to be wary around freshly discovered Spice fields, try to scout ahead of time, and factor in that you can use their harvs as bait to lure many of their standing forces out oh yeah, the mercs on H8 are good to cap right away. they soak up some nonsense for ya Rocket Turrets AND Siege Tanks are a lovely combo you might need a combination that strong for H9V1 or V2, those are probably the most difficult final maps in any of the original campaigns, especially V1 it's probably a good idea if it's actually destroying your buildings sometimes. it would help to spread 'em out some more though. when I buffed the Death Hand for my campaign, it wound up forcing some long-time players to use, uhh... concrete under buildings when they normally never do, just to reduce the collateral from a DH strike. so I guess if they're doing it, it's gotta be a good idea lol it doesn't take much to get production started, but maxing out is a different story. campaign maps aren't Habbanya Erg, not huge multiplayer maps with tons of Spice everywhere that facilitate ridiculous amounts of Harvesters. with that in mind, building tons of Refineries and Harvesters will exhaust your local Spice fields very quickly, and then you may need to expand or use Carryalls for long distance harvesting. all of this is very expensive too; you can get like 2 and a half new Combat Tanks for every Refinery you build, or almost 2 for every Harvester, which is why it might take so long to reach critical mass on low economy maps, thus on most campaign maps, it's preferable to try for sustained income rather than raw income potential. on H8 for example, there's a very safe Spice field in the back of your base and one Spice field near the mercs. if you're rushing the mercs, that area will be relatively safe too, though you may have to be wary of enemy Carryall drops. putting one Refinery near each Spice field splits your harvesting, so each field will last longer. and maybe you only put one extra Harvester on the field to the right, but two extras on the field to the left. if multiple refs are piled on the right, all the Spice near your Refineries is gone very quickly, and then the harvs have a long way to go to get to more xD just as well, as helpful as it is to max out production speed in a surplus, you can only really go up to what your Harvesters are able to sustain. so maybe sticking to one Heavy Factory for a while, or something, is just for the best. the Starport is nice to get early since the units are always cheaper than they are at the factories, so that can make up for not rushing three of a certain kind of factory ahh, H9V2 xD that one at least starts ya with some buildings compared to H9V1, but it's not exactly the best combination or arrangement of buildings, or at least not quite as good as the atr or ord missions. I mean, ord you start fresh too, but you have mercs there which are huge. for H9V2, there are some very decently sized Spice fields to the right of your base, but the enemy likes to attack them so you kinda have to scout around and be aware of enemy units. pull harvs back, send units out, whatever you have to do to keep them safe 'til you're situated you can try kiting enemy units back to your turrets if they happen to get angry at one of your fast Trikes as opposed to one of your slow harvs. that's a tried and true meme tactic the Heavy Factory is the most important to have ASAP since it produces well-rounded Combat Tanks and, of course, Harvesters. after that is the Barracks because Troopers' rockets absolutely annihilate vehicles - just keep enemy Siege Tanks away from them. Quads are indeed good against Siege Tanks, or any kind of long-range artillery unit for that matter, but they should probably be last to start getting produced. they are not as good against Combat Tanks as Troopers are when it comes to dealing with enemy units, before anything else, scouting is definitely a good idea, even in campaign maps in RA it's a bit hard to know just how far you can go out, but with buildings limited to rock islands in d2k, that Trike you start with can wander right up to rock edges just so you know which sand is in an area you can potentially control. or, just train a bunch of Light Infantry from your Barracks and send them to random ends of the map, maybe they scout out some enemy positions xD the intel they can gather is worth way more than their training cost ctrl + one of the number keys can set control groups as you probably already know, but less players tend to know about alt + number of an assigned group, which snaps camera to one of the units in an assigned group. you can use alt + number of your Trike to go to your scout and issue new orders, and H to go back to your ConYard. this is how some folks play without an Outpost, or power. as for grouping, you can box select some new units you want to add to a group, shift + number of group assigned to different units to select the group as well, and then ctrl + that number to include the new units in that group infantry are definitely a good early-game unit to focus on for defense, esp if your hfact queue is going towards harvs rather than CTs. scattering them around or forming them up around your ConYard on A8 or H8 are anti-sabo, but they make good, cheap support for whatever turrets you put up. they also serve as strong frontliners against enemy turrets later, so having a big pile of Troopers around can help break through enemy base defenses where a mass of Combat Tanks would suffer heavy damage. but yeah, a couple of Combat Tanks are nice to have early to support your early Troopers, but that depends not only on if you're using your structure queue for refs or hfact queue for harvs, but also on where exactly you need your units. Gun Turrets are more efficient than CTs, but if you need to defend your harvs or multiple angles, maybe the CTs are a better investment early while Combat Tanks, Troopers and Quads are very popular mainstays, you might want to throw a couple of Trikes or especially Siege Tanks in there. sure, CTs can crush inf, but sieges are still important. the faction-specific tanks all have some use too, but they affect your composition in different ways. sonics can be massed but have to be used carefully, should be grouped separately from other units except maybe a small amount of CTs or missiles for support. Deviators should be added at about the same frequency you would use some Missile Tanks. as for Devastators, they basically replace Combat Tanks, with the exception that Deviators are shenanigans against pure Devastators lol yee
  15. those are Saboteurs their stealth is temporary but you don't need to wall off your ConYard or anything. infantry can detect them, so if you surround your CY in light inf, they can act as a wall. turrets can detect sabos in adjacent tiles too, but they're quite expensive compared to infantry, better used to ward off vehicles the campaign missions may be a little bit scarce on Spice or mean on early drops, so you kinda have to adapt accordingly. with the name of the game being economy, you ideally want to get as much Spice flowing as possible without dying to whatever enemy attacks. try Wind Trap > Refinery > Wind Trap > Heavy Factory > Refinery and you'll have two refs and harv production right away. only the Wind Traps really need concrete under them! other structures don't suffer production issues at lower power levels if that's too greedy and winds up sacrificing too much defense on a given campaign mission, maybe skip the second ref and go into Barracks instead. not only does that unlock Gun Turrets, and you can place a few of them before building a third Wind Trap in that situation because rax / ref / hfact adds up to 255 power and you have a total of 420 between the two traps and the conyard, assuming full HP on all, but it also allows you to churn out infantry too. as easy as they can be to kill in d2k, never underestimate the power of Troopers they absolutely obliterate Combat Tanks. just keep 'em away from Siege Tanks and you're fine the difficulty balancing in the original game, and thus in many custom campaigns prior to new conditions coming out, was "easy mode stuff builds 25% faster and costs 25% less, and enemy reinforcements are halved." hard is just "stuff for the player costs / builds 25% more." the AI actually doesn't change at all lol hey now, Westwood was good we have enough to hate with EA on our plates. and besides, they weren't totally responsible for how d2k was designed! anyway, besides infantry being a thing with that early rax strategy I mentioned, one of the most powerful walls in the game is the Rocket Turret / Siege Tank combo. after your economy is established, you could try going straight for Rocket Turrets by building an Outpost and upgrading your ConYard, and then Siege Tanks are just the Heavy Factory upgrade, or a Starport, away. the only downside to Rocket Turrets is that they require power, but they more than make up for that in other ways Deviators can't do anything to infantry except crush 'em, so if one shows up early, infantry should be able to handle 'em just fine. otherwise just keep your heavy vehicles away from them and let your Trikes or Quads rush 'em need more inf xD oh, and it looks like you've got the concrete / no concrete thing down. that's a good composition of buildings you've started with, you just need your bases covered from campaign shenanigans. it would probably help to keep at least one ref over on the left though just so the harvs don't have to go quite as far, that should help ah shit xD well, you know where to go for the fix for that that bites tho if you go into sieges / rockets to wall off against enemy units, the Rocket Turrets double as a bit of airstrike defense. they'll definitely still get some damage though, you can only try to account for that either with concrete under buildings that don't need it for functionality, like anything other than turrets or Wind Traps, or with some Rocket Turrets behind your defense line H7 has a notorious design flaw where the enemy's defense area, the area the AI decides is their base, kinda clips over the back of the player's base if the player builds too far to the right or moves units over there, he gets lots of enemy units on him who think they're defending the enemy base when actually they're attacking yours fortunately, the only other meme like that is Saboteurs being Saboteurs, but once you know how to deal with them they're... uhh... well they're not jackal snipers, I'll put it that way lol besides the thing with walling off stuff with inf so sabos can't get in, you can see them coming by scouting in the direction of the enemy base. H8 is pretty cramped, but A8 puts a lot of distance between the player's start location and the Ordos. if you saw one stealth, you can try to run it over with Combat Tanks or force-fire on the terrain, preferably with something like a Sonic Tank or Siege Tank
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