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  1. Alright! I've done some bugfixing and fine-tuning, so the maps done thus far should be in a better state now. The Atreides will attack on H1V1, Fremen on H1V2, Atreides are significantly more aggressive on H2V1... H2V2 had some minor changes, like dialogue adjustment, done... H3V1, the smugglers and whatnot have been fixed, so that map should work properly now. H3V2, I adjusted enemies a tad and added new locations for an MCV to drop down. H4V1, slight adjustments. H5B1 had its structure changed, allowing for a non-linear approach into the enemy base if you want to try and beat them up, but they also have multiple avenues of attack... H5V1: Ace in the Hole, is the new map. Here are the details, with a full map image and spoilers for the secret enemy on this map: Here's a download link: 9 of 15 Hark.zip If you followed the recent changes to the smugglers campaign, the mod included in this zip is no different. It's simply in there so if you don't have it, you can get it without needing to hunt for it elsewhere. To patch it in, simply place the 5 non-mission files into your .bin folder, and all 27 mission files into your missions folder. Then, launch with the Mission Launcher application. I look forward to hearin' back from y'all! Or, at least, Cm...
  2. [Release] Smugglers Campaign

    They're the most recent copy. Should be the same as the copy in the Harkonnen bonus mission DL, buuuut I think I might have tweaked something, not sure. I also tested each level over again on easy, normal, and hard mode to ensure all triggers are working as intended and gameplay is preserved. Hopefully I didn't miss a spot. Now I'm going to go and update the Harkonnen campaign just as soon as I'm done confirming all the bugs are gone and the AI actually does stuff. Edit: Tweaked S9V2 a little... sorry! ^^ The OP has been updated. It's nothing big, just some cosmetic changes that should make the map look better. Here: Now to get around to the Harkonnen maps again, hopefully soon...
  3. [Release] Smugglers Campaign

    Hey guys, new update. I'm going to pass the heck out because I'm really exhausted, but I edited the OP with the new zip file. Here's the changelog: Enjoy! <3
  4. There are cliffs, walls, and other units in the way. That's why the Carryalls are helpful. Reee, the Harkonnen maps were built off the original campaign maps. Sure I put a bridge there, but the old path still existed! Yeah, that's weird. I always run out of cash despite that. lol
  5. The side the Fremen who attack spawn for is berserked. This isn't in the version you have, it's in the version I have been working on, but haven't released yet. Oh, the MCV. Yeah... XD That could be it. Like I said, I'll look it over in the new version and make sure I have it right. They are big fields, but the Atreides were attacking me and I ran into good resistance, so I ran out of funds. Perhaps that's the new version of the map at work, I dunno what the old version is derping up about. The Carryalls? Naww, they do speed things up for sure. The Spice fields aren't right outside the bases, they're a little ways away. I made sure it would have an impact. The last one? With the Stealth Raiders? Usually they send those up to the northwest and go fight your attacking forces, but sometimes they curve around into the Imperial base. The Carryalls helped me a lot on H3V2. I've been testing on normal mode, for the record, but they're even more sorely needed on hard mode. I guess it's just 'cause I build a lot of stuff and also tend to lose a lot of stuff during my aggressive attacks, lol Ah, right. Well, you might like the updates to teh smuggler campaign when I'm done editing the thread! I added some more dialogue in-game for tactics, like on S6V1, Summers now asks Durant what he needs. He suggests either massing light vehicles and flanking enemy attacks when they meet his Medium Gun Turrets, or going straight into the Heavy Factory and getting some armor out front to soak some damage. S3V2, Summers asks him to put some units out front, which he does because defense areas, and then she says she'll focus on attacking the Atreides. It's the little things. Oh, I see. I'll look into that some more. ^^ Aha, so that was on you Scout moar! That's nuts! I wonder why you do so well with the whole economy thing. I mean, I get my Refineries up and stuff right away, but I need to build so many Harvesters and Refineries before I ever stop hearing "Insufficient funds." x_x
  6. Hey CM! Thanks so much for the feedback, and you have funny timing because I have been doing some work on the Harkonnen campaign and I fixed a lot of bugs on these maps... and fine-tuned 'em. H1V1: H1V2: H2V1: H2V2: H3V1: H3V2: I wouldn't recommend going through with any more maps 'til the new versions are up. I did some major tuning for the bonus mission and made adjustments to H4V1, too. I literally just finished revamping the smugglers campaign and I was about to upload the new files when I noticed you posted here! See you on that thread? ^^ I have been ridiculously busy lately so the revamping has taken a while, and I still have a lot of other folks' campaigns to play through, but I got some good changes done.
  7. A new campaign I still have stuff to get through but I'm around and looking at new things, at least. Been CRAZY busy lately. lol
  8. If I remember those levels correctly, that would be quite tough. But hey, a challenge is always welcome! ...Just as soon as I stop being so busy and I can get done with all the other maps I need to play through. x_x
  9. [Suspended indefinitely] Ultimate House Ordos

    Looks interesting! I still need to catch up on a ton of stuff, but I shall add this to my to-play list.
  10. Just thought I'd let you know I came across some bugs while replaying the maps. Atreides attacks on H4V1 are overtuned at the moment and Summers took revenge immediately after her Construction Yard was destroyed on H3V1, among other things. I'll fix it later, but please do let me know if you find anything else!
  11. [Release] Smugglers Campaign

    Right. Well, hopefully it's all good!
  12. [Release] Smugglers Campaign

    Correct. And that's great! Have fun and enjoy So you got your computer fixed up? I adjusted the earlier maps really according to Domaithianus' feedback, unless otherwise specified, and of course the rest of the maps are affected by the new balance changes, albeit to a lesser extent than actually working on the maps themselves.
  13. [Release] Smugglers Campaign

    Ah, hang on... Here: https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27514-wip-harkonnen-campaign-progress-thread/?do=findComment&comment=394699 The H5B1 link has the latest version in it. My apologies for the trouble
  14. [Release] Smugglers Campaign

    Yes It's listed as 05. because it's side 5. However, don't use the mod in the zip! Use the one in my Harkonnen campaign instead :O It's up to date and has balancing fixes and stuff for the Siege Tank and Quad!