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  1. Colours.bin RESEARCH

    Oh yeah, I do remember actually there were some indexes that changed every time I booted up the game. Sumadi was black and red to me, but that one NEVER changed for me across all levels.
  2. Colours.bin RESEARCH

    How about Sumadi in S1V1, S7V1, and H2V2? :O
  3. Colours.bin RESEARCH

    The color's the same every time at a certain allocation index, right? I think there are default indexes that are screwy between 0 and 255. If we can figure out how to set those...
  4. Colours.bin RESEARCH

    Do you suppose we could add more distinct colors to higher allocation indexes?
  5. H2V2... uhh, ah, it's that map. Aye, the AI should move a few units and that's it to the defense area, then send the rest to attack. At least, that's how it worked in testing. I guess I'll take another look at it and make sure it's still working. Thanks.
  6. Heya! I dunno anything about Linux but I hope ya get the problem fixed soon.
  7. Thanks for checking the levels out! Unfortunately, an MCV must be placed from the very start of the game for a practice AI to function properly. I used the Devastators initially to get rid of the MCVs, but perhaps I could instead do a system like H5B1, where a unit spawn acts as a trigger for the possible win condition. In this case, loss. Which defense areas in particular were troublesome? And, do you have any more feedback on why they were bothersome? I'm not sure why the enemy decides to send one or two units in your direction on H4V1. At least, that's what they did for me during testing. There are no defense areas on the map, default or mapped by me, that would tell the AI to defend itself inside your base... after you clear all of side 6 out, that is. Hopefully when Cm gets around to testing he can tell me what that problem's all about The lowest attack building rate for any Atreides AI is 9,000 tics. So, it's not supposed to happen so often. P.S. - I've been intending to check out your maps, myself, but I haven't done work on my own in quite a while, and I wanna finish Domaithianus' Ordos campaign first.
  8. Oh yeah. I dunno what caused that but it didn't happen again. If you see that happen again on the newer version of H2V1, please do let me know
  9. Unlike the berserk event? How do you mean? :O
  10. Yeah, of course. Hopefully in the future it'll be helpful? It's been fun watching the AI go ham on stuff.
  11. Divide the ratio by the number of buildings you want. For example, the seventh Wind Trap if the first has a ratio of 9.999 is (rounded to) 1.42843. So if you give a structure that you only want to build once - like a Starport - a build ratio of 1.428, it will be built after the seventh Wind Trap. Doing multiples of several structures is a little more tricky. If you want two Refineries, you have to know when the AI will build them so you don't put too many buildings between Wind Traps. For three Barracks with a build ratio of 3.334, divide 3.334 by 2 and then divide 3.334 by 3. You'll get 1.667 and 1.11133333333333etc. Assuming the Wind Traps are set to 9.999, the Barracks will be built after Wind Traps 2, 5, and 8. I did the calculations so I could make sure it wouldn't screw up the power, given there were so many buildings the AI was going to place, then placed the buildings in the order I drew up in the editor just to make sure it didn't take the power down.
  12. Bonus level finished. Since it's a bonus level, it's different from the Harkonnen levels thus far. It was designed from scratch, rather than built off the original Harkonnen campaign map, and it's significantly harder than any of the maps in the campaign thus far. Although it's been tested and beaten, it's still a work in progress, so please do give me some feedback on what I should add, remove, or change! Thanks. Either hold the Harkonnen back for an hour, or defeat them. Good luck. H5B1.zip Details below: Have fun.
  13. Ah, great, that confirms it. Thanks, Cm. I've already started working on HBON.
  14. New map complete! H4V1, HBON, and H5V1 will follow the Harkonnen attack on an Atreides armor depot. H4V1, the push into deeper Atreides territory, is the only one of the three done right now. HBON will follow a one-off Atreides field commander who gets tasked with organizing the defense at the sudden new front lines, as Harkonnen forces continue their relentless invasion, and H5V1 will see the destruction of the massed Atreides armor... with a twist! The same version of the mod in the last update is included in this zip. The map's been completed on hard mode and thoroughly tested, but if I missed something, or if you have any recommendations, please do reply to this thread! I still need feedback on H1V1, H1V2, H2V1, H2V2, H3V1, and H3V2 as well. H4V1.zip Details below: Have fun.
  15. Yeah, that's what I mean with the infinite Spice. And I was thinking of playing around more with the tech level thing! I used it once already in S6V1 when the Ordos get their first delivery. It boosts their tech level so they start building Deviators out of their Heavy Factory, and then use those weapons against their normal targets. So far I'm obviously really fond of using alliances and multiple AIs. Gunseng's going to be assisting Krillys personally in H4V1, HBON, and H5V1. I do want to use more reinforcements in my maps, I already started playing around with that in H3V1 and H3V2.