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  1. Try fiddling with your video settings in the Dune 2000 config executable. It should be in the game's folder, next to the game's executable. Also, try launching missions through the mission launcher. For some reason that seems to work better than going through the main exe.
  2. Congratulations!! And thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed it.
  3. Hey there mate, I'm so glad you've been enjoying my campaign! Thank you so much! It sounds like you're up to the toughest missions I've got. Well done! Those megaturrets can't be captured - they're just there to, you know, be there for the intro. Here are some recommendations for S17V2: The most important tips are at the beginning under that little spoiler, but I hope all of that helps. Good luck, Commander!
  4. Hey there, D2k Sardaukar! Nice to see you again. The name is determined by the text.uib. You need to add a key that's identical to the new type name you've added, and then you need to write the name after that. You'll also need to assign the custom text.uib to the mission, if you don't replace the original entirely. Here's an example: The key on the left would be "Heavy_Inf" and the value on the right would be what you want the actual name to be, like "Heavy Infantry" or something. Adding new art and stuff is easier than ever too, so, just hit me up if ya need any help!
  5. That sounds pretty fair. But hey, if it's literally only going so far as to add the ability to place crates on a map, isn't that pretty innocuous already? I'm excited to see where this goes!
  6. Well, Funky said he wanted to look at it tomorrow, but also I'm just excited about this concept. Sorry, take the time you need. Funky is on the multiplayer Discord server. I directed him towards this thread, and he took an interest in it, but I'll add that you'd like to speak with him personally. tomsons also wants to speak with him, so, uhh, yep. Thanks for answering those questions! I was very curious about all that, as were some others. Edit: Here lol in case it helps So I linked him to your reply here in this thread and mentioned that you're busy at the moment, but have been
  7. Ayyo Klof, Funky said he'd integrate an exe patch to C&Cnet for the static crates. We should come up with an exe using those crates ASAP! I see you have an exe in the download there, but it's impractically designed, yeah? Only there for demonstration purposes. Well, I hit up some folks and the consensus is that we utilize the five available spaces (there are only five, right?) for the following specials (all permanent, non-expiring): - Spice bloom - Cash crate - Reveal map - Random unit - Stealth pickup Having asked about colors, it seems we like green crate for cash,
  8. Ah, I see. Thanks for explaining that.
  9. Yes. Thank you! Can't this be configured in the tiledata.bin? There are some special values that are pretty much unused, like the extremely thick Spice. I think that one is on value 3. We could replace that with something, could we not? Maybe we can bug Gruntlord about an exe update in his installer to get more options in.
  10. Klof, you are a miracle worker. This editor continues to get more and more amazing. Thank you!!
  11. Oh okay, I remember we tried to add text at some point and it screwed SOMETHING up. Maybe I'm thinking of something else lol
  12. Not a glitch! There are only so many entries in a uib to use, so it's up to you to assign one to a mission and change it manually. Copy a text.uib, change its name, and assign the mission to use it in settings (hotkey F10). Unit entries start around ~862 IIRC, so use any of those rows as an example. Don't add any rows, don't overwrite anything until you're confident editing the uib, and don't go above row 1360. Good luck!
  13. Uhh... nope. Discord is unrelated to the d2k forums, so there's no one here that would be able to fix it if you're having authentication problems for that program.
  14. ayyo mate, I've been busy and/or asleep since the time you started this thread just because you don't get an answer right away doesn't mean there's no interest d2k loads sprites in their actual size. that is, if a sprite is 96x96 by itself, it'll be drawn in exactly the same size in-game. no one has ever attempted to change that, and I have a hunch it would require an exe mod. and if that's the case, Feda has already said he will never make exe mods compatible with his new editor in order to prevent malicious stuff or something, I dunno, it's programmer stuff. anyway, if you'd like
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