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  1. Sorry about that XD I guess I should do a final release at some point. When the second campaign is done. Then, only then... then it will be perfect. All the fine-tuning, all the testing, will be done. Someday...
  2. My duuude. You're a streamer? It's nice to see more folks active around here. 😮 Please do let me know if you stop by my threads! I've got some fine-tuning to do, I'm still working on the final state of my smugglers campaign at least, but hey, it's all pretty polished. For the most part. Sorry Cm, I'll f*ck off. Excited to see new activity around here lol
  3. Fey

    Dune 2K Map Editor question about AI

    Hmmmm... Did you start a multiplayer game? That can override the starting money you input in the editor. And, does the AI have "Practice Mode" enabled? That is required for it to construct new buildings.
  4. Fey

    [WIP] Smugglers Campaign 2!

    OSO = Ordos Special Operations XD Yeah, since the Palaces have new names I feel better about letting the smugglers or mercs build the ones that give you Saboteurs. They're not necessarily affiliated with one House, but they are iconic of a certain House. Sardaukar Gholas are the actual in-game names for the Sardaukar on SBON2 since you do get to train them if you capture a Tleilaxu Barracks, and Phantom Penance has a ton of custom text due to the nature of that mission. I can't rename each Combat Tank, they only have one name, but the custom texts are also necessary to make the "Faction has turned hostile!" messages work. Otherwise, if you tick off some neutral Imperials, it'll say that the mercs have become hostile. That Combat Tank fix took one hell of a workaround. lol
  5. Fey

    [Release] Smugglers Campaign

    The first campaign has been updated (check the OP) with the changes to the mod implemented in the second campaign so far, as well as some minor bugfixing and fine-tuning. Details below: Despite minor changes overall, gameplay should be fairly different with the new Combat Tanks for certain factions. Have fun, and don't forget to check out the WIP thread for the second campaign! The second drafts for all six maps currently out for the second campaign have been posted there. Link below: https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27783-wip-smugglers-campaign-2/?do=findComment&comment=395812 The new changes to the mod should change only the Combat Tanks of certain factions, and the color of the mercs. If your mercs, Fremen, and Imperials don't look like this: https://prnt.sc/kvkarz https://prnt.sc/kvkb87 https://prnt.sc/kvkbnp Then the mod isn't updated properly.
  6. Fey

    [WIP] Smugglers Campaign 2!

    Mod update! And second drafts for all the maps except the most recent two pretty much since those are very new and I haven't figured out if I should change anything yet. Except a couple of things. Changelog below: The maps in this second campaign so far have been fairly massive compared to the first campaign, but they need to be. Here's a download link: WIP_SC2_6-15.zip If you're not sure how to install the mod and such, or if you want to try out the new version of the mod in the first campaign, I've updated that too. Here you go: https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27508-release-smugglers-campaign/?do=findComment&comment=395813 Enjoy, and let me know if you find anything else I should tweak for the third draft!
  7. Fey

    Aviso de actualización de Dune 2000

    Puedes mantenerte en contacto aquí en los foros, amigo. Si pasas por el tablero D2k, verás que hay bastantes personas que publican nuevos mapas y demás. ¡Como mi campaña de contrabandistas! https://forum.dune2k.com/forum/11-dune-2000/ Perdón por el español malo Estoy usando Google Translate.
  8. Fey

    [WIP] Smugglers Campaign 2!

    New maps! Yay! Some in-game screenshots: And here's a download link: S13 v1 & v2 WIP.zip Y'all know how to install the .uib and mod files, I'm sure. Nothing's changed in the mod, so if you have the one from the OP or the other smugglers campaign thread, you can ignore the files in this DL. Both maps were cleared in around ~30 minutes each at fastest speed on normal difficulty, prior to last-minute nerfs after the previous tests... although I could surely be playing better, too. Don't think these are quick maps just because they're tech 2. They are fairly complex, and lengthy! Certainly longer than S3V1 / S3V2 from the original campaign. Lightning Round summons you to Almiraz Graben, where Commander Durant has engaged Ordos forces. You've brought a little armor and they have light vehicles, so go in there and tear 'em up! There's also a little surprise awaiting you that may help or harm you. Strategy tips (and spoilers) below: Shrouded Skies diverts you to Bidriyah Sink, where you brave the winding canyons and cliffs and take the fight to the Ordos. With three old Atreides air bases in the region and no anti-air on either side, controlling or destroying these air bases becomes your top priority. Strategy tips (and spoilers) below: Have fun, and don't forget to comment here if you have any bugs to report or suggestions for the map!
  9. Aye, it should be possible, just a little more tricky. If you have a desire to learn to edit, these forums are pretty friendly and editing d2k is very easy to learn the basics for. I'm sure if you ask, someone will answer.
  10. I'll be sure to check out this update ASAP. Looking forward to the next new map though!
  11. Fey

    [WIP] Smugglers Campaign 2!

    New map! Yay! Some in-game screenshots: And here's a download link: WIP-FEYS12V1.zip If you need a copy of FeyTextSGen.uib, you can find that in the original smugglers campaign thread. The mod should also be used, of course. False Pretenses takes you to False Wall, where an OSO base has fallen under siege from unknown enemies. You must fight through them, rescue your captured Devastator tanks, and then cleanse the region of all enemy forces while keeping those Devastators alive. Good luck! Strategy tips below: Have fun, and don't forget to comment here if you have any bugs to report or suggestions for the map!
  12. Sorry! I ran out of conditions on many maps lol
  13. Fey

    [Release] Smugglers Campaign

    Oh, yeah. Lol And I mean, like, releasing it in PMs to you or Run, not in its own WIP thread just yet, just for initial opinions. I have to test before tossing in a WIP thread lol Still sounds cool! I've got the terrain drawn up for the new map, all conditions and events in place, "in theory" balancing done (that meaning it should be fairly close to being balanced, though only according to calculations, not testing)... so, hopefully sometime today I can drop it in the WIP Smugglers Campaign 2 thread. Manual.docx