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  1. Holy crap, FedaYkin's alive! lol I haven't heard from you since S7V1 Thanks very much for the review. This means a lot to me. If you do record it, I would LOVE to see the vids! Edit: By the way, I just discovered and fixed a bug on S2V2 where Summers would not be attacked by Imperial forces, despite attacking them herself. Since I had to fix that anyway, I decided to add a few more details to the map, and rebalance its difficulty - it should now be less difficult in the beginning and significantly more difficult nearer the end. I also fixed a bug on S1V1 where, on easy difficulty, a line of dialogue would not occur where it was supposed to, and fixed an error in Imperial strength on S1V1 that was present after later changes to the mod, causing the level to be way harder than it was intended to be. I think that's everything I did... I found a newer version of S5V1 in my Missions folder that was not zipped up with the rest in my Backup folder, so I think S5V1 received an unknown change as well just now. Either way, the campaign's been re-uploaded. The mod remains unchanged, but the maps should be replaced, if you care to bother. Apologies about the constant updating, Ik it has to be redownloaded every time to fix whatever bug I find here or there. Seems despite all the testing, there's always something. lol Edit 2: Actually, for some reason the High Tech Factory can be upgraded at tech level 5. I'm POSITIVE I got rid of that, since it's pointless, but it somehow ended up back in the mod. On either version of level 6, the High Tech Factory should not be upgradable. I fixed the mod and re-uploaded >_> Not that big of a deal, though, it's just one thing that doesn't really affect gameplay. lol
  2. Thanks so much, Cm I appreciate your feedback all throughout the development process! For sure, the twists are way more fun when y'don't know about 'em beforehand. Oh, if you do, I'd love to see what you do! This is my first complete project I feel really good about in a looong time. lol
  3. I already re-uploaded it with the fixes to S9V1, that should work out. S9V2 is the same, except with the Spice Blooms fixed. I like that idea though, so I guess I'll take some in-game screenies and post them to the thread. Thanks Cm!
  4. Oh, yeah. Guess I could add some rocks or something to help with tank pathing in S9V2. The number's 225 now. Should be enough to have it trigger at a better time, if my own testing was any indication.
  5. Damn it, I thought I fixed all those graphical errors. Thanks - it's fixed now. I also gave the mercs another carryall, another harvester, put some reveal map triggers in, and adjusted the Spice so the merc expansion will never send its harvester to the Harkonnen field first. They'll also be a little bit more conscious of their cash. Just a little. Oh, yeah, and I gave them and the Ordos some starting raiders to make them scout your own territory faster, and the mercs have ten more Light Infantry scattered around their area. Oh, yeah, they do overlap. Well, that's okay - I wanted there to be a lot of skirmishing around that general area, so it works okay. The Harkonnen ended up using so many units in small skirmishes, it became easier to puncture their base, and that helped a lot with kick-starting player momentum to the point of victory. It's not so greatly overlapping that there is ALWAYS a fight going on there, at least! Fair enough, right? I think I had a few Harkonnen units end up pretty far south, like around where you marked the Devastator's location, but in general it was just a few units and I was able to defend easily enough. The reason I put infantry-only entrances in areas like that is for the player's infantry to get there faster. While light vehicles and tanks would need to head around to the east, infantry can arrive at a similar time thanks to the cliff wall. This also helps the AI's infantry pathing so they attack with infantry and vehicles, though not in that area. Interesting theory about the Spice blooms. I guess that makes sense, but I'd love to test it. I'll see about reducing the number of blooms to the north. Edit: Fixed. Spice bloom count on S9V1 and S9V2 reduced to 30 each, if I counted correctly, and Giraud's taunt on S9V1 comes after less casualties are suffered.
  6. What? The mercs have a carryall! I just checked the map I uploaded, it does indeed have a carryall. Maybe it was destroyed, or you didn't notice it...? The danger zone should end north of the cliff north of the Mercenary base, and it should be an Imperial location, not Harkonnen. They tend to defend that area and then retreat - as intended. During testing they never pressed into the base with anything but an attacking force, and I was able to defend against that a-okay. I wonder what changed... I should put a reveal-map or something at some important location. I'll take care of that in a few and re-upload the campaign. No blooms either?? Something is really wrong. Even on S9V2, where the blooms supposedly went over the cap, it was fine, stuff spawned! I don't get it. I finished the mission in a shorter time than I did S9V2, with significantly less tries. Less than an hour, even. I tried to attack with my allies, defend the mercs, and spearhead the assault into enemy territory and take out obvious weaknesses - like the Harkonnen Heavy Factory is very close to where you'll initiate your attack, and the Imperial forward base is poorly defended. I'll have another look at the map and see if I can't add some more hints for the first part. Thanks for testing, Cm
  7. It's done. The smugglers campaign is complete at last! Features: - Fourteen missions, drawn up from scratch - Engaging story and character interaction - Multiple versions of some levels - Choice-based difficulty levels - Highly varied missions - Challenging campaign - Re-balanced tech Some images: I originally just started with modding the original campaign, but thanks to help from the community, I learned a lot more about D2k modding and this was made possible. Special thanks to @FedaYkin and @Cm_blast for extensive testing and conversation. Couldn't have done it without you! Here are map details. If you don't want spoilers, all of the below is shown in-game, so don't bother looking! Details: Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/z2x6lnvbch9q2jq/05.+Smugglers.zip Installation Instructions: 1. Extract the zip file. 2. Make backup copies of ARMOUR.BIN, BUILEXP.BIN, SPEED.BIN, Templates.bin, and TILEDATA.BIN, located in "data\bin\" in your Dune 2000 directory. 3. Move ARMOUR.BIN, BUILEXP.BIN, SPEED.BIN, Templates.bin, and TILEDATA.BIN to "data\bin\" in your Dune 2000 directory. 4. Move all other files to "data\missions\" in your Dune 2000 directory. 5. Use the Mission Launcher application to launch the maps! I would appreciate any feedback anyone cares to leave. Thank you very much for trying my campaign. I hope you have fun.
  8. Hehe, the steppe is a wide-open plain, so enemies are forced to use concrete walls to protect their bases There are plenty of cliffs, but they're not near the enemy base. They favor your own territory. Also, Either way it's significantly easier than S9V2, but hopefully is still worthy of being level 9 version 1.
  9. S9V1's done enough to be released for testing. It's significantly easier than S9V2, but it's still level 9. The enemy base has some unique weaknesses, so I hope you have fun destroying ALL the things on this map. The mod's not included, so remember to check earlier posts for links with the mod if you don't have it! I'm gonna make a thread for the entire campaign in a few. Enjoy this final single-map release http://www.mediafire.com/file/ov6ncoys0dzl7sd/S9V1.zip
  10. A dune 2k MAP GENERATOR? That's awesome, man! I'm sure it'll help a lot of folks get a good start on making their own maps!
  11. One of these days. I'm super busy - and working on a Dune 2000 campaign in my spare time. lol
  12. ayy lmao Looks cool, Cm. Never played Dune 2, but was always curious.
  13. Oh, wow. Cool! Okay, so as long as that works then... good to know.
  14. S9V2 has been beaten on hard mode without saves and at maximum speed. I'll get around to S9V1 at some point, but for now S9V2 is being released. It remains difficult, but is now more fair. As before, if anyone cares to leave feedback, I'd REALLY appreciate it! I read all comments and use them to improve my maps. As always, you're gonna need gruntmods for the map, and here are instructions for the sake of keeping folks from needing to look through the rest of the thread: INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Unzip folder. 2. Put all the stuff with "S9V2" in the name in data > missions. 3. Put all the other files in data > bin. Make backup copies of the stuff you replace to return the game to normal after you're done with this map, or any of the others! 4. Open map with mission launcher. It's for the Smugglers, obviously. Here's a download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/72b9r6x3b6ipq5a/S9V2.zip Have fun.
  15. Hey guys! I've been busy, but I managed to construct S9V2. I did the second one first just 'cause. And boy, was this one difficult to build! At the maximum map size of 128x128 units, it was tough to figure out how to build the cliffs, place the spice, and place the enemy structures in such a way that the map didn't have too much empty space, accounted well for unit pathing, and was aesthetically pleasing. The last maps - levels 6, 7, and 8 - were all 110x110, and it's a bigger difference than it sounds. Err, anyway, I've got some details for you: The mission briefing: And the map preview: I'll release this for testing after I do some, myself. Thanks for being patient, y'all! @FedaYkin - On a side note, hey Feda! Didja get around to testing S7 or S8 yet? Edit: Holy cow! Even on normal, this level kicks my ass. I'm gonna do some adjustment and see if I can't get it to a good state for testing. Edit 2: Level has (painstakingly) been beaten on normal difficulty at maximum speed with a few saves, not very many reloads. Also without turrets. Could use more re-balancing and testing, but can release for testing to current testers. It is freakin' hard, though! And I forgot to add an Ix Research Centre for House Atreides, so while they are supposed to use Sonic Tanks, it didn't happen during my own test run. The file I uploaded and shared privately with testers also has this error. I'll fix it later and re-balance accordingly.