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  1. You may need to tell the editor to do it manually for the first time. Click "Tileset" up between Edit and Structures, and select "Load Custom Image" and "Load Custom Attributes." From there, pick the .r16 and the .bin respectively, and that'll get the image and attributes in place. Or, maybe Klofkac knows something I missed. lol
  2. Nah, higher is better. But, the AI might not be rebuilding rocket turrets because their tech level is set too low? Is tech 5 able to build Rocket Turrets? It also might be because the base is too large and the turrets are too far away from the ConYard. The AI doesn't like its bases to be too big for some reason, so yeah. Remember, you can use Allocation Indexes to have multiple AIs look the same! So if you want a separate AI dedicated to only rebuilding turrets, and that's it, maybe that works best. There are actually four separate AIs controlling this single base, for instance: A
  3. Happy to help. Yep, brutal AI be brutal. lol Here ya go: BLOXHILN.R16 BLOXHILN.R8 TILEFEY1.bin The .r16 and .r8 go in data. No subfolders after that, just data. The .bin goes in data > bin. The new editor should be configured to use this already, and you can find the new editor here: And if not, here's a pertinent ini: BLOXHILN.ini This would go under your D2kEditor folder, under "tilesets." Please do let me know if you encounter any difficulties starting a new map with the tileset!
  4. Happy to help out. It's always exciting to see a passionate new mapper around! I cannot wait to see what else you come up with. By the way, did the AI parameters wind up working? Is the AI sending stronger attacks now? The new editor has some great tileset-changing things. I believe the tileset attributes editor's hotkey is ctrl + A. Not to overwhelm you with new features or anything when you're just starting out, but if you're interested in something a little complicated, I'll put some junk below this spoiler:
  5. Missions, not maps. Maps is, uhh... for C&Cnet and stuff, IIRC. Ah, I see you found it. Unit limit? There's a limit in the editor of 1,000 units / structures / certain other objects like sandworm spawners, As for in-game, I dunno. Never hit that limit before. No worries, that works too. Make sure the number of light vehicles in general is greater than the number of heavy vehicles in general, and the AI should keep producing things constantly. Or as close to constantly as possible. Edit: Woah. This style reminds me of some oldschool campaign maps with wide-open spaces and stuff. Ver
  6. Welcome. I hope you don't feel shy to ask anything. There's a lot to learn, and there are no silly questions! For huge attacks, besides the other junk I referenced like the GuardGroupSize, also buff: - Unit Build Rate - their economy - Unit Build Priorities - Time Between Building Attacks With a buildrate of 1, some priorities that keep the AI producing units, and enough time to build up those units, your AI can do some scary attacks. What I mean by "priorities that keep the AI producing units" is, because UnitBuildPriorities are based on ratios, you may actually have the
  7. Good luck. I look forward to hearing the results. It looks like you did some good stuff with the AI so far. But, I didn't get a map file, so I can't really see what edits you made to the map itself. There should be three files: The .map, the .mis, and the .ini. The .ini might not exist, that's fine, but the other two are important. Anyway, are you planning to make your very own campaign? Or, just messing around at the moment?
  8. Actually, it sounds like you're experiencing an issue with morale. We don't use that feature around here, because it does weird stuff like this. Fix it by setting this highlighted thing to 100: https://prnt.sc/zuqxb1 With that sorted, the AI won't look at its ally and go, "oh shit, my ally just sent a bunch of units in an attack and lost them all, I don't have the morale to attack the enemy now." It'll go, "lol my ally suffered some losses but I don't care. now I send 100% of my unassigned units, here we go, yay."
  9. Yeah, the "10%" they send for "defense" is triggered when you attack a base structure. And you can have unbalanced percentages in your "strength" parameters - 100% of currently unassigned units dedicated to attacks, 35% of currently unassigned units dedicated to protect that Harvester if it's under attack, 20% of currently unassigned units to respond to an attack on the base. You see? The units they reserve for defense in general are based on GuardGroupSize, which I explained in the other thread.
  10. Ah yeah, no point to putting it above 100. I should clarify: The AI will send 100% of all UNASSIGNED units every time it wants to attack. Meaning, any units that are already assigned to defend their base will be ineligible to be called by the AI for an attack on your base. You can disable this behavior by setting the GuardGroupSize to zero, or by toggling "unknown byte 29" at the bottom of the AI parameters list off (put a 0 there where there should be a 1). Here are some screenshots: https://prnt.sc/zuocxl https://prnt.sc/zuofxa Note, however, that doing so will make the AI ignore your
  11. 128x128 is still really big. I encourage you to experiment despite this limitation! I'd be interested in seeing what you come up with.
  12. Ayyo, I love GoG fam. Uhh, I dunno anything about OpenRA, but you can find Gruntmods or Dunemaster versions of Dune 2000. They have all the missions and stuff, and you can skip past ones you've already beaten using the mission launcher. They're built to work on modern machines, but make sure you enable GDI mode via the config executable so you can alt-tab out properly and there are no shenanigans. It ain't OpenRA, it'd be the original game, but ya know, if you want to finish the game and don't want to wait or whatever. Hope that helps.
  13. Fey

    Less orange tileset

    Oh, cool! Anywhere works. If you drag and drop the files to a reply here, they can be downloaded by others with an account.
  14. Ayy mate, if you're looking to mod tilesets I'd recommend you swing by the single-player Discord server. We could help ya more directly there. Yeah, entirely new tilesets including craters and stuff are entirely possible. You should find the craters in data.r16. You'd need a resource editor to fix those. Can find those in the tools thread.
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