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  1. that sounds liek a rendering issue. you could try fiddling with the renderer settings in the config exe, or reinstall with either gruntmods or dunemaster
  2. sorry, I don't know what you mean by this
  3. correct keys? uhh... sorry, I don't know what you mean by that
  4. it needs to be in the same folder as colours.bin and palette.bin, so put it under the "bin" folder under "data" in your d2k directory ResourceEditor.exe
  5. new image adder? uhh... well there's the resources editor and Klofkac's editor. the resources editor can still import pngs, which is important and useful on occasion, but Klofkac's editor uses a specific format of bmp so the color palette in-game is maintained flawlessly. that's a bunch of technical garbage though, the point is that there are two means of adding images we use on the regular the resources editor is floating around and if you need a copy I can send you mine. Klofkac's editor has its own thread on this forum with the latest stable version. hope that helps!
  6. The "cash to Spice" feature might be useful for filling Silos at the start of a map with starting cash, especially for a specific faction. I imagine a new rule in [Vars] would set that up for every faction, which might not be totally ideal. So, ya know, if you do wind up looking at that event, that's a possible use for it.
  7. ­čśéThat's pretty wacky. Kinda reminds me of those oldschool 'harder' or 'redone' OG campaign maps. Amusing. I believe you were the one who requested the, uhh... event export / import behavior? Well, Klofkac implemented that in the latest version of the editor. If you plan to keep going with other maps and make them similarly absurd, events can be copied over now. So I hope that helps!
  8. Ah, I see Then it sounds like you're good to go, Gruntmods.
  9. @Klofkac Someone downloaded the editor here and it was apparently missing event_types.ini. Make sure the zip works before Gruntmods takes it over there! Also Gruntmods, there's a new exe that goes along with the new editor. We should update that too. Klofkac could explain more if you're behind on that.
  10. Thank you for playing!! I'm so glad to hear you got it working and enjoyed the first mission. If you need help with future missions, please do feel free to stop back any time!
  11. Fey

    Dune2000 Speedrun

    debug% xD Weird, but kinda fun lol
  12. Ayyo, sure mate. So that looks like the non-MultiLanguagePack Dunemaster install, which is good! No weird shenanigans to deal with. ^^^ This here is what your install folder looks like immediately after installing. Look at the Data folder, that's the most important part. Now, this is what's in the zip: So here's what you do. Put ALL OF THIS in the folder in the first screenshot, also known as your 'root d2k directory.' - The CustomCampaignData folder and its contents are added to the directory. - Merge the data folder in the zip with the one in your d2k directory. - Replace the exe for both the game and the Mission Launcher. To launch the modified campaign, or any custom campaigns for that matter, run the MissionLauncher application and navigate to the House you want to play via All Missions. What do these files and folders do or contain? - The ddraw tools are used for rendering on modern PC and you can launch ddraw.ini to adjust your resolution and fullscreen or windowed settings. - The exe is a community patched version made by our very own Klofkac. If you'd prefer, you can get the one from his thread right here: - The Mission Launcher is the newest version by Feda, which is designed to load mods on a per mission basis. This is used so the mod doesn't overwrite the original game. - The CustomCampaignData folder contains the mod data the Mission Launcher application uses in place of normal game data while on any of these modded maps. - Inside the data folder is some new sounds used in the mod and all of the mission files. Hope that answers all of your questions. If you have more, you're welcome to stop by the single player d2k discord; we help folks here all the time. Thank you! I hope you enjoy this mod.
  13. ayyo mate https://dunemaster.webs.com/files https://gruntmods.com/dune_2000_gruntmods_edition/ pick one, get it, eat it, love it ye
  14. Interesting, Danku! I saw this in action in your Tiberian Warzone episodes, and it looks absolutely gorgeous there, so I imagine there must be some equally gorgeous settings for d2k. Thanks for the tutorial on setting this up!
  15. Danku has been playing through some more and some glaring issues have been brought to light. First of all, I accidentally put a Harkonnen Palace for the Emperor on A9V1, meaning the enemy got two Death Hands. That's unacceptable, so I HAD to update this. Although the special weapons are balanced in a multiplayer sense, or for a custom campaign built with the mod, I went out of my way to leave as many things that were vanilla behaviors alone in the vanilla campaign maps. Even things Westwood left broken, or difficulty spikes, or AI shenanigans, stuff like that. The special weapons are a different story. Due to how they are balanced, and how it takes the player time and resources to tech up as is intended with the mod, the extremely low special weapon delays on final maps were a nightmare difficulty spike that warranted a change. Also, while the original game had technology shown to the player in the form of intel screens in the briefing window, I did not integrate anything from the mod into the Mission Launcher's new intel screen. This led to confusion on how the tech tree develops, and hindered learning about the new stuff. So, here's a summary of what's fixed: - The exe is updated. Restarting missions works fine now. - That dumb issue of two Palaces of Destruction on A9V1 was fixed. Sorry about that lol - Also fixed an issue on A9V2 where the main Harkonnen enemy was actually at low power. - ddraw was replaced with a default one instead, so it doesn't have my settings and all that junk. - Special weapon delays have been increased wherever the enemy uses special weapons. This gives more time to build up, tech up, and upgrade stuff. - A special tip to put concrete under all buildings is at the start of any map where an enemy Palace of Destruction exists. - The player receives an advance warning message before a special weapon activates for the first time. - Enemy special weapons are revealed from mission start. - Whenever new tech becomes available, there is an in-game message pointing the player in its direction on the tech tree. Play from level 1 and on for the full tour! - Any new units or structures built on the first level they're available on will come with a brief message summarizing their role. - Messages for existing units were also added, to give a clearer idea of how they might be changed or used in the mod. - The player gets one additional delivery of reinforcements on any version of level 3 to show off Grenadiers. Mostly, these are just messages helping the player learn the new tech tree and stuff, and fixing the glaring balance issues with special weapons by having them occur after a longer time. You'll still need a solid strategy to beat the final levels, but hopefully you have all the advice you need on the way up to the endgame to put one together! Enjoy. EDIT: Oh yeah, and if you have a multilanguagepack, that issue still exists. I'd refer you to this post here on how to fix that: But if you don't want to bother, then here's a copy of my Dunemaster installer with no multilanguagepack BS. Just do this fresh install and the zip in the OP will work perfectly. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HikTvQBfZyEvoBbMkr5LGcCVma6MH3sJ/view You can also find it via the first link on this page: https://dunemaster.webs.com/files Hope that helps.
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