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  1. Hell yeah brother! Great to see another release from you. You've been talking about this one for a while, testing a lot. And it looks damn nice!
  2. Ah, glad to hear it was fixed. And glad to help! For the record, the statistics still show the total amount of units / structures on the map, so that's perfectly fine for keeping on top of the limit. It's just that we didn't get an alert anymore when trying to save for breaking the limit. Good news though, I haven't noticed anything else being broken. But, I'll keep my eyes out.
  3. Yo, that's some fine work! So you snapped screenshots of the voxel in thirty-two directions, adjusted for transparency and shadows, color-corrected, and aligned them for D2k? I'd say the cannon could be tilted up a bit since that's the thing that fires, and normally it moves around when the vehicle is deployed, but hey, that looks great as is. If you're looking to get back into d2k modding, there's never been a better time. There are new tilesets, some unit spritesets have been touched up, the new editor is a thing of course. Lots of neat stuff. Did you say you also got the Devil's Tong
  4. Yeah, supposedly the new unit will need some frames allocated, say, after the very last set of sprites, that new icon of course... we have no idea which frames it actually needs, but if we can discover that and then implement the automatic addition of the necessary frames any time a new unit is added, that would surely allow for it. Until then, it's kinda beyond those who are not god. Or, you know, Klofkac.
  5. Hey mate, no worries! We've already been through the hex. Have a look at this here thread: You'll find the new structures editor in here. This is the result of TONS of community research on the bytes hidden away in TibEd. Oh, and I guess I should read through the thread before posting, I see Cm already recommended this, but whatever, I'll leave this in for emphasis: The new editor is amazing! I highly recommend giving it a look. Just remember that Dune 2000 is a fairly unstable game and even though the editor is awesome, there are certain changes you might make that the game can't han
  6. For clarity, I tested prior to that post by putting, like, 100-200 extra tanks on a map that was already at the limit. So there's no way I didn't account for the editor potentially not counting certain things! Unless it doesn't count tanks.
  7. I don't really have any other info on that one. I played around with it a little, couldn't figure out why it was happening, found my own workaround, hasn't happened again, wasn't a big deal. There was something else though! I noticed the latest builds of the editor don't give me an alert if I try to save with over 1000 units on the map. I considered that maybe it's the former unknown specials it's reading to generate visually on the map in the editor, and tried placing normal units that already existed on the map, but that didn't give me an alert either. Perhaps that's simpler to figure out an
  8. The prior stable version synced up perfectly with all the changes I've been making. The new build Klof recently linked seems to be exactly the same, but on the first map I edited with it, this weird behavior occurred. I fixed it by dropping the tech level, it didn't need to be so high, so it wasn't a real problem, but still. Maybe it did have something to do with the editor, so I figured I ought to report it.
  9. Nothing so far, except one of my AIs decided to mass Devastators when I specifically instructed it to build Heavy Combat Tanks. I dunno if that has to do with the new version, if maybe it has something to do with the way the editor reads from the game files, none of my other maps have had the AI do weird things like that, but I figure I might as well pass it along.
  10. Not the d2k folder itself, but the d2k EDITOR folder. Where the config, tileset INIs, and other data is?
  11. The editor is by itself in the folder. Did you move it to your D2k editor folder so the other components are read? Add an underscore or something to the name of the old editor executable so you can return it to its proper place later, if you want.
  12. An INI setting that has the filename of the next map? Unless it's the end of the campaign, then... I dunno, the 'epilogue' button appears in its place? And that has its own text entry?
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