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  1. Fey

    D2k Background Music

    Yay, new-old-returning faces. I am an excited.
  2. I believe that's correct. There's a BMP with all the structure images and stuff. There's only so much room to add new structure sprites in-game, so a new Modified Outpost sprite seems like a bad idea, but yeah, a little "M" or something on the in-editor graphic would be fine. The editor graphics and in-game graphics are different, of course. In-game graphics are read from data.r16. Placing a Storm Lasher in the editor looks like an Atreides High Tech Factory. If you want a full-map preview, simply replace the Modified Outpost with a normal Outpost. That's what I do for a lot of my full map previews that hide Harvesters and Spice Blooms and stuff.
  3. Oh, okay. Ah, yeah. It should only require a little screwing with the graphics file, and then you're done. Theoretically.
  4. Didn't you do casualties research in the past? I've been using casualties conditions for a while. The prototype for S18 has like six casualties conditions. Actually, there is a difference already in the editor between Modified Outposts and normal Outposts. The radar dish will be facing in a different direction than the normal Outpost's graphic. Do you want, like, a little star or something put on top of the Modified Outpost graphic? 'Cause that's really easy.
  5. My dude! Great to see you! Hey man, there are some other programs like the v0.2 Resource Editor with their links broken. I have the v0.1 and stuff. You wouldn't happen to have any of that on your machine too, would you? Or how about the Tiledata.bin editor? I'm gonna give this new editor a try right away. Edit: By the way, did you see that new tileset I came out with in my latest WIP thread? It's a working grassy tileset. Here: https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27783-wip-smugglers-campaign-2/?do=findComment&comment=395934 Perhaps it would be a nice addition to the tilesets you get by default when you download the editor. I don't mind its public use and redistribution in the slightest. I might make heighliner / Giedi Prime / Draconis IV tilesets some time down the line, but for now, at least we've got one custom thingy to screw around with.
  6. Fey

    [WIP] Smugglers Campaign 2!

    That's probably the easiest. Giedi Prime has, like, this reddish terrain in addition to the industrial platforming, so... hmm. I guess I could see how that might work... If I do make any progress on one such tileset, I'll be sure to let you know how it's going! The idling is something I wasn't aware of. Well, hopefully the system is functional enough. Yay.
  7. Fey

    [WIP] Smugglers Campaign 2!

    A good idea. Hey, the tileset is available for anyone to use, so I do hope folks enjoy it. Do a Harkonnen campaign and have the final map or two on the Atreides homeworld or something. I still remember the Atreides homeworld map from Emperor, you start on like the bottom corner and then there's a lot of water, and then the Atreides base is on this peninsula or something. Right? Maybe could re-create that now. Just need an icy tileset for Draconis IV and an industrial tileset for Giedi Prime... or, perhaps, for a Heighliner map... I mean, like, I didn't know before I implemented the idea, but I knew before releasing it since I tested it. You're talking about the Gom Jabbar map, right? I remember that! The Mass Deposit idea was just an example. The deposits could also contain stored Spice or something, so it could still give 700 credits per return, but for this map I wanted to give more of an idea of what one could do with the tileset. 350 per is a serious nerf unless the Mass Deposits are placed on Base Platform, meaning you could drop a Refinery literally right next to the Mass Deposit. Which would be nice! Harvester goes on the pad, harvests, and then goes back. Oh, alright. I'm very eager to hear back from you on that, at your earliest convenience! S15 played very well for me on my testing runs, so I'm excited to hear about what other folks get out of the map. S14V1 / V2 went nicely too, but they're very standard maps. As fun as massive tank battles are on S14V1, S15 takes the cake out of this update simply for the new concept and stuff. Since infantry in general have a higher range in the mod now, I'd love to hear how your use of infantry and infantry rock plays out, too. Troopers on infantry rock are nice and effective against any light vehicles now, and Grenadiers will always sit behind Quads. Even Light Infantry are more effective against vehicles and especially structures since all the building armor is normalized now.
  8. Fey

    [WIP] Smugglers Campaign 2!

    Awesome! Glad it looks good, I ain't no artist. lol The slow movement can be removed, or at least reduced. Is it a problem, you think? Since it's not rock, it's a sort of platform, I was thinking units would go slower when moving across the border, but that also makes them move slowly while on the border. Other "dunes" type areas that slow movement are on, like... river-sides, on the areas between the grass and the water in general. The beach. I didn't know the Harvesters would push themselves around, but you could always add multiple Mass Deposit pads around a single building. I just arranged them in 6x4 or vice versa tiles for this demonstration. They could even be placed atop Base Platforms and look good! How do you like the infantry-only tiles built into the Mass Deposits? Oh, I didn't know that! Sure, I'll change the tileatr as soon as I can. You can still use the tileatr to map and stuff in the meantime, all it would take is a change in the tilesets.ini in the editor to include the new tileatr. Hey, didja give S14 through S15 a try? Haven't gotten any feedback on those maps yet, but they're in the post preceding the grassy tileset post. I'm especially interested in feedback for S15 since it uses the new turrets and stuff.
  9. Fey

    Windows 7 or Vista Problems?

    Aye, as Cm said there are a few other terrain data files with similar names, like "BLOXBASE.r16" for example. If you encounter further crashes because the game can't find those files either, just let us know.
  10. Fey

    [WIP] Smugglers Campaign 2!

    No further update to this campaign yet, but I did a little screwing around with tilesets and came up with a working grassy tileset. What do I mean by "working"? 1) The tileset data overwrites nothing. 2) Rock craters appear on orange Base Platform only. 3) Resource harvesting is achieved through nodes. 4) Sand craters don't appear on the grass. This tileset being compatible with normal craters allows for Caladan maps or something to be included among other missions in a campaign without breaking the data.r16 file. Or any file, for that matter! The Base Platform only fits on the grass, but if I were to move the borders up to the edge, it could be placed over water as well and look good. That's just a thought though. I have a Gimp2 file saved with all the layers and stuff. I can upload it if it's requested by someone else who wants to edit the tileset image. Crater data can be edited through one of the .r16 files and structures can be modified to not screw with the tiles underneath them, but that requires tibed, resource editing, spritework, and other stuff that's kind of inconvenient for most modders. This is a simple, practical solution. Here are map details and a download link for a tileset demonstration map: Download link: FEYCALDN.zip The player is Atreides. The zip contains a README that can tell you how to edit with this spriteset in the D2k map / mission editor by Klofkac.
  11. Fey

    Windows 7 or Vista Problems?

    Aye mate, that's a terrain data file. It should be in the default installation and that error should only show up on maps that use the "bloxbgbs" tileset. Try loading up a few different maps and see if the error changes at all. If there are other files missing, perhaps something went wrong during installation. Here's my bloxbgbs.r16 file. It goes in "data" under your main D2k directory. Try loading up any maps that crashed before and see if it works with the file in place. BLOXBGBS.R16 Good luck!
  12. Fey

    [WIP] Smugglers Campaign 2!

    Three new levels are out! Along with some pretty hefty changes to the mod. Here are the details: Levels S10 through S13 are not updated to be compatible with the changes. The new maps were all beaten in under half an hour, real-time, at fastest in-game speed, on normal difficulty. S14V1 was completed the fastest, in just over 20 minutes real-time. Like the other maps in this campaign so far, they're all fairly large maps, though not necessarily dense with bases. Details are below the spoilers. Hey Runtowin, hopefully the Harvester reinforcement is made less annoying with the new implementation of the "defeated" victory condition. When the enemy base is destroyed, the message will say "The enemy has been defeated." rather than 'annihilated.' No need to hunt down all the units anymore! Let me know how that is in comparison to the old system. S14V1: Baklawa Brawl S14V2: Cliffhanger S15V1: Power Play Download link: WIPSC2_14v1-14v2-15.zip Folders are now sorted in the zip along with an included backup. This should simplify the process of installing and uninstalling the mod. Have fun, and don't forget to send feedback in this thread! I will always use feedback to improve the maps before the final release.
  13. Oh snap! Look who's still kicking! Hey mate. Thanks for the update.
  14. XD Yeah, screw the AI limitations lol
  15. Fey

    D2k AI Manual

    Hey dude, do you plan to make a Work-In-Progress thread for your maps? If you have a campaign in development, there are some folks around here who love testing new stuff and helping to make it better. Myself included! I've been working on more advanced AI functions recently, like making them repair units or structures that are only a little bit damaged, or construct their bases in specific orders. If you need to get your AI to do a specific thing on a certain map, let's chat about it.