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  1. Fey

    Dune 2000 Portuguese

    Nice! I don't speak Portuguese but translations are a lot of work so ya done good. 😮
  2. Fey

    [Release] Smugglers Campaign

    Minor update: A critical error was discovered with one of the event reduction methods. It turned out that the player would not receive more Harvesters if they ran out on S3V2 due to how that worked. That's been fixed now. I also made a few more changes since I needed to update that anyway: CHANGELOG: Sorry about that. If anyone finds any more errors, please report them so I can continue to try and improve this campaign. Thankfully, no other maps had that error but I still needed to update to fix it on S3V2 since I consider that a major error. And, that other glitch on S9V2 that just looked silly, I simply had to fix that...
  3. Fey

    [WIP] Mercenary Campaign - Fall of Emperor

    M1: M2: M3: M4: M5: M6: M7: That'll be fun. They are manipulative, deceitful, treacherous... maybe Westwood put it best when they said insidious. The Harkonnen may seem more evil outright, but the Ordos' insidious tactics are probably the most haunting. No problem! Sorry about the really harsh criticism on M7, but I reeeeally didn't like those reinforcements in the rear. XD
  4. Fey

    [WIP] Mercenary Campaign - Fall of Emperor

    Re-played! Let's see how the updates panned out. My comments and criticisms are in a little different format this time but hopefully they get the point across. M1V1: M2V1: M3V1: M4V1: M5V1: M6V1: M7V1: That should be everything. Hope that helps, man! I look forward to new updates and new missions.
  5. Fey

    [Release] Smugglers Campaign

    Sweet! I hope you find it much, much more enjoyable than the previous update. I took yours and Cm's advice to heart! What do you think of the changelog? How about the full map images? 😮 Hey, I managed to do it! Although in case they do fall, Durant now has a good deal more space on his expansion island. Hopefully enough to replace the Wind Traps AND build that fancy new Heavy Factory! No worries if you skip out on or fail one of the above challenges; those are just for testing purposes. "Is this a plausible strategy," what can be done to make it better, you know. Perfection is always a step away, so one must keep developing his craft.
  6. Fey

    [Release] Smugglers Campaign

    Ayy lmao the new update's out. Lots of bug fixing, aesthetic improvements, uhh... stuff. Here's a changelog: CHANGELOG: Huge thanks to @Cm_blast and @Runtowin for playing through and giving me the vital feedback I needed to make this campaign even better. If you play through the campaign again, I hope it's even more fun! As you can see under the spoiler above, there were a lot of changes made. I did quite a lot of testing, so the campaign should be more or less bug-free now assuming something else didn't get screwed up. It's also tuned for a higher difficulty, and I made sure things were still possible on hard mode. S2V1 middle strat, S7V1 in general, S9V2 in general, it's all been cleared. In good times, no less! S9V2 was cleared in like 40 minutes on normal mode, S2V1 on hard was cleared in 15 minutes, so it's about what I'd expect. There's just more action on a lot of maps. If you guys wanna test again, or if anyone else is reading this, here's a list of extra stuff you could attempt on each level aside from anything you guys might come up with to try and break the maps somehow. For levels with multiple categories, you do not need to attempt both challenges on the same run of the map. I will provide context for each challenge. That should be all for now. Can't wait to hear what folks think of this update!
  7. Fey

    [Release] Smugglers Campaign

    Good idea. Thanks!
  8. Fey

    [Release] Smugglers Campaign

    Hey @Runtowin , thanks for the heads-up. Do you suppose I should remove the Medium Gun Turret at the front of the base? I'm already up to S8V1 in the campaign revamp and I think y'all are gonna like the changes! Following your advice and Cm's, I've added new terrain and boosted aesthetics and practicality of various areas on the map, upped the difficulty leading up to S7V1, S3V1 has received a time limit for making friends, and more.
  9. Aww hell yeah. I'm about to update my Smugglers campaign though. reeeeeeee
  10. Fey

    [Release] Smugglers Campaign

    I've got a little while to spare, so I'm working on the smuggler campaign. Putting a small rock island south of the defensible formation makes it OP AF. Those Trooper squads eat every Quad and Combat Tank that comes my way. The above screenshot left out about eight Combat Tanks and three more Missile Tanks, too. Are you guys sure it ain't worth it as is? XD That's a screenshot from a normal mode game, a little over five mins in. I added a couple more rock islands to the northwest and southeast that are large enough to build on, and changed up the terrain at the starting position again. S1V1 and S1V2 have already been adjusted, so, uhh, it's coming along well. If y'all have any more suggestions, now's the time to comment! I'm working on it right now, so. Hard mode's still pretty much the same. Can hardly afford an MCV in the early game. Here's a screenshot of the midground defense strat from a few mins into a hard-mode game: Still extremely efficient. A good 10 tanks or so came down, mostly Combat but there was a Siege and a couple of Missiles, and this is pretty much the amount of stuff I had to fend them off with. Just a couple of Troopers ate a shot from the Siege Tank before my Quads picked it off, and those are easily replaced at 100 Solaris each.
  11. Fey

    GetNExtSquare error

    As Cm is already quite aware, that issue results from AI pathing issues. I suggest opening up the map a little to make the AIs' paths more straight-forward. That should help reduce the frequency of the problem.
  12. Cm, I love every single amazing thing you put out and hope to one day be half as talented at d2k mapping. Imma play this.
  13. Fey

    [Release] Emperor assasination mission

    Yay :O
  14. Fey

    Intro and assistance needed

    WIP campaigns are nice too. You can test maps for folks and help them improve for release! I'm even upgrading my released campaign every now and then, and Runtowin still needs help with his own mercenary campaign. You can get a feel for mapping by playing WIP campaigns and gain experience with what to do and what not to do. Or, rather, what you want to do and what you find isn't such a good idea after all. It's all up to you. Cm is a mapping monster and I highly recommend any of his campaigns. Feda's awesome too and has some campaigns integrated in the Mission Launcher. Of course, I recommend my smugglers campaign! And, you will find that the Harkonnen missions released so far for my WIP Harkonnen campaign are more straightforward and have been recently polished up, minus one game-breaking bug on H3V2 I have yet to fix because busy. Whatever you decide to do, have fun! And if you feel up to it, feedback's always nice to hear. Thanks.
  15. Thanks for the feedback Runtowin! I've been super busy, so sorry about the late reply XD Thanks. I actually built these off the original campaign maps, rather than making them from scratch (like the smugglers campaign), so that has something to do with it for sure.