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  1. Hey mate, once you get in-game just select one of her units and then press A. IIRC, that should set alliance.
  2. But! An AI can be set to not use its GGS, and there are other ways to make it work. Making it a rule that it doesn't sell its captured structures could be useful, so I am for it. Although I would also add that if an AI captures a structure and doesn't sell it, it'll try to make it its primary building. That way if it IS going to produce units, they'll emerge where they're needed.
  3. If that AI could also set the building to primary, then if it ninja caps a factory it could start producing some units out of it. That would be really cool...
  4. Feda's new mission launcher is extremely powerful for modding. It allows you to load mods on a per-mission basis, and colors separately from that! So you can customize a colours.bin and select it for use with a CustomCampaignData folder and the new Mission Launcher. Here's a thread about the new Mission Launcher: I recommend using the latest version of the d2k editor too, which automatically saves submods to specific folders, among a lot of other things. But for editing the colours.bin in particular, you'll need this tool: It can only read a file with that exact filename, so after saving a new colours.bin, you have to rename it manually to whatever the map itself will read. Like COLOURS_18V1.bin. Anyway, for more info about loading submods, I'd give Feda's tutorial in the Mission Launcher thread a watch. He designed the Mission Launcher after all. It's always a bit of a hassle on the modder's end of things to get everything organized so thoroughly, but making it easy for the player to enjoy any map is the goal. Hope that helps.
  5. Sounds like an issue with UnitBuildPriorities. Campaign mode AIs can be rather scary, but they need some configuration to do their best. Basically, unit build priorities are ratios that tell the AI how much of a certain unit to build compared to other sorts of units. Like three Light Infantry for every Combat Tank, for instance. Obviously, Light Infantry are trained very fast compared to Combat Tanks, so the AI will actually stop training Light Infantry to reach its quota of Combat Tanks before continuing. The answer is to calculate a good balance of units to be built from each sort of factory available to an AI. I like to use a total value of 18-20 for all infantry, 8-10 for all light vehicles, and 6-7 for all heavy vehicles. This seems to keep an AI producing units regularly. When a campaign AI is configured properly, it can be a serious threat. You may also need to change some other things if you want it to be aggressive. AttackBuildingStrength, for instance. These two AIs have an ABS of 100, meaning they send all available units on each attack. They also have GGS (GuardGroupSize) disabled, meaning zero units are assigned to defense, but the AttackBuildingPriorities also all being set to 0.000 mean they'll send attackers towards the nearest unit or structure. Which is how they achieve any form of defense - if the player has moved out of his base with a bunch of units, those units will be the next target. There are also units other than Harvesters scattered around that the AI is set to protect, another way in which it defends itself. Another neat trick is placing units on the map that are in the UnitBuildPriorities. Sonic Tanks in the screenshot list up there have a priority of 0.750, so the AI never builds them until the player makes some progress. After damaging some Sonic Tanks that are carefully placed directly in the way of where the player is inclined to go, the AI will send those pre-placed Sonic Tanks back to a Repair Pad for repairs, and then assign them to attack the next time it's ready to attack. Then, because the AI sees it's lacking in Sonic Tanks, it'll build another at the factory to reach its ratio. Hope that helps.
  6. Hey. As we spoke about on Discord, but putting here for posterity, what you're looking for after the Harkonnen campaign is something similar to vanilla maps, but, custom campaigns. Here are links to the two recommendations that seemed most appropriate: The new house is probably most interesting after going through the Harkonnen campaign since, you know, Harkonnen into Harkonnen seems a bit much. Then again, Devastator spam. Looking forward to what you wind up doin'.
  7. I'm glad you're back! I can't wait to see what ya come up with next. If ya need any pointers with the new features of the editor, I'd be happy to help.
  8. Combine Honnete Ober Advancer Mercantiles According to the Dune wiki.
  9. Glad to hear. If you run into any other issues, refer to Cm_blast's instructions in the other thread. Enjoy!
  10. Put .mis, .map, and .ini files in this folder:
  11. Hallo. Hey guys. Some of us have been chatting about what this might be in other channels, but none of us know precisely, so apologies for the late reply. I have personal experience with some folks who have had trouble launching through the normal exe, so here are some recommendations. First, pick up the new Mission Launcher from this thread: Also pick up the latest version of the exe, community patched by our very own Klofkac: I'm using both of these on Windows 10. Working a-okay. After you have both of those, fiddle with the video settings in the dune 2000 config exe in your main d2k directory. The same directory where you put all that other stuff. If yours doesn't work, I have a different version with more options, so you may want to try this instead: Dune2000Config.exe Even if you don't use windowed mode, you may still want to enable DxWnd and GDI Mode. That seems to facilitate alt-tabbing and some other modern features. The video settings seem to most often be the culprit of things not working properly, and also trying to run through the normal exe. Try launching missions through that Mission Launcher instead, especially after fiddling with the settings. And hopefully that sorts everything. Good luck.
  12. Hey there!! I'm SO thrilled to hear such a compliment! Thank you so much! I really can't express how much that means to me! Thank you!! 😅I did have a revamp in mind for this campaign using some of the new features Klofkac's been working on, but that's a little ways away still. I hope you like what I come up with for that even better! When the revamp is finished, that is. And if you're curious... here's just a little list of some of the stuff: It's mostly done; I'm just waiting for some more Mission Launcher integration and for the rest of the splash art to be finished. Klofkac is also doing some AMAZING bugfixing with his patching efforts, which is no doubt gonna enhance everything. Feda's brilliant Mission Launcher advancements enable a whole bunch of incredible innovations, some of which have already been taken advantage of in new campaigns. Cm and Feda are both legendary mappers, but with very different styles. Regarding campaigns of theirs that are explicitly designed to take advantage of the new Mission Launcher, and therefore may present you with some new and interesting things to check out, here are a couple of recommendations: Hope that helps. I'm certain Cm or Feda would love to hear from you if you give either of those a try. Plans for sequels are already in the works, so any feedback provided could help them iron out good changes for the sequels that improve the gameplay and mapping overall!
  13. What Cm said. My advice: Exploit the terrain. Use the Starport to order Missile Tanks and other long range units, and set them up on the cliffs. Mass turrets too. Attack Harkonnen Harvesters, retreat to your defenses, and hold the line. They'll run out of cash eventually. Just don't forget to CAPTURE the Barracks at the end - if you destroy it, it will result in mission failure. 😛
  14. Hey mate. This is an easy fix, thankfully - the AI as a practice mode AI will keep fighting until it thinks it cannot, Because it flies in with an MCV later, it doesn't have an MCV from the start of the map and on, I presume, so because it doesn't have any means to fight, it goes into berserk mode right away. The solution is to place an MCV in some unreachable corner of the map, maybe get rid of it with some neighboring units that turn hostile after that faction deploys a ConYard or otherwise suffers one casualty (above threshold zero), and that'll work. In this example, a sandworm Deviator spawns in right next to the dummy MCV when another unit that appears alongside the real MCV exists, and as long as a sandworm Deviator doesn't exist. The sandworm side then leaves as long as it owns an MCV, effectively destroying the MCV (and any sandworms that happen to be on the map, temporarily, which is useful for lowering the amount of chaos going on on the map at the time the MCV shows up). Very common problem with an easy solution. Hope that helps! Edit: Wait a minute, didn't you pop by the single player Discord server recently? Sorry, I think you asked this there already. Anyway, I'll leave this answer up in case anyone else is wondering about it. Weird, although this question was asked a few days ago, only now did the thread appear at the top of the forum for me.
  15. Klof added some other stuff in this other thread: But there's some more new stuff than just the examples he listed there. Since I got this packed up, I'll drop it here for posterity: Munitions.zip Some info about these, and how to import them: Hope that helps.
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