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  1. Awesome!! I'm so glad to know this is possible. I'm gonna have to contact my VAs and ask for more lines. Man, they're gonna hate me. 😅 But this is gonna be so worth it!!
  2. I'm super curious about this upcoming update. 😮 This looks really cool, Klof. I'm so excited!
  3. Looking great so far, loval. I look forward to when you check out unit sounds, because I need to be able to mod those unit reporting sounds!
  4. Thanks so much, AZ. I hope you enjoy using or playing with it on whichever maps you do!
  5. Having someone around who's able to look through all these files like the modders of olde, like MVI, is fantastic. This is some fascinating stuff, man! I'm tremendously excited to see what else you uncover.
  6. Tileset work is considered the deep end of D2k modding. It requires a good understanding of art and D2k's gameplay mechanics, and lot of extremely tedious work, but you went ahead and did a whole tileset up anyway. Great job. I'm eager to see what you come up with next.
  7. Terribly sorry loval, but I've only worked with TibEd to make the game do what I need it to do. To a great extent, but still, I am totally unaware of how the .bin files are digested by TibEd.
  8. For anyone who may be interested... AGT&SG.zip A little while ago I came out with a standalone mod for Light Infantry. Related thread here: https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/28716-shotgunners-light-infantry-graphicssoundweapon-mod/ Now that the Autogun Turret is complete, and with Feda's new launcher coming out soon (the one that will allow us to load mods on a per-mission basis), the Autogun Turret and standard Light Infantry together might be a little too much pew pew and not enough kaboom. So, that download link up there contains both the Autogun Turret and Shotgunner. Someone else looking to add one or the other to the standalone mods would have had to go rifling through TibEd, importing and adjusting all the sprites, and sorting the sound effects. Figured I'd take care of it myself for those looking to make new maps with both and for those who just want to play with both. Enjoy.
  9. Thanks for getting back to us, Klof! I was playing as side 5. The index was 4, not that that matters. I'll have to test if that will work when I get the chance, but it is not necessarily relevant because the Giedi Prime tileset's repulsion field bytes are as shown under the spoiler, and you can see they do not make use of those unknown bytes. If it does work, that's great, the problem is fixed, but it doesn't explain why it works perfectly on the Giedi Prime map (playing side 1, index 1) and not on the Heighliner map (also not playing as side 0). I can try playing as side 1, index 1 on the Heighliner test map to see if it has something to do with the side, again when I get the chance. Yes, I am aware of that limitation. A small price to pay for getting this new game mechanic to work! If you have any more elaboration to provide in the meantime, I am all ears! Thanks again.
  10. @Klofkac We have a problem. The RFG tiles are only working once. After a vehicle moves through the tile just once, and then leaves that tile, it cannot return to that tile. I'm positive I've tested them before and they worked multiple times, I'm sure you would have said something too. Did we break something? Could you investigate this? Edit: Confirmed RFG tiles work on the Giedi Prime tileset, but not the Heighliner tileset. I'll report the bytes used... These are exactly the same bytes used in the Heighliner tileset RFG. There must be some other byte at play here. Perhaps an editor byte is interfering with the behavior. If Cm and I discover anything more, I'll edit again to report this to you. In the meantime though, here's a demonstration of the problem. This is what is supposed to happen: https://i.imgur.com/0PFcVbF.mp4 And this is what is happening: https://i.imgur.com/BscCW9K.mp4 I look forward to hearing back from you if you discover what the problem is! I am quite curious.
  11. Thanks! I did my best. I'm SUPER excited for the next installment of your legendary campaign, Feda! So glad these beauties are making their debut there, of all places.
  12. Sweet. FYI, I just updated the Shotgunner standalone with the new sidebar icon, so that's 100% done too.
  13. Many thanks and much appreciated, Cm. Enjoy. Hope this goes to some good use in upcoming campaigns!
  14. Hey guys. Just coming back to this for a sec' to give these guys a proper sidebar icon. Our badass new basic infantry deserve a badass new icon. Comparison below: What are the differences? Here's a much larger render of the original Light Infantry icon: The new Shotgunner icon: - Removed the mag sticking out from under the gun. - Adjusted the shadow accordingly. We can see more of his leggings. - Darkened and lowered the barrel, making it appear to have a pump. - Boosted the size of the flash slightly for that extra umph to the icon. That's all. DL in OP has been replaced. Enjoy.
  15. Ever feel like Gun Turrets kind of suck? Well, they don't, but I've got another new thing for y'all anyway. This is a standalone mod that turns your traditional long-barreled cannon turret into highly responsive dual guns that mow down infantry and can be generally oppressive against vehicles. That's all this mod does. Here are some screenshots of all 32 frames in the three main colors, and their sidebar icon: Here are some gameplay tips: Design theory rant below spoiler: Regarding their animation / sound design: Here's a download link: AGTs.zip If you wanna install the mod, merge the data folder in the zip with the one in your D2k directory. The data folder under the backup folder in the zip can be merged with the data folder in your D2k directory to restore the changes this mod makes to the default state of the game. Have fun.
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