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  1. Ayy lmao, I did some moaR. Like before, I'll throw in my advice that will hopefully help you to improve future maps! Along with whatever compliments I have. Since you remarked in the other thread that context should be disregarded as the focus is purely on gameplay, I won't ask why weird units are on a particular map anymore. I do have much to say about gameplay anyway, so you're bound to get some good feedback. Still playing on normal, by the way. And, uhh, please don't take it personally if I have much to say that happens to be negative about a map here or there. I critique my own levels in exactly the same way. Besides, as a veteran modder and mapper, what I have to say about the gameplay / aesthetics / whatevz comes from years of testing-tempered experience! So I'll try and say what I thought worked well, or at all, and I'll also say what I found didn't work and why. Anyway, here we go. 3V1: 3V2: 4V1: 4V2: 5V1: That'll be all for now. I'll make some more progress later. Hope that helps.
  2. henlo I know everyone hates it that I keep updating this thing, but ya know what? I've been developing that mod throughout making this campaign and its second part! Little fine-tuning over and over until I get it to that point where I'm totally happy with it. Now, I didn't intend to do any major work on this campaign, but having honed my mapping and done up a bunch of maps for the second campaign, I wanted to take the opportunity to shape up these maps. After all, this campaign and the second will be part of the same 30-map campaign when I'm done. I feel the second campaign (or what's done in it so far) consistently has much higher map quality than this campaign. Not anymore! Where the previous update was little more than a patch to get the new Combat Tanks in, that was far from enough. I've since gone through each and every map and brought them up in quality while trying to stay as faithful to the original premises as possible. The mod is better, the maps are better, and now it feels like the final draft I want for when the second campaign is done. That said, unless a game-breaking bug is discovered, I refuse to touch these maps again. Y'all've got my word. I'm excited to say that the changes to the mod are more fun than ever! The Ordos and smugglers have some armor in the form of the Duelist Tank so they can better push on fortified positions. The play between units' ranges and Concrete Walls is much more balanced and rewards better micro. Shock Raiders make a minor appearance in the campaign, a Storm Lasher can be seen on the new Heighliner-based S06V2, and RPG Quads will appear as incidental units in the earlier maps. As for the maps themselves, I'll post the changelog, old / new full map comparisons, par time, and extra comments below. No strategy guides yet, but I've measured my time on hard(+) on every map in tics and real time. Fastest speed, default resolution. The maps are harder in general, but the difficulty curve is better and the changes to the mod, like I said, reward better micro. For instance, my previous par time on S03V2 hard+ was around 24 minutes real-time. Although S03V2 is harder now, I manage it reliably in 20 minutes. If you do happen to be in need of some strategic advice, here are some general tips: If you don't care to look at any of that and instead want to actually jump into the game, here's a download link: S01-09.zip Oh, and one more thing: The new Imperial Barracks doesn't have a damaged sprite yet, so it will appear to be intact even when its health is in the red. I'm going to need to draw that up sometime before I can put the second campaign out. Uhh... if you happen to be skilled with spritework, or just want to try your hand at editing the sprite yourself, be my guest. I'd appreciate it! Just saying.
  3. Hey mate! Nah, it's freeware these days. You're good. Don't forget to pick up custom campaigns! Check out this index for a list of many campaigns: https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27756-all-completed-mods-and-tools-index-dune-2000/ Enjoy.
  4. Strange, Gruntmods should have an option to install the campaign with movie files. That not working for you? As immersion-breaking as it is, I suppose it's always possible to check out the before-mission cutscenes on YouTube or something. ๐Ÿ˜…
  5. hUzZaH!!1! I'm gonna check out the updated maps first, then hop into this one. Soon as I can.
  6. Sure thing. If you get it fixed, do let us know!
  7. Aaagh. I'm terribly sorry about those computer crashes, mate. ๐Ÿ˜… I swear those are straight from my folder, I didn't do anything funny to 'em. My old man was getting crashes too while he was trying to get gruntmods working how he wanted, but it turned out to be, uh... the .r8 graphics. Setting it to .r16 worked. Although, I guess it could be the application too... Hang on, are you trying to launch the game the normal way or are you going through the mission launcher at all? 'Cause when he started using the mission launcher, everything worked perfectly. This thing: https://prnt.sc/n1f74q If you open that, you'll see some options. Select All Missions and you'll be taken here: https://prnt.sc/n1f7fo And then you can find the original campaign files. And whatever other custom campaigns you've got. Some of the OG maps have been modified slightly, but not really in terms of gameplay. Rather, the black tiles surrounding the really small maps, like level 1 and stuff, are there specifically to fix higher resolutions. That fix is no longer needed, I believe, but those missions still have the black tiles on the edges. They can be safely ignored anyway, they don't really change anything significant. I mean, they cause some minor gameplay issues, but it's only on level 1 and after that it's fine. Anyway! If you click on "TOP SECRET" on the right side, it'll show a map preview, and you can see the black tiles in that preview on the OG level 1: https://prnt.sc/n1f7nw Hopefully that'll help. Sorry, I don't think the in-game movies will work through the mission launcher, nor will the new unit descriptions, but the maps should launch a-okay.
  8. Hmm. Damn. Ya know, we keep seeing folks with this problem that the FPS bar is there, I dunno why. Maybe gruntlord would know something more. Anyway, I'm gonna send you my config file. Try, uhh... try a fresh install of gruntmods, maybe in a new directory, and I'll send you my config file. If something's wrong with yours, this'll fix that problem. Just drop it in your main gruntlords directory and execute, and it should do its thing. I'll send my d2k .ini too, just in case. Dune2000Config.exe dune2000.ini Here ya go. Hope that helps. Uhh, yeah, it should be set to windowed mode the way it is, but you can adjust that. Hopefully it'll work first, that's the important part. GDI mode should be enabled if you're running in window or want to alt-tab, but otherwise you don't really need it. About the resolution, it affects how many options the sidebar has and how much is on-screen. 640x400 is the default, so anything new is recommended to be play-tested in that resolution, but 800x600 doesn't look too bad either. It's not too big, but you can see a lot, both on the field and the sidebar. And, the sidebar options aren't clipped majorly in that resolution like they are in some others.
  9. There should be an entry under video options. Here: https://prnt.sc/n16ecc See that? If you don't, you may need a different version of the config application, which we could provide.
  10. Oh damn, man! I like that idea, integrating the random map generator. Designing very large maps from scratch can be pretty difficult for newcomers and veterans alike. It's easy to leave a lot of empty space in a map, but ya know we gotta put a base here, a base there, and then what's in the middle? Although it would be awfully lax to use the RMG exclusively to create a new campaign, it would be incredibly useful as a base to work off of. Please do continue work on this! As for the existing templates, things look rather square. Not uncool, I mean literally square-shaped. If the edges could be made less harsh, that alone could improve the visual quality. Like so: https://prnt.sc/mywv9i Otherwise... hmm, how about a "minimum rock tiles" parameter? Either a number of tiles for the average auto-generated rock island to have, or... the number of rock tiles arranged in formation if you want it to be really wide? For instance, if you set it to 4x4, the auto-generated rock island will look really square but there will ALWAYS be enough room for a 4x4 object. It would prevent stuff like this: https://prnt.sc/myww4r And ensure that the rock island could always be built upon. What do you think, is that possible or feasible?
  11. Ayy lmao, webaa mate! Been a while. I'm also finishing something, but I plan to take a break from the modding and finish stuff on the queue. Is Warcraft III Reforged out? How is it? Oh, alright. So, pure gameplay, no context. Got it.
  12. Fey

    Entity drums

    Missile Tanks are awesome too. Hmm, I wonder why it said so many units were lost then. The Mission Launcher hasn't glitched up like that for me. I agree! Shaokhan is a great player and his experience in multiplayer is awesome to see against AIs. I'd totally be up for speedrunning measurements. We'd have to do it in tics though since that's what's measured; the real time would be skewed if people save / load, quit and load game, you know. Granted, people could get really low times by using saves / loads to play maps perfectly through each part too, but /shrugs. Playing for a good real-time speed and good tics count might be a happy medium, provided the player doesn't take a break in the middle and is comfortable with max speed. On a related note, I'm taking par time measurements on the campaign I'm working on. On hard or hard+ (hard mode + the map's optional in-game difficulty boost, enabled through choices the player makes), in an effort to encourage speedrunning. My measurements are in tics and approximate real time, fastest game speed, no saving or anything.
  13. Also, just for the record: If you're doing precision casualties triggers (always trigger past a certain threshold), it's a greater than value, not greater than or equal to. In other words, if you have 10 enemies on a map and the threshold is set to 10 and proportion to 0.001, you'd need to actually kill 11 enemies to make the event go. Whether the sandworm works or not could be interesting. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ It probably does count for side 7. It dies and respawns on a timer; I think that's how its "sleep" works.
  14. You have impeccably good timing, my friend. XD I get on after like twenty hours and see you posted twenty minutes ago. lol I dunno how that keeps happening, it's just funny. Uhh... anyway, pardon me! The "Flags?" was changed to a proportion in a later update. The flags are actually... well, here: https://www.h-schmidt.net/FloatConverter/IEEE754.html Put 1.1, 1.25, etc in the "You entered" spot and then copy part of the hex representation into the editor. 0.9 means the player needs to lose 9 units for every 10 killed. 1.5 means the player needs to kill 15 units for every 10 lost. Or... not necessarily the player, but any opposing faction present on the map, really. Apparently, it all counts. If you want more info on casualties research, here ya go: https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27397-condition-type-casualties-research/ And if you want to deal with casualties as a proportion, the latest version of the editor can be found here: https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27824-map-and-mission-editor-finally-a-small-update-after-all/?do=findComment&comment=396362 (some minor additional setup might be needed with the new tool, but it has a ton of useful new features). Hope that helps!
  15. Fey

    Entity drums

    Nicely done! Uhh... did you use only Sonic Tanks for the whole mission? O.o Units lost could be infantry, vehicles, anything. While the KDR is fun to look at, I think speed is the most fun to work towards. Regardless of what speed you play on, the tics are displayed here in the Mission Launcher after a map is finished: https://prnt.sc/mtchqz Time spent paused / AFK, and exiting the game and loading a save will affect the "game duration," which is real time spent, but tics will always be measured accurately. 25 tics = 1 second, 1500 tics = 1 minute. That's in in-game time. If you're playing on the fastest speed, real time to game time is somewhere around 1:2. About points, 1305 is still pretty good. I don't think it counts as losing a building if you sell them, that would be pretty silly.
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