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  1. Interesting. Thanks for finding this, Cm
  2. That's a huge help! So if the Harvester is returning Spice, AND you're building something, and you add cash, that's RIP for the game?
  3. Right, right. No rush, fam, I'm just curious if you had any already done that you're willing to share - you mentioned in the OP that a few are done. Right?
  4. Oh yeah, I think I remember you talking about that problem. I'll do some more testing and make sure that's fixed. Haha, yeah! I like to keep ya on your toes I just thought it'd be cool to have different sorts of endings for my maps, twists and plot changes and stuff. You know! This is a little different, though, you will definitely be warned during the actual briefing that will be released about Fedaykin retaliation following the destruction of Sietches. Gunseng also mentions to "defend [his] base until a Refinery is established" after the first MCV is deployed, so I thought that would help too. In addition, the briefing will also mention that the Fremen will only defend their territory and that you should attack aggressively and without mercy. Think of it like S1V1 - the Imperials don't attack Sumadi, but you must take the fight to them. That's the idea! H1V1 is the duelist map like S1V2, with an opponent that will actually try to attack you without provocation. So... fix time to win condition on version 1, adjust sight issues on version 2, get the briefings done, and fix AI derp on level 2. Thanks again, Cm! Hey, you know where Feda went? He tested the smuggler campaign maps very well and I'd love his feedback again during the testing process for this campaign
  5. I think I ran out of events on H1V2. Will have to see if there's room for an interval attack somewhere. The level's very short, I kept attacking at a nice pace, so it wasn't that big a deal for me during testing. Shortly after the MCV is deployed, you have shared vision with the side that owns it. That should suffice for reveal map... right? As for H2V1, I do indeed believe that side 3, the one you showed there, was the one that came at me with a crapload of units after only a couple of normal attacks. What could possibly be causing that to happen? For clarification, that DID NOT occur during consecutive tests. It only happened once.
  6. Well, it worked out, I must say. I believe I did test it at one point, but I didn't jot anything down. The Atreides color in index... I think it was 32, actually looks really good. Need to check out more allocation indexes in-game.
  7. Oh, hehe. Yeah, I thought that was really interesting! I haven't actually read the book, so I was seeing it for the first time. Despite this, I do remember certain concepts, like the Jom Gabbar and Harkonnen occupation of Shield Wall, and I feel like I know more than I did before about the story. Yeah! I thought it was interesting. That's part of the reason I changed up the tech in my own mod - infantry were quite difficult to use because they're cannon fodder. No healing, easily destroyed by most targets... not only did changing the tech tree so the Trike / Trooper and Quad / Grenadier come out at the same times help balance the dynamic between vehicle and infantry in the early game (anti-vehicle infantry, anti-infantry vehicle, vice versa), but allowing infantry to patch themselves up to a point gives them greater utility and life expectancy, so long as they don't come up against grenades, cannons, or treads. They're still cannon fodder, but they're certainly more versatile! Right, yeah. I actually referenced that index already! I found it rather odd it only went up to 200. You'd think it would go up to like 255 or something.
  8. Oh my gosh yeah lol. And I used light infantry to destroy Missile Tanks in S2V1! I tell ya, man, those rocks are in a great spot!
  9. XD Yeah I was surprised how tough the infantry were in... it was the Ix campaign, right? Not the... I think I also played the Frank Herbert campaign recently, really a nice piece of work you got there! Pretty sure it was the Ix campaign where the infantry were immune to squish. There are lots of rocks in convenient places on my maps. S2V1 points out a location as an obvious example, but there are plenty all over the missions. Hopefully you found a good location to camp your infantry before trying to fire away at their Harvesters Oh, yeah. I guess I should remove the additional time. lol Do you have any other Harkonnen indexes that might be cool for Gunseng? I went with black from the index list just as a default. I look forward to your feedback on the other two maps!
  10. Link updated? Can I redownload? c:
  11. Cool! Yep. Three maps. The weird moment where they sent a ton of stuff came from side 3's base in the southeast, and their Attack Building strength is set to 90%. Defend / protect is lower. However, I didn't see them building up and they sent a very small wave in comparison several times beforehand. Was really weird. I think I may have triggered the Emergency Build Rate to stay on or something. The only units the AI is set to protect will never be built by that AI. It does indeed work, as you can see from the AI's functionality in S5V1 - side 3 will attack when its reinforced Missile Tank comes your way. Oh, that's interesting. During testing I took control of sides 5 and 6 to test Fedaykin reinforcements and the Fremen would come running at me if I made them attack their own Naib. That makes sense. If it is the defense, maybe a worm passed under their harvester, but didn't eat it... and they fired on it?
  12. H2V1 has been designed and tested on normal mode. While the briefing isn't done yet, the mission is still in... what do they call it? Beta? It needs more testing and I need more feedback, of course, so I'm dropping it here for now. As usual, here's a map preview and a link to the original H2V1 for comparison. My version is visibly similar to the original, but notably different. During several testing runs, the Atreides both attacked in small waves and a couple of times in a giant wave that totally razed my base. Really not sure what happened there but if you run into an unexpectedly high level of difficulty, just let me know and I may be able to figure out how to fix it better. Details below: Please remember to use my mod for this map! You can find the mod and installation instructions in the smuggler campaign thread here: https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27508-release-smugglers-campaign/ It would also be very appreciated if those who tested the new map left a comment. I use feedback to improve existing and later maps. I still need feedback on H1V1, H1V2, and now H2V1. Download it here: H2V1.zip Thanks, folks. Have fun.
  13. Any maps for us to test? Looks interesting!
  14. c: Naww lol, the Harkonnen are supposed to be bloodthirsty, war-mongering, callous guys! I'm just acting in character About the Fedaykin AI:
  15. Haha XD This is the Harkonnen campaign, not the smugglers campaign! Go ahead, feast on their blood, reap what you sow. More Fremen will obviously come to help, but they're not like S2V1. You're meant to clear 'em out