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  1. There was a unit queueing patch, but it no longer worked due to d2k patches and no one who knows how to implement the system again cares to do so. Folks who are interested have asked, to no avail thus far. I personally wouldn't mind it, but I dunno how to make a patch for it. Maybe someday, but nothing at the moment on the queuing front. Ah, that's a bug involving allocation index 3. Feda would know about that one already, I'm sure. The three sound files it uses are: - MGUN2 - HI_MAP1C - HI_MAP2A That's a problem with the game itself due to how playing as allocation index 3 works on the back end. It's possible to fix it via modding, but for normal campaigns as imperials, that bug is a thing. We have some new assets. Here's a new Combat Tank skin, in red and from a few angles: It's got stripes along the side and dark treads like the atr CT, but similar in shape to the hark CT. And here's a 'rock dragon' rax intended for the mercs and smugs, in a wine red similar to their usual brown coloration, and in cyan without shadows: Edit: Forgot to mention. If you want more info on implementing the above assets, swing by the Landsraad Discord server pinned here: I frequent the place and can help ya get your own submod set up or something. Aye, that's easy to mod in with the new map editor. Just hit ctrl + X like you would to "cut" something for pasting, and it'll bring up the "structures editor" portion of Klofkac's d2k map and mission editor. Don't forget to pick up the latest exe too, unless you get the vanilla compatible version of the editor. Hope that helps.
  2. ayyo, Cm said y'all needed some help so Imma just see what I can answer how the new mission launcher works is, it copies custom data over normal game files, allowing to use modified data for specific missions and different sets of data for other missions. changing missions so they load with different sets of data is simple, but those different sets of data may completely break a mission. for instance, if you make an Atreides War of the Landsraad map load the Imperial WotL map data, maybe that special Outpost becomes a turret or something. anyway, if you want to make your own mod and use that mod's data, that's easier than ever thanks to the CustomCampaignData folder and how the mission launcher works. if you want to experiment with it, hit F10 after you load any mission with the latest version of the editor and try changing the data. see how it affects things, then see how you might play around with those things there was a "unit queue patch" from a long time ago, but it no longer works and no one with know-how has wanted to fix it on account of how drastically it changes the game, unfortunately. however, there is a new event in the latest version of the editor which forcefully clicks something on the player's sidebar for him. making that repeat and implementing a system for it would require a workaround, but it is possible to "queue" things that way now. the event should be number 100, here: that's easy to do now too. event 64 can set the "repairing" flag on buildings according to certain criteria you specify that's a little more complicated. basically, how the Combat Tanks work is like this: every unit has a group and a type. in Dune 2000 normally, the three Combat Tanks share a unit group, highlighted in red boxes in the screenshot above. unit groups determine the name of a unit, not the unit type. so all three Combat Tanks are called "Combat Tank" because of their unit group. also, all three Combat Tanks are marked as available in the Starport, but only one may appear in the Starport menu at a given time because only one type from a group may be built by any given faction. if you simply make two new unit groups for the other sorts of Combat Tank, the game will crash when you create a Starport because the Starport menu may have no more or less than eight icons. I know, it's weird there's also the matter of prerequisites and owners. you can see in that screenshot there, there's "Owner side" and "Owner side needed" - what's the difference? well, "Owner side needed" involves prerequisite 1. this is what allows you to build Ordos and Harkonnen Combat Tanks from Atreides Heavy Factories, because ALL Heavy Factories can build ANY kind of Combat Tank. however, only Atreides and Fremen are marked for "Owner side" meaning that they are the factions that build medium Combat Tanks. if you were to have Atreides Combat Tanks in their own unit group, and fixed the Starport problem, what would happen is that Harkonnen and Ordos would be able to build them because even though they're marked as owned by Atreides and Fremen only, they would be the only unit TYPE in the unit GROUP, and any factory can build Atreides Combat Tanks. so there's no other unit TYPE for Harkonnen or Ordos factions to default to. as you can see, changing those Combat Tanks is a bit of a hassle but it's doable. and popular, lots of modders like to make them available for all factions. I did it for my mod, works just fine. as long as you know the ins and outs of what's being changed, why, and how that affects the rest of the game. hopefully my explanations helps! I'm not sure this has ever been accomplished because aside from the issues with the type / group clashing I elaborated on about the Combat Tanks, there is a limited number of building queues, and those building queues are attached to specific building groups. if you make two Heavy Factories, they will have their own individual queues! so it's plausible to make a new kind of factory at least, like naval yards can be a thing, but for all the Heavy Factories and stuff it's not exactly something we can do at the moment about the sandworm side, it simply doesn't have an "owner" side set for any Construction Yard, so the game has trouble deciding which ConYard to spawn when an MCV belonging to sandworm side deploys. that's a pretty easy fix actually, can just check that box for whatever CY you want them to have and there you go another easy fix. thanks to Klofkac's new editor, you can simply copy the Autogun Turret data from War of the Landsraad or anywhere else it's been used and paste it in whatever mod you're building. unlike some of the other stuff, a new turret ain't too difficult, I'm glad to say technically, this might be possible now if you change the player's faction entirely with the 'switch my side' event, event number 12. ah, but changing the owner of infantry makes them disappear because the game only has code for captured buildings or deviated vehicles... so I guess not. there are a lot of things we can do with modern modding tools, but that is not yet one of them, or at least it's not one with a clear way of implementing that I can see. maybe you come up with something if you check out the new events! it may not seem like much work, but we've been making modding advancements for quite a while and Dune 2000 has some ancient spaghetti code. still, we CAN do a lot more now than we used to be able to there are color codes for eight factions, but any beyond index 7 show a mishmash of colors based on the "COLOURS.bin" file the game is currently reading. the reason it changes in certain campaigns is because these "extra colors" were used, using factions at indexes above 7. thanks to the new mission launcher, we can use custom colors that are consistent very easily. older campaigns sometimes use the old way of doing things with funny colors hey, my stuff is very bug-free, thank you very much! but there are more reasons to experiment and make new stuff. all the experimentation has helped our devs, like Klofkac, find and fix existing bugs with the game and develop that lovely new editor alright, hopefully I replied to everything important in this thread. please let me know if I missed anything or if you need anything else. I try to be around but things are awfully busy lately; if you'd prefer, I'm around the Landsraad Discord linked in this thread here: yeet
  3. these sprites are beautiful! thank you for sharing! palette conversion is a real bother when you import sprites, some shades of gray might be read as faction color where you don't intend it to be, and you might find there are shadows on sprites in places you don't intend for them. once you have the resources editor, try importing your sprites over whichever palette looks best - each unit has a different palette - and then make corrections from there. unfortunately that's the best way to do it at the moment, unless you can convert to a certain format of .bmp used in the latest version of the editor, but that too would most likely require corrections the resources editor can also be used to obtain the sprites of infantry, but infantry have many more frames than vehicles! thank you again for sharing, and I wish you luck in attempting an infantry spriteset
  4. Hey there dude! These files don't overwrite the original campaign maps. To play them, assuming you've copied the files to the right place, you'll have to launch the Mission Launcher application from the directory Dune 2000 is installed in, and then head to All Missions and either Atreides, Ordos, or Harkonnen. The zip is packed up to be unpacked straight to the root directory of your Dune 2000 installation folder and everything falls into the correct place. Try that! Hope that helps.
  5. regarding homing weapons, I'll mention that I've been using the glitched behavior to make suicide units - some homing attacks will straight up strike the very unit that fires the weapon. some other weapons, like Devastator shots, can be set to homing and work! but yeah, can't use just any old weapon for homing attacks just throwing that out there, in case you plan to fix it perhaps a [vars] could be attached so homing can work on any weapon, but the glitched behavior isn't removed completely, idk lol
  6. that sounds liek a rendering issue. you could try fiddling with the renderer settings in the config exe, or reinstall with either gruntmods or dunemaster
  7. sorry, I don't know what you mean by this
  8. correct keys? uhh... sorry, I don't know what you mean by that
  9. it needs to be in the same folder as colours.bin and palette.bin, so put it under the "bin" folder under "data" in your d2k directory ResourceEditor.exe
  10. new image adder? uhh... well there's the resources editor and Klofkac's editor. the resources editor can still import pngs, which is important and useful on occasion, but Klofkac's editor uses a specific format of bmp so the color palette in-game is maintained flawlessly. that's a bunch of technical garbage though, the point is that there are two means of adding images we use on the regular the resources editor is floating around and if you need a copy I can send you mine. Klofkac's editor has its own thread on this forum with the latest stable version. hope that helps!
  11. The "cash to Spice" feature might be useful for filling Silos at the start of a map with starting cash, especially for a specific faction. I imagine a new rule in [Vars] would set that up for every faction, which might not be totally ideal. So, ya know, if you do wind up looking at that event, that's a possible use for it.
  12. ­čśéThat's pretty wacky. Kinda reminds me of those oldschool 'harder' or 'redone' OG campaign maps. Amusing. I believe you were the one who requested the, uhh... event export / import behavior? Well, Klofkac implemented that in the latest version of the editor. If you plan to keep going with other maps and make them similarly absurd, events can be copied over now. So I hope that helps!
  13. Ah, I see Then it sounds like you're good to go, Gruntmods.
  14. @Klofkac Someone downloaded the editor here and it was apparently missing event_types.ini. Make sure the zip works before Gruntmods takes it over there! Also Gruntmods, there's a new exe that goes along with the new editor. We should update that too. Klofkac could explain more if you're behind on that.
  15. Thank you for playing!! I'm so glad to hear you got it working and enjoyed the first mission. If you need help with future missions, please do feel free to stop back any time!
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