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  1. Fey

    [WIP] Smugglers Campaign 2!

    An excellent point! Thanks for the feedback, Nuclear, I'll consider that more going forward. I did spread enemy Harvesters out on this map and the smugglers do have a bit of a safe area, but they may move out from it eventually. As you may already know from the original smugglers campaign, it's extremely rare that I actually have reinforcements show up either for the player or the enemy. This is because my AIs tend to have very good production, usually near standard practice AI numbers if not even faster, and not counting the existence of multiple AIs governing a single base which allows for impossibly high production rates. AIs in D2k have a threshold below which they will not allocate resources to a given task, such as building new units, so the reason for having lower production values is to encourage an AI to reserve some funds for when its base is under attack, at which point the emergency build rate will blow all those funds as quickly as allowed. I also may not wish to apply too much pressure to a player so that they're forced to turtle up and mass an army before moving out - on any of my maps, I try to provide some sort of more immediate goal before the main enemy base that can be attacked in case a player prefers a more aggressive strategy. In the case of S11V1, there are some Harvesters left exposed, some structures in fortuitous positions for the player, and some small expansions owned by the smugglers to chunk. SBON2 has most enemy Harvesters out of sight and only one entrance into the enemy base for vehicles barring Carryalls + Repair Pads, so hopefully that one was more fun. If you haven't played through the original smugglers campaign, linked in the OP of this thread, then I recommend giving it a spin in its current state! Several maps have "hard modes" you could activate by doing one such thing or another, such as on S3V2 where if you decline to pay the Harkonnen, they become an enemy too. S6V1 puts you in defense of a densely packed, but lightly protected base in the center of the map, S6V2 has a massive base with aggressive enemies to tackle, and if nothing else works, then you're sure to find a challenge on S9V2. If you do try it, or if you've tried it already in its current state, I'd love some more feedback on the original campaign thread! I am always seeking to improve.
  2. Fey

    [Release] Smugglers Campaign

    Came out with a minor update today after discovering a glitch on S04V1 causing the first Harvester not to appear. I've done more testing across the whole campaign and made a few more changes, some bug-fixing and some re-balancing. Changes are listed below: Going forward with the second smugglers campaign, the changes can be expected to be more fine-tuned than before. Yay!
  3. Fey

    [WIP] Smugglers Campaign 2!

    lol Lore summary:
  4. Fey

    [WIP] Smugglers Campaign 2!

    SBON2 reply: Thanks again for the feedback, Run! I'll keep working out the kinks.
  5. Fey

    [WIP] Smugglers Campaign 2!

    No bonus mission yet? Alright. I eagerly await your feedback whenever you get around to it, Run. Thanks again for playing the first two! I hope you enjoyed them.
  6. A new campaign? Yep. Smugglers campaign 2! Still a work in progress, but it continues the story from the last campaign over another 15 maps. 3 are already done, yay, so I'm gonna share them here. Download link: SC2_3-15.zip This zip contains the three missions, the latest update of the mod (which is also the one in the original smugglers campaign release thread as of right now), and the necessary text files for the three new maps. Installation instructions are identical to the ones in the original smugglers campaign release thread. FeyText files to data\UI_DATA\, bin files to data\bin\, all 9 mission files to data\missions\. Easy peasy. These are WORK IN PROGRESS MAPS. If you play through them, please be aware they may not be perfectly tuned! I could use any feedback y'all have got for me to improve the maps for an actual release, so let me know what you think I can improve about any of these maps if you get the chance, please. Thank you! I expect these maps are overtuned, although all of them were tested and beaten on hard mode. If you haven't already, I strongly suggest playing through the original smugglers campaign found in the thread linked before starting these maps. Here: https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/27508-release-smugglers-campaign/ Want more details and some strategic tips? See below, but be aware THERE ARE SPOILERS. Hopefully they help you if you're having trouble with a map. Here: That's all for now. See y'all later with a new update, or whenever someone replies to this thread!
  7. Fey

    [Release] Smugglers Campaign

    No rush, Feda! If you haven't finished this campaign, I hope you really enjoy S7-S9 S7's where you stopped, right? Although I'd recommend playing from the start again since quite a lot has changed since the first drafts lol I'm quite happy with the latest update to the mod although I think it screws with the AIs ordering units from the Starport for some reason. If anyone knows how to fix that, I'd love to hear what you find! But yeah, things are feeling pretty good right now, including with the three new maps I mentioned. Still working on polishing them up for release in a WIP thread. Soon!
  8. Fey

    [Release] Smugglers Campaign

    Hey guys! New major update for this campaign. The map files and stuff have different names, so you can delete the old files. The new DL is in the OP. Why suddenly a major change, especially one that incorporates something as potentially annoying as changing names and necessitating the deletion of old files? Well, I'm thinking of doing an expansion for this campaign. The new map files, like S01V1, will appear before S10V1. Not afterwards. I already have three new maps worked up, so I'll be posting another WIP thread once I'm happy with the second drafts (thanks to Cm and Run for testing on the first drafts). For now, if you're looking to re-play this campaign or you have yet to try it, the latest update is there now, so, enjoy. If you want to know what kinds of new stuff the changes to the mod bring, see a summary below: If you're giving the maps a try now that they have been updated like this, I'm eager for feedback on the changes to the maps and to the mod itself. Let me know what you think! I'll keep working on the expansion maps in the meantime and see if I can't come out with that WIP thread sooner rather than later.
  9. Fey

    D2K editor problem (Solved)

    Seconded! If you work up any maps, post them in a WIP thread so we can help you test and eventually put out a campaign.
  10. Fey

    Westwood Font Editor

    I believe that is a graphic, not text. If it is, the graphic could probably be changed with whatever you wanna put there.
  11. Fey

    Colours.bin RESEARCH

    Aye, it's a struggle. But, thanks to the amazing tools already put out by awesome folks, it's easy enough to make new stuff on one's free time with enough motivation! If you continue work on that other campaign, I'm totally up for testing.
  12. Fey

    Colours.bin RESEARCH

    Ayy Feda what's up I'm thinking of doing a sequel for the smugglers campaign, myself. And I really want to give the Tleilaxu and Spacing Guild and such some legit colors! And Sumadi. And maybe some other factions if I come up with any...
  13. Fey

    Colours.bin RESEARCH

    Yo @FunkyFr3sh, did you make any progress on adding that colors section to the ini file like FedaYkin asked for a while back? I'm still really interested in that.
  14. Fey

    Dune 2000 Portuguese

    Nice! I don't speak Portuguese but translations are a lot of work so ya done good. 😮
  15. Fey

    [Release] Smugglers Campaign

    Minor update: A critical error was discovered with one of the event reduction methods. It turned out that the player would not receive more Harvesters if they ran out on S3V2 due to how that worked. That's been fixed now. I also made a few more changes since I needed to update that anyway: CHANGELOG: Sorry about that. If anyone finds any more errors, please report them so I can continue to try and improve this campaign. Thankfully, no other maps had that error but I still needed to update to fix it on S3V2 since I consider that a major error. And, that other glitch on S9V2 that just looked silly, I simply had to fix that...