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  1. One of these days. I'm super busy - and working on a Dune 2000 campaign in my spare time. lol
  2. ayy lmao Looks cool, Cm. Never played Dune 2, but was always curious.
  3. Oh, wow. Cool! Okay, so as long as that works then... good to know.
  4. S9V2 has been beaten on hard mode without saves and at maximum speed. I'll get around to S9V1 at some point, but for now S9V2 is being released. It remains difficult, but is now more fair. As before, if anyone cares to leave feedback, I'd REALLY appreciate it! I read all comments and use them to improve my maps. As always, you're gonna need gruntmods for the map, and here are instructions for the sake of keeping folks from needing to look through the rest of the thread: INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Unzip folder. 2. Put all the stuff with "S9V2" in the name in data > missions. 3. Put all the other files in data > bin. Make backup copies of the stuff you replace to return the game to normal after you're done with this map, or any of the others! 4. Open map with mission launcher. It's for the Smugglers, obviously. Here's a download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/72b9r6x3b6ipq5a/S9V2.zip Have fun.
  5. Hey guys! I've been busy, but I managed to construct S9V2. I did the second one first just 'cause. And boy, was this one difficult to build! At the maximum map size of 128x128 units, it was tough to figure out how to build the cliffs, place the spice, and place the enemy structures in such a way that the map didn't have too much empty space, accounted well for unit pathing, and was aesthetically pleasing. The last maps - levels 6, 7, and 8 - were all 110x110, and it's a bigger difference than it sounds. Err, anyway, I've got some details for you: The mission briefing: And the map preview: I'll release this for testing after I do some, myself. Thanks for being patient, y'all! @FedaYkin - On a side note, hey Feda! Didja get around to testing S7 or S8 yet? Edit: Holy cow! Even on normal, this level kicks my ass. I'm gonna do some adjustment and see if I can't get it to a good state for testing. Edit 2: Level has (painstakingly) been beaten on normal difficulty at maximum speed with a few saves, not very many reloads. Also without turrets. Could use more re-balancing and testing, but can release for testing to current testers. It is freakin' hard, though! And I forgot to add an Ix Research Centre for House Atreides, so while they are supposed to use Sonic Tanks, it didn't happen during my own test run. The file I uploaded and shared privately with testers also has this error. I'll fix it later and re-balance accordingly.
  6. Huh? Aww, man, how did that happen? I know I hit 'replace'! Ah, well. I fixed the link now. It should contain all twelve complete levels so far, and the updated mod. I also changed the installation instructions. Thanks, Cm.
  7. Well, I'm gonna do something a little different and release map 8 publicly rather than release it for testing. http://www.mediafire.com/file/mlht6qzbvckeq22/Smugglers+Campaign(2).zip Even with two allies, the enemy is perfectly capable of stomping you into the ground. Defend them well while they build up, and assist them in battle, and they'll carry you to victory. There were also some changes to the AI on mission 7, and the mod has been updated. Several upgrades are less expensive, and the Deviator has gained another buff. Higher missile speed and slightly increased damage versus infantry, to be exact. Siege Tanks have also received a slight buff to damage against all targets, but mostly vehicles and turrets. If you still need installation instructions, see below: Once again, and as always, if you give any maps a try, especially the new one, I'm looking for critique. Tell me how the maps or the mod could be improved! It'll help me ensure quality in future maps. Leave a comment here or PM me with whatever feedback you've got! Thank you!
  8. Right, right. I just finished the first draft of S8V1. I still need to do some difficulty balancing, but I can give a map preview: The briefing: And some details: That's all I have for now. Hopefully I can release the map for testing soon.
  9. That issue with the Imperial construction yard was changed a while ago! About the same time I added the Atreides construction yard to the Ix. They're also able to build High Tech Factories, they do so in S2V2, so I guess I must have inadvertently fixed that issue as well. I don't plan on making all of the factions have the maximum tech level. Smugglers have capped their tech level since level 7 - they're not going to be able to build an Ordos Palace. Mercenaries are going to be the same way, cap at level 6. I'm doing some work on S8V1 atm. Just three more levels and this campaign is complete Feelsgoodman.
  10. Yep. My goal's to make a series of campaigns with the same mod that's well-balanced for each side and stays consistent with gameplay, lore, etc. In the Imperial campaign, you'll be playing as Kyne Giraud, a main antagonist of the smugglers campaign. There's nothing below this spoiler, I just don't know how to get rid of it.
  11. Oh, I see! Thank you.
  12. You bet! I just haven't started working on 'em yet. Been really busy. It's ironic, huh? Was able to pump out a ton of maps around the holidays, and suddenly I'm busy. lol I worked up a rough draft real quick for E1V1, at least. Here's a map preview: And here are some details: I look forward to progressing with the smuggler campaign, but I got this for now.
  13. Wow, that's very interesting! Unfortunate that that's the only way we know of thus far. I made the Deviator gas do heavy damage to Infantry, so at least there's that. The Deviator is also faster and has a longer firing range. About Siege Tanks: I've considered it! Siege Tanks are pretty special weapons - their armor is tough against Light Infantry, Trikes / Raiders, etc, and they excel at killing those units and normal buildings. Turrets fire heavier rounds, Quads are an extreme threat to them, tanks and troopers can take 'em out in the blink of an eye. The thing about Siege Tanks is that they're like the vehicle version of Troopers... Troopers excel at destroying turrets and breaching base defenses, but they need to be escorted to the front gates before they can unleash their attacks. Siege Tanks need to be escorted to the inner base, but once there, they can absolutely devastate the base in very little time. They do damage to turrets like Troopers do damage to infantry. So, after some deliberation, I've determined that it's a plausible idea, but I haven't gotten around to testing Siege Tanks with boosted damage against turrets yet. So no such change has been implemented It may be in the future. As a side note, the mercenaries can build Missile Tanks, but lack Deviators, sticking to the concept of brute force for their unit composition. Which is interesting considering they're an Ordos side! Tech level 6 is required to build the Research Centre for it, though, so they don't get it with the other Houses, unless you capture one of theirs. The Deviator's new stats are quite similar to a Missile Tank's, actually, so the Deviator is kind of a variant of the Missile Tank, except effective against infantry and tanks (by poison, choking, whatever justification you can think of, and by turning vehicles to your side). The Missile Tank is fairly inaccurate, too, so I think it works out. By the way, I've thought on the whole upgrade prices thing, and after talking with Feda, I think it's reasonable to lower some of the prices. So, that'll happen. I've been kinda busy lately, but I've started thinking about Imperial missions. I'm not sure how I'm gonna design missions going against Summers (since smuggler militia are canonically pretty weak) in a challenging and fun way just yet, but I guess I'll see how it comes along. The Atreides, Harkonnen, and Ordos have armies, so that'll be easy enough to figure out. Really my biggest issue right now is creating differing maps; I need more vision in terms of image. Map aesthetics.
  14. This looks really neat! Did you take some ideas out of Emperor? Flamethrower infantry for Harkonnen, Ordos units having self-repair... 'Cause that's good. That's definitely a good thing Edit: ...Wait a minute, isn't adding new units to Dune 2000 supposed to be impossible? Is it just something you can do with OpenRA, or did folks find a way to do it?
  15. Oh, that's interesting. I got a chance to look at some of these AIs, Cm, and I think I know more about designing AI from examining some of the values. Thank you ^^