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[Release] Dune 2 based campaign for Dune 2000 (old campaign rearrange)


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I created a new tileset taken directly from the Dune 2 game (you can see here); I use it to translate this campaign to use the dune 2 tileset instead. The campaign it's exactly the same (except now should be a bit more room to place buildings due a specific tile now being buildable), but the campaign doesn't change at all. Check the link and other additions about the campaign at the bottom of this post.

Back in time I created a campaign based in the Dune 2 game, but until now I didn’t update it. Today I can release the campaign again, not only update to work with the mission launcher, but also a good amount of changes on the AI to balance the game: More stable, improved and more fun to play (and harder). Later I will detail some of the main changes regarding the old version.

- Type of terrain based on the original Dune 2: Wide areas to move and attack, no rifts, mostly rock, sand, spice and dunes.
- Spice limited; no blooms or way to get more money once all has been depleted.
- Starting money, initial units, reinforcements and the configuration of the enemy base is heavily based in the original maps from Dune 2.
- Briefing and advices extracted directly from Dune 2.
- Voice and text “Enemy units approaching!” will warn players when an enemy carryall drops units around the base.
- Overall is more easy with the Atreides and more harder with the Ordos.

- The tech tree and weaponry is still the one from the Dune 2000 game: Troopers for Atreides, Trikes for Harkonnen...

Basic tips:
- If you are not used to the game, play the full campaign on easy (cost of units/building reduced and enemy reinforcements will be the same as the original Dune 2). Also, Atreides is the more easy of the three.
- Defense yourself using gun turrets at the beginning (later rocket turrets may be added).
- In advance missions don’t attack the enemy base from the front. The sides are always less protected and require less units/effort to do the most damage.
-Don't over harvest. Build silos and/or stop harversters if you haverst more than needed.

Main changes from the old version:
- Sandworm presented in almost all missions.
- No more AI not building certain type of unit because wrong proportions.
- Missions where the AI don’t have light factory, the production of heavy tanks will be reduced.
- New behaviour to the AI in mission 2: Passive until the player confronts it.
- Improved AI (all missions): First and subsequent attacks are more efficient/stronger.
- Adaptive AI: The more enemies are present, the production of units is reduced and the time between attacks is delayed.
- A new mission 7 in the Atreides Campaign (last one has lots of problem due the way Dune 2000 works).
- All the reinforcements now appear 25% faster.
- New voice line of dialogue “Enemy units approaching!” said by the mentat.
- Both text and voice “Enemy units approaching!” now appears when the carryall is dropping the units instead when the carryall enter the scenario.
- Initial defensive units given to the AI.
- More "guard area" units around the enemy base (most in the front).

- Carryalls no longer pick up vehicles for short travels.
- In missions with 2 AI sharing the same area (2 enemies together) have the same proportion of units patrolling as if they were only one.
- AI don't build faster under attack (same pace whether it is attacked or not).
- Starport removed from the AI bases.
- Mission 9 reinforcement now loops in intervals. No longer the first enemy drop will repeat over and over due the short timer.
- More initial money to the player and less to the Atreides in the mission 9 of the Ordos campaign. Also an extra mine field of spice in the enemy base (the mission is still more harder than Atreides/Harkonnen version).

Final Update:
- Enemy attacks now are 100% fixed (not random).
* Now the enemy attack it's guaranteed to happen after the enemy carryall drop.
- When two Ai's share the same side (for example
, two Harkonnen bases) they attack together.
* The weakest Ai's of the two now starts without any money.
- When facing more than one faction, their time to attack depends on when the carryall from his side appears.
- Some enemy drops have been moved.

Images here:
Dune 2 01.PNGDune 2 02.PNG

Dune 2 03.PNG

Download the three campaigns here:
Dune 2 Campaign.rar

How to install: Copy/move the files from the "mission" Folder into the "mission" folder on your Dune2000\gruntmod.
Coping "tiledata.bin" into "\data\bin" is totally necessary (skip this step if you already did it to any other campaign).

Readme.txt included with all the information needed. If you have already done this with other campaigns then only the files from the "mission" folder are needed.

Here you can find the maps translated to use the dune 2 tileset instead the regular map. The rest of the maps it's unaltered.
Matching the original dune 2 colors they have been altered too.

This is the new color set:

Screenshots in game.



Campaigns transformed available at the bottom of the post:  :includes the missions, tileset...
Campaign updated: edges and corners are now buildable, giving more room to deploy a base. Rest of the campaign unchanged.

This includes:
*BLOXRETR.R16 - the tileset, copy into the "data" folder on the game.
*DATA.R16 - With this file the crates (that appear while shooting on the ground) will be the ones at dune 2, instead the default from dune 2000; overwritting with this file will altered your game forever.
*BLOXRETR.ini - For modders only, not needed to play the campaigns.
*COLOUR.BIN - Colors for the factions based on the dune 2 game. Overwritting with this file will altered your game forever.
*Maps and missions with altered name - you can have both versions into your game.
*Back ups - Multiple back ups with the original files to revert to the original state after ending the campaigns.



With the creation of the new version of the mission launcher by Feda, now this can be loaded more easily by using my custom stuff, like having different crates, altering the tech of the player/enemy, and all kind of things that previosly required to being overwritten manually. With the new version of that said launcher that's not needed anymore, if you have well placed the next pair of files. One contain the custom stuff used for this specific work, and the other the new .ini that can make that custom stuff to be loading it.

Download files here:

missions and updated ini.rar

How to install:
-CustomCampaignData: un zip this rar and move it into the root of the game, which means a folder called "CustomCampaignData" has to share the same folder as "Dune2000.exe" and "Missionlauncher.exe" are stored.
-Missions and update ini: Due lack of room to have both things, I removed the previous download; now you need to copy all the maps, mis and ini (and using the updated versions included in the rar) plus the Custom Campaign data in order to have all together and working (if not, you have to move the files manually on your own from the CustomCampaignData folder and ignore the folder itself.
- These two things only work together with the new version MissionLauncher released in this 2020 year, but they are still compatible with an early version, although if that's the case you have to do all the changes needed manually.

It is included custom color, the retro version of the tileset and entrances extractred from the dune 2 game as well as the tactical map, as show like here:

90240434_intel031.jpg.390448ef0f8e834e39b07a9e42275541.jpg 1564366111_tacticalmap01.jpg.c5319cd6295032187c258cf73f98c9e1.jpg

Some intel entrances have been slighly altered if it goes agains the dune 2000 changes, like saying that the Siege tank has heavy armor when it is not true in Dune 2000. These intels varies from house to house, as every meant said something different.
- Tactical map it's not animated or selectable, it's just for show.

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1 hour ago, Fey said:

ayy lmao

Looks cool, Cm. Never played Dune 2, but was always curious. :)

Now you know exactly with I was dealing with XD.

This idea came like 2 years and a half ago. There only was the Atreides one, but that was my second campaign ever made, so had lot of problems. Like half year later (and 1 or 2 more campaigns made in between) I created the other two houses with the same style, but had the same problems. The campaign was begging to be updated completely. 

Tecnically speaking, this should be the final version.

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I did a new update to this set of campaigns:
I removed all the randomness of the enemy attacks (a game could be harder or easier depending if the Ai's attack too quick, too late or together/separately when more than 1 AI it's present).

To make the missions more stable now the Ai's always attack a bit later after the first enemy carryall drop units around the player base. This means that once the first enemy carryall arrives, ground attacks will happen a minute later, so the player now know for sure when the enemy it's comming.

Also, when facing 1 Faction that have two bases they are going to attack at the same time, increasing their raw power on the attacks. To compensate the weakest Ai (the one that cannot build the full tech) now start's with no initial money (but won't have any problems to deploy an ofensive force).

In the case of two or more factions, they are going to attack when the carryall of his side arrives; of course if you see two carryalls (one Ordos and the other Harkonnen) then both sides will attack at the same time too (depending of the side you are playing, this may change).

I wrote the changes on the first post, but overall the game now it's more stable (usually will be slightly harder than before). You still should use the same tactics as before: spreading refineries, building units early and have some turrets when the enemy it's coming, even if they are only the gun turrets until you can afford something more expensive.

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First post updated. The campaign has been expanded with a totally new Dune 2 Tileset.

The gameplay of the campaign it's almost the same (now will be a few extra room due the conversion of some tiles that weren't buildable before but now they are), but now will use a different tileset, including custom crates and colors to match the dune 2 ones (plus you can see them better on the new ground).

Both versions of the campaign are available. For the Classic (if you prefer those visuals) don't require anything extra.
For The retro multiple files are needed to have the full inmersion, so people can pick whatever version they prefer.

Here, the full imagen of a map done with the editor (spice will be less blocky).

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Retro version of this campaign update. Now the player can build anything on top of the edges and corners of the game; so, although visually speaking the retro-campaign looks the same, now the player has overall more room to place any building, sometimes now you can place 2 3x3 buildings where before it wasn't enough room for that.

The "Classic" version it's considered the official; the other it's more for a nostalgic value, although it is fully playable.

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