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[Release] Dune 2000 Mini Campaign - A Christmas Tale


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We are approaching the Christmas time; well, there are still days before it comes, but so in this mini campaign too. Using The Snowdy tileset; I create a small mini campaign that only last for 4 missions; overall short, but I tried to do a few new things here, so here it is: "A Christmas Tale": an overall short and easy campaign, although takes some time for players to adapt to the limited resources and the narrow layout of the maps.

Christmas time it's approaching. There are still some days before the time it's up, so Santa Claus it's just waiting on his house while the rest of the village, populated by elfs, are enjoying their happy lifes.

Unfortunatelly, some stranger coming from outside the planet "Earth" decided to appear in a belic way. Those foreigners attacked and destroyed Santa's workshop. Since it wasn't the right day yet that place was empty, so there are no casualties. However, those hostiles army vehicles now have the village as their new target. The Elfs have drawn their weapons and will try to fight back.

Will Christmas be celebrated this year?

The mini campaign it's composed of 4 missions, player will take control of a different side depending of the map; each one with a different idea in mind to make every mission unique from the others.

On this campaign you won't use the classic spice but the gems from the snowdy tileset; these gems worth more money. 1000 credits per harvester instead 700 and, since you can build on almost anyplace, the player it's guarantee a very fast pace at the beggining of the map. However, these gems won't reappear once they have been harvested. Don't focus your mining operations on one place but spread your refineries to get the most amount of money quickly.

Since a full harvester gives more money than usual and since you can build the refineries 1 tile away from the mining area, the money will increase really fast, so be carefull with the amount of refineries you place. Assuming you play on the normal difficulty, 2 refineries (and no extra harvesters) are enough to keep building "trooper + combat tank" constantly and still increasing your amount of credits (but again, the gems won't last forever).

Last; navigating the map may be a bit hard, so don't use huge armies while trying to face the enemy. This also goes into the player favor, once you see an AI that double your units being defeated easily because the configuration of the map will make the AI to split his units. Use this info to win maps more easily.

*Mission 1: Playing as the Elfs, you need to survive the map from those army vehicles that threaten the village. Player it's given plenty of Elfs (Fremen) to help on this task, but be carefull with the superior weaponry of the enemy.
*Mission 2: Playing as Atreides, a base vs base kind of map. Deploy your MCV, build a base, protect Santa Claus's village and destroy the enemy base.
*Mission 3: Playing as Ordos, you need to deploy a new base, protect from the enemy attacks but, this time, your objetive it's not destroying the enemy base, but a smaller task: Capturing the village.
*Mission 4: Playing as the Elfs; you will face a big puzzle map. No base, no resources, only a fortnight of vehicles available to go to different islands and reach the final destination of those islands, using a type of vehicle per island; go with the wrong vehicle and the unit will be inefficient, suffering too much damage, or that unit simply can't go that road without dieing.

Elfs protecting themselves against some belic enemies.


Atreides deploy a base, taking some gems to increase his economy.

1 Puzzle. 5 Islands. Can you solve it?

<--- the text.uib included here it's for the english version, so don't worry, all the names and briefings are in english.

A Christmas Tale.rar - download, unzip and follow the instructions below (Tileatr9.bin included)
Missing file on the .rar here: TILEATR9.bin- needed to load the maps.

Move each file at the place it correspond; remember that depending of the version of your game "missions" could be inside the "data" folder or at the outside.

This includes:
*TILEDATA.BIN - the file that won't alter you game, but it is needed to make devastators for certain factions to appear into the game.
*BLOXSNOW.R16 - the tileset, copy into the "data" folder on the game.

*DATA.R16 (optional file) - This will disable the crates that appear on the game, those that appear when you shoot, so instead the brown from arrakis, now they won't show any crates at all. Warning: This will alter you game forever.
TEXTCHRISTMAS.UIB - With this file some parts of the game will show a different naming, such as Elfs (instead Fremen) and Gems (instead spice) among others.
*Back up - original "DATA.R16" to revert the original game.

"BLOXSNOW.r16" and "TEXTCHRISTMAS.UIB" are files you need in order to make the campaign playable. (BLOXSNOW may be already into your game if you use the online updater). These files don't alter your game.
"DATA.R16" it's optional, but since it will alter your game after that (no more crates on the ground) do a copy of the file before overwritting or just revert to the original using my back up.

NOTE: To any that can beat the puzzle map; try to not post the solution. After +100 missions I have done this is actually my first puzzle map, so let my puzzle to survive at least a few players before getting revealed, please ☹️. But if you are stuck a need help, send me a private to recieve the solution.


With the creation of the new version of the mission launcher by Feda, now this can be loaded more easily by using my custom stuff, like having different crates, altering the tech of the player/enemy, and all kind of things that previosly required to being overwritten manually. With the new version of that said launcher that's not needed anymore, if you have well placed the next pair of files. One contain the custom stuff used for this specific work, and the other the new .ini that can make that custom stuff to be loading it.

Download files here:

A Christmas tale updated inis.rar

MINI UPDATE: (February 2021)
This mini-update it's about a single file that only will do a minor alteration on the 4º mission.
Right now it is possible to sell the repair pad to get a few infantry and use them to "break" some puzzles, or simply making solving them pointless.
I didn't want to trigger a "mission loose" and making people to loose the progression of the map by selling a repair pad, even if it is by mistake.

After applying this specific file: Templates.bin : the repair pads on that mission won't spawn infantry, while Atreides and Ordos repair pad from previous missions will behave as usuall. Copy this file into the path "\<path gameinstalled>\CustomCampaignData\CmBlastMisiones\Navidad\data\bin" (this folder should contain a couple of .bin files already.

How to install.
-CustomCampaignData: un zip this rar and move it into the root of the game, which means a folder called "CustomCampaignData" has to share the same folder as "Dune2000.exe" and "Missionlauncher.exe" are stored.
-.ini files: After downloading the campaign (on the above area of this post), ovewritte with these .ini files. Simply Unzip it and ovewritte.
- These two things only work together with the new version MissionLauncher released in this 2020 year, but they are still compatible with an early version, although if that's the case you have to do all the changes needed manually.

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1 hour ago, jbil1989 said:

Hello Cm_blast, I hope you are good.


Red Alert Tileset, very nice seems

I have problem. What will i do ?

Thank you for pointing out. Indeed a file was missing; so many stuff to copy T_T.
Anyway; check the first post, I uploaded that file needed individually, so you don't need to download the whole package.
It goes into "/data/bin" folder.

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mini-update, intended to avoid breaking (or making them pointless) the puzzles on the fourth mission, by making the repair pad (fremen side) to not spawn infantry. The repair pads that both Atreides and Ordos can build on their missions will behave as usuall and spawn several infantry from the inside, just the default.

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