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[Release] Single mission - No More Spice.


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In this mission the Ordos have developed a new variant of the gas from the deviators. That gas is affecting the metabolism of the sandworms, making them unable to create more spice. That’s a disaster, so the Emperor is sending his army to stop the Ordos and recovering the natural cycle of the sandworms. 

For this map I removed completely the way to earn money through harvesting the spice. Instead of that, the player will be given 10,000 extra credits every few minutes. The player will continue to receive those extra credits unless you already have 10,000 or more in your account.

This means that the harvester is totally useless (but you still need the refinery as a requirement for other buildings). Use the one you get as a distraction/meat shield or whatever you want (there are no remplacements).

Player will get some Sardaukar once the Starport it's produced, but also a few Engineers with the High-Tech Factory; use this units to capture the enemy silos full of spice so you won't spend any of your limited money on new engineers.

Buy units from the Starport with a discount so you can maximize the amount of units you can order and build before running out of funds.

Name: No More Spice.
Tech level: 6.
Player: Emperor.
Ally: Fremen.
Enemy: Ordos


Download the mission here:
No more spice.rar

Unzip the file and copy every folder into the root of the game.
Any folders included will go to the path that it is suppose to go.
Do not copy any pgn (screenshots) nor the readme.txt (instructions).

Mission launcher 1.2 is required.

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