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  1. Hello, Klofkac! Thank you for very kind words towards tileset - and if you want to make any adjustments (changing INI for new version) - you're free to do so. I thinking about couple of changes now for better decor (more tree tiles, some smudges) and ~maybe changing grass behaviour (player can build on all ordinary grass tiles), so extending tileset is feasible.
  2. Hello! This is my second creation made for community of players: basically Red Alert 1 Temperate tileset... now in high-definition (thanks to recent C&C Remasters)! Originally intended for Caladan and similar "green" planets. [This tileset may contain some small errors overlooked by me and other members of community in process of testing in current state - but generally it should be fine as it is] Special thanks goes to Cm_Blast - very rigorous testing from his side and generally very helpful advises for me + everyone supporting me in our Discord server. Any feedback is welcome and greatly appreciated! P.S. Below is mage of tile-set + small picture of how it looks in-game. RA 1 Temperate HD.zip
  3. Hello! This is my first real creation made for community of players - basically, it is a Heroes of Might and Magic 3 plain / grass tile-set applied for Dune 2 000 engine. Mainly for small maps with focus on buildings (of all sizes) and iconic tiles from legendary TBS; most buildings are named and spice tiles are changed in favor of crystals (thick spice) and gems (thin spice). Made with support of great modders, such as Feda, Cm_Blast and Fey : p Their help is a reason why this is made in first place. P.S. Right now this is only for modders and map-makers - but i will make couple of missions to showcase my creation more. All kind of feedback is extremly appreciated : ] Below are images of tile-set itself, Castle building, Colosseum of Magi building and both variations of spice combined in map editor. Cheers 0/ HoMM3.zip
  4. Very nice pieces of data! : ]
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