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[Release] Butlerian Jihad: The trilogy


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First of all, this is now a new campaign, but instead, an unified post that contains all the parts of the butlerian jihad campaigns and missions all put together.
This trilogy contain:
-Butlerian Jihad
-Butlerian Jihad: War Machines
-Butlerian Jihad: Zone Zero
-The end of the Butlerian Jihad
(To download the full pack, go to the bottom, those only contain in deep story).

With a single download you will get the four parts already fully package to be playable. The final mission has been renamed as "Butlerian Jihad: The end of the butlerian Jihad" and it will appear at the very bottom so now the story has a full closure (some lines on briefings has been altered for consisntency).

Once the war in Arrakis intensified, the three houses began to use an artificial intelligence that help them to have many battle all at the same time, something that cannot be done with only a few humans. The A.I. prove their worth as they can even win battles even withouth any human supervision, to the point that if any side stop using them, they won't have any chance of winning the conflict.

Each campaign has his own arc of 9 missions, with the player playing with the three houses switching for every missions, so you will play as Atreides, Ordos or Harkonnen, but the tech will drop to a lower value for the beggining on every arc.

The campaign it's based on Frank's Herbert Idea from a past war against machines called "Butlerian Jihad"; It has nothing to do with any book, except the very first and the briefly mention done in the very first book.

So this is just my own vision on the Butlerian Jihad event.

Harkonnen getting betrayed by other Harkonnen

Atreides Figthing against a fully A.I. controlled base


The Mercenaries bring some A.I. controlled vehicles to help them in battle.

Tactical map presenting the main locations of every House.

I suggest to check not just the area around the yellow circle (indicating the location of the next mission) but the overall mission, as sometimes events will happen off screen.

Butlerian Jihad - Trilogy.rar

War Machines mission 6.rar

Due a mistake, there is a timer but the event trigger much early.

Unzip the file and copy every folder into the root of the game.
Any folders included will go to the path that it is suppose to go.
Do not copy any pgn (screenshots) nor the readme.txt (instructions).

Mission launcher 1.2 is required.

Note: If on the last mission (the final chapter) you have the wrong color (same color as the enemies), download the whole file and overwrite all the files from the "missions" folder, that will fix it.

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Due a mistake with the index. On the final mission "the end chapter" the player is using one of the enemy Ais colors and that one enemy Ai is using the color the player should be. Redownload the package but you only need to ovewrite the missions folder to fix it.

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