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What do you look like?

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How did the picture spring up such a debate?

It is a Latin cross, and I got it as my confirmation gift from my godmother. The reason why it looks like turned upside down is because it shines in the sunlight, thus making the connection-piece of the chain look like a part of the cross. I'm a Christian.

Now here's another "No-I-Cannot-Smile" picture. Look carefully at the cross.


Do you see the connecting-piece?


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At long last, behold... the face of Edric O!

[image deleted by Edric three years later - for paranoid reasons I can't leave it up here forever; but if you haven't seen it, know then that it was an extreme close-up of my eye]

(well, I never said I was going to show you my whole face...)

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Edric, do you by any chance have black hair and a pointed nose? Something tells me that you do.

And here is my face!


Notice the bags beneath my eyes?

I pulled an all-nighter that day without any coffee or amphetamines!

EDIT: Damn it, it should be bigger...

EDIT2: All right, trying it without the %7Boption%7D tags...

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