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  1. Well, here I am. I'll post more shortly but Hi!
  2. I will say no. I couldn't even bring msyelf to buy the hardcover of sisterhood of dune when it was on clearance for $4. Paul of Dune killed this series for me. I had tried until then. I really did. But PoD was so,, so, so very bad and canon destroying I couldn't do it again. When they announced this was released on the facebook page I replied by posting this pic from the Simpsons. They deleted my post. http://simpsonswiki.com/w/images/thumb/d/d6/Accountants_of_Dune.png/250px-Accountants_of_Dune.png
  3. I was hoping to get some more ram (Crucial ballistix sport) this holiday but RAM prices are still crazy high - the black friday sale price for it was $5 more than the price I paid for it back in May. Hopefully they go down again soon.
  4. Mahdi

    The end for RTS

    Total War: Rome 2 is coming out this fall. Combo of civilization and an RTS.
  5. Cool, I'll take a look for it. I never answered your question about bioshock- No I have't played any of the others. I have them on my wishlist for steam but witht he three free games iwht the new gpu (Infinite was one of them) I currently have 10.5 games bought at 75 - 90% discountsbut unplayed - and Steam summer sale is coming soon. Plus, now that the weather is nice I've been spending mroe time outside than inside. I need some rainy days to start catching up!
  6. I'm using core temp to track my tem, core + ram usage on a widget. I'll try some of those suggestions, see if they work.
  7. Mahdi

    Site Updates

    I found it was down a lot the last couple weeks - the entire site not just the forums.
  8. Well I've had it all together for a couple of days now and it is fantastic. The ssd makes things load crazy fast - although turns out my laptop was only 300 gb so I will need to add in a new hd when I find one on sale for cheap. I ran biohock infinite on ultra high settings and the game played super smooth and the computer ran at less than 50 C. Most of the time it runs in the high 30's, even with numerous programs running. Windows key still worked so that saved some money. I do have a small problem though. Whenever I select shut down or restart Windows turns off but the PC itself stays on. I have to use the manual button to make it actually power down. Any suggestions?
  9. I didn't see any. I did some research and apparently the speed is the same between all three sta, just attachments are different? Anyway I did buy one sata III in case so I will use it on the SSD just to be sure. How are you using a remote control with your pc? I have an air mouse, got it for christmas a couple years back since we hooked up old busted laptop up to the tv the as a home theater pc. We will be using it.
  10. Thanks Shai and Andrew. They arn't big anyway - 80 gb and 160 gb. The laptop one will work fine. The motherboard came with a few SATA cables so that's good. I have a question about Sata cables - are they all SATA III that come now or is there a way to check? Thanks for the link to windows 7 usb boot. I'll try and create the usb this weekend. I'm hoping the last of the parts will be in on Wed and I can build it that night, setting it to download/update overnight.
  11. Well, I opened up my old pc's and found a couple surprises. First, neither of them are dvd rw - they are both cd rw. Next, I don't think the cables are sata(attached pic) or if the hd can be connected to the new mb since the cables are whatever they are. I didn't see a slot for them on my mb either. But that's okay I still have the laptop hd. Is it possible to download win7 onto a usb and load it that way, since I currently don't have an optical drive....
  12. Oh well - between sales and price matching I'm still well over $300 saved so I'm happy:). This case has cable management behind the right hand panel so hopefully it will be a bit cleaner :) I downloaded xbmc on my laptop to test it out - it's awesome. Will be super nice on the pc. Thinking about installing it on the ssd - it is pretty slow loading on the laptop.
  13. Well almost everything is in- just missing gpu, some cords, and another processor. It went on sale the day after I bought it and best buy refused to price match so I ordered from another Site which would price beat by 25% (memory express ) and need to wait for their new processor to arrive. Also retroactively price matched my case, so between the two another $50 saved. I've got to hand it to newegg and memory express - they have fantastic customer service.
  14. I think at this point the parts are all settled, eh Andrew? No problems you see with anything?
  15. Ok, new post: ------------------------------- Have Already: 1 TB HD 1 DVD Optical Drive ------------------------------------------------------ Purchased: SSd 250 gb - Best Buy $ 164.98 Corsair HX Series Power Supply HX750 - DirectCanada $ 119.79 Crucial Ballistix Sport 8GB 1X8GB - NCIX $ 59.99 --------------------------------------------------------------------- Currently on sale - will they get any cheaper?: Diamond Radeon HD 7850 2GB $200 - $20 Rebate - $125 in free games - NewEgg GIGABYTE GA-Z77X-UD5H LGA 1155 Intel Z77 - $176.25 price matched to Memory express -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reg Price: I5-3570k - $230 - BestBuy/Futureshop Rosewill Blackhawk Case - $100 - NewEgg ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So if Andrew doesn't see anything wrong with the rest of this I will likely order the remaining parts tonight/tomorrow and wait for them all to come in - unless someone thinks the case/processor will go on sale int eh next week, or GPU/motherboard will go on sale for cheaper? Editing MAchine: I am back to needing an optical drive - preferably one with blue ray as the old optical drive is just CD.... Answering questions: GDDR5 RAM on the 7850. All specs match everyting else.
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