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What do you look like?

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I laugh at you short people. Or I would, but you might bite my ankles... (193cm, 72.5kg, so's you know).

Being a digital camera-less and nowadays webcam-less kinda guy, I don't have any new pictures to show just what university has done to me. So just, just... look at Cyborg, he looks better than me anyway. Nice picture there, Cyborg.

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i dont know if that image will work cos i dont know what i'm doing... 

but contrary to popular belief, i am NOT  naked in that picture, i'm wearing a corset, you just can't see it.....

and i have bright pink streaks underneath my hair now.

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I had a whole load of things to say, but they all made me sound like some hormonally overcharged broken record (and if that isn't a weird image, I don't know what is). So. Nice pictures, Davidu. :)

From page 46, you're a bit late. :P Besides, everyone loves a man in uniform.

Edit: Hey, page 50. Nifty. 

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