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  1. nice resource. though both pages' color and layout are really tireing on the eyes :(
  2. Well it is normal for a planet to have colder areas around the poles, therefore ice caps form, as it is the case on Dune. As the planet was desertified the ice caps shrunk but did not dissapear. Water is still present but not abundant. The polar caps are used for ice mining and just about that I guess... It would be interesting to have some missions there, but I guess that was never implemented. In the books only briefly they are mentioned, as geological info and as political and economical significance (water dealers and ice miners were quite powerful). Other than that, no...
  3. Maybe the polar caps are small compared to the size of the planet as polar cap / planet size % compared to other planets. Mining the polar caps wouldn't deplete them so fast as a lot of water is imported via Guild and also produced locally (remember the dew gatherers). Also the fremen have their windtraps.
  4. There is vegetation and animals on Dune, just not so abundant as on Earth. In the books there is a whole list of plants and animals that inhabit the planet, it's just that most of the planet is covered in sand and dust. Also the dryness makes any attempt at agriculture futile because the water will evaporeate very fast and not feed the crops. So basically any area with rocks should have some desert plants with it. I guess that both Cryo and Westwood wanted to make the world as alien as possible and enhance the "mineral" feeling to it.
  5. Well, for starters, he's the owner of the forums ;) nostalgically attached to this small community.
  6. Oh come on, don't get all mushy :D I joined the forums in its prime, when new sections were still being created. I might brag that my petition changed the name of "Politics and religion" to "Politics, religion and PHILOSOPHY" and that my "Joke" thread is one of the longest here. Of course it's sad it's not so visited aymore but I'm sure the hype will be back along with the next official Dune game, no matter how far in time that might be. My only regret... and THEY know it... is that i joined too late to know... WHAT THE DAMN GOLDFISH WAS!!! (don't ask about the goldfish... they're sworn to secrecy... it's been 11 years for me and I still don't know).
  7. Hmmm, it seems it's not working for me either. :( Hopefully one of the moderators will notice this and try to fix it. There's still tons of cools tuff buried in these forums :)
  8. Well during holidays it's usually quieter... It's normal. I'll try to be sa bit more active with scouting for Dune artwork around the web. Every now and then there's some new guy coming out with a bunch of really cool stuff :)
  9. Well, I am in a similar situation and have been on hiatus on my mod for about one year. I hope I'll get to continue it soon. Reality tends to get in the way. So, I say that you continue what you're doing, but don't stress over it. Do it for yourself, and it should be good :)
  10. the site and forum seems to have been experiencing some problems in the last period. for me random links didn't work at one time and i couldn't browse around abut now it's all working fine.
  11. Davidu

    The Anchorman

    well, watch the Hungover series and they're pretty much the same. funny but the same, so as long as you don't do a marathon you won't notice it so bad.
  12. In uni we had to do some urban texture maps (totally retarded) but some guy made them out of sweets so we could eat them after the teachers were done assessing them. Anyway, great idea :D
  13. Oh God, are they still spitting out books? I couldn't make myself get near any non FH books. Are there any that do not totally blow up the canon version?
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