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  1. From Latvia the vote for the UK to Leave the EU looks very gloomy as well. The UK was the main Western European partner of the Baltic states and Poland in regards to EU's Russia policy - the French, Italians, etcetera are much softer towards the Russians. Germany is not to be trusted - Merkel is good for us, but we remember Gerhard Schroeder, we see the parties that he attends and the post he holds, courtesy of Gazprom. Frank-Walter Steinmeier is a dove towards Russia, too, calling NATO exercises with less than 10,000 troops in all in Latvia-Lithuania-Estonia a provocation against Russia
  2. Of course fascism has returned to Europe. And Putin is schmoozer extraordinaire with both the parties of the far right and far left. I encourage you to check out the voting patterns and actions of your dear far-left parties, how they voted together with far-right parties against a resolution condemning Russia's actions in Ukraine. Die Linke, Bulgarian, Greek, and Czech communists, etc... http://anton-shekhovtsov.blogspot.com/2014/04/pro-russian-national-bolshevik-alliance.html#more http://anton-shekhovtsov.blogspot.com/2014/04/fascist-vultures-of-hungarian-jobbik.html http://anton-shekhovt
  3. Jayzus, Edric, I knew you were a Communist, but I never thought I would see you defending Putin's Russia because of their tough stance on the "fascists in Kiev". Fascists in Kyiv, really? What are you on, those fofas stored in old Soviet fallout bunkers? Nevermind that the new people in power in Kyiv shot dead Sashko Bily, a Right Sector boss, in a special forces operation, nevermind that Turchynov vetoed the annulment of the 2012 language law. Nevermind that pro-Russian "self-defence forces" with serious weaponry, with the same high level of professionalism, took over municipal buildings
  4. Well now this is interesting, because it seems to me that an increase in the number of fascists/neo-Nazis who are open and vocal about it would actually be a boon to leftists. I mean that in the sense that anarchists, communists, and socialists would benefit from a more concrete enemy. There is the IMF and the World Bank, and the EU and (especially) Merkel and those darned Germans(not to mention their lapdogs in the Greek parliament), but they're all(with the exception of the mainstream party MPs) rather - far off. If you know what I mean. Ephemeral. The majority of Greeks haven't seen the IMF
  5. I'm quite interested in the Greek military. On the one hand, it probably should get a downsize - military conflict with Turkey any time soon seems very unlikely. On the other, what would the reaction of the military be to any potential reduction of its power? I remember several months ago there was a shakeup among the highest levels of the military, and several former and current high-ranking military officers publicly and loudly protested any cuts in the defence budget. I'm not entertaining the thought of a Greek military coup being probable at all, but recent history might explain the retice
  6. What are the examples being set to the rioters & looters & thieves? Interesting point of view. I think that the most accurate and striking of these comparisons is the one about the bankers. If the bankers profiteer and then the taxpayer has to pay for their recklessness, why shouldn't the rioters do the same? Edit: Source - http://thesnowolf.com/2011/08/a-few-thoughts.html
  7. Arnoldo, the Indians should know what they're talking about, as a Guardian contributor writes: http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2011/aug/10/uk-riots-political-classes And Dragoon, I understand that you feel angry and outraged, but you should be wary of making sweeping statements like that. Even if the riots were apolitical and the rioters not waving placards and making demands, it doesn't mean that these events didn't have deeper causes or explanations. Of course, since the riots seem apolitical it's easy for both the left and right to project their explanations onto it, and getting to any halfwa
  8. Mihail

    O Canada!

    This is for all the wonderful Canadians who visit, frequent, or indeed own this forum. I've been mulling over for a while a possible (drastic) course of action, something that I might do within the next few years - moving to Canada, either temporarily or permanently. Now, from what I've seen this is no easy task. To work(and thus get government approval to stay there, and, to a degree, survive) you need to have a Canadian employer jump through the hoops for you, prove that they need you and can't make do with a Canadian applicant, etc. Studying there, unless it's for a Masters degree, is out o
  9. Well, no. People are fools to go and buy the product before they get results. It's called marketing, and "customer testimonials" - and you can bet that something like 3/4 of those testimonials were cooked up by an Indian writer somewhere in Mumbai. Secondly, "real facts" are often twisted and any MD who goes on TV to sell this new super-jacket - well, I'm amazed if you don't believe he has his own agenda. Especially with Greece as gutted as it is, don't you think those doctors would like to make some quick, easy money? Hell, supposed Phd-wielding "doctors" also endorse penis enlargement pills
  10. I find it ironic that you tell me the BBC is not a good source for information about medical news, yet state that you get the information "mainly [from] the TV". If you start a thread about a new technology or medicine that is little-known, don't you think you should provide more information about it other than ?Ah, here we go. Source: Disabled.gr My conclusion - sounds like bullshit. Plus read this little disclaimer they have on their website: "See that? that little sentence there - "...but since there is no scientific evidence..."
  11. What are you talking about, really? What is this 'nanobionic jacket'? Ok, it's a revolutionary new product, uh-huh. It's also something I expect to see in a FanFiction post, not being touted as a new miracle cure. And diabetics can see improvement if they take insulin, improvement over severe symptoms like vomiting and pissing often. Diabetics, at least type 2 diabetics, can reverse their condition if they eat right for a couple of months soon after being diagnosed. This is my source. Now, when I google 'nanobionic jacket' this thread is the third result from the top. And your post has no cont
  12. Super-speed, coffee mind, that's what Red was thinking while the birds chirped and the sun rose. Coffee yoga, right before the exams. Not like he cared about the exam... It was a real fuckup, no doubt about it. Yawning, he took another swig from the steaming mug. Holy caffeine blitz energy surged through him. The chillum had been carefully placed in the blue ashtray, its bowl containing the ashes of what had been changa, now fine grey remains giving off a slight orange glow. The lowrider was parked outside, its fusion reactor in idle mode but still strong enough to fry all electronics within 4
  13. Mihail


    "Why not?" This was one of the reasons for starting to write, again, after a long break. Another is that it would be a character-building exercise - see if I could keep it up, writing every day about several topics which were only loosely related. Started only a few days ago, but so far I've found things to write about, now I just have to hone my skills. In a certain period of time - a few months, a year, two - I'd like to be able to have some income from my writing. Wanted to be a writer since I first read "Dune", that nine(!) years ago, might as well get to it. Write and write and keep writi
  14. While Howlin' Wolf growled out "Smokestack Lightning", plucking his worn guitar with gusto, an old steam locomotive chugged by behind him, thick black clouds pumping out of its chimney accompanied by sparkling golden sparks. The smoke drifted towards the old musician, long dead but back for BB King's last performance. It enveloped him, fixed him up right good - gave him a pair of cloudy black eyes, a new coaly coat on his skin and everything! Not far off, Shive was shaking his hips and tossing his hair. That old Indian flute music that he was always associated with bored him to hell, and a rig
  15. Lord J, I vaguely remember that article. It was disconcerting and, for lack of a better word, spooky. The story of the patient who claimed he faked craziness to avoid going to jail, but was then put in a psychiatric hospital for 12 years really had me torn. Who was telling the truth? Of course, if there was a "truth" at all, which I'm not inclined to believe. In the comments of that article, somebody mentioned a frankly scary study where sane people faked symptoms to get into a psychiatric hospital. All of them were diagnosed with one disorder or another, and some were confined for several mon
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