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  1. I am actually rather sure that Edric has not been joining this thread yet
  2. How did you arrive at that conclusion? Various pack animals have territories. So have packs of humans. The only difference is that we call our territories "states".
  3. Unless the good Caid Ivik has changed since my heyday here, I would say perhaps, perhaps not
  4. But as you yourself said, then Self-powered flight and thrown stones are two different things entirely- You could, perhaps, devise the rocket based on experiences with bows and arrows.... and then devise true aircraft based on the rocket... I have managed to defeat my own argument :P
  5. Hehe. Well, according to The Common Nordic Council for the Prevention of Unmanliness a true man can neither fear death nor three days of hangover ;)
  6. And then I turned 21. Which, according to the strange rules of The Common Nordic Council for the Prevention of Unmanliness, means being bearded is now mandatory (Not that it makes any difference to me ;) ) Now for yet another year of reckless drinking and pretending to be studying :D
  7. The_Sadukar


    Technically I am writing my last exam this term even now
  8. From the moment I saw the thread, I wondered when he would show up :D
  9. Why thank you. I thought you had trouble enough with bothersome newcomers (I do indeed lurk here quite often), and no need for the fury of the resident Northman
  10. My main thing this summer will undoubtably be Roskilde (Going to the festival that is), not that the bands will be that good, but a week of unceasing drinking sounds appealing to me. A close contender for the my most important thing this summer, though, will be the Iron Maiden concert in Horsens (27th of July :D) Apart from that there is only really one of two "drinking holidays" with various comrades of mine. ALSO, I might also try to make a comeback here ;D
  11. Or because we all became lurkers and grew beards
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