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  1. Have to say, I don't like it. There's too much confusion. There's way too many icons for a start. No-one uses DIGG and all that noise. Remove them! Leave just Facebook and Reddit if you must have them... Also the site is way too CPU intensive in Firefox. Scrolling makes the browser shudder and scream. Too much CSS funk methinks. And voting up/down posts...? Really? I mean. Really? Haven't we always just talked up/down posts in the past? Isn't that more human? Are we not PEOPLE?
  2. Must be all those hot girls heating up the air ::)
  3. Chopin - Nocturne in E flat major Op.9, No.2 Made famous by Muse... and that stupid Orange advert : Wish I could play it!
  4. Do you always do everything in threes atomicar? ::)
  5. Kiyouta

    Broken Nose

    God I love the NHS.
  6. I can't watch England play anymore. It's just not entertaining football, nevermind quality! Sometimes I wish I were German. They are just over the lake and they play with so much more conviction! Even so, I wouldn't pay to go to the match and then BOOO the team. Disgusting! Some England fans are scum.
  7. Kiyouta

    Gulf Oil Spill

    It's really not uncommon for firms to prevent their workforce from talking to the media during tough times at a company so this really cannot be used against BP.
  8. So this World Cup... 1) Poor shooting 2) Poor goal keeping 3) Low goal average per game 4) (Or maybe it should be 1) THE DAMN DROOOOOOOOONE. Pretty terrible so far!
  9. This is cracking me up at the moment: ;D http://www.bbc.co.uk/comedy/collections/p0087lwp#p007805k
  10. Kiyouta

    Gulf Oil Spill

    Oh my God don't bring that up again... By the way, did anyone notice 'Maddie' is an anagram for 'I'm Dead'? Spooky... :O
  11. Yeah, charities often win against multi-national corporations.
  12. Nowhere as interesting as the UK elections it seems. :P But Belgium might split!! Meh... who cares? :-
  13. I let slip a "YESSS!!" when Germany scored and I instantly became the most hated person in the pub. I'm just happy for anyone to score. That's me, my character. Don't like it? Twat off. Errrgh if only it was that simple... :(
  14. That buzzing is so fucking annoying. Nonetheless, Ghana deserved to beat Serbia.
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