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  1. I dropped by to see if there was any discussion about the upcoming movie and associated game or three. Early days yet. Maybe in the next year or two...
  2. Disaster or catastrophe? You decide. *Lays out fresh bait for Edric*
  3. Evidence suggests you weren't alone.
  4. If EU policies were used as a front for anti-immigration rhetoric then anti-immigration rhetoric was used as a front for racism. To expand: there are people in the UK with... what might in a generous light pass as a good reason to object to immigration. Immigrants aren't the problem, they are an immensely valuable and highly underappreciated part of the workforce. They are however a visible facet of an invisible problem: neoliberalism shattered the British manufacturing sector and the people sent in to pick up the pieces (and fill in the cracks) were often immigrants. It's a bit like blamin
  5. Weeeellllll, the lead-up to this disaster is kind of a long story, but I'll do my best to summarise. Prior to the last General Election the situation was this: Coalition government in charge, Conservative party (right of centre, divided on EU) backed by Liberal democrat party (left-centrist, pro-EU) to hold majority. Opposition: Labour party (centrist, if one feels generous. Pro-EU, in theory). Right wing spoiler: UK independence party (UKIP), one-issue demagogues who blame the EU for all the land's woes and have been stealing conservative votes due to a perceived shift to the left
  6. I have yet to see anyone celebrating this decision who wasn't either being extremely racist or prefacing every statement with a variation on "I'm not racist, but." It's disgusting. I note factions in Europe encouraging the UK to hurry up and go if it's going! They have a point, no use dragging this out longer than it has to be. Except the Prime Minister is stalling for time. I'm not sure what he hopes to achieve, but the longer he stays hidden, the longer everyone else has to panic.
  7. I've laid out a few thoughts in PRP on this, a contender for the worst political disaster in my lifetime.
  8. I realise that this is a bit like shouting into the void, but on the off chance that it might prompt a discussion or if Edric or Wolf drop by to see if there's any word, I thought it behooved me to provide some commentary in this, the place of fencepost-pulling. I loathe the term Brexit, but it's become ubiquitous enough that not to use it seems to be disconnected from the debate. So the dominant mood among my peers is one of shock. My peers, for background's sake, are mostly between 22 and 35, highly educated and comparatively low-earning (that is, there are few lawyers or dentists but p
  9. Dante

    Site Updates

    Let the purge continue, only the pure may enter.
  10. I wouldn't say I'm uninterested, but I'd be in it for the Dune franchise rather than any particular attachment to the game itself (which came out before I really got into gaming, i.e. when I was five years old).
  11. It's not completely unreasonable to draw a comparison. The Tleilaxu too are religious zealots, and strive to achieve physical perfection through biological enhancement. That's more or less where the similarity stops though, and it's worth pointing out that the Tleilaxu are, more or less, human, not an alien species. Their depiction in Emperor isn't entirely without basis in the books either, the Bene Tleilax are highly mercenary after all. But again, the resemblance is limited. I am however interested in the word monsters. The Tleilaxu turn people into monsters? What monsters are the
  12. Grumble mutter hmph, well at least we agree on a lack of Sebastian!
  13. "Not whoring out the IP" indeed. Selling the rights to Disney would be less of a sellout than the indignities visited upon the Dune franchise.
  14. I like to read through old PRP threads. Maybe it's vain, but I enjoy seeing a well crafted argument, even if it's long abandoned. Though there is a limit. If I go back far enough... I don't like what I see. The ideas are much the same but the presentation is dreadful. I can't say I see many parallels to be drawn between daesh and the fremen, save in terms of fanaticism. (M!HAnders is my OTP :| )
  15. I'd suggest making a new topic for Sanders, but, well, not sure there's people enough for a discussion. My worry is that he's only getting as much attention as he is because he's being compared to Trump et al. Extremism on one side would breed a stronger lurch in opposition. So if/when the Republicans come to their senses and put forward a moderate like Bush (and that he's considered a moderate tells you a great deal, none of it good), Sanders may start to seem a bit extreme for the mainstream. That said, Corbyn succeeded and is now leader of the opposition. I'm pleased to see Labour returni
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