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  1. 74 downloads

    Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2003-06-01 Players » Four Map Size » n/a Additional Info » On this map all players start in same point. You must decide allies and which side you want before game starts. Move MVCs to bases and have at it. I changed how units interact with canyons and pits. In this maps your units WILL fall into the pits and canyons and must climb their way out while the enemy units can fire at the units trying to climb out. Changes the game quite a bit so be warned when your playing, And the mountains can be scaled by both infantry and vehicles. Thought I would mention these additions for anyone looking for something new.
  2. 46 downloads

    Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2003-06-01 Players » Four Map Size » n/a Additional Info » n/a
  3. 63 downloads

    Tileset » Arrakis Release » 2003-06-01 Players » Four Map Size » n/a Additional Info » I changed how units interact with canyons and pits. In this maps your units WILL fall into the pits and canyons and must climb their way out while the enemy units can fire at the units trying to climb out. Changes the game quite a bit so be warned when your playing, Also the Statues and Forts you see can be climbed by infantry to give them a height advantage. Thought I would mention these additions for anyone looking for something new.
  4. What a colossal disappointment. I wish EA would re-make emperor, but the problem is that there is no point in them doing that.... becuz the teenies with ADHD *love* EA's games. *sigh* Until gaming companies start making their games geared towards the 20-30 something crowd we will always have sh!tty games to play :( Its getting to the point where i wont buy games until they are Rated [M] for Mature ... becuz those usually dont let me down.
  5. Why do you keep referring to integer numbers? Infinity is a concept... not a number. You are not making any sense. Why are you comparing energy to numbers? Just because there is an infinite amount of numbers doesnt mean there is an infinite amount of energy. There is a limited quantity of photons and protons. That quantity = X. X = 100%. Period. AS for energy in other universes.... you still dont get what i said about other dimensions and their universe's having something "exotic" or different from photons(energy) and protons(matter). Just because our universe has energy doesnt mean that other universes in other dimensions will have energy. Maybe they will have something radically different from photon particles or protons. Why is that so hard for you to grasp? Stop being so anthropocentric. Also, our "human created" concept of God isnt a "religious illusion" that contradicts the truth. It doesnt rob us of truth. We humans ascribe a personality to God so that we can better understand him... its called anthropomorphism. WE say God is angry or pleased so that we can describe the actions of His force and understand them. Also our human understanding and interpretation of God doesnt rob of us of understanding of the theoretical.....because multiple dimensions or universes or even super bizarre theoretical physics like baryons doesnt rule out a traditional God in my eyes. To me that would only prove His awesome power and unlimited facets. Also i fail to see why you keep comparing a theoretical all powerful Deity to fairly limited biological organisms. Comparing God to us humans and saying that because we are limited he must also be limited... just doesnt make sense. Its apples and oranges. Hey did you know that humans are made of iron. Also shovels are made of iron. Shovels rust.. so humans should rust too? Thats how your analogy sounds to me.
  6. Spazelord your posts suffer from inconsistency. Take a side. First you cherish imagination as a good thing and use it as proof of a God. Then you make fun of others who use their imagination to interpret God in a traditional way. Then you yourself use your own imagination to make silly comparisons (like numbers and energy) and then you hypocritically make fun of people for the same. Your writing style is somewhat schizophrenic. I cant tell if you are arguing for Christianity, for unity of science and theology, for new age hippie ideas, for appreciation of imagination, for the mockery of imagination, or for some sort of bizarre atheism that appreciates energy as some semantical alternative for the traditional millennial old view of God. I think your problem is that you are arguing for too long... you have already stated your argument and have run out of things to say... so that you keep making pointless analogies that become less and less cohesive and/or relevant which causes people to become distracted from your original posts/points which causes people to forget what your primary message and so they only focus on your newly diluted incomprehensible message. Also please spell illusion as "illusion" not "allusion". And finally please stop saying that the concept of God's qualities was merely created to control people by religious leaders. That has nothing to do with it. Religious hierarchy of church roles and positions was created to control people... NOT God's perceived qualities as a Deity. God's qualities as a Deity were pondered by Ancient Intellectual Philosophers and Theologians. The ancient Jews were SLAVES .....who were they trying to control? Who was Abraham trying to control? The concept of God is NOT a modern thing..... the qualities of God and what He is was established long ago with people who had nothing to gain but spiritual salvation. Spazelord i have to agree with Dante here.... your posts just aren't making sense. I understand you are a new poster and that it may be exciting to post in the forums and have others read your ideas..... just be sure that you make it worth reading.... quality not quantity.
  7. The unicorn example doesnt make sense because the argument only makes sense when explaining the greatest entity of ALL entities imaginable (God). Also the argument only is reasonable if there is no definitive proof for the existence or non-existence of the being in question. Meaning the argument is meant to give support to the existence of something [the greatest something] that could exist, but that we are unaware of (God). It of course is NOT meant to "spring" things out of existence which we know definitely do not exist (unicorns). And it is NOT meant to infer that there is a greatest version of some entity we already know definitely exists (cheeseburgers). Attempting to widen the scope of this arguement beyond what its intent was is a strawman. Well atleast in my opinion anyway. Oh i just noticed that Caid basically said the same thing except in fewer words... "the term of primary cause, is semantically linked to the term of transcendent God, the unicorn (or gargoyle) wasn't [linked]"
  8. Now what you''re proposing is this Grimbringer http://img453.imageshack.us/img453/912/deadyv5.jpg And i'm not sure how well that would work out.
  9. Holy Sh!t.... hahaha... finally someone who makes ME look liberal. *Passes Ceremonial Emprworm torch to Grimbringer*. The Muadib has returned. On a more serious note i can understand your desensitization to violence from you being a soldier out in the field. You have seen things people on this forum will never see. However i do not favor genocide... i prefer low yield tactical nuclear warheads. Ala Israeli style (its what they want to do to Iran). I believe in crippling the enemy.... and i believe we should drop tactical nukes on Iran's facilities and on afghan terror camps.... but killing every single woman, child, and grandma is a bit much. I mean someone has to be there to run Haliburton's Oil refineries for 14 cents an hour. And the whole point of crushing your enemies and driving them before you is so you can hear the lamentation of their women.... or atleast thats what Conan the Barbarian said. That cant happen if their all dead. And if we nuked all third world countries we would lose all of Microsoft's tech support and Nike's shoe manufacturing. Imagine people running around in their barefeet screaming that they cant save their files. It'd be a mess. To backup my point.... refer to this detailed diagram of the world map showing key contributions of culture to the world, and why we cant afford to commit genocide. http://img487.imageshack.us/img487/8673/worldmapbigum8.jpg
  10. hopefully its ok then. Let us know Acriku.
  11. I had a laptop that started clicking periodically..... turned out the clicking was an indicator it was on its last legs. Had to get a new HDD. IF its the same normal sound that it made when you first bought it... then ignore it. But if this clicking sound is somewhat recent, i would consider a new HDD. 3 Years is a good stretch, the old laptop HDD i had was 6 years old. But most HDD's are lucky to make it to 5. Especially if you're a gamer and a frequent web surfer. Oh and i did reformat the HDD that was dying... and it worked better afterwards but it was only a temp fix.. it died a couple weeks later.
  12. does your HDD make a thumping scratching sound that sorta "knocks" like a bad car engine? How old is it?
  13. well there is absolutely no way we could have known your computer was overheating......... wtf....... How the hell did you figure that out? I thought you didnt even know how to open the case? Did a friend help u?
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