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  1. Not sure if anybody here can read this, but anyway - I found translating Dune into Church Slavonic of the 15th century quite rewarding in terms of fun. One also learns a bit of Latin along the process. duna_cs.pdf
  2. such things should be at least linked to this forum - https://readonlymemory.vg/the-making-of-dune-ii/
  3. I played the game mostly with this mod on - https://www.moddb.com/mods/tiberium-essence
  4. the worm design is great, it reminds me of one famous illustration - https://cdn.onebauer.media/one/media/5d30/78f5/39e4/bc85/c544/bed9/dune-sandworms-schoenherr.jpg what are those floating crates? this seems to be some fetish motive of Villeneuve - https://youtu.be/n9xhJrPXop4?t=48 Atreides are Georgian? - https://youtu.be/n9xhJrPXop4?t=59 I also like the ornitopther, somewhat Dune 2-ish - https://youtu.be/n9xhJrPXop4?t=76 the white Sardaukar somewhat lacks intimidating flair of previous designs - https://youtu.be/n9xhJrPXop4?t=89 is that the baron? - https://youtu.be
  5. not weird enough, needs more spice 😕
  6. Prague must be great now, last time I could enjoy only Zizkov without the tourist stampede... I was once in Pardubice, also some time ago, during the prohibition, everybody was angry
  7. oh, where in the kingdom are you? I'm regularly visiting Brno (next time likely in December)
  8. Thank you for the contribution. I hope I'll add some oil into the flame, which used to burn bright. First, I'd put a question mark on anything concerning future. Will the 2010s be seen as an "intercrisis period"? Today we take 2008 as a moment of a spectacular crisis, but it pales in comparison to any major event of the previous century. It was a moment, in which the liberalism lost a bit of face, but didn't it lose more when we invaded Iraq? As you rightly pointed out, the subsequent protest movements couldn't produce any sound answer - actually they had none, excluding the fringe ideas
  9. To speak for myself, I was checking the forum maybe even once per year. It's always nice to see the site still running, and I'm happy to see you online too. Few days ago we were wondering with Egeides, with whom I am more often in contact, what was going around because of the movie. Previous years there wasn't much to speak about (concerning Dune, of course), only the books by Herbert's son, which made my heart ache (Tolkien's did have at least some skill in philology)... Actually I was searching for you here a few years ago! I planned a course on Frankfurt School (it seems to me the mor
  10. also happy to see you I guessed my password right...
  11. privet! happy new year btw is EdricO still around? we're preparing a lecture on Frankfurt School with a colleague this year, so I'd have a question or two
  12. we did a FED2k sessions in Vienna with Egeides last year, I've just heard his flock is doing well I can't wait for the new movie
  13. How is the project going on? I'd have a question: can we add new animations, or does it go through the .exe?
  14. It seems to me that every religion has both the psychological (spirituality, the "sense") and communal (cult, communion) aspects. The need to spread the belief, to do Jihad or show everyone how big Christian I am can also be traced to psychological roots. What seems to me as well, however, is that it isn't caused by the urge to commune with the eternity, but rather to compensate one's deficiencies in the mundane sphere.
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