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  1. No matter what triggered this conflict, it is madness to bomb the civilian populations of Tskhinvali. If Saakashvili claims S. Ossetia as part of his territories, how can he sacrifice his own people in this manner? How can there be a chance of a peaceful coexistance between Georgia and S. Ossetia after all this? All that Saakashvili has done is turn this situation into one reminiscent of Kosovo.
  2. As for the original topic, it's rather easy to explain why liberals tend to defend muslims against mockery and other such verbal attacks, while creating a double standard by saying that it's their right to chant "Death to America" all day long. It has to do with the underdog phenomenon - perhaps it gives some a moral high to defend the part they perceive to be "weaker" (think Israel vs. Palestine). Essentially, some think that because we're the developed West, we have everything, while the Middle East and Africa weren't so fortunate, and they have nothing. So, in a sense, that's almost used as a handicap - as if they have a right to be angry at us for their misfortunes, while we do not share a reciprocal right. This goes along with minority rights being hailed and nourished over the principles of the majority, which is another liberal standpoint. I believe conservatives (american) are less prone to this logical fallacy due to their belief in self-determination and social darwinism. As a liberal myself, I think it's always important to grasp this fallacy at its roots, before it affects your judgment, by generally questioning your motives, i.e. what makes you feel this way about the issue?
  3. Well, obviously he had them, since US and the West supplied him with the needed materials to produce them. But it's been shown that the chemical weapons were indeed destroyed as per the '91 resolution. The pretense for the war is that Saddam still possessed those chemical weapons and has been updating his stock.
  4. "Energy is an endless life that goes out side and beyond our universe" What makes you believe that energy is infinite?
  5. You mixed up the point of my post when you read it. I clearly stated that we can't be aware of the operation of atoms and cells, because they are not our own creation, but God's. My ultimate point is, you're attempting to compare the relationship between a physically limited being such as a human and his invention to that of God and the universe, assuming that God has limits (as all energy and matter has a limit). I think that assumption is incorrect at the core. By assuming that God is all the energy and matter in the universe, you're also leaving out the major aspect of what God is, i.e. the creator of the universe. Without outside interference, how did the energy, or God arrange itself in the manner that it is now? That brings you back to either that all energy and matter are a single intelligent being or that matter arranged itself randomly, i.e. the Big Bang theory. The first theory is rather absurd, while the second, as Acriku has mentioned before, is just giving energy a different name.
  6. I think what he means is that people don't worship an energy that they name God, but rather they worship a being of their own imagination/religious belief that is irrelevant to either matter or energy, but simply exists in their minds alone. There are religions that do view God as everything all at once or as oversoul (but that's more in a spiritual sense than energetic or material). But ultimately, we create the personal God that has created us, in our own minds.
  7. Good analogy, actually. Do you think the neighbor would necessarily want you to stay in his house after you just broke down his door, even if supposedly want to help fix it?
  8. You forget that the war enjoyed major support, because most people believed that Iraq possessed WMDs and conspired with Al Qaeda to make 9/11 happen. Both of those assertions have been shown to be false.
  9. For what reason is a being of energy not able to have intelligence, while a being matter is able to? I'm guessing this would fall under the thought that something needs to possess some physical sort of "brain" to be intelligent? Does this mean that God would have to be made of matter to be intelligent?
  10. Well, I'm sure you've read about examples of homosexuals who choose to deny their predisposition. Most of them are miserable, violent and self destructive people. This is different from being predisposed to alcohol, because in order to be an alcoholic, you still require that physical addiction as a part of it. With sexual orientation, I'd expect it's mostly psychological. I mean, it's clear how one would go about fighting alcoholism, but homosexuality? There's really no particular treatment or cure that I've heard of.
  11. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070104/ap_on_re_us/accidental_hanging Looks like...too much violence on TV? Heh.
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