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What do you look like?


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I had a whole load of things to say, but they all made me sound like some hormonally overcharged broken record (and if that isn't a weird image, I don't know what is). So. Nice pictures, Davidu. :)

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LOOOL, I'm not in the military.

It's the first-year party at my university. I'm at ARCHITECTURE.

Yeah, it's a dress-up party.

Not even the uniform is genuine.

It's an obsolete army jacket (before 1989), obsolete insignia and cap from the Security, and the pants and shoes are mine.

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Oh come on, you can clearly see a gap between the chain and cross, which some of you are mistaking as an extension of the top of the cross. He's not an anti-christ.

...are you? I already have to deal with one anti-christ and they not nice people. >:(

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