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  1. So, according to my profile, I registered here on the Fed2k forums on 17 April 2000. This means that today marks my 20th forum birthday. And what better way to celebrate 20 years than to post a new thread on my favourite board? PRP needs some new life breathed into it. Back in November-December 2009, @Wolf posted a thread called The Next Decade and @Dunenewt posted one called The Last Decade, which were about looking back on the political events of the 2000s and speculating about what the 2010s might be like. In that spirit, let's look back on the 2010s now, and speculate about the twenti
  2. Well, it's the elephant in the room, isn't it? Everyone is talking about it anyway and literally all current events revolve around it. So I thought it's time to have a dedicated thread about Covid... or the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes the disease known as COVID-19, to be pedantic. We all know the story: Humanity is facing the worst pandemic since the Spanish Flu of 1918-19. As of the time of this post, there have been over 2.1 million confirmed cases, and almost 150,000 confirmed deaths from Covid. These numbers are growing exponentially, so they may well be far higher when you're readin
  3. @Dunenewt, old friend! I remember our meeting in 2008 very fondly. In fact, you and Khan (and @nemafakei, on a separate occasion) were the only online friends that I ever met in real life. After all these years and after making many other friends on many other websites, I still never met any of them IRL. So getting together with you guys was something special. Does it feel like a lifetime ago? I'm not sure... In some ways it does, in other ways it feels like yesterday. When we met, I had a girlfriend - she is now my wife. The year after we met, I started grad school... and I'm only just fin
  4. @rebelliousplatypus, that's some serious Doctors Without Borders courage right there, deliberately wanting to go help in the place worst affected by the virus. I salute you! If you do go, please stay safe. You're going to have to come back sooner or later, as the pandemic is just getting started and I'm sure every place will be hit hard at some point (especially if the US federal government and several states insist on taking the current levels of moderate success as a reason to lift restrictions, which will inevitably cause a second wave of outbreaks). I also hope that the new Dune movie
  5. Wow, so many old friends! It's great to see you again, @Dunenewt, @Vanguard3000, @Caid Ivik and @rebelliousplatypus (I hope you don't mind if I still call you exatreides). Now I'm curious: What brought you all here at the same time? Did all of us just literally have the same idea to come back here at the same time after several years, or were you already checking the Fed2k forum regularly but without posting? Also, according to my profile, today marks precisely 20 years since I registered my account here. And to think, I once thought that being around for seven years made me an "old
  6. I actually already have a baby! Just one, though.
  7. Well... you should have checked the date. This was a good old fashioned FED2k April Fools joke! In the vein of the old "I'm getting married" and "I'm having a baby" April 1st threads. In fact, I directly copied half of my April Fools post from 2013 (which I think was the last time I posted one). Of course, the reaction isn't what it used to be, even though I waited almost a week... Such is the effect of general inactivity on the forum, I suppose.
  8. So this must be the first new thread I have posted in many years, but like I said in the Old Timers' Notice Board, I never stopped regarding FED2k as my true home on the internet, so I want to breathe some new life into the community spirit here... ...with an announcement of wonderful personal news that I received from my wife back in January: we're going to have twins! That's right, by the end of the year there will be two new little Edrics in the universe. Which means they should probably be reading Dune three or four years from now. By this point, I assume many of the old timers
  9. This is a good website with up-to-date data for every country (and provincial-level data for some countries, including the US and Canada): https://covidly.com The basic summary is: Covid-19 is spreading exponentially worldwide, with confirmed cases increasing by a factor of 10 every two weeks or so. Countries that have enacted very strict lockdown measures have managed to get it under control (e.g. China and now Italy), and also countries with very extensive testing and isolation of carriers have managed to get it under control (e.g. South Korea). But in countries that are neither lo
  10. Good to see you too, @gryphon! (I figured out how to ping people) We're all in lockdown now, I imagine, or soon to be. Talk about living in interesting times. I think that new Dune movie might get postponed for a while, too.
  11. So... who is still here? Does this fancy new UI come with a way to ping people? Hmmm... I guess I need to poke around.
  12. *dusts off and removes cobwebs from self* How... how long was I out? Four years?? Wow. I can't believe it has really been that long. But the forum time stamps do not lie. My last post before this one was in January 2016. And to think, my first post that month said this: ...well, so much for not letting it happen again. 🙁 Half a year seemed like a long time to be away back then, and now here I am, four years and two months later, after by far the longest hiatus since I joined FED2k in April 2000. But at least I have returned in time for my 20 year anniversary! Expect one or two Ale
  13. On another note, as a long-time fan of the Homeworld series, I am extremely excited about the upcoming prequel game Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak... and I must point out that it's practically begging for a Dune mod.
  14. Thank you for the warm wishes, everyone! I happen to be located in the U.S. at the moment, although that may change, and... Wait. Gob has a twitter account!?
  15. Oh, and as it happens, it's not just my birthday today. FED2k, the "First Ever Dune 2000 Website", went online for the first time on 15 January 1998. So: Happy 18th Birthday FED2k! You're now officially an adult! ...but not an "adult website". Please don't be that.
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