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  1. My summer was a blend of working full-time at a supermarket and working out to P90X. Had a knee injury during an extended lunge (ow) and took a 3 week break to fully heal and repeated the second phase (out of three) and was on my way to completing it before school backhanded me into a lack of time for the long workouts (1-1.5 hours). But I also got to get into Lost (finished season 3 just this week) and love it so far!
  2. Acriku


    Actually Slashdot came out with an article of some controversy concerning the developer of the Minecraft game, Notch alias, that PayPal is withholding upwards of 600k pounds of his from customers buying the game. Might have to try this game out, it seems pretty innovative!
  3. And now we have an idiot in my state who is a pastor declaring a burning of a Quran book. The burning has been put on hold thankfully, but the damage is already done with anti-American rallies all over Afghanistan and possibly other dominantly Islamic countries. People are requesting that the US Government go in and stop the burning, but that raises a whole set of new issues with government and church relations. I don't think the government has any authority in this incident, but I do hope the pastor sees that he's putting America under the light of offensive maneuvers once again.
  4. Anybody play this game? It's a free game that you can optionally invest a few dollars to buy certain champions that you don't want to spend the ingame currency on, and various skins for each champion. It's based off of DoTA mod from Warcraft III and is very fun! Sign up and queue with me (Acriku) as I am usually on late nights and my off days.
  5. Acriku

    Happy Labor Day!

    Yeah I worked all day, too. But double pay bitches!!
  6. Acriku


    Here's mine I took 6 years ago (it was centered on my shoulder then, now it's shifted) It says "Auri Sacra Fames" or "An Accursed Hunger for Gold." Arrr.
  7. I doubt anyone would want the government to step in and stop a religious establishment. It would be a disastrous precedent. But why call it House Cordoba? I'm still confused since that brings up only conquest and conversion in its history. It's not a good message for "inter-faith relations." edit: I just watched the Olbermann video (love the guy by the way) and he quotes the developer calling it "Park 51" instead of Cordoba. Good call.
  8. It was more of an attempt to reverse the situation. Instead of thinking and hoping and fixating on what the afterlife might be like, what if this is the afterlife? And I don't mean simply reincarnation into the same world. I'm talking about our world being that fantastical realm on the other side. Then the mystery shifts to what kind of world and existence did we have before coming here? Was it a smaller world, a world so different that our existence here and now is such a dream that even the worst life we can have here is so greater? Were we simple-minded creatures that were rewarded (or puni
  9. A never-ending journey has its downsides, perhaps a more limited journey in time? Perhaps a piece of time where you get a chance to make something beautiful and share it among others. Or a chance to do nothing. A time when you can have a world that plays against you, or a world that you make for yourself. During this limited existence of an afterlife, you spend your time (or not) with people who have fallen into place at their determined times and with people who are about to reach the end of their time there. Maybe I'm talking about some plane of existence that we can hope for when we die, o
  10. On the topic of what we can or cannot call the afterlife, I would have to consider what we call the self. The brain is such a vital instrument in determining our self that without it I cannot fathom how we can remain our self. If you physically alter the brain, you can literally change the personality of that person, or remove important memories. If an energy or misty cloud leaves our newly dead bodies and returns to a nexus of life or spirit, what goes with it? Not memories. Those are physical, and we're learning more and more about how they are laid out in our brains. Not our personality. Ou
  11. From http://thinkprogress.org/2010/08/14/peter-king-gz-mosques/ What I like about it is what it's going to comprise of: With a stern approval from President Obama prefacing the beginning of Ramadan, and some of , this may actually bring inter-faith relations to marginalize radicalism.Then of course, the name of the mosque does not assuage any nay-sayers from views of radicalism. House Cordoba is the intended name, which is a city in Spain that was earlier conquered by Islamic fighters and where a great mosque was constructed on the grounds of a Christian cathedral. The city later retaken,
  12. The difference Edric is the time between the attack and the construction. Then again I'm not entirely unhappy if a lot of churches went unbuilt ;) How this could not be an issue is somewhat ignorant of the amount Islam is affecting and being affected by the US in this past decade. We're occupying two dominantly Muslim countries following a terrorism plot conducted by Muslim extremists (Saudi or otherwise). We're in a war against established Muslim fighters. It would at least merit critical thinking on how the community surrounding this new Muslim establishment will react so close to the attack
  13. I just wanted to understand how you view sin and morality Eras, since that is so entwined with afterlife consequences (even with some of the more natural theories purposed in this thread where "sin" develops a guilty hallucination experience at the time of death). Now, we all align ourselves to different moralities based on outside and inside influences. I see good and bad where I've learned to see it, and with enough experience can judge an event or action as good or bad based on my morality. When I see the "ONE and ONLY way that the Universe can work correctly" leading to first-borns being
  14. Nice man! Good to hear your progress.
  15. Do you see sin as good and bad, or as what God commands us to do / not to do? Or perhaps the latter, which happens to fall into the former?
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