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What do you look like?


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From what I can make out, your head was tilted upwards(or your webcam was looking up at you when you took that picture), which caused the lips to look wierd and to make it seem you have a large pig nose. :P Also, it doesn't look like your hair was in the best condition that day. ;)

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Do not go avey, for ze greyt pikchures of Mihael Arhangel vill be ap zoon!

Edit: And here zey are! Ta-daa!



How are they? Do they fit your mind's image of what I looked like? :)

EDIT: Whoop, lookin' a bit depressed there, Michael.

I agree, Michael.

Those pictures didn't turn out so well, did they Michael?

I'm sorry to say that they didn't, Michael.


I wish I had a real split personality.  :D Back on topic, why the HELL do I look so serious and.or depressed?! Grr...

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Thanks. 8)

Oh! I found out this nifty feature in Photoshop(I have CS2) that you can employ to see your "ugly" side.

Go to 'Filter', then down to 'Sketch' and click on 'Bas Relief', which should be at the top. The results are...surprising, to say the least. This works the best if you have a good picture that is clear and light, so Dante and Nuvollari won't get any good results out of this trick.

@Nuvollari: How old are you? You look twelve or thirteen.

Wait. I shouldn't be talking. ;)

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