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  1. I have the power to stop any discussion in any topic, as witnessed in Oblivion and Advent Children. Beware! But seriously, I haven't noticed a big chance. There's been a little more posting than usually, but that's it. The old elites are still hanging around, but it seems that every possible topic has been dealt with at least twice.
  2. I didn't like the film that much. I found it both boring and too action-oriented; the action scenes were uninteresting jump-and-slash sessions. I played the game and liked it very much. The story telling method is possibly one of the best ever seen in the gaming industry and the plot kept me interested until the very end, although some of the fights were a little exhausting. I also especially liked the cutscenes; they were awesome, and when I found out that a movie was in the making, I was quite thrilled. Unfortunately, the movie didn't really fill any of my expectations. Basically it justs consists of three or four fights and some bad drama between them. I wanted more of the atmopshere of the game; now it's just a silly bloodless fighting anime movie with FF7 characters, and uh... something people call "plot". You see, the plot of the game was more complex with many flashbacks and just simply mysterious things (such as the episode inside Cloud's head), but the movie was just "Here are your bad guys, here are the heroes, and this is the MacGuffin. You know exactly what will happen!"
  3. Jack Leaf

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    http://koti.mbnet.fi/~jackleaf/empire/blog2/fraenzitausta.jpg She'll probably kill me if she ever sees this, but oh well.
  4. Indeed, Joseph D. Kucan is an awesome actor. ;) *tries to guess how long it will take to grow a beard like that* Oh and, Klepacki has confirmed that he'll be in the project.
  5. I have now read four pages of praise about this game. I'm still not sure though, but I would like to be certain that Oblivion is better than Moronwind. Some major things I disliked in Morrorwind were e.g; * Dead gameworld. People just stand or walk in circles. * Very dice-like combat system. New characters can't hit anything with a bow. * Choosing the wrong skills in the beginning can payback very late in the game. I really hated how my axe-wielding character couldn't find any suitable guild... or better weapon, for that matter. There. The first three that come into my mind. If I played the game again, I believe I could come back here cursing it to the lower depths of the abyss.
  6. Ironically, I learnt those from the same game...
  7. I've spent the whole time either watching Neon Genesis Evangelion or doing school work. Easter is boring.
  8. I've got the advantange that my 'woman' hasn't life, either. :P
  9. I still have annoying problems with vocabulary, though.
  10. Haha it's easy. I've studied Swedish for about six years now (it's compulsory here) and the funny thing is that I can understand some Norweigan, too.
  11. All right, I have absolutely no idea why, but this thread just reminded me that I need to shave before visiting my girlfriend. ... yes.
  12. Well, personally I dislike French, too, but if France still was a ruling power, French could easily be the international language. On another note though, English is an excellent language in its own way, because it is very suitable for poetry and lyrics. This is easy to understand after listening over two weeks only Rhapsody (they are Italian but sing in English). :P
  13. I'm studying German and my own mother tongue is quite complex as well. Finnish has zero articles but we have 13 different noun cases. Even some native speakers are too lazy to use them correctly. :P Too many English words are very ambiguous. E.g "set" has over some 25 different meanings, and for non-native speaker it is sometimes quite difficult to know the exact meaning the writer had in mind. A minor problem is also the fact that because many words can basically mean the same thing, and one of those words mean even more things, this leads to unneccessary repetition of a certain word and it becomes ambiguous. For example, a man from India visiting my school used the word "deprive" (and depriveness) for nearly everything. Yes, true, English is the most widely studied foreign language and thus is the most logical choice for an international language. However, it's quite silly when even native speakers (such as Americans) don't know how to write their own language. Oh, and isn't it "grammar"? All my dictionaries say it's "grammar" but people just keep writing it "grammer." Because just as well, French could still be the international language. All your base are belong to us.
  14. English is actually not very good choice for an international language. It's filled with hordes of idioms and other sayings people must learn and the grammatical rules have weird exceptions. Also, there are many different words that basically mean the same thing, only that there are different shades of meanings. ... not to mention that a single word can mean over five different things. In fact, NO natural language is good choice for an international language.
  15. For the king, for the land, for the mountains for the green valleys where dragons fly for the glory, the power to win the black lord I will search for the emerald sword ^-^ Even my father is singing along.
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