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  1. Khan

    Dune (2021)

    I thought it was a solid big screen adaptation. It missed some of the intricacies of the book but overall was able to portray the general themes and concepts of the novel. There were certain characterizations of which I wasn't a fan (Yueh role being more of a bit part, Jessica crying multiple times). Outside of that it was well written, well shot and well acted. I particularly liked the way he showed Paul seeing the different potential paths of the future. Also the invasion of arrakeen was spectacular, the visuals conveyed the intimidation of a combined harkonnen/sardaukar assault very well. One particular aspect I liked was the Baron. The combination of the suspensors and the long flowing robes (while not quite in keeping with the books) gave him an almost vampiric quality that looked, to me, like an attempt to use his weight gaining disease to add to his overall intimidation - making him more like a living figure of myth for his subjects.
  2. Khan

    Dune (2021)

    It'll also be available on HBOMax immediately, very sensible from a public health perspective IMHO
  3. Khan

    Dune (2021)

    Yeah I don't think it was a great fit, I just took it as a nod to Jodorowsky wanting Pink Floyd for his version.
  4. Khan

    Dune (2021)

    Looks good! I'm pretty pumped, just hoping there won't be massive delays...
  5. Khan

    The Covid Thread

    @exatreideI am rather enjoying the daily cocktail updates
  6. I only really game on Switch at the moment. I got Oxenfree and played through that in a couple of hours (it's not long and begs a replay due to branching story lines). I wanted to also play through Phoenix Wright and Undertale but I've ended up just replaying through BOTW again (completed it before but wanted to try again for all the shrines) up to about 170 hours now so will probably hit a solid 200 before this is over.
  7. Ahah I was still in Pardubice during prohibition! Small world! Prague is very nice actually, Zizkov is close to where I live and everything is close to deserted but busy enough not to be creepy. Over the next couple of weeks they are relaxing lockdown until June when it should be mostly gone but with some restrictions (numbers in gatherings, mandatory face mask) so as long as the weather is nice it should be quite nice to be out.
  8. Agreed, the images look promising and the actors are all phenomenal.
  9. I was in Pardubice (home of gingerbread, horse racing and explosives) for 6 years and then moved to Prague until last summer. My company still has a large office here and my SO lives here so I'm coming back every couple of months or so. Brno was really nice the last time I visited (which was many years ago I must admit). It felt like Prague without the worst of the tourists.
  10. Khan

    The Covid Thread

    Zero commuting has been great but as I work in the staffing industry we have seen a big down turn (not many companies hire during recessions and depressions). Also I'm not at home (I live in Boston and was visiting my SO in Prague when the lock downs hit). Certainly not the worst place to be as Czech's early restrictions have meant a relatively low infection and death rate. Recent articles have stated that many ICUs are half empty and it seems that the number of active infections is stabilizing around 5,200 mark as the number of recoveries increases and the number of new cases stays quite low. Obviously my home home (UK) and new home (US) seem to be in quite some dire straits at the moment. (to be honest though most of my news on the US comes from @rebelliousplatypus posts on Facebook 😃)
  11. Hey everyone! Randomly had the thought to check in on the old forum (entering 6th week of lockdown here in the, relatively, unscathed Czech Republic) and it's great to see so many of the old guard. Can't believe it's been so long since meeting @Dunenewt and @Edric O for our museum jaunt. Still the only internet meet up I've ever attended. Hope you all are doing well, since then I moved to Czech and now am over in the US (or would be had I not gotten caught in Czech during a visit back), almost got married but It didn't work out (no her name wasn't Crystal)
  12. So the answer was actually no I guess?
  13. Is any of that based on any evidence?
  14. Not sure why you aren't sure about the renaissance. Take a look at an LGS there are a huge number of new board games coming out. Also the rise of other geek cultures into the mainstream have helped remove stigma of boardgames being boring. Edit: article about the renaissance: https://move38.com/blog/smart-board-games-in-the-age-of-screens/ http://nothingsacredgames.com/the-cost-of-a-board-game-money/ This guy quotes that it cost him 30,000 usd to make a board game. Per unit a big studio could probably get the cost down due to economies of scale. Obviously a studio would need to Employ people so that cost will be to be factored in but I would imagine they would just approach a company that already make boardgames and partner. Further reducing risk. One other thing : a good videogame can take many years and far more testing than a boardgame.
  15. Boardgames are going through a massive renaissance right now so not too unsurprising. I imagine they are much cheaper so it makes sense especially for something with a potentially niche audience.
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