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  1. Khan

    Dune Tabletop Games Coming

    Boardgames are going through a massive renaissance right now so not too unsurprising. I imagine they are much cheaper so it makes sense especially for something with a potentially niche audience.
  2. I'm crazy excited for this! With this and Warcraft 3 coming I'll be spending a lot of money on video games.
  3. Khan

    New Dune movie is in development

    Oh snap, didn't realise they were that popular.
  4. Charles Dance as Shaddam....
  5. Khan

    New Dune movie is in development

    Wow I would be amazed if this actually takes off. The mini series were probably the best screen rendition of Dune but if I recall they were a relative commercial flop. I can imagine studios being cautious with it. Or even worse playing up the young Paul and making it a YA movie. Oh god.
  6. Khan

    US Election 2016

    I must say it's been a bit disappointing, but mostly expected. A lot of empty posturing but he's not really done anything proper mental yet. I want him to punch a child or start a war. He's just a bit rapey but we knew that anyway
  7. Khan

    Brexit: the fallout

    I left the UK about 8 years ago (for Europe) and despite not living there or even being a citizen I was pretty saddened by the decision. It's the world's greatest era of unification, peace and connection and people are trying their best to cut themselves off from each other as far as I can see. To me a bit of bureaucracy is a pretty small price to pay for free trade, free movement, simple taxation agreements.... Considering the bureaucracy doesn't affect the majority of people in any meaningless way (and come on do you really expect the UK gov to do any better??) I can't see anything in wanting to leave (not directing that completely at you by the way @Dunenewt) other than a knee jerk reaction, which I totally get. I don't know why people feel the need to justify it so much. Why not just say "I was angry and I'm not sure why so I just did this because it felt kinda good". The honesty would be refreshing.
  8. Khan

    Planetary Annihilation

    Probably best to look for them on steam, online services like www.gog.com or Amazon. To be honest I can't think of the last time I went to a local store anyway. It may have been when I got my PS3, quite a while ago now. "This game looks like the most successful game on kick starter." Speaking of which the Double Fine kickstarter, whose name escapes me now, looks very promising.
  9. Khan

    The Old Timers' Notice Board

    How long has it been since the London meet up? 7 years?
  10. Khan

    The witch is dead!

    Since I work in a sales industry most of my coworkers are Thatcherites, one even going as far as saying "greatest post war PM". Good to see you are still taking down the right wingers Edrico!
  11. Khan

    The Old Timers' Notice Board

    You're getting married? Congrats! I hope her name's not Crystal ;)
  12. Khan

    League of Legends (not DoTA)

    Sounds worth a download, though my netbook at home won't run it might be able to give it a dabble tomorrow.
  13. Khan

    What are you listening to right now?

    If the money wasn't going to be a sting I'd go but I don't want to see him that much.
  14. Khan

    Happy Birthday Thread ->

    I do miss the days when you could make a cup of tea while you waited for a page to load.
  15. Khan

    The Old Timers' Notice Board

    Does anyone else remember all the plans we made for FED2K meet ups? We should see if we can reignite that now we're all grown up. ;)