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  1. Wow. just dropped by to see whatss happening with everyone. Glad to see people still play (it seems). I may try to re-install and see if I can get it working on my laptop. Funny how life makes us so busy that what used to be a passion just becomes a bit of nostalgia.
  2. Right, little update on my last post. I managed to get tunngle working soon after the last post and was waiting to get around to installing the game (my laptop doesnt have a CD/DVD drive so took time). As I went to install it last week I realised I already had it installed from when I tried to make my own server (failed to - it logs in and can host a game..but I cant code!). So I went online and found Newlords. He proceeded to give me the very asskicking I asked not to be given if I get online 8). Amazing after so many years I remembered some of the shortcuts and certain actions, they were like second nature. I need to get a mouse and practice a little but who knows, maybe I can start playing a bit more. Hopefully I will see some of you people on the sand.
  3. Hey guys. Great to see people still keeping it alive. Despite being busy as anybody else / everybody else I still find myself checking back here and wanting to get back in to playing. I think I will install EBFD using one of my many sets of CDs lying around (heck, I had at least 4 sets of the game!). At least one of them must be still working. I will give Tunngle a go seeing as most of you seem to be talking about that. I hope it all works on my Win7 setup. Oh, and if I do make it on go easy on me, last time I played was...well, about 5-7 years I reckon.
  4. Shame a server isnt up and running reliably. For some reason I dont want to get involved in the hamachi type things. I would try to come back and meet up with some oldies and any newbs around.I wish I wasnt so useless at programming myself. It was this mood that made me try to make a server myself.
  5. Excellent news! I will definitely come back and have a go, although I have forgotten how to control the game, its been so long... A big thank you to you for sorting it out, both Voodybaby and Gruntman, and of course RA too.
  6. I gave up early, early January because I heard that we will be getting RA's server. I still feel guilty not publishing the work done so far.
  7. No, it was always meant to be able to change the environment around it, i.e. blow stuff up. Thing is its not as big a deal as you might think. Projector is a fun unit to play with but very easy to defeat. Most games played online are over too quickly to involve projectors, and once the enemy realise you are using projectors they are easily defeated. But they can be fun to mess around with.
  8. Ah wow Sean. Thanks for that. Very well laid out and easy to understand website. The protocol seems identical from what I have seen. I will post my code so far and hope some saints can help with that too!
  9. The first server, like a directory server, tells the client where to look for the game server for EBFD. Currently from XWIS this is in the form of an IP. If it can be changed to a domain name that resolves to an ip, which I guess it should, then that should be ok. But I dont know if that would work for sure or not. RA would need to try adding in the domain name that Voodoobaby gives him and see if that works. As it is, I think its a better idea to just get the static ip if thats possible as at least then we know it will work. RA might not be too interested in compiling his code again and again then sending it to voodoobaby to test. Just my opinion.
  10. Sorry about the delay in replying. I also want to have the source code and supporting stuff uploaded soon too. I havent worked on this for about a month and a half or so, and thats not good. The best type of people who could help are programmers who know what they are doing. I have hacked my was this far. So anyone out there good with ANCI C who can help will be gratefully received. I think with a few more weeks of work the basic server could be up and running with nothing other then joining hosts and starting games. As soon as I get a bit of free time I will upload the files I used to get this far.
  11. Find below the log of the communication between server and client when a client (game) joins the server. This is a "one client log" in that I only connected to the server with the one client at a time. Much better to test multiple clients at once to see how they interact. Most of the detailed and difficult communication actually happens directly between the clients (games) and not through the server. This is certainly true of the game when it starts. With this information I have managed to create a server that allows logging in and hosting a game reliably. Please note the "code" below is not formatted well here and is much more readable in the attached document which I will make available on my webpage. ----- LOGGING IN ¬verchk 32512 65551 verchk 7936 6553 6 lobcount 7936 (927573611xxxxxxxxx) whereto tibsun tibpass99 7936 65536 031507233699xxxxxxxx QUIT : 610 u 1 : 605 u :xwis.net 4000 '0:Emperor' -8 36.1083 -115.0582 : 608 u :xwis.net 4900 'Gameres server' -8 36.1083 -115.0582 : 607 CVERS 11015 7936 PASS supersecret NICK erjin999 apgar UcIsaFDa 0 SERIAL 031507233699xxxxxxx USER UserName HostName irc.westwood.com :RealName verchk 32512 720911 SETOPT 17,33 : 375 u :- Welcome to XWIS! : 372 u :- : 372 u :- 10 players (EBFD: 1, Nox: 9) are online : 372 u :- : 372 u :- Register your serials at xwis.net/control_panel/ to manage your nicks and clans. : 376 u : 379 u :none none none 1 32512 NONREQ LIST -1 31 SETCODEPAGE 1252 : 321 u: : 327 u #Lob_31_0 0 0 388 : 327 u #Lob_31_1 0 0 388 : 327 u #Lob_31_2 0 0 388 : 323 u: : 329 u 1252 SETLOCALE 0 SQUADINFO 0 GETINSIDER erjin999 TIME : 310 u 0 : 439 : 399 u erjin999`0 : 391 u irc.westwood.com :1290599816 CLICKING CUSTOM GETBUDDY : 333 u LIST -1 31 : 321 u: : 327 u #Lob_31_0 0 0 388 : 327 u #Lob_31_1 0 0 388 : 327 u #Lob_31_2 0 0 388 : 323 u: HOSTING A GAME LIST -1 31 : 321 u: : 327 u #Lob_31_0 0 0 388 : 327 u #Lob_31_1 0 0 388 : 327 u #Lob_31_2 0 0 388 : 323 u: JOINGAME #erjin999 1 4 31 3 1 0 0 :erjin999!u@h JOINGAME 1 99 31 1 0 1545405593 0 :#erjin999 : 332 u #erjin999 : : 353 u = #erjin999 :@erjin999,0,1545405593 : 366 u #erjin999 : TOPIC #erjin999 :g1.2..erjin999 GETLOCALE erjin999 : 309 u erjin999`0 GETCODEPAGE erjin999 : 328 u erjin999`1252 ENDING A HOST PART #erjin999 GETBUDDY :erjin999!u@h PART #erjin999 : 333 u LIST -1 31 : 321 u: : 327 u #Lob_31_0 0 0 388 : 327 u #Lob_31_1 0 0 388 : 327 u #Lob_31_2 0 0 388 : 323 u: QUITTING THE GAME QUIT : 607 PAGING SOMEONE PAGE erjin999 :hello LIST 31 31 :erjin999!u@h PAGE u :hello : 389 u 0 : 321 u: : 323 u: PAGE tom :hello LIST 31 31 : 389 u 1 : 321 u: : 323 u: 1.conversation.doc
  12. Hopefully server files will be with Voodoobaby soon. I have stopped working on mine after chrimbo in light of RAs server coming back online. Hopefully that is still happening.
  13. I am sure you can make a backup with pretty much any copy app, nero for example and use Daemon tools to mount and remove any copy protection. To be honest I dont think I have ever done an install like that. Why dont you instead install from your CDs and then use the NoCD patch (google it) to ensure your cds never get ruined? Although your option would be good in case you ever lost the CDs completely. Alternatively look at something like UltraISO to enable you to convert your current CD image format to something like .iso.
  14. Excellent news! I am not sure I can host it though. Sorry if that's the impression you got. I have a device that's stays on almost 24/7 but its a Linux box (ReadyNas Duo from Netgear) that might do the job, but I doubt his binaries are for Linux. I was going to ask you to host it if I completed my server! I wonder if there is anyone who could host it more permanently. I do have a windows server on which my website is hosted, but its a shared server and I don't even know how it works with putting normal executables on there, I doubt it would work... If needed I can host it for a few days initially on my normal home machine and hope none of the kids switch it off!
  15. Hey Kalony, nice to see your still alive and kicking. Hey all you lot. I came back a little while ago to see what was going on and it seems the server been down since april. I think I got that impression as a thread started around that time mentioning hamatchi or something. Either way, I realised it doesnt take more then a few days to get some binaries and email/upload/somehow pass them on if you are going to. RA was always a little hard to get hold of, bless him. So, I just recently started making another server. Basic one, is the aim, where people can play with whatever serial they want (dont see EA complaining too much). Just a few drawbacks: 1 - I cant program well. 2 - I dont know the server protocol. Well, cant do much about 1 except grab an example code and start hacking (ANSI C - I wanna learn ). With regards to 2 I have worked out most of that so far as logging in and hosting a game goes. I will publish that once I have the full protocol with comments, so should anyone else desire then they can try too, How far have I got? A single player can connect and host a game, end the host, and logout. Not much good yet but it shows I am on the right path. My biggest challenge is learning C at the same time. C is a beach for string handling if you are used to higher level languages. Its also seriously confusing with no one to explain. Got my head around it all about 4 days ago and BAM! My laptop goes pop. So off it goes to manufacturer for repairs. Its back today and I will start work again in the next few days. Estimated time to going live? No idea. I will work on this regularly so it shouldnt be too long, but there is a fair bit of logic to put in this damn thing and you do want it to not let just anyone login your nick, right? Dont want people impersonating you? Of course, its better if RA pops up with the binaries. Lets hope he is saving it as a chrimbo pressie!
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