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What do you look like?


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Ok, Sure what the hell...Why not....

lets see 5'9 115 pounds. Brown hair, afro style. Glasses, Sorta Scrawny looking.....Blueish green eyes, full lips(laaaaadies love that one) 29 waist.....uh.....cant think of any others...

it would be better to post pics of ur self hehe

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(remembers the last pic of Ex he saw-- nuclear blast, hehehehe...)

Well, I'm about 275lbs, 6 feet in height, shoulder-length black hair, dark brown eyes, a goatee and mustache, glasses, Germanic/Native American features. This reminds me, I ought to take a more recent pic...

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i dont know my hieght as i do not check it regularly, i am guessing 5'5" or something, 125-135(dont know as in university and it can change pretty fast.) green eyes, dirty brown/mostly in summer blondish. little scuffy facial hair as i am too lazy to shave as often as i should. people calll me fat bastard, although i am quite skinny. not much else.

i do have a real pic of myself but am reluctant to post it as i am a paranoid type person.

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