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What do you look like?


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I can almost see a resemblance, but I can't seem to find a picture of Orlando Bloom to match to a decent extent.  I think it's more of a Legolas thing than an Orlando Bloom thing, but judge for yourselves.


It's the best comparison I could find, but I can see how someone could see a similarity.

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Might aswell drop a line here.  ;D

I am not very tall, about 5'6 or so, weight is 65 kg.

Build is muscular :) no facial hair, a shaven head and a short mohawk.

I consider myself a healthy person, I work out A LOT and I don't smoke or anything.(just the occasional beers)

That's about me  :)

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God damn it! Why can't you people look more like your avatars! Uhh the confusion...

I DO!!!

you just can't see it, cause the avatar is 2 fast 4 u  ;)

here's a pic for your lame eyes: www.planetvek.de/pics/personal/kevin01.jpg

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so someone that tall should be a tad higher, but thats ok weight.

Erjin gives you the thumps up  :D

Gracias, but i'm really thin. my shoulders bin shapin up, coz i've started swimmin again, but the last two years were hell. all i saw were my books and lecturers. luckily got to keep it up for only one more year, then i start college. after that, life starts.

in this gforsaken country, competition is so fking intense that you cant afford to chill for more than an hour each day once you start your 10th grade, till cllg. there is a vast difference b/w the A++ level and the A level colleges, and most people cant settle for anything below A+. my rents are damn cool, so i get to do some sorta physical activity once a week, but most kids're like, grounded for 3 years. sucks, but atleast i'm in better shape than most ppl i know  :D. hopin to hit 220 pounds, though.

and whats the conv. factor for lbs-stones?

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i'm 6'1" or 6'2", chestnut wavy hair down to my shoulders in bangs, turquoise eyes, weigh 67 or 68 kilos (about 145 lbs), and usually look stoned (not because i am, i just look that way. )

lately i've been in love with a strange purple hat. not that any of you care.

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I am trying to get a digital camera picture of myself...still trying...but of course, I'll have to photoshop it a little. I am putting pixels into my face...not plastic!

So Fed2k FC has a fencing player but unfortunately, if only you can ward off the opposition as well as you fence your opponent off. :P

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